Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Part 2: Buffy's Exploration
by Phreak ([email protected])

When we left off last Buffy was returning to her room after having an orgy
with Zander and Willow and losing her virginity. Buffy layed down on her bed
and started thinking about whatt had just happened. Buffy looked down at
herself amazed by what she did. She started touching herself, sticking her
finger in and out of her sweet twat. She remembered how just minutes before
she had her finger up Willows pussy. This thought made her stick another
finger in so she now was doing it with 2 fingers. She thought about how
Zander came in her and how Willow licked it all off. This made her go
amazingly fast. She had a great orgasm and just passed out.

She woke up the next day to find that she had fallen asleep with her panties
off and her sheets were wet from her finger fucking. She got dressed in the
hottest outfit she could find in her closet, after all she was going to see
her boyfriend/girlfriend today. As she walked into the library she knew Giles
was looking at her breasts, after all she wasn't wearing a bra with this
tight tight shirt. She knew her tits were probably showing through it. Giles
was thinking about how much he would like to lick her exposed belly button.

"How ya doin Giles? Any evil spirits to slay?" Buffy asked.

"No it's very quiet around here lately, looks like you have another night
off." Giles answered

"Whoa, amazing 2 nights off" Buffy exclaimed.

"Yes but this does not mean that you can just forget your training."

"Chill out, I think I know what you can use Giles."

"What would that be?" Giles asks.

Buffy slowly moved closer to Giles and licks his face. She unzips his pants,
while staring in to his eyes with passion.

"What is this...."

"Shhh" Buffy says,"no talking in the library."

Buffy kneels down and puts her lips gently around his cock. She starts
sucking away as it gets harder in her mouth. She has no idea how big it is
but Zander is definatly bigger. She starts licking his balls and then she
unzips her own pants. They lie down on the table and Giles removes her shirt
to reaveal the tits he has dreamed about for a long time. Buffy's tits harden
as Giles starts to suck on them. Then he moves down and licks her belly
button. She slips his dick in to her waiting snatch. This has got to be the
best feeling on earth, she can't believe she had not done this earlier.

"God" Giles shouts as he pulls out his dick and starts jerking-off over her
mouth. He shoots his cum right into her mouth and she sucks every last drop
out and swallows it.

"MMMM salty" She says.

Buffy puts her clothes back on while Giles is still recovering. "See ya
tomarrow Giles" she yells as she walks out the door and to the lunchroom.

* * *

"Hi you guys" she says as she walks over to the table where Zander and Willow
are sitting already.

"Hey buff" Zander says.

"I coulden't stop thinking about you last night, both of you" Willow says
looking at both of them.

"Hey willow can we talk in the bathroom." Buffy asks.

"Sure" Willow replies.

In the bathroom Buffy invites Willow into the stall. "Buffy" willow asks.


"I have been thinking about you all night, I want you so bad." Willow says.

"Me too" Buffy says.

Willow takes off her shirt. "How about a quickie?" Willow asks.

"Sure" Buffy says as she takes off Willow's bra.

They make out and grab each others tits. Willow frees up a hand and unzips
buffy's jeans. She realizes Buffy doesn't have any panties on. She takes
advantage of this and starts fingering her. They then realize that someone
just came into the bathroom so they get dressed and get out of the stall to
find Cordelia listining to the whole thing.

"I always knew you wierdos had to have some kind of wierd sex thing."
Cordelia says.

"I know you want to try it" Buffy says as she walks up to her and starts
making out with her.

"mmm that actually feels kinda good, but if this gets out you guys are dead."
Cordelia says.

"Don't worry about it" Buffy says as she locks the bathroom door.

Willow takes off Cordelia's shirt and bra while buffy takes off her pants.
Cordelia is now totaly naked and buffy and willow are getting really turned
on. Willow tells cordelia to lay down. When she does willow starts licking
here clit and sliding her tongue inside her. Buffy crouches over cordelias
face and she copies what willow is doing to her. Buffy is dying in ecstacy
from Cordelia's tongue up her pussy. Cordelia removes her tongue and starts
moaning as willow is using 3 fingers on her. She has the best orgasm she has
ever had and buffy gives her a good bye kiss. Buffy and Willow also kiss for
a second before putting on thier clothes and leaving.

* * *

"Where the hell have you been?" Zander asks.

"Pissing" Says Buffy. "See ya later!" Buffy says as she walks away.



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