Disclaimer: This is adult fantasy fiction. The scenes in this story don't
depict the sexual orientation of the characters involved or the artists who
play them. Buffy the Vampire and the shows characters are trademarks of and
copyright Joss Whedon and Warner Bros.

This story takes place immediately after the Buffy episode "Graduation Day
Part 2".

Buffy The Vampie Slayer: Part 2 - Buffy And Cordy (ff)
by El Diego

Buffy entered her house and threw herself onto the couch. After defeating the
Mayor, saving the town and rescuing Angel, all she wanted to do was to rest.
With her mum still safely out of Sunnydale, she pretty much had the place to
herself. Tiredly she got up, and made her way to the bathroom.

As she slipped beneath the bubbles in her warm bath, she went over recent
events in her mind. She remembered the fight with Faith in her apartment,
and, to her puzzlement, her nipples became very hard. She frowned at them,
thinking, "I'm not cold, what's with the show?" She touched one lightly, and
became breathless, as she hadn't felt anything like that since she turned
Angel into Angelus, about a year and a half previously. Quickly she got out
and towelled herself dry. Thinking she wouldn't be seeing anyone else
tonight, she put on just an old bra and white panties. As she flicked through
the many channels, she happened across a TV quiz show showing topless women.
Again she felt her nipples harden, but this time her panties became wet as

"This is weird," she muttered to herself. "I'm not a lesbian, am I?"

She was interrupted from this train of thought by the doorbell ringing.

"I wonder who that could be?" she thought to herself.

Standing on her doorstep was Cordelia, holding some suitcases and looking
as manicured as ever.

"Hey Buffy, can I come in? I need to talk to you before I leave for LA."

"Sure." As Cordy walked into the living room, Buffy followed her and found
herself thinking "Cordelia has got SUCH a lovely arse. Oh, for the want of
a penis...stop it!"

"What was that?" Cordelia turned and Buffy realised had said the last part
out loud.

"Um, nothing. What was it you wanted to see me about?"

"Well we've known each other for three years now, and although we haven't
exactly been friends, I've felt there has been a common bond between us-"

"Hold on. You're not just complimenting me to get me to go to one of your
lame-ass parties again, are you?"

"No, you'll see why in a minute. Even though we haven't been the best of
buds, I've felt something for you that I haven't felt for other girls. I
want to be able to do something tonight that I've never done before."

"Go on."

Rather than reply, Cordy just walked up to the Slayer and put her arms
around her neck, pulling her closer.

"I want you Buffy" she whispered in her friends ear and then kissed her
full on the lips. Buffy was shocked, but as the kiss progressed, she found
herself enjoying it more and more. She even opened her mouth to allow
Cordy's tongue to slide in and the two girls stood there, in their passionate
embrace, battling with each other's tongues. Cordy stopped, breathlessly, and
pulled her Graduation robe off. Underneath, she was wearing nothing, and her
breasts stuck out without a hint of sag. Buffy could only stand and stare.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Cordelia.

"I, I, I love them!" stuttered the Slayer in reply.

"Well, I've shown you mine now you show me yours."

With that, the Chosen One reached behind herself and started to unclip her
bra, but Cordy said, "Wait, I've got a better idea."

She went behind her friend and unclipped the bra. Instead of taking it off
there and then, she rolled the straps down Buffy's arms and off, until the
only thing keeping them off the floor were Buffy's sizeable breasts. Cordy
reached round and began to massage them, while Buffy slipped her panties
down her leg and onto the floor. She found herself Becoming very wet because
of Cordelia's actions, and felt a bomb of sexual passion build up inside her.
"Oohh, Ohh, uh, Cordy, I'm gonna cum!" And with that, she did, spraying cum
everywhere. Buffy fainted in Cordelia's arms, who laid her friend on the

When she awoke Cordy was nowhere to be seen, so Buffy decided to head
upstairs to bed. When she got into her bedroom, she saw Cordy lying on
Buffy's bed, diddling herself with a blunt stake, and rubbing Buffy's
stuffed pig over her clit.

"Mr Gordo!" Buffy exclaimed and rushed over to Cordy, who was unaware of
Buffy's presence. Buffy snatched her pig out of Cordelia's hand, and replaced
it with her tongue on Cordy's clit. Cordy jumped at this, and shivered with
delight as she neared orgasm.

"Oh, yes, Buffy!" As she said that, Buffy pulled the stake out, which by
now was slick with Cordy's juices, and plunged it into her friend's arsehole.
"Oh, god!" and Cordelia came, her juices flowing all over Buffy's duvet.
Buffy pulled the stake out of Cordy's arse and sucked it clean, Cordy getting
wetter at the sight.

"Buffy, come here, I want to try something else. Squat over my head-"

"Like this?"

"Yes, but facing towards my body. Now, lean down and lick me out."

Buffy, although slightly tentatively at first, got down to it and soon felt
Cordy's fingers in her hole as well as her tongue. Those sensations didn't
last, though, as she felt her lover's fingers transferring the moisture to
her anus. Cordy tested the resistance with her middle finger and it slid in
easily. "Good" she thought. She reached down into her suitcase beside Buffy's
bed, and pulled out a large but slender can of hairspray. "This should do the
trick" she thought.

Buffy was busy down the other end of Cordelia when she felt her friend's
finger enter her. Although she tensed up to begin with, she quickly warmed
to the sensations and was disappointed when Cordy pulled out. She resumed
her task, and had a shock when she felt something about 1 1/2 inches in
diameter enter her back passage. She cried out, but got back to the job in
hand, enjoying the feelings coursing through her body.

It wasn't long after that that Cordelia came for the second time that night.
As she tensed up, then relaxed, Buffy, who hadn't cum in her bedroom that
evening, collapsed on top of Cordy, so she had no choice but to lick the
Slayer's pussy. And that she did, doubling her efforts to take her friend to
orgasm. As she came, Buffy tensed up every single one of her muscles, and let
out a scream that shook her alarm clock off of her bedside cabinet. As she
relaxed, Cordy rolled Buffy off herself, and withdrew her hairspray from the
Slayer's arse.

"Buffy, look what you've done! This hairspray cost $45 and was imported from
Europe! Now look at it!" And with that, she produced the hairspray, which had
been contorted into a perfect hour-glass shape.

"Cordy, in case you haven't noticed, I'm the Slayer. I have muscles in places
other teenage girls could only dream of. I'm a lot stronger than other girls
our age, so my anal ring is probably 5 times stronger than yours."

"Oh, ok." And so they snuggled under the covers, hugging, kissing, stroking
and talking.

"So in three years time it'll be Cordelia Chase in lights in Hollywood,
alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charisma Carpenter."

"Unless anything major happens to prevent it, yeah."

"And when I go and see your latest flick at the theatre, I can watch you and
think "I made love to her after blowing up my high school and cooking a giant

"Well yeah, I suppose so."

And they continued talking in this vein until they fell asleep in each
other's arms.

When Buffy awoke the next morning, she was surprised not to see Cordy next
to her, but then she remembered where she was. On the dresser in front of
her, Buffy saw Cordy had left her a note and a hefty box. She opened the box,
and saw the contorted hairspray, and a pair of Cordy's red sports knickers,
soaked through with her juices. buffy read the note, and smiled to herself.
The memories of last night, coupled with the presents Cordy left her, would
ensure Cordelia Chase would never be forgotten by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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