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Bunk'd/H20 Just Add Water/Shake It Up/Stuck In The Middle/Vampire Diaries: Cherry Town Part 1 - First Bite
by Dragon333

There was a man talking to a beautiful teenaged girl with dirty blonde hair who sported some very nice cleavage in a beach bikini top. She also wore short shorts.

"It might be a prank, but even then it might be a prank that goes too far. Be careful out there, Bella."

"Hi. I heard your name is Bella." a beautiful 13 year old girl with dimples said. She then looked off into space as it seemed time around her froze. "Hey readers, Bella has some VERY NICE cleavage doesn't she?" she winked as she looked to the side. As she brought herself back to Earth she decided to speak to Bella again. "Don't mind my dad. He thinks he's being funny and making the customers come back for more, when really he's scaring them away. I'm Harley Diaz by the way." she said as she took her hand out and they shook hands.

"That is great that your dad has his own shop." Bella told her.

"Yeah. To make up for that story that probably weirded you out about the vampires coming to town to drink your blood, how about I give you a slushie. On the house! I'll make it from my slushienator! And it's totally blood free!" Harley said as she went to go make one. As she went to go give Bella a slushie, she tripped and the slushie spilled on Bella.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'll go get some napkins and I'll make it two slushies. I'm so sorry about that."

"No, no! It's OK! I have to go!" Bella exclaimed hurriedly.

"No, Bella, wait! I'm really sorry!" Harley tried to tell her, but Bella already ran towards the beach.

A little black girl walked in with curly like hair.

"Doesn't this shop have janitors? Or a MOP?" she said with her sass. "Slushies are all over the floor. Don't you know it's supposed to be in your mouth?"

"Don't you know if you want good customer service, you should learn not to be a smart ass?" Harley said.

"HARLEY!" her dad called out to her. "That is not the way you treat our paying customers."

"Fine, Dad." Harley said. "Do you even have a dollar to your name?" Harley asked the little girl.

"The name's Zuri Ross. And YES I do! Say hello to a few Benjamin Franklins!" Zuri said showing Harley 3 $100 bills from her pocket. Harley then smiled and told her to have a seat.

"We'll clean the floor right up, Zuri. What flavor would you like? By the way, I DO accept tips!" Harley told her with her beautiful dimpled smile.

* * *

Meanwhile Emma Ross was looking for her sister Zuri Ross at the beach.

"Sup, Ma!" said a black guy approaching Emma.

"Hi. Have you seen my sister Zuri?" Emma asked him worriedly.

"I haven't seen her, but I got something that might help." he told Emma.

"Good. I'm really worried. I'll take any help I can get." Emma said.

"This. This will help you out!" the black man said as he pulled his pants down whopping out his dick.

Emma's face turned red with embarrassment and rage. "Why would you think I enjoy getting flashed by random dick?"

"You know you want it! You know I just made you wet! So come get some of this anaconda!" he told her with much confidence.

"I have a boyfriend!" Emma told him.

"I don't mind. I'm not looking for a girlfriend anyways. Just some fun. Come suck this dick. I won't tell your boyfriend if you don't."

"If you come any closer I am going to scream!" Emma warned him.

"How you gon' scream if you can't breathe, stupid white bitch!"

"What?" Emma asked confused.

Then the black man punched Emma causing her to fall off the beach balcony and into the ocean. Emma floated unconscious in the ocean until Bella accidentally found her while she came up from the ocean for air. Bella gasped, picked up Emma's body, and brought her to a nearby cave.

"Where am I?" Emma asked not feeling familiar with her surrounding. Bella was disappointed that Emma woke up before she could dry. Unfortunately for Bella, Emma saw her tail.

"What happened to you?" Bella asked Emma. Emma told her the last thing she remembered some guy was trying to force himself on her and it was close to attempt rape.

"I have a boyfriend named Xander at my summer camp and I know he would hate it if I cheated on him with a one night stand." Emma exclaimed. Bella then told Emma about her boyfriend Will. "So you've been a mermaid almost your whole life? My sister Zuri read about those. I guess she was right about mermaids only having tails when they get wet. But let me get this straight, you mean to tell me Will ignored you, blew you off, but once he suspected you were a mermaid, THEN he liked you, and then he stalked you and your friends and wouldn't leave you alone. And then when you tried to dump him before things got weird, he said he knew you had a secret and it had to do with water, he splashed water on you, you tried to run away to get in the water before he could see anything, and he stalked you AGAIN in the ocean, was able to see you were a mermaid because you couldn't get away from his stalking, and you made him your boyfriend? And you kept a douchebag like that your boyfriend?"

"Well it doesn't sound as bad as you make it sound." Bella said.

"I think it does. And I think he doesn't like you, but he just likes the fact he's dating a mermaid. Nothing else." Emma said. "Even my brother Ravi who only has one girlfriend knows that in relationships."

"Emma, please. Emma, please don't tell anyone I'm a mermaid. Keep it our little secret OK?"

"Yes. It stays just between you and me." Emma said. "But seriously, your boyfriend is a douchebag stalker!"

"Once the beach closes and no one is nearby, I can swim you to shore."

* * *

In another part of the town Georgia Jones told her beautiful redhead daughter Cece Jones about the vampire attacks.

"Are we in a movie?" Cece Jones asked her mom.

"No, honey. Me and the rest of the police team think the attacks are prankster killers who want to start a trend and make everyone THINK they are vampires." Georgia explained to her. "Or maybe some kind of new cult."

"I'm hungry. What are you going to order?"

"Well, with all the fashion stuff I had to buy you, we don't have enough money for take-out."

"You are gonna try to cook again? I think I'll just starve instead." Cece said as she was about to go to her room.

"Wait, Cece. I wanted to tell you something, but I wanted to keep it a surprise. I think now is the best time to tell you."

"A tragic accident happened in another country and I became the NEW QUEEN OF ENGLAND???" Cece said excitedly.

"Even better!" Georgia said. "I'm pregnant!"

"Oh, congrats, mom, but I was kind of hoping it would be good news for me too." Cece asked as she usually does only care about herself.

"Oh it does. Since I'm pregnant, you get to have free meals."

"How?" Cece asked. Then Georgia pulled down her top revealing her huge naked white tits.

"This is how." Georgia said allowing her beautiful teen daughter to gaze onto the beauty of a real woman's body. "My breasts are full of milk now."

"Tits, mom. They're called tits. No one calls them breasts anymore." Cece said explaining to her mom the way people talk in the new times.

"Fine, then my tits are full of milk now. So we have an unlimited supply of free milk. So go ahead, Cece. Drink some of mama's milk and let her breastfeed you just like the days before your little brother Flynn turned three." Georgia said as she took her hands and squirted milk from her nipples. "What do you think, Cece? Do my tits look really good now, now that they're full of milk?"

"Well, if my nipples weren't hard before they are DEFINITELY hard now!" Cece told her mom right before she leaned in and got a whole mouthful of her mom's big milky tit. Cece sucked and kept sucking as she felt more relaxed and less hungry the more milk she drank from her mom's big boobs.

"Oh Cece, this feels soooo good!" Cece's mom moaned out.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Cece's skinny tall black friend said as she crawled through the window.

"Hey Rocky." Cece said casually. "We were just having dinner."

"Oh, what did your mom order?" Rocky asked.


"So she's cooking again? I just remembered, my mom wanted me to eat dinner at HER house." Rocky said turning away.

"No, Rocky. My mom is pregnant, so she has tits full of milk. So I'm drinking milk from my mom's tits." Cece said making Rocky turn around. "Mom, can Rocky have some of your milk? PLEEEASE?" Cece begged.

"Sure, why not? After all, I do have two tits. Cece you can suck on one and your friend Rocky can suck on my other one."

"Oh my gondola! Your mom has such big tits!" Rocky exclaimed being mesmerized by her best friend's mother's really big boobs. Rocky reached for the breast that her friend wasn't sucking on and squeezed it, pressed it, and felt all over it. "And they're real!"

"Of course they're real, Rocky. Maybe you didn't notice how big my tits were because you and my daughter are always hugging, cuddling, and touching each other like you two are a couple." Rocky was still speechless seeing her best friend's beautiful tits. Rocky then took a big mouthful of her best friend's mom's tit while her best friend sucked her other one. It felt so good to Georgia as her very own daughter and her very own daughter's best friend were sucking both her tits at the same time.. one big tit a piece! "Oh yes! Oh Rocky I've been crushing on you for a looong time! I am so happy I finally got you to suck my tit!" Georgia never had two teen girls suck her tits at the same time before and it was better than she ever imagined. "Oh Rocky! Oh Cece!"

"Oh mom, it's so much fun sucking on your tits!" Cece told her mom.

"Yeah, Ms Jones. It's invigorating sucking on your big tit while Cece sucks your other one." Rocky said. Just then Georgia's walkie talkie started to talk.

"Officer Jones there's just been another attack. We need you to come in." the officer on the walkie talkie said.

"Oh just when I was having the time of my life!" Georgia complained. "Sorry Cece and Rocky, but they need me there."

* * *

Back at the shop Zuri was drinking her last slushie. Harley looked at Zuri surprised.

"I have never seen anyone drink so many slushies in one night." Harley said.

"Hey, back at Camp Kikiwaka, the slushies are dirty water with blue food coloring. I needed my fill to make up for a summer's worth!"

"You'd think a girl as rich as her could afford to go to a camp with better food." Harley said into space.

Zuri walked out and was stopped by an older man with a leather jacket.

"Hey little girl, you're not from around here are you?"

"Nope I'm from New York! The best city in the world!" Zuri exclaimed.

"You see anything, uh, suspicions lately? Anything out of the ordinary?" the man asked. The man was Damon Salvator.

"Just that weird looking face!" Zuri said laughing hysterically. She was obviously alking about Damon.

"You know, you're a real bitch, you know that?" Damon told her.

"What you gonna do about it?" Zuri said.

"I haven't had dinner yet. Do you know any good bars I can go to eat?"

"Bars? I'm 12. Did you lose your brain on your way here? How am I supposed to know?" Zuri said.

"I just thought of the perfect thing to munch on." Damon said.


"YOU!" Damon said as he quickly moved behind her and bit her neck. With his vampire speed, Damon moved far away. Blood gushed out of Zuri's neck as she quickly passed out.


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