Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 3) - By Tyval

>>Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 3)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may
have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

Cleopatra, Hel, and Sarge giggled and squealed like schoolgirls as
they soaped each other up in the showers. All 3 women felt free now
that they had finally admitted their love for each other. All 3 of
them wanted to continue their love-making in the shower, but Voice
told them that time was of the essence.
The women were then given a briefing by Voice and Mauser on how to
get to Cryo Chamber G.O.L.D. 7 as quickly and safely as possible.
Several of the pockets of civilization had been in contact with each
other over the last couple of hours. Hel, Sarge, and Cleo were very
serious now. The fate of all humanity could very well rest on the
3 of them succeeding in reviving Questar.

Resources had been pooled and logistics had been worked out to give
the girls all that they needed, places to rest or hide, armed support,
vehicles and transportation. The girls knew that the betrayers would
be out in force to try and stop them. The new blasters they wore
and carried were twice as powerful as their old ones. They would
have to be.

Boarding a flying sled the trio took off for the first leg of their
mission. The first 2 hours were uneventful as they hooked up with
another group who flew air cover for them through the narrow twisting
corridors. During the third hour of the journey a small group of
ugly mutant pirates made the fatal mistake of jumping them and their
temporary escorts. The 14 pirates were all killed within seconds
managing to down only one escort flyer.

"That was a bunch of stupid mutants," Cleo said as even she had killed
2 of them.- "We not only had better weapons, but for once we had
a big numbers advantage."

"No one ever said that pirates had to be intelligent," Hel said as
she checked her power cells.

"Living down here for centuries with who knows what kinds of gasses
and radiation its no wonder that there are so many groups of crazies
and mutants," Sarge sighed.- "We have to take the surface back. We
just have to."

Sarge's tough exterior was exposed as a facade. Hel and Sarge had
fought for so long already with only the dream of an Earth once again
ruled by humans. When Cleo had been found they had then been bound
by friendship and by their secret love for each other. Now, at last,
there was a real hope. A man, a hero, capable of not only fighting
the robotic rulers, but also of leading and uniting the scattered
pockets of humanity.

Over the next 2 days they changed modes of transportation several
times as well as escorts. During some periods the women were on their
own and on foot. During other times they were guarded by small armies
riding fast air sleds or the remnants of bullet trains. There were
several small skirmishes with various bands of mutant pirates and
bandits, but nothing that they couldn't handle.

What really troubled the women though, was that despite the warnings
that Voice continued to give them, there had been no sign of Betrayer
activity. Shortly after noon on the third day, alone and on foot
again, escorts having turned back hours ago, the 3 women at last
reached an enormous wall of adamantium with the faded words 'Cryo
Chamber G.O.L.D. 7.'

"Well, now we know where at least some of the Betrayers were," Hel
said as she picked up the blasted, slagged head of one of the many
robotic bodies that littered the large football field sized hall.

"At least a hundred," Sarge added.- "But what did this?"

The trio walked slowly towards the door. Twenty feet high and fifty
feet across, made of the most indestructible alloy ever created.
Sarge withdrew the 'key' that Mauser had give them. But before they
got to the side slot that seemed to be for that key, powerful blasters
and lasers sprang from all sides of corridor.

"Oh shit," Cleopatra whimpered.

"Well, now we know what happened to those robots," Hel said, trying
to sound brave, but hoping she wouldn't piss herself.

The lasers pinpointed and tracked the women as they huddled together.-
Any sudden movement or attempt at hostility would be instant death
and they knew it.

"Scanning," a feminine electronic voice said.- "Identifying three
unknown human females. Armed, heavily. Zzzzz. State your name and

"Uh, my name is Helen, this is Sarge, and Cleopatra. We-we're here
to revive Questar," Helen managed to say.

"Please! We need his help," Cleo shouted, summoning all her courage.-
"Please, the whole world needs his help."

"Scanning, ccccllllliiiikkkkk, wwwhhhooooorrrrr, veracity of statements
verified, all scans show you are telling the truth," the machine
replied.- "Please remove all weapons and articles of clothing for
next phase."

Reluctantly, but quickly, Hel, Sarge, and Cleo stripped fully nude.
A scanning eye the floated down verifying that they were not carrying
any concealed weapons in body cavities. A beam shot from the eye's
lens and all of their clothing and weapons vanished.

"Your personal effects have been teleported, you may pick them up
when you leave or should Questar give you permission," the voice

"But you took our key," Sarge said.- "How can we get in to see Questar
without it?"

"Key?" the voice replied.- "That was no key. That was a bomb that
would have exploded had you tried to use it. You may proceed."

The lasers retracted and a hidden small door to the right opened
up.- Hel, Sarge and Cleo looked at each other. This was not the first
time that it seemed like Voice or Mauser was betraying them. The
3 nude women carefully stepped over the scattered robot pieces and

A long corridor led them into a solid white room with an elevator
as the only exit. Cleo had to almost suppress a giggle as the only
fixture in the room was a faded Britney Spears poster.- Ha!- Wonder
what she looks like now? Cleo thought as a vision of an old crone
singing 'Hit me Baby one more time' made her chuckle.

Sarge pressed the only button and the doors opened almost instantly
despite 5 centuries of disuse.

"One thing's for sure," Sarge said admiringly, "those G.O.L.D. guys
built stuff to last."

To their surprise there were only 2 floor buttons inside the elevator.-
Hel pushed the one they weren't on. The elevator went down only 20
feet before stopping. The doors opened and the women saw an amazingly
large maze of rooms before them.

"Well, he's got to be here somewhere," Hel smiled as she stepped
into the carpet lined hall.

* * * * *

It had taken Raina a long time to catch up with Hel, Sarge, and Cleo.-
Raina made it to the huge hall almost an hour after the trio had
entered the chamber. As she carefully picked her way through the
scattered robot parts she suddenly found herself staring at numerous
blasters pointing right at her.

"Halt and identify," the electronic voice ordered.

"Oh shit," Raina cried as even she sank to her knees, hands behind
her head in a rare - for her - gesture of submission.- "Please, don't

Raina was brave, but this was a hopeless situation. Raina was sure
she was dead.

"Scanning, moderately well-armed human female, correction, female
mutant with limited psionic abilities. State your name and your purpose,"
the voice said.

"Uh, I'm called Raina, I-I was following uh, my friends, but I got
separated," Raina lied.

"Scanners suggest that you are lying except about your name. Disrobe
and disarm now!" the voice demanded in a firm tone.

Raina hastened to comply as the lasers tracked her every move. Raina
stood naked before the guns more frightened than she had ever felt
before. Fear was not something she was used to, but she most certainly
felt it now.

"Now Raina, state your true purpose. Have you come here to harm Questar?"
the voice asked.

"Harm Questar? I've ever heard of anyone called Questar," Raina honestly
answered.- "What is a Questar?"

"Scanners suggest you are being truthful. State your full purpose.-
Do not attempt to lie or to hide anything," the voice said as several
lasers came closer. One laser fired a warning shot well over Raina's
head as further incentive.

"Okay, okay," Raina cried.- "These robots, Betrayers they're called,
they freed me and told me I could have my revenge on these women.
I think they wanted me to kill them, thinking maybe that I wanted
to kill them. But I don't want to kill them! I want to tie them up
and whip them and fuck them until they become my sex slaves. Please,
let me go."

"So, you love them despite wanting to have rough sex with them?"
the voice said.

"Yes! I admit I'm a bit evil, but I wouldn't really hurt them. I
know from their thoughts that they like it as much as I do," Raina
said," And I like getting it as much as I like giving it, too."

"Scanners report you are telling the truth. The ones you seek are
inside. You may enter, but should you attempt to harm anyone in the
complex you will be killed," the voice said as a laser disintegrated
Raina's weapons and clothes rather than teleporting them.

Raina was amazed at the level of technology that this scanner had.-
Five centuries old and it was as advanced or even more so than Voice
itself. She of course couldn't know about how intelligent G.O.L.D.
scientist Shiro Sanlemoto had really been, especially since he had
the technology of a dozen other advanced planets at his disposal.-
Including Mechas 4, a planet where humans and intelligent sentient
robots had lived in peace for centuries.

Raina, carefully made her way through the same side door. Despite
her unusual sense of fear there was also a sense of both freedom
and sexual excitement as she had finally given voice to her true
feelings for Hel, Sarge, and Cleo.

"No, I could never really harm them," Raina whispered, "but I want
to lesbian rape them into submission. Then again, I know their secret
desires. They would love every second of it."

The End - Chapter 3


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