Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 4) - By Tyval

>>Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 4)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may
have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

"Wow! I wonder whose room this was?" Cleo said, smiling.
The room they were in looked like a dungeon. A big screen tv/vcr
was against a wall, bookshelves filled with video tapes on both sides
of it.- Cleo read the titles of some of the tapes. All of them seemed
to be lesbian BDSM orgies of the super-heroines of G.O.L.D. and many
other heroines.
The walls were lined with various whips, paddles, crops, and a few
dildos. One very large dildo had the words ' Questar model'- under
it.- There were various ceiling chains and devices for bondage inside
the room, along with a bed big enough for 6 girls with strategically
placed restraints. Sarge and Hel stared at the 'Questar model' dildo.

"Was he really this big?" Sarge asked.- "This looks too big to be

"According to the stories about him that's what his size was rumored
to be," Cleo grinned, "and if anyone knew his size it would've been
G.O.L.D. women."

"If we find him I bet he's really hung like a 2 year old," Hel sighed.

Cleopatra was looking through the video tapes and came across one
with the title 'Questar joins in'. Cleo thought, Hmmmm. The power
is still on in this place. I wonder if the tv and vcr still work?

"Guys, there is a way to find out," Cleo said as she turned the 500
year old tv on and popped in the tape.

It was soon obvious as they saw a nude Questar that his legendary
size was indeed real.

"Whoa! Is he a man or a small horse," Hel sighed in lust, as she
saw Questar somehow get half his length in a super turned-on asian

"Oh man," Sarge moaned as she touched her breasts.- "I love women,
but I'd set that aside for him."

"So would I, whoever he is," Raina said from the opposite doorway.

"Raina!!" Hel, Sarge and Cleo cried as one as they turned and saw
the equally nude psionic 'bad girl.'

The nipples and clits of all 4 women were instantly aroused as they
looked at each other.

"Cleo, run!! Find Questar! We'll handle Raina," Hel ordered.

With a mixture of fear and sexual excitement Cleo ran out of the
other door.- I've got to find Questar now, Cleo thought.- I don't
know if Hel and Sarge combined can beat Raina.- In their last encounter
Raina had actually been holding more than her own against both of
them. And Sarge and Hel were 2 of the best fighters in all the Underground.

Hel and Sarge tried to flank Raina, but to their surprise Raina held
up the open palm gesture of truce the Underground used universally.-
Why is she giving Cleo a chance to find Questar and defeat her? Hel

"Okay Raina, you want to talk, talk," Hel said.- "Just answer me
one thing, why are you working with the Betrayers to kill Questar,
who may be our only chance to finally overthrow the Bailies?"

"Questar? There's that name again. I have no idea who or what he
is. Those robots freed me so that I could get my revenge on you and
that hot little blonde," Raina said.- "I think that they thought
that I wanted you dead. That was never my intention."

"Oh really?" Sarge asked, somewhat puzzled.

"Wait a minute, if you're not trying to kill Questar, and you're
saying that you're not trying to kill us, then what are you after?"
Hel asked equally confused.

"That should be obvious, Helen," Raina laughed.- "I want to rule
the Underground not destroy it, with you two at my side I'd be unbeatable.-
There's also the fact that I love both of you and that Cleopatra
girl, too."

"You love us?" Sarge asked.

Hel and Sarge looked at each other. Somehow they knew that Raina
was telling the truth. Raina could have killed them during their
first meeting or attacked them from behind a few minutes earlier.

"We don't have to fight," Raina said.- "This room looks like a lesbian
dungeon, just surrender and be my sex slaves. I know you love it,
I want to whip you and fuck you and whip you some more. And when
you finally submit, you can later do the same to me."

"Raina, we can't submit to you," Sarge said.- "It's wrong to enslave
people the way you want to. We must free the people of the Underground
and take back what is rightfully ours, the surface world. I would
love to have all kinds of kinky sex with you, but Raina, it's not
right to treat people as toys."

"Raina, please, look into your heart. Yes, you've done some bad things,
but even Voice thinks that there is a lot of good in you," Hel pleaded.-
"You started out fighting for good, and I know in my heart that good
is still in you. With your powers and skill you could be a great
asset to our cause."

"C'mon girls, be my sex slaves," Raina said," You're both so pretty,
I don't want to hurt you, but I want both of you in bondage and cumming
from my whip."

"Please, Raina, we can't submit to you like that. You're beautiful
and I can hardly keep myself from kissing you, but our mission here
is too important for all humanity," Hel continued, trying to reach
Raina's heart.

"Please, Raina, join us. We all love lesbian sex and pain and we
can have some great parties, but we need to succeed in this mission,"
Sarge implored.- "Raina, please, take my hand."

Deep in Raina's soul she wanted so much to be a part of the love
that Hel, Sarge, and Cleo shared. Haltingly she reached out her hand.
Sarge looked at her with love and hope. Hope that was dashed when
a sudden fury overtook Raina, who lashed out at Sarge with a devastating
back fist. Only the battle-trained reflexes of Sarge saved her as
she managed to twist her head away from most of the force. Instead
of a blow that would have knocked her unconscious Sarge took only
a glancing blow.

Sarge sprang away from Raina more surprised than actually hurt. Hel
moved quickly to her side.

"Fine! I'll just rape you cunts into submission then!" Raina screamed.

"I'm okay Hel," Sarge said.- "We've got to stop her or hold her here
until Cleo can complete the mission."

* * * * *

Outside of the hallway that led to Cryo Chamber G.O.L.D. 7, a Betrayer,
his plastic fleshed face mostly ripped off during the rescue of Raina,
motioned to the 1500 Betrayers behind him. They had waited long enough
for Raina to open the main door. They had used all of their resources
for this endeavor with little to show for it.

First, they had sent a virus that had scrambled Mauser just enough
to screw up the electronic key that they had hoped to use to destroy
those interfering females. Now Raina had apparently failed to catch
and kill them. True, they had discovered the smaller door, but it
was just as indestructible as the larger one. Their probing force
had also failed and been wiped out by the formidable defenses of
this ancient vault.

Since Raina had not exited and thereby opened a doorway for them,
their masters had given them the order for an all out assault. They
would have to overwhelm the defenses with sheer weight of numbers
to get close enough to the smaller door for a new scrambler key they
had devised that would indeed open that door.

If he had been human the Betrayer would have probably had a thought
of; I knew we shouldn't have relied on that mutant cunt. We shall
have a special treat in store for her.- Since he was just a robot
though he simply morphed his arms into blasters as those behind him
did. At an electronic signal the horde of Betrayers charged. Right
into dozens of G.O.L.D. designed lasers, acid guns, electro nets,
rockets, and blasters.

* * * * *

Alarms sounded in the halls and in many of the rooms of the G.O.L.D.
complex as Cleopatra ran through the halls. The writings above the
doorways had faded which is why she couldn't tell what was any of
the rooms. Some rooms contained living quarters, she had found 2
broom closets and a kitchen. The alarm was not sounding in all the
rooms, possibly age had indeed crept up on this vault.

At one point, Cleo had heard the sounds of many mechanical devices,
and fearing Betrayers, had hid in a bathroom shower. Cleopatra could
still see the hallway and couldn't resist peeking despite being scared
shitless. But the battle robots and drones that were rushing through
the hall were not Betrayers. These robots were Defenders, designed
and built by the benevolent self willed robots of Mechas 4 for use
in G.O.L.D. facilities.

As soon as they passed, Cleopatra resumed her search through the
rooms. A loud explosion seemed to shake even this reinforced vault.-
Clapping her hands over her ears and screaming in panic for the first
time, Cleo ran.- Cleopatra ran and ran. Right into a door. As she
looked up her terror was reduced to tears of mingled joy and fear.
The faded letters on this door read Cy o C- mb r.

* * * * *

Raina blocked 2 kicks from Hel, spun around low trying to leg sweep
Sarge. Sarge leaped and kicked barely missing Raina's head as she
ducked. Hel picked off 2 of Raina's punches, ducked a third and got
caught with a kick to the stomach. Sarge landed a glancing punch
on Raina, who caught the blondes second punch and flipped Sarge down.
Sarge rolled away from the foot stomp and kipped up.

Hel kicked from the right, Sarge fro the left. Raina ducked under
Sarge's leg, blocked Hel's kick and threw 3 quick punches at Hel's
mid-section. Hel managed to block the punches, barely. Raina threw
a spinning back fist at Sarge next. Sarge ducked but got caught with
a kick across her tits that sent her reeling back.

Raina paused for a brief second as she saw the milk coming from Sarge's
excited breasts, her own nipples were hard. Hel took that lapse in
concentration and landed a stiff jab right in Raina's left breast,
followed by another in Raina's right tit. Raina's own breast milk
squirted out under the punches as she recovered her senses and punched
Hel back.

Despite the seriousness of the fight, all 3 women were getting extremely
turned on. Raina could read their minds and knew every move that
Hel and Sarge were going to make before they made them, but it was
still 2 against 1 and their skill levels were equal. The outcome
of the fight would be anyone's guess.

Raina barely missed Sarge with her next kick and was momentarily
off balance. Hel's jump kick caught Raina in the ribcage. Raina gasped
in pain as she luckily picked off a kick from Sarge and blocked Hel's
follow up snap kick. Raina's counter kick caught Hel in the stomach
sending her back. Raina tried a rapid fire 4 punch combo on Sarge
who blocked them and threw a back fist that Raina ducked.

Hel moved in again with 2 kicks. Raina stopped those and 2 punches
from Sarge. Raina then did a splits move underneath both women and
landed solid punches in the stomachs of Hel and Sarge. In other rooms
an alarm was sounding, but the three women in this room didn't hear
it.- Raina rolled forward and got back to her feet. Sarge and Hel
had already recovered from the double punch.

Sarge missed with a side kick, then blocked Raina's heel kick. Hel
flipped sideways off a wall catching Raina with a solid heel kick
of her own. Raina lashed out with a back fist that connected on Hel's
jaw stunning her momentarily. Sarge moved in a flurry of kicks and
punches that Raina blocked, but caused her to back away from Hel.

Sarge got careless and telegraphed her next punch. Raina caught her
leg and punched Sarge right in the pussy. Sarge screamed and went
down.- Hel was coming groggily back to her feet when Raina's spinning
back kick landed across both of Hel's large breasts. Raina attempted
to land a chop to the side of Hel's neck that would have rendered
Hel unconscious, but Sarge, ignoring the pain in her groin, tackled
Raina hard from behind.

Raina landed hard, but neither Sarge or Hel could capitalize on the
momentary advantage. All three women made it back to their feet.
Sweat mingled with breast milk on all of them. Cautiously they circled
each other. A loud explosion sent all three women down hard, barely

* * * * *

The losses the Betrayers were taking was staggering. Already a third
of them were down, shot to pieces, slagged, or disintegrated. But
slowly they were overwhelming the defenses of the vault. Many of
them would sacrifice themselves deliberately just to take out one
laser cannon or missile launcher. The robot with the ripped off face
and his squad had made it to the smaller door.

The key they used triggered a last ditch booby trap, that wiped out
90% of that squad in a huge explosion. The ripped-face Betrayer staggered
to his feet throwing off bits and pieces of his comrades that had
not been as fortunate. Indeed, most of his plastic flesh was gone
now, but the secondary door was blown off its hinges.

Nearly 900 Betrayers headed for the now vulnerable opening, 200 more
didn't make it, but the outer defenses were finally silenced. The
Betrayers crowded into the upper hall as the elevator doors opened
unexpectedly. If the Betrayers had been human, many of them would
have prayed as the explosive device inside detonated sending nearly
100 more to whatever robots call hell.

So powerful was that explosion that the entire vault shook. The short
drop was no problem for the Betrayers, what awaited them below was.-
Seven hundred and fourteen Betrayers clashed with 150 Mechas 4 battle
robots and 200 assorted attack drones.

* * * * *

The lights flickered and then went out as Cleopatra entered the room.-
The red emergency lights cast a sinister eerie red glow around the
room.- Slowly and cautiously Cleopatra walked over to the unmistakable
row of cryonic beds. Only one was occupied, just as Voice had thought.

Cleopatra gasped as she looked down at the occupant. The man was
ruggedly handsome, shoulder-length black hair framed his face. A
slight scar was over the right eye, almost hidden by the eyebrow.
As she brushed away the outer frost Cleo could see the broad shoulders
and corded ripped physique. The body was that of a gymnast rather
than a body-builder.

Cleopatra blushed as she saw the lower half of the nude man. He looked
even bigger than the brief movie image she had seen. There was no
question about it, this man was the almost legendary Questar, and
the attached sensors and monitors showed that he was still alive!

"Oh, I'll get you out of there," Cleo whispered.

The sounds of a raging battle seemed to grow closer now as Cleopatra
desperately looked around for some way to free the trapped hero.
The room shook as explosions and the sounds of blasters were growing
dangerously close. Cleo closed her eyes and said a silent prayer.-
Opening her eyes she saw it! A red button with the barely legible
words 'Emergency Revival.'

With a cry of desperation she stabbed the button and was rewarded
by a hiss of water vapor as the coffin like chamber sprang to life
and attempted to literally de-thaw 500 years of cryonic freeze.

"Target designate Cleopatra sighted. Switching to claw mode," a robotic
voce said behind Cleopatra.

Cleopatra spun around and screamed. Arms morphing into steel fists
with 8" long claws was a Betrayer, his plastic flesh hung in tatters.-
Behind him were 5 more. The Betrayer's clawed arm lashed towards
Cleopatra's head. Cleopatra closed her eyes and screamed again.

Is this the end of Cleopatra?

The End - Chapter 4


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