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Author's note: This story takes place shortly after Captain America 2.

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Captain America 2: Lucky 13 Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Sharon Carter's dirty little secret was she loved to cook. Well, that and the whole gay thing, but she hadn't been hiding that so much as implying her own don't ask don't tell policy, as in if nobody asked she wouldn't tell. Not that it was anyone's business anyway. However, while she didn't mind people knowing she was a lesbian she did mind people knowing she liked cooking, because it seemed a little too feminine and while the emphasis at SHIELD had always been on a military professionalism which always seemed very masculine. Certainly, if she had more friends and they knew about her dirty little secret she was sure she'd get teased.

However, she had let Natasha in on that secret, and at this point pretty much all her secrets, The Black Widow being unsurprisingly disarming and easy to talk to without revealing much herself. Perhaps that would change on this, their third date. They had been in public for the past two dates, one-time at the movies, so there wasn't much chance for talking there and Sharon could understand Natasha's reluctance to offer up anything but small talk in a crowded restaurant. But tonight would be different, Sharon determined not to allow Natasha into her bed until she had got something out of the redhead she hadn't known before.

That would be a difficult task, especially now Natasha had gotten to know her body, and more importantly Sharon had come to know exactly what another woman could do to her. What The Black Widow could do to her, Sharon becoming lost in blissful memories for a few long seconds before she heard a knock on her door, the CIA Agent quickly moving to answer it after once again checking herself in the mirror, Sharon never feeling more girly than in that moment. She both hated and loved it in equal measure.

"You know, a girl could get used to this whole knocking thing." Sharon smiled as she opened the door.

"I still prefer to make more of an entrance, but it has its perks." Natasha smiled, walking into a gentle kiss, Sharon happily wrapping her arms around her as she pushed the door closed behind them. They remained kissing for a while, then Natasha pulled away and said, "Something smells good."

"Thank you." Sharon beamed, "It's Auntie Angie's recipe. You remember, I told you about her?"

"Yes." Natasha smiled and walked further into the apartment, adding as an afterthought, "Your Aunt's lover?"

"Huh? Oh no. They..." Sharon began, before a lifetime of memories came flooding back to her and she mumbled almost as a question, "They were just roommates."

Turning back Natasha smiled, "Do you truly believe that?"

There was a long pause and then Sharon frowned, "They... they never said anything."

"Consider their generation." Natasha pointed out, "It wasn't that long ago such a thing was illegal, and it used to be much easier to keep a secret. I should know, mine are all over the web."

"All of them?" Sharon shot back hoarsely, and then when Natasha shrugged she added, "Come on, there must be something no one else knows."

"Well..." Natasha grinned, "I am dating this really hot blonde."

Before Sharon could get any more than that the timer on the oven peeped, forcing the 'hot blonde' to rush into her little kitchen and dish up the Italian cuisine. It was probably for the best, given that the 'hot blonde' comment had Sharon blushing, and she was still reeling from realising the truth about her Aunt Peggy and her 'roommate'. In retrospect Sharon felt really stupid. She had been encouraged since childhood to call her Aunt Peggy's best friend Auntie Angie for crying out loud, and she still hadn't suspected anything? Some spy she was.

"Sharon!" Natasha said loudly to bring the other girl out of her thoughts and then repeated, "It really is good."

"Thanks." Sharon blushed, then after a brief pause asked, "Did you ever meet my Aunt?"

"Which one?" Natasha smirked.

Sharon glared, then thinking about it for a second said, "Both."

"Yes." Natasha said, "Briefly."

"And from that, and everything I said about her, you worked out she was gay?" Sharon asked.

Natasha stayed silent for a moment, and then murmured, "I think she truly loved Steve... erm, Captain Rogers. But I knew she loved Angie Martinelli just as much, if not more, from a single meeting."

Sharon frowned, "How?"

Natasha smirked, "By having eyes."

Sharon glared at the other woman, "But, but... there has to be more to it. I knew the woman my whole life, how could I not know?"

Becoming solemn Natasha asked, "Are you sure this isn't about something else?"

"Like what?" Sharon asked.

"Like the fall of SHIELD." Natasha said softly, "None of us saw that coming, and-"

"The difference is I was never close with anyone at SHIELD. I loved Aunt Peggy and Auntie Angie. I had more in common with them than my own parents." Sharon protested, "Hell, I had more in common with them than anyone."

Natasha smiled, "I don't exactly have many friends either."

"You have The Avengers." Sharon pointed out.

"Yeah, but we don't exactly sit around swapping secrets." Natasha said.

"So do that with me." Sharon said softly, taking Natasha's hand, "Seriously Nat, tell me something no one else knows."

After a long pause Natasha said dryly, "I am dating this really hot blonde."

Sharon rolled her eyes and tried to pull a handout of Natasha's grasp, "Natasha-"

"Let me finish." Natasha insisted, squeezing Sharon's hand to hold it in place, "I am dating this really hot blonde... and I really like her."

Smiling softly Sharon asked, "Really?"

"Uh-huh." Natasha nodded before elaborating, "She's pretty uptight, but it makes me laugh. And she's smart, can handle a gun and is a really, really good cook... plus really hot... all qualities I look for in a girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Sharon smiled softly.

"Yeah..." Natasha said softly, before quickly adding, "Unless you think it's too soon for such a label, in which case-"

"I like labels!" Sharon blurted out, "Well, not always, but in this case I like it very much. And, I'd be honoured."

"Good." Natasha smiled before leaning forward for a kiss.

Sharon briefly allowed Natasha to kiss her, then broke it and firmly ordered, "Finish your food."

"I'd rather eat something else." Natasha smirked, before slipping back into her seat, "But okay."

Natasha's smirk widened as her words made Sharon blush adorably, so much so she tried to hide it by sipping her wine. After that Sharon continued asking probing questions, which put Natasha on edge. She had checked and double checked Sharon wasn't a traitor and found nothing linking her to Hydra or any kind of other shady organisation, and she knew that logically Sharon was just trying to get to know her better, but sharing wasn't easy for Natasha. Not just because being emotionally vulnerable went directly against the training which was forced on her since childhood, but because of that training and her various undercover missions it was hard for her to hang onto a sense of identity. She barely knew herself, so how could she share anything with another person?

She had hoped that by asking Sharon to be girlfriend she could avoid any further probing, but alas Sharon remained unusually chatty. Not that had been her only reason for asking, because she genuinely wanted Sharon to be her girlfriend, but part of Natasha worried it was much too soon. Which was ironic, because they'd already had sex several times, but Natasha was good at that part. Physical intimacy had always been easy for her, as she had used it often to put her targets into a false sense of security, but emotional intimacy was difficult. However, she did manage to reveal a few minor things, mostly because of Sharon's constant probing, and the fantastic meal relaxing her.

Of course when it was over Natasha was eager to move on to something she was more comfortable with, "That was wonderful Sharon."

Beaming happily Sharon replied, "Thank you, I..."

The blonde trailed off as the redhead got up and sauntered over to Sharon. Natasha then gently cupped her face softly, "It is I who should be thanking you."

Sharon smiled softly, "I think you just did."

Natasha raised an eyebrow, "You think that was sufficient?"

"No." Sharon said, her years of training allowing her to sound innocent as she asked, "Can you think of a way you could possibly thank me?"

Smirking Natasha replied, "I might."

With that Natasha leaned down and softly pressed her lips to Sharon's. This time Sharon didn't break the kiss after only a few seconds, which Natasha knew was hard for Sharon. The blonde was a neat freak who Natasha could tell was just itching to clean the dishes, something the redhead would have taken as a personal insult if she had chosen it over her. Whether Sharon guest that or Natasha wasn't simply losing her touch and the other woman wanted to fuck her more than anything the two former SHIELD agents soon found themselves stumbling towards Sharon's bedroom while still engaged in a heated lip lock.

They were stripping each other's clothes along the way, something much easier now that they were both in skin-tight dresses instead of their more infamous uniforms, so by the time Natasha was pushing Sharon down onto her own bed they were both completely naked. Then they continue to make out for several minutes before Natasha finally pulled away from Sharon's lips and moved down to her new girlfriend's neck, Sharon letting out a soft sigh as Natasha began slowly kissing her way up and down that soft flesh.

Natasha kept that up for a few minutes, then she whispered in Sharon's ear, "I promise, you'll get your reward in just a second, but first, I want to try something... different."

"Okay." Sharon gasped so softly it was barely audible.

Whether she heard it or not Natasha grinned against her neck, pressed one last kiss to it and then started crawling up Sharon's body. For a few long seconds Sharon was confused, then her eyes went wide as she realised what was about to happen. She almost freaked out, but the more she thought about it the more she liked the idea. Except for the fact that this probably meant she wouldn't get to suck on Natasha's big boobs. That was the last thought that went through her head before Natasha was kneeling over her face and began slowly lowering herself downwards, meaning that for a few seconds Sharon could do nothing but nervously concentrate on what was coming towards her.

Sharon had gone down on Natasha a few times now so she was fairly confident that she could please her in this position, but she couldn't help being a little nervous. So when the redhead was close enough the blonde took matters into her own hands. More accurately she took Natasha's big ass into her own hands, pushing downward forcefully while pushing her own head up so she could treat her girlfriend's pussy to a long, slow lick. Sharon followed that up with another, and another, and another, soon licking Natasha's pussy with the slow steady rhythm which had the infamous Black Widow moaning softly in pleasure.

To Sharon's relief, although it really shouldn't have been a surprise, Natasha went from a crouching position to placing her knees either side of the CIA agent's head and then rested the majority of her weight on her knees. At first it was all of her weight, but after a while Natasha shifted slightly and used her weight to silently press Sharon's head into the bed and smother her with her cunt, which Sharon found oddly erotic. Because sure, it was hard to breathe, but her whole world became revolved around Natasha's pussy, and Sharon couldn't help but love that.

All she could see, smell, hear and taste was pure Natasha Romanoff, and she certainly dominated her sense of touch too, Sharon barely noticing the bed underneath her when she had the dangerous Black Widow's cunt directly in her face. So with all five of her senses consumed with Natasha Romanoff it became really hard for her to think coherently, Sharon literally becoming a mindless pussy pleaser as she continued those long, slow licks for what felt like an eternity, the only difference being that at first she made sure to hit Natasha's clit with every other lick, and then later hit it with every lick.

Shortly after that Natasha rested less of her weight on her knees while reaching down, grabbing a handful of blonde hair and shoving Sharon's face as deep as it could go into her cunt. She then started grinding down onto that pretty face, not just smothering Sharon but actually using her face as a fuck pad. Like the niece of the legendary Peggy Carter was nothing but a fuck toy, Natasha shamelessly fucking Sharon's face while playing close attention to her surroundings, and more importantly whether or not Sharon was still okay now she had turned things up a notch. Impressively Sharon continued licking her pussy, even that and the initial grinding wasn't enough.

Natasha wanted more, and she didn't have the patience to wait any longer, "Fuck me! Mmmmmmmm fuck, tongue fuck me Sharon! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me, I, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssss! Just like that! Now fuck me! Fuck me! Oooooooooooh fuck yes!"

Luckily for Natasha it really didn't take much for Sharon to give her what she wanted, and if anything this was even faster than usual. Sure, in the state Natasha was in she might have preferred a little faster penetration and tongue fucking, but there was definitely something to be said for the way Sharon pushed her tongue inside her pussy and then slowly began thrusting it in and out, increasing Natasha's pleasure without making her cum. It was certainly enough for Natasha in the short term, the redhead letting go of the blonde's hair so she could stretch out while tilting her head back and letting out an extra loud series of cries, moans and screams of pleasure.

Of course that satisfaction ultimately turned to desire for more again, and as Natasha wasn't so sure she could beg coherently for more, and would rather avoid doing so If possible, she went back to pulling on Sharon's hair and grinding down onto her face. This time that actually succeeded in getting her what she wanted. Or Sharon just couldn't wait any more to make her cum, and drink her cum like the little lesbian slut she was. Either way Natasha was once again throwing her head back for an extra loud scream as she came good and hard, just the way she had taught Sharon to make her cum.

To her further credit Sharon didn't hesitate to remove her tongue so she could concentrate on swallowing Natasha's cum, or at least as much of it as she could possibly get, before returning her tongue to Natasha's centre. From the way she energetically thrust back inside her and started fucking her again Natasha could tell Sharon would be happy for them to continue just like this for a few more orgasms, if not the rest of the night, but that would be selfish. More importantly it would wear Natasha out, and that would spoil her surprise for Sharon. So reluctantly Natasha pulled herself up and off Sharon's now cum coated face, the blonde letting out a whimper of disappointment at this which was quickly silenced by the redhead's lips crashing against her own.

"How do you feel about toys?" Natasha asked, breaking the kiss.

Sharon raised an eyebrow and then smirked, "I'm all for using the ones I have, but I shudder to think what kinky shit you're into."

Natasha returned the smirk, "Is that a good shudder, or a bad shudder?"

"Both." Sharon admitted, prompting a brief laugh between the two lovers.

Then Natasha pushed, "How would you feel about me fucking you with a strap-on?"

Sharon raised an eyebrow again, "Where are you hiding that? Your ass?"

Natasha laughed, "No silly. Just your underwear drawer."

There was a brief pause and then Sharon rolled her eyes, "I should really get better security."

"You really should." Natasha laughed, getting off the bed and heading to Sharon's dresser drawer.

Sharon's gaze instantly lowered to Natasha's amazing ass, the blonde biting her lip as the redhead seemed to put an extra swing in her steps just for her. Sharon was sure that if she looked up her girlfriend would be smirking at her, but as that meant removing her gaze from Natasha's butt she would never know. Natasha's big boobs were easily as captivating, but as the infamous assassin was holding a large dildo in her hand Sharon's eyes couldn't help but focus on that. Part of her wished she could resist. It was the same part of her which crossed her legs at the thought of trying to take something like that. Another part of her was excited by it, and Sharon desperately wanted to please Natasha, partly because of all the amazing pleasure she had given her and partly because she wanted to be a good girlfriend.

"So, how about it?" Natasha questioned once the harness was firmly attached, and then when she was sure she had Sharon's attention added softly, "If it's too much for you, I understand. And I promise I'll understand if any point you want to back out. But I've been with a lot of women who thought this was too 'straight' for them, and day all ended up loving it. So Agent 13, are you up for trying something a little bit different?"

Sharon did think it over a bit more briefly, but ultimately came to the same conclusion, "Do I get to return the favour?"

Natasha smirked, "Maybe. You definitely won't have the strength once I'm finish with you, but maybe someday. It really does depend..."

"Depend on what?" Sharon asked, feeling like she was walking into something.

Proving her right Natasha smiled wickedly and said, "On whether or not you can be a good little cock slut for me."

"Is that all?" Sharon laughed light-heartedly.

"Uh-huh." Natasha replied, happy to see that Sharon wasn't insulted, "And you can start by getting on your knees and sucking my cock."

Sharon raised an eyebrow, "There you go, sounding like a porno movie again."

"What? It's to get it nice and ready for your hot little pussy." Natasha grinned.

There was another pause as the two women stared at each other, during which Sharon almost opened her mouth to point out that there wasn't much preparation needed, as eating pussy always got her super wet so all Natasha would have to do was spit on her hand and rub it into the head of the dildo. Maybe not even that, because honestly she had been wet all day thinking about Natasha's delicious cunt, and seeing her girlfriend again had sent her lust into overdrive. Of course she didn't want to admit that out loud, as Natasha's ego was big enough, and she'd already made up her mind to at least give this a shot, so ultimately she just slid off the bed and crawled towards the deadly Black Widow.

"You owe me for this. And I intend to collect." Sharon said softly after she reached her destination.

She then mostly kept eye contact, barring a quick check she was on target, as she slowly leaned forwards and opened her mouth to take the dildo inside of it. When Sharon closed her mouth around the dick she began sucking on it, but unlike with her one and only boyfriend she didn't immediately stop because she hated the taste. She didn't love the taste, but it didn't repel her. And she had to admit, there was a certain thrill to sucking Natasha's cock, Sharon growing more fond of that idea as the minutes ticked by and she began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking an impressive amount into her mouth considering her experience. Or at least she was impressed with herself.

Sharon had no doubt that Natasha was appalled about what an amateur she was. She never said anything like that, but she had to be thinking it. After all, Natasha had fucked a lot of women. Her conquests were legendary, and Sharon often felt out of her league, but never more than right now. Because she had heard that Natasha liked using this kind of toy, hence why she wasn't surprised that Natasha had hidden one in her room and intended on using it on her, and unlike Sharon had experience with multiple men too. So all Sharon could do was try her very best to mimic some of the performances she'd seen in the straight porn she had watched so long ago, or when the occasional strap-on turned up in lesbian movies.

Natasha was actually impressed with Sharon's work, given that she was a complete amateur. She especially loved the way Sharon kept eye contact with her when initially taking the cock into her mouth before closing her eyes and sucking that strap-on with surprising enthusiasm. Then she began slowly bobbing her head up and down the dildo, occasionally looking up at Natasha for approval. Natasha was of course more than happy to give her that approval, and a little encouragement, first by reaching down to stroke Sharon's long blonde beautiful hair, secondly with a smile, and then finally switching to the kind of encouragement she liked the most. Verbal.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Sharon, suck my cock. Oh yes, suck it like a good little cock sucker." Natasha taunted, her grin again becoming wicked, "You know, for a total dyke, you suck dick pretty good. At least for an amateur. If this was more your thing I could definitely train you to be a pro. Which I might do anyway, because I love to see a pretty blonde on her knees with my big cock in her mouth. Oh yeah Sharon, when I'm done with you you'll be a professional cock sucker, even if you only suck strap-ons. Ooooooh yesssss, that makes me so hot. Take it deep! Mmmmmm, take it as deep as you can down your throat. More more, more... more, and... come up for air. Good girl. That was good for your first time. Now lick the lower half. I still want my cock nice and wet for your little lezzie cunt. Yeahhhhhhh, that's it, ohhhhhhh, good girl."

Under Natasha's instructions Sharon gave quite a decent blow job, even if she couldn't really deep throat. Not that that was surprising, but she had been doing so well up until then that Natasha decided to push her luck. She also pushed a little further when it was clear that Sharon was going to do it, and would push her further in the future, but right now Natasha really wasn't interested in a long drawn-out blow job. No, she just wanted the dildo wet all over so it would slide nice and easily into Sharon's fuck hole. And after a few minutes of licking the bottom half and sucking the top half Natasha was confident that her strap-on was ready to give Sharon the fucking she'd never really had before.

"That's good baby, mmmmmm, you look so hot licking that cock. Now lick all the way to the top and suck it. Mmmmm yes, good girl. Good little cock slut." Natasha said, before finally ordering, "Now get back on the bed. I want you on your back with your legs spread so I can fuck you face to face."

Her military training showing through Sharon did as she was told without hesitation or complaint. Not that Natasha was expecting anything less at this point, although the obedience still made her smile. Because fuck, she loved it when other women obeyed her. She also loved seeing them open and ready for her, and Sharon was truly breath-taking like that, Natasha just enjoying the sight for a few long seconds before she crawled onto the bed and up her girlfriend's body so she could kiss her long and deep, The Avenger's inside woman in the CIA whimpering with lust into her mouth as the dildo gently pressed against her pussy.

It remained there for a minute or so as Natasha wanted to tease her lover, and she just got lost in the kiss. Then Natasha reached down to gently rub Sharon's pussy lips with her right hand, discovering that the blow job was unnecessary. She had expected that was the case, but it had been fun. Which was the same reason she slipped one and then two fingers inside Sharon's cunt and gently finger fucked her for a few minutes, much to the approval of Agent 13. However, Natasha was still eager to give Sharon her first ever strap-on fucking, so it wasn't that long before the redhead pulled her fingers out of the blonde, grabbed hold of her dildo and broke the kiss.

Natasha then asked, "Are you ready for this?"

"Go for it." Sharon nodded nervously.

Sharon then automatically tensed up as Natasha pressed the tip of her cock to her entrance. She immediately scolded herself for it, and then again when Natasha gave her a look which clearly said 'please relax' which somewhat annoyed Sharon. Of course she should relax, she wasn't stupid, she had kind of done this before, even though the circumstances were very different, and despite herself it did feel like she was getting a 'do over on losing her virginity', although she had no intention of admitting that to The Widow.

At least Natasha had the decency not to say 'please relax' out loud. No, she just gave Sharon a few moments to what was obvious, and then when it was clear she had Natasha began to slowly pushed forwards, Sharon's entrance opening embarrassingly easy for The Black Widow. Maybe it was the licking, maybe it was the fingering, maybe was just being on a third date with the infamous Natasha Romanoff and officially becoming her girlfriend, or maybe even it was a combination of all these things, but not only did Sharon take the head of the dildo inside her pussy but then quickly followed the entire length of Natasha's strap-on.

It wasn't exactly as easy as Sharon had hoped, as it felt weird having her downstairs area stretched so wide and deep, Natasha's dildo stretching her far more than her ex-boyfriend or any sex toy she had dared to try. From the look on her face Natasha knew this and got some kind of just sadistic thrill out of it, and despite herself that made Sharon blush a little bit. To stopped that she kissed Natasha when the fake cock was about halfway inside her, and even though the other woman quickly took control Sharon had to admit there was a certain thrill to having Natasha Romanoff's tongue invading her mouth at the same time that her strap-on dick invaded her cunt.

When the latter invasion was completed the two girls concentrated on the former invasion for quite a while, Natasha obviously giving Sharon a chance to get used to having a pussy full to bursting with strap-on cock, something that Agent 13 felt very grateful for. At the same time Natasha paused for perhaps a little too long, Sharon wondering if that was because Natasha was just lost in the kiss or if the redhead was deliberately trying to tease the blonde. Given everything she knew about her lover Sharon assumed it was the latter, although she liked to tell herself it was a bit of both.

Natasha was really enjoying the kiss, but she hadn't exactly become lost in it. She very rarely allowed all her focus to be consumed by one thing, even if it was her favourite thing, namely sex. As always she was on the lookout for danger, as after all, while it was highly unlikely under the circumstances she had been trained to expect the unexpected. She was also judging just how relax Sharon was, and yes, Natasha was teasing her lover a little bit by continuing to kiss her even when she was sure she was ready to be fucked.

Eventually though Natasha broke the kiss and pulled away slightly so Sharon could see the look on her face when she began to fuck her. That look was of course being a smirk, which turned into a wide grin as Sharon first gasped for her when she began pulling her cock out of her cunt and then moaned when Natasha pushed every inch of her dildo back inside the other girl's welcoming love box. Naturally this process as repeated over and over again, Natasha beginning to fuck Sharon at a slow and steady pace which constantly had the formerly a little uptight Agent 13 moaning, groaning, whimpering, gasping and crying out in pleasure.

There was one thing she didn't do, and after a while Natasha decided to prompt her, "Wrap your legs around me."

From the look on Sharon's face Natasha thought she might have to repeat herself, maybe adding a please in there somewhere, but instead the other woman obediently wrapped her legs around her waist, causing Natasha to grin mischievously. She just loved taking a woman in this position. She loved taking a woman in any position, and just about anywhere, but there was just something about pumping another woman's pussy in the 'traditional' position, Natasha imagining what the politicians who were currently trying to lock her away and throw away the key would think if they could see her now, taking another woman like this.

That twisted thought prompted Natasha to practically growl, "You wanna cum on my cock?"

Sharon raised an eyebrow, "Your cock?"

"Uh-huh." Natasha grinned again, "It's attached to me, therefore it's my cock."

Sharon smiled, "I didn't think that's how it works."

"Just go with it." Natasha implored, "Now let's try this again, do you want to cum on my cock?"

Blushing slightly Sharon murmured, "Yes."

Natasha grinned and increased the pace. Of course, she didn't want a real cock. God no, that would be weird. No offence to she-males or anyone else with a cock, but she might have preferred being a woman with a strap-on. This way she could fuck her lovers as long and as hard as she wanted without having to worry about going soft. At the same time while the toy was attached to her it felt like part of her, and she really got off on the idea of ramming herself deep and hard into another woman's body. Of ramming herself deep and hard into the body of Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter's niece writhing underneath in pleasure... her girlfriend quickly approaching her orgasm as she fucked her with her cock.

Sharon was also glad that Natasha's cock wasn't real. Real cocks didn't do much for her, but this one very much did. Ironically it almost felt real, in one very specific way. Namely that Sharon was pretty much lost in the idea that the strap-on was part of Natasha. That Natasha was so good with that dildo it might as well be her dick, and the idea of Natasha Romanoff reaching places inside her which had never been touched before really helped Sharon raced towards orgasm, which was easy now Natasha was really starting to give it to her.

At one point Natasha even pulled Sharon's legs from around her waist and pushed them up onto her shoulders, this position somehow allowing her to push even harder and deeper into her cunt, almost to the point it felt like it should hurt but it didn't. It was wonderful, Sharon crying out continuously as she was skillfully fucked by The Black Widow, Natasha clearly putting all her experience to good use right now as she effortlessly fucked Sharon to the edge of orgasm, and then after a few blissful moments of being kept on that edge she was pushed over it and Sharon was overwhelmed by the most intense orgasm her life.

To be fair her orgasm, and the ones which quickly followed, were probably just as good as the ones when Natasha went down on her, but in the moment Sharon was completely caught up in what she was feeling and did feel better. Either way she shamelessly begged for more, using words she couldn't ever imagined saying before that she knew turned Natasha on, the worst part of it being Sharon wasn't really sure exactly what it was she was saying. The words just fell from her mouth as the wonderfully intense climax rocked her body.


Those words encouraged Natasha to somehow start fucking her even harder, pushing Sharon to climax after climax the poor girl was a trembling wreck unable to even think coherently, let alone form a sentence. She might have screamed things like 'fuck me' and 'oh God' and 'harder' a little, or a lot, but mostly Sharon just became lost in the wonderful experience of being strap-on fucked by Natasha Romanoff. Just before she truly lost her mind, Sharon promised herself she wouldn't be hesitant next time. That she would happily let Natasha use 'her cock' on her whenever she wanted. Maybe, probably, definitely Sharon would beg her to use it.

Natasha had certainly intended that. She loved fucking another woman with a strap-on. It just made her feel so powerful, especially when it came to hard pounding like she was giving Sharon right now. And she really didn't care about what a psychologist might say about it, to her, it was just hot. Well, to be fair in her line of work she had to be in control all the time, and it was hard to argue she wasn't in complete control now, Sharon nothing but a writhing mess beneath her as she slammed her too heaven and back.

Pushing Sharon's legs on her shoulders have increased that feeling of power and towards the end Natasha increase it even further by leaning down so that their bouncing boobs were pressed together and she was practically bending Agent 13 in half. Then she stared into Sharon's eyes and grinned. From the faraway look in her eye Sharon probably didn't register it, or understand exactly what was about to happen to her. But from the deafening squeals she let out it didn't seem that the other woman objected to Natasha using every ounce of strength she had to fuck her as hard and as fast as she could to squeeze as many orgasms out of her as possible.

Along the way Natasha came herself, several times in fact. At first she fought against it, knowing that once the floodgates were opened it was only a matter of time before she'd have to take a break, but inevitably the little knob rubbing against her clit within the harness and the sheer joy of totally dominating another woman in this way caught up with her and Natasha came hard. To avoid letting out the type screams that Sharon was letting out, and to avoid being interrupted by their neighbours, Natasha pressed her lips firmly to Sharon's, the overwhelmed blonde eventually kissing her back enough for Natasha to allow herself to cum and then scream her joy into her girlfriend's mouth.

It still felt weird to think of Sharon as that, especially now she was pounding her pussy, essentially treating her like the random women she usually picked up in bars. And yet there was a certain intensity to this which wasn't there with strangers, Natasha feeling she could get used to this. At the same time Natasha was desperate to push things further, so even though the risk she eventually brought down from their highs, and then when she was sure Sharon had recovered enough to understand her she broke the kiss, pulled back and looked into the other girl's eyes.

"So..." Natasha began, unable to keep a wicked smile off of her face, "How do you feel about trying out a little anal?"


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