Bugs Bunny: Bugs In Wonderland (Or Down the Wrong Hole) (MF,MM)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

It seemed to be a normal day. Elmer was chasing Bugs as usual with Elmer
getting the bad end of it. Bugs was skating along when he fell into what
appears to be a rabbit hole. But this hole had no end, until he fell on
his head.

Bugs dusted himself off, looked around, and took out a carrot. Munching away
he walked around. He seen a little yellow bird running by.

"HELP ME!!" the mean old putty cat is after me again.

Bugs rubbing his eyes. All he could see was a big set of smilng teeth. Then
he watch as the little bird was held and a scream came.


He watched the little bird moving back and forth.


Wider and wider its hole became till it shot off like a rocket.

Then it appeared, a big black and white cat. "Suffering sucatash!" as it

Running towards the bird Bugs had to act fast. He tripped the cat. It tumbled
out of harm's way. He picked up the bird.

"OH, MY LITTLE ASSHOLE! But it sure felt good."

He flew away.

The cat disappeared once again showing nothing, but it's white teeth.

Bugs walked on seeing a worm sitting on a large mushroom. He asked the worm
where he was. The worm took out the pipe blew a ring of smoke around him.

"Wonderland," he said. "Care for some?" he asked taking a long drag off the

"NAH! I'm a natural rabbit."

"Suit yourself!"

Bugs walked on. He rubbed his eyes once again. He seen two pigs with beanies
on. As he walked on, they seen him. Bugs smiled. They looked at him and in a
flash they had him over a log. One pig was licking his asshole.


Bugs had to think fast or he was going to be skewered by a long cock. Bugs
asked the one in front, "Looks likes a piece of prime rump roast? Just think
about your long dong drilling into that!"

Soon the other went around, stroking his cock till hard. Soon a scream was

"OOOHHHHH!" it studdered.

Bugs got up and watched.

"YYEEESSS! It is gooood!"

He walked away leaving them to fuck.

He came upon a setting. A little man with a red beard and a large top hat.
He was fucking a girl from behind.

"Ride 'em!" He slapping her ass. The girl seem to be liking it.


With that he pulled out a pistol. "Hey, varmit!" looking at Bugs, "GET OVER

Bugs was soon in front of the girl, who found his cock.

"IT`S TOO SMALL, drink this!" he told Bugs.

Bugs did. Soon he felt his cock growing. It soon filled the girls mouth.
Bugs held the girls head as he was fucking her mouth, driving is cock deep
down her throat. He felt the girl`s finger find his asshole. She stuck it
up his hole. Bugs shot a load down her thraot just as the Mad Hatter shot

They fell down, cum coming out her mouth and pussy. Bugs looked at his cock.
It was at least a foot long. He tried to walk, but it kept hitting his leg.

He heard a small voice say "EAT ME!"

He picked a mushroom and he ate it. His head was soon swimming. He was soon
passed out. When he awoke he saw a bald head. He knew the voice and he shook
his head. There sat Elmer all dressed in green with a crown on his head.

"OFF with his head!"


He knew the slobbering voice of the black duck dressed like a jester.

"Come, duck!" Elmer said.

The duck bent over. Elmer pulled out his cock, gave it a couple of strokes
and it soon was hard.

"YIKES!" screamed the duck. "A little lube next time."

Elmer had the duck by the throat. He was fuckng the duck. As he shot his load
the axeman was about to cut Bugs' head off. Bugs got away.

The axeman looked around. "Which way did he go!"

Bugs made his way till he seen a sight, a she rabbit. His cock began to grow
once again. Speaking like a french man, kissing her neck and fingering her
pussy, he fucked her fast.

"LOOK! I'm multiplying!"

He came like a shot and off he went up the hole.

When he awoke, he rubbed his head. "What a strange dream."

"Speak for yourself!"

Looking over he saw Daffy with a very large asshole.



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