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Bunk'd: Camp Hell (MMf, Mf, nc, cons, inter, rape, oral, anal, torture, pedo, ws)
by Tori ([email protected])

Emma Ross had changed quite a bit since coming to Camp Kikiwaka that June. She hated it at first but ever since she hooked up with Xander, she had found a whole new appreciation for the outdoors. The two young lovers had found an isolated clearing deep in the woods where they would go and spend hours fucking each other's brains out. One evening, after a hot fuck session under stars, Emma slipped on her khaki shorts and walked out of the clearing, leaving Xander asleep on the blanket. She pulled her t-shirt on as she walked, thinking about what a great lover Xander was, unaware that there were two sets of eyes on her. Bob and Harold stared at the gorgeous blonde 17 year old and couldn't believe their luck. It had been two days since they escaped from Shawshank Prison and were hiding out in the woods. They stumbled upon the Camp but made every effort to avoid being seen. Now, walking towards them, was this beautiful teen ripe for the picking.

Emma was taken completely by surprise when the two convicts jumped her. Bob grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with his large hand while Harold grabbed her legs and picked her up off the ground. The men carried her back into the woods. Emma struggled to escape but the men were just too strong for the leggy teen and soon she was carried into a dark, damp cave. The men put her down and told her not to scream or they'd kill her. Emma decided to keep her mouth shut and stood there looking at the two huge men. "What do you want with me?" she asked.

Bob walked up and tore her t-shirt off and said, "We want that tight ass baby."

This time Emma did scream but Harold quickly grabbed her from behind and clamped his hand across her mouth. "Shut the fuck up bitch or we'll kill you. You do what we say and we'll let you go after we're done with you but if you fight us, I'll cut your throat right here, right now."

Emma shut up and then she pissed herself.

Bob looked down and said, "Jeez Harold, you scared the piss out of her."

The two men started laugh and then Harold reached down and undid Emma's shorts and pulled them down. Bob looked at her shaved pussy and said, "Look at that buddy, this little cunt ain't wearing no panties."

Bob unzipped his prison trousers and pulled out his huge cock. "Look here slut, you're gonna suck me off and then you're gonna suck off Harold here. If you do a good enough job, you might just live through this."

Emma was so scared that she just stood there. Harold punched her in the stomach, forcing her to her knees and said, "Suck it bitch. A cute little whore like you should know how to suck a cock so suck it."

Emma opened her mouth and started to suck the convict's cock. She wrapped her perfectly manicured hand around the thick shaft and jerked him off while she sucked. Bob closed his eyes and let the teen beauty do him and then after only a few minutes, he came in her mouth.

Harold pushed him aside and said, "My turn."

Harold fed Emma his twelve inch black cock and was soon fucking her face. He grabbed her long blonde hair with both hands and shoved his massive meat down her throat. Emma gagged and almost threw up but she kept sucking him. Harold took longer than Bob but the result was the same. Emma took another load of cum down her throat, swallowing what she could. The rest ran down her chin, covering her perfect breasts.

As she leaned over, coughing and spitting up cum, Bob tied her hands behind her back with the remains of her t-shirt. He pulled her up onto her knees and got behind her. He pushed his cock into Emma's tight, teenage pussy and started to fuck her hard. Emma was so scared she just let him do what he wanted to her.

Harold knelt in front of her and slapped her face. He said, "Come on bitch, fight back. You know you want too. Bob here likes it when you fight back." She just stared straight ahead, completely in shock as she was being raped.

Harold grabbed her and pulled her off of Bob. He punched her in the stomach again and then back handed her, making her fall back onto the dirt. He took hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide open, pulling her off the ground. As he slammed his huge cock back into her pussy, pounding away at her, Bob stood over her face and pissed on her. Emma laid there, unable to do anything.

After several minutes, Harold pulled his cock out of her pussy and let her fall to the dirt floor. Bob flipped her over on her stomach and then shoved his cock up her ass. Emma screamed out at the violation as Bob pushed her face into the dirt and sodomized the rich girl from NYC. When he finally shot his load off in her ass, Harold and Bob took a break, leaving poor Emma lying there, tied up with Bob's cum oozing out of her torn and brutalized asshole.

The next several hours were pure hell for the pretty blonde 17 year old. Bob and Harold repeatedly raped and sodomized Emma until they'd finally had enough.

* * *

Back at Kikiwaka, everyone was frantic. Xander had come back and told everyone that Emma was lost somewhere in the woods. He didn't know what had happened to her and went back to camp to organize a search team. Xander, Zuri and Jorge went in one direction, Hazel, Ravi and Tiffany went in another direction and Lou and several other campers went out in third direction. They all had flashlights and were calling out for Emma.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the cave, Bob and Harold were getting some shut eye. Harold woke up when he heard something outside. When he looked, he saw another cute blonde walking with a young Asian girl and a skinny Indian boy. Tiffany spotted the cave and said, "Hey look, a cave. Let's see if she's in there."

Once inside, they found Emma lying naked on the floor. They were looking down at the beaten and bruised beauty just as Harold jumped out and grabbed Tiffany from behind. He said, "You all just shut the fuck up or I'll break this little bitches neck."

Bob woke up immediately and joined Harold. He looked at Hazel and smiled. "Well, well, lookie here Harold. Another blonde whore to fuck."

Hazel started to scream so Bob punched her in the face, knocking her out. Ravi tried to run but Bob grabbed him, put him in a choke hold and broke his neck, killing him instantly. Tiffany was screaming out loud so Harold put his huge hands around her throat and choked her until she passed out.

Bob and Harold dragged Ravi's lifeless body to the back of cave and then stripped Hazel and Tiffany out of their clothes. They tore them in strips and tied the two girls up. Bob pulled his pants down and climbed on top of Tiffany, pushing his cock into her tight 12 year old virgin pussy. The pain of losing her cherry woke her up immediately and she started to scream. Bob put his hand over her mouth and raped the young girl.

Harold grabbed Hazel and turned her over on her stomach. He spread her ass cheeks apart and slammed his cock into her. He was fucking her ass hard when she woke up. "JESUS CHRIST.......FUCK THAT HURTS.......GET IT OUT.......GET IT OUT.......PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!" she screamed. Harold punched in the back of the head and told her shut the fuck up.

Bob didn't last very long in Tiffany's tight hole and came within minutes. He pulled out and made Tiffany suck his cock clean. When he finished, he walked over and forced his cock into Hazel's mouth. "Suck it whore. Get me hard again so me and Harold can have us a teen whore sandwich."

Hazel did her best to suck him. Soon the pain in her ass began to go away, replaced by a feeling she'd never felt before.

A few minutes later, she was moaning like a two dollar whore and began to cum.

Harold looked at Bob and said, "Holy fuck Bob, this little bitch loves it."

Bob pulled out of her mouth and said, "Is that right slut? Do you love getting raped in the ass?"

Hazel looked up at him and said, "Yes, I love it. Fuck me.....RAPE MY DIRTY ASSHOLE MISTER!!!!"

Harold pulled his cock out of Hazel's ass and untied her hands. He laid on his back and said, "Climb aboard the Harold train bitch."

Hazel got on top of the large black man and slid her pussy down on his cock. She looked over at Bob and said, "Well, come on, fuck my ass mother fucker."

Bob got behind her and pushed his cock into her gaping hole. The two convicts DP'd the blonde camp counselor for almost twenty minutes before finally filling her holes with cum. When they pulled out, she used her mouth to clean both of their cocks.

Harold walked over to Tiffany and pulled her up to her knees. "Open up bitch and suck this thing" he demanded.

Tiffany opened up and started to suck Harold's fat cock. She could only get about three inches in so Harold put his hand on the back of her head and forced his cock down her throat. Tiffany looked up at him with her eyes wide open as he fucked her pretty face.

Bob went over and pulled Emma off the dirt floor and had her suck his cock. Hazel joined him and started to finger fuck Emma. She hated the rich bitch that stole her Xander, so she decided now was a good time for payback. She pushed two fingers inside of Emma. A third, then a forth followed and soon she had her entire fist buried wrist deep in the blonde beauties pussy. Bob fucked her mouth while Hazel fisted her. Emma did nothing to fight back and could only take the abuse.

A few feet away, Harold pulled his cock out of Tiffany's mouth and bent her over. He shoved his big cock in her torn pussy and fucked the shit out of her. Tiffany begged him to stop but Harold just fucked her harder. He looked over and saw Emma start to cum and when Hazel pulled her fist out of her pussy, Emma squirted all over the dirt floor. Bob started to cum and pulled out of her mouth, covering her face and hair with his hot load.

Both men then took a turn sodomizing Emma and then they raped Tiffany's ass. The tiny Asian screamed as the two men violated her over and over again, eventually; Tiffany fell silent, as the shock from being raped was too much for the young girl. When they were finished, they got some sleep with Hazel lying between them.

* * *

Later that day, Hazel woke them up by sucking their cocks. She let the two convicts DP her again and after they finished, they got dressed and told Hazel to wait for an hour before untying the other girls. Hazel begged them not to leave but the two men decided it was time to get as far away from there as possible. Hazel did as she was told and then untied Emma and Tiffany and led them out of the cave.

All three girls were naked when they were found by the Lou and the other campers. Hazel told them how the men killed Ravi and raped the three of them. Emma and Tiffany didn't speak. The experience in the cave proved too much for them.

* * *

Several days later, Bob and Harold were killed by State Police. The story was that the two men resisted arrest but truth be told, the cops just killed them after what they'd done to the campers. Emma, Tiffany and Hazel were taken to the hospital. Hazel was treated and released but Emma and Tiffany were kept for several days. When Emma finally started to speak, she said she couldn't remember anything that happened to her. Tiffany, on the other hand, never got over the ordeal and is still in a mental hospital.

* * *

Camp ended early and everyone was sent home, including Emma. The family mourned Ravi's death and that year was hard on everyone. Their parents decided to keep them safe so both Emma and Zuri were home schooled.

The next summer, Emma told her Mother that she wanted to go back to Kikiwaka and be a counselor again. Zuri refused to go, so Emma went by herself. She was a different person and kept her distance from everyone, including Xander. Hazel was back as well. She soon hooked up with Xander and the two became a couple.

A month of so into the summer, Emma was teaching an archery class when all of a sudden, the memories of the previous summer's brutal rape came rushing back to her. She looked over at Hazel, pulled back her arrow and shot the blonde counselor through the heart. Hazel fell to the ground, looked up at Emma and then died. Emma spit on her and said, "That's for what you did to me you fucking cunt."

Emma Ross was arrested and went to trial but she was found innocent by reason of insanity. They jury decided that she needed psychological help, not prison. Emma spends her time at a security facility just outside NYC. She hopes that one day she can go home.

The End


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