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Author's note: This story takes place shortly after Captain America 2.

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Captain America 2: Lucky 13 Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Sharon Carter was feeling very proud of herself. For the first time in her adult life she was celebrating a one-year anniversary, and not only was she living with that person, but was in love with them, a fact which was publicly known. Perhaps too well known, as at dinner they had been ambushed by paparazzi. Although that was just the price of dating an Avenger. The only difference was that in her case she was perhaps dating the most desired one, and it was a homosexual relationship. Yes, after spending so much time in the closet Sharon Carter was officially out and proud, and dating The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff.

There were still moments like tonight where she had felt anxious about being seen in public with the woman she loved, but that was only a small part of why she was nervous tonight. No, the real reason was that she had heard something about Natasha, and wanting to be a good girlfriend, Sharon planned on confronting her about it and offering her assistance. And the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to assist. But she tried to put it out of her mind and just have a special evening with her ladylove. Unfortunately Natasha could read her like a book, and was constantly pushing her to tell her what was wrong, although this time Sharon remain firm that they would wait until they got back to their apartment to talk about it.

Which meant instead of passionately making out with each other like when they normally return from a date Natasha just stared at the blonde as they made their way into the apartment, and the second the door was closed she asked, "So, what's up? And don't say nothing, again. Please Sharon? Talk to me."

It was unusual to see The Black Widow looking vulnerable, and although it could have been a manipulation Sharon chose to take it as fact and did her best to put the redhead at ease, "Like I said, it's nothing scary. I think. I just... you know this is new to me, right? But I want to be the best girlfriend I can be, and give you everything you want. Everything you need."

"You do." Natasha reassured with a smirk, but before she could go into detail she was interested by her lover.

"That's not what Maria said." Sharon said softly.

Quickly putting her poker face on and just about managing to force herself not to blush Natasha asked as casually as she could, "What did Maria say?"

"That you've got an ass made for fucking. And she's fucked it." Sharon repeated Maria's words verbatim, including pausing just before saying that, and pausing again before adding, "Not in the last year, but before we got together, and you've never cum harder."

"That's a lie." Natasha protested.

"Which part?" Sharon pushed gently, boldly clarifying, "The part about her fucking you in the ass? Or the part about you never cumming harder?"

There was a brief pause and then Natasha grumbled, "Does it matter?"

"Yes." Sharon insisted, "Like I said, I want to please you."

"You do!" Natasha quickly insisted, reluctantly admitting as she stepped closer and took Sharon into her arms, "Look, you're the perfect little bottom, and I love topping the hell out of you."

"But you're a switch." Sharon said knowingly.

"More like a top who reluctantly bottomed a few times." Natasha grumbled, before explaining herself, "Look, it's no big deal. I went after Maria, and I made one little mistake. It was my fault for being cocky and thinking no one could turn the tables on me, and I got an ass full of dildo because of it. Then I tried to get revenge a few times, only to end up with the same result, but if I truly wanted to be Maria Hill's bitch we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'd be hers and wouldn't have seduced you. But I'm not hers because I want to be a top, and so does she. I love topping, and I could never give it up, and it's what works for us."

"What makes you think switching couldn't work for us?" Sharon frowned, "Do you not think I can top you?"

"No." Natasha answered truthfully, and then when Sharon looked offended she unapologetically added, "What? I love you Sharon, and you have a lot of admirable qualities, but whether you know it or not I've been in control every step of the way so far in our relationship, and you have to believe me, I'm more than happy with it. Why risk something which works?"

"I thought I was happy alone." Sharon shrugged, "I told myself I was straight over and over again until I almost believed it, but then you came along and opened a world of possibilities. So maybe you're right. Maybe this is the best way we work. Maybe I can't top you. Maybe what happened with Maria was a fluke. A fluke which was on and off for about a year. But maybe it wasn't. Maybe I could be the one to make you cum so incredibly hard, like you always make me cum when you fuck my ass. So I guess the question is, is the mighty Black Widow too stubborn to even try? Or is she just scared that I might make her my bitch?"

There was a brief pause in which Natasha just glared at her girlfriend, and then she grumbled, "Fine, we do this one time, but then I'm getting you a Natasha's Bitch tramp stamp just to make sure you don't forget your place again."

Sharon rolled her eyes, "If I don't make you cum, we'll see."

That little threat was becoming a little too frequent to just be a joke, which was one of the reasons that Sharon was doing this, as she didn't think she could live with the embarrassment of having that kind of tattoo, even somewhere no one could see it. Of course whenever Natasha bought it up she would quickly distract Sharon before the blonde could truly turn it down, often with a deep passionate kiss. This time was no exception, and as was frequently the case it involved them moving through their apartment to the bedroom while stripping each other of their clothing along the way. The difference was when they got there Natasha gently pushed Sharon back, turned around and sauntered towards the bed, deliberately putting extra wiggle in her hips as she went. Then she crawled onto the bed, getting into the centre of it, and fuck! Just fuck.

It was a well-known fact that Natasha Romanoff was a complete knockout, with her big boobs and fat ass receiving a lot of attention. Sharon had overheard countless men drooling over her, and even some women, but while she had special permission to appreciate Natasha's beauty, she had never truly gotten to admire her big butt before. Like this. Sure, occasionally she had eaten Natasha's ass, but this was different. Wonderfully different, and Sharon couldn't help just staring in appreciation at the amazing sight in front of her. Then she rushed to retrieve the items she would need to give The Black Widow a butt fucking, which one way or another they would never forget.

Natasha was a little impressed by Sharon leaving her to anticipate what was about to happen. Sure, it was probably by accident as Sharon was doing the same thing, but it was definitely the actions of a top. As was Sharon retrieving a strap-on and attaching it to herself in front of Natasha, and then covering it with lube. Clearly Sharon was remembering her lessons well from being on the receiving end of this countless times. Natasha just hoped she wouldn't forget her favourite part of the preparation. Sure enough as soon as Sharon was kneeling behind her Natasha felt her meaty cheeks being spread apart and then her ass hole was attacked by something soft and wet, The Black Widow not needing to look back to know that her girlfriend was now licking her forbidden hole.

"Oooooooh yesssssss, eat me! Eat my ass, ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Natasha happily encouraged, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, oh Sharon, you know just how much I love your tongue worshipping my ass hole. Oooooh, get it nice and wet for your big cock. Mmmmm, the cock I used to stretch your ass hole and fuck it on a daily basis! Come on Sharon, ohhhhhh shit, you think you can top me? Prove it. Mmmmm, oh yeah, prove it by properly preparing my butt for a fucking, ohhhhhh fuck, and then give me everything you've got. Make me your bitch, if you can. Oooooooh yesssss, lick my fucking butt hole, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, fuck it, fuck it with your tongue, ah fuck!"

Again utilising her experience Sharon gave Natasha a long drawn-out rim job for what felt like hours as the redhead moaned happily and constantly offered up encouragements. Along the way Sharon started swirling her tongue around Natasha's puckered rosebud and eventually even tried to push it inside it. She didn't get far with that soft, wet object, especially considering it had been a year now since Maria had last fucked her ass, but she still got far enough to make Natasha cry out extra loudly with delight. Then without warning Sharon quickly replaced her tongue with a finger, which was thankfully still covered in lube, meaning it slid in fairly easily and caused both girls to cry out in pleasure.

Once that finger was buried inside Natasha's ass Sharon left it there for a few long seconds, obviously savouring the feeling of that tight little forbidden orifice wrapped around her finger, and violating the infamous Black Widow. Then she began slowly pumping that finger in and out, but just as she got a good rhythm going she pulled that finger out and replaced it with her tongue, getting much further this time with her tongue as a result. She then switched back and forth between her tongue and finger for a little while, another technique Natasha had used on occasion, before getting serious about the anal fingering. Meaning adding a second finger, and beginning to twirl them around inside her ass, pushing at Natasha's anal walls to prepare her for the cock.

Throughout this slow back door stretching Natasha didn't hide her enjoyment. When she had first lost her anal cherry she had, because she'd been embarrassed at enjoying it so much, and the humiliation of having the tables turned on her was overwhelming. It was still humiliating, and she very much wanted to stay a top after this, but Sharon actually succeeded in putting her in a submissive mood, and she decided that she might as well give Sharon a fair chance to top her. Especially if it was what Sharon really wanted. So Natasha continued moaning, gasping and even occasionally whimpering in pleasure, in between literally begging to be butt fucked.

"Yesssssss, finger my little ass hole just like that, ooooooh, it feels so good. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, get my fat ass nice and ready for your big girl cock. Oh fuck Sharon, fuck me like a bitch. Make me your bitch, if you can, bitch." Natasha encouraged for quite a while, before changing her tune slightly, "Mmmmm, now fuck me! Really fuck my ass by shoving your big fucking dick up it! Oh fuck, you wanna fuck me like Maria did? Then do it! Fuck me! Oooooooh Sharon, fuck me in the ass, ohhhhhh, fucking ass fuck me, oh Sharon! Fuck me Sharon, mmmmm, fuck my big fat ass! Fuck The Black Widow's big fat ass!"

"You want it? Prove it! Mmmmm, prove it by spreading these big meaty cheeks of yours." Sharon ordered, pulling her fingers out of that ass and opening her mouth to continue the taunting only to fall into silence by the breath-taking sight of Natasha Romanoff doing as she was told.

Sharon knew she should act fast, otherwise all her work preparing Natasha would be undone, but once again she was dumbstruck by the beauty of The Black Widow. In this case, just how amazing it was the infamous Black Widow not only bent over in front of her, but slowly reaching back to spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as they could go, exposing her most private hole. Or more accurately, exposing both of her most private holes, one of them glistening wet with arousal from what they had just done, and what they were going to do, and the other just waiting for her. Oh yes, the deadly Black Widow who normally effortlessly topped her was offering up Sharon her tight little ass hole as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure.

Even when Sharon was able to push herself to move again she couldn't resist teasing Natasha by sliding the tip of her cock up and down her ass crack, actually causing a groan of frustration to escape the other spy's lips, which was almost as big of an achievement as getting The Black Widow to agree to take it up her big beautiful ass. Of course it wasn't that long after that before Sharon pressed the tip of the dildo against Natasha's butt hole and slowly started pushing forwards, both girls letting out a soft gasp as that tight little forbidden hole began stretching open. They then let out a simultaneous cry when Natasha's anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of Sharon's cock to slide through it and into her butt! Oh fuck! She was inside The Black Widow's butt! Oh fuck!

For a few long seconds Sharon just stayed like that, unable to even think as she was so lost in the moment. Which was probably a good thing, as while Sharon's cry had been of pure joy the one that Natasha had let out had seemed mostly of pain, and apparently it really had been a while since The Black Widow had taken it up the butt, so Natasha could probably do with some gentle treatment. Especially after Sharon had wasted so much time after the initial preparation. So with that in mind when Sharon did eventually start pushing forwards it was slow and as gentle as possible, even pausing in between every other inch she added into her girlfriend's big ass.

The entire time Sharon paid close attention to Natasha's reactions. Well, as much as she could do when she couldn't see her face, and her eyes were locked onto the breath-taking sight of a dick sticking out of her crotch disappearing into The Black Widow's butt hole. Unsurprisingly after that initial cry she didn't get much, although Sharon was surprised that what she did get almost sounded like frustration. The question was, was Natasha frustrated that she was back in this position receiving this pain and humiliation again? Or was she frustrated that Sharon was going so slowly? Whatever the case all she had to do was ask Sharon to stop, and she would, but in the meantime Sharon would concentrate on getting through this part to the pleasure she knew from experience was to come.

Natasha was definitely frustrated that Sharon was going so slowly, as a spy of her calibre didn't need such gentle treatment. Then again she couldn't claim she didn't enjoy a little teasing, and it felt like an eternity since her last butt fucking, so it was almost certainly for the best, but it was so frustrating that Sharon was going so slowly. A few times Natasha even considered complaining, the only thing really stopping her being a desire to maintain her reputation. Well, that and while it wasn't exactly easy she could just about look over her shoulder in this position and see just how much her girlfriend was enjoying this. And that look of happiness on Sharon's face was worth all the frustration and humiliation Natasha was going through.

However even The Black Widow had her limits, and it came when Agent 13 finally completed the anal penetration. Which itself was wonderful, as Natasha could feel Sharon's thighs coming to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing that her normally submissive girlfriend had buried every single inch of that big dildo into her bottom. Natasha even liked the fact that Sharon took a few long seconds for them both to savour that fact. But then those few long seconds seemed to turn into minutes, and that just wasn't acceptable. Natasha needed to be fucked dammit, and she was tired of waiting. Oh yes, she needed to be butt fucked right now, and she was determined to get it.

"Fuck me!" Natasha moaned, "Fuck my ass, ohhhhhhh God Sharon, fuck me! I need it, I need you to fuck my ass. Mmmmm, fuck my big fat ass, oh shit! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, oh yes, fuck that ass! Fuck it! Oooooooh yesssssssss, fuck me!"

Thankfully that was all it took to get Natasha what she wanted, even if it was annoyingly slow at first, and resulted in the dildo slowly leaving her rectum. However it was leaving with a promise of returning, and sure enough it did, albeit just as slowly as it left. Sharon then repeated this process, establishing a slow and steady rhythm as she officially began to butt fuck the infamous Black Widow. Which was a fact which clearly pleased her given the wide grin on her face. Or maybe that was from Natasha continuing to spread her cheeks, giving her girlfriend the perfect look at her dick sliding in and out of her butt hole. Probably a combination of both.

It was definitely both for Natasha, as even though she couldn't see it the feeling of getting her most private hole used as a fuck hole was so wonderfully wicked, especially as it was by this woman who she truly loved. It was also humiliating and degrading, but that only added to Natasha's enjoyment, and helped her body to relax to the point where there was barely any discomfort, and then only pleasure. That pleasure inevitably increased, and not just because of her naturally slutty back door. No, Sharon had clearly learned her lesson from all the butt fuckings Natasha had gleefully given her since she first popped her anal cherry, and was now literally using that information on Natasha's ass.

Natasha grinned, weirdly proud of Sharon for using her own techniques against her. And she only became more proud as Sharon continued that slow and steady butt fucking with machine-like efficiency, obviously determined to keep going until Natasha begged her to make her cum. Although she'd be waiting a very, very long time, because as Natasha proved on a regular basis she had more stamina than Agent Carter would ever have. Something which Sharon would actually use against her, which surprised Natasha and made her annoyed and frustrated, but mostly proud, and feel she was such a positive influence on her fellow spy.

"Get on all fours and fuck me back." Sharon suddenly ordered, "Come on, mmmmm, don't make me do all the work. Ohhhhhhh yessssss, ride me. Ride me like the horny little bitch you are! Oooooooh yes, Maria told me all about how The Black Widow was a giant anal whore, oooooohhhhhhhhh, and your proving her so right Natasha. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you're the perfect little anal whore, and after this you're going to be my personal anal whore. Oooooooh fuck yeah, you made me your butt slut, and I'm going to make you mine. You hear me Natasha? I'm going to own The Black Widow's big fat ass! Oh fuck yes, this ass is going to be mine. Mmmmm, fuck yeah, all mine! Oh yeah, when we're done you're going to have a Sharon's Bitch tramp stamp just to make sure you don't forget your place!"

As she spoke Sharon stopped in her tracks, meaning that Natasha would have to do all the work. Not that Natasha minded. At least not at first. In fact at first she really loved it, because in a way she was back in control of the situation, even if she was on all fours like a bitch. But then Sharon started lazily smacking her ass and taunting her even more, which would have been annoying if it was a man, but because it was the woman she loved Natasha weirdly liked it. Although it also emphasised that Sharon was the one topping her, and Natasha was anally riding her dick like a good little submissive bottom. A fact which was reinforced when Natasha tried to get away with making herself cum early, the redhead barely getting to increase the pace before she was stopped by the blonde.

"Hey! What are you doing? Slow down! I didn't give you permission to cum!" Sharon yelled angrily, smacking Natasha's ass with everything she had until she slowed down, and then added with a smirk, "That's it, mmmmm, slow down. There's no rush. No, mmmmm, I wanna butt fuck The Black Widow all night long. Buckle up Natasha, mmmmm ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, because you're in for a real ride."

Living up to that promise Sharon made Natasha ride her strap-on for what had to be hours until even The Black Widow's infamous amount of stamina was being put to the test. Which might have been bearable if Sharon hadn't insisted on giving her a random series of thrusts, which at first weren't doing anything except teasing her, but eventually the blonde started sodomising the redhead just long and hard enough to bring Natasha to the edge of climax before cruelly denying her. She even encouraged Natasha to speed up her thrusts only to tell her to stop at the last minute. Or both. Oh fuck yes, Natasha was so proud of Sharon at that moment. But she wouldn't get her to crack. She wouldn't! She couldn't! Oh fuck it.

"Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass, ooooohhhhhhh fuck, pound it good!" Natasha finally cried out, "Fuck it as hard as you can and make me cum! Please Sharon, destroy my little ass hole! Gape it wide open! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, gape it twice as wide as I gape your butt! Oooooooh, that's good Sharon, soooooo gooooooddddd, mmmmm, but I need more! I need to cum! Please baby, pound my butt! I need it pounded hard and deep so I can cum! Please? Oh please Sharon, wreck my little bitch hole. Do what Maria Hill couldn't do, ohhhhhhh, what no one else could do, mmmmm, and make me your bitch! Fuck my fat fucking ass like a bitch and make me your anal loving little bitch! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it, yessssss, make me your bitch! Make me your ass whore, your butt slut, anal slave, ooooooh, make me whatever you want, just make me yours! Make me wanna get a fucking Sharon's Bitch tramp stamp just to make sure I don't forget my fucking place! Oh God Sharon, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me, fuck me hard, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

It took a frustratingly long time but Natasha finally got what she wanted. Luckily at the time Sharon had already restarted fucking her ass, so she just had to increase her pace, which she did suddenly and without warning, instantly pushing Natasha over the edge of an incredibly powerful orgasm. Despite waiting for it for so long Natasha forced herself not to enjoy it, not when she received more just like it by slamming her own ass as hard as she could to make herself cum even harder next time. Thankfully Sharon didn't stop her, and together they made sure Natasha was truly receiving a rectum wrecking, one which made her cum over, and over, and over again until she couldn't even think coherently.

Sharon loved the sight of the mighty Black Widow bent over like a bitch in front of her and gently riding her dick, and before that the infamous Natasha Romanoff face down, ass up and spreading her cheeks while Sharon stuffed her shit hole with strap-on dildo. However this was her favourite sight of the whole night, and maybe of all time, which was really saying something given how beautiful Natasha was. Yet she was never more beautiful than right now, completely devoid of any care for her own self-respect or dignity as the feared superspy hammered her big ass back and forth in an attempt to destroy her own ass hole, because it gave the twisted little whore pleasure. Oh yes, this was a truly beautiful sight, especially as Natasha wasn't just a whore in that moment, or just an anal whore, she was Sharon's anal whore.

Every time in the past that Sharon had managed to get the upper hand on her girlfriend Natasha had ultimately turn the tables and gotten revenge, often with a spanking and/or a butt fucking which would leave Sharon's backside aching for days and maybe even weeks later. Sharon had no doubt that this time would be no exception. In fact Natasha was most likely to give her an extra long and brutal spanking and butt fucking combo just to prove which one of them was the real top around here. And Sharon was even looking forward to it, but she promised herself no matter what Natasha did to her, she would turn around and remind Natasha that for this precious moment the mighty Black Widow was her submissive little anal whore.

More importantly they would be doing this again. There would be no argument about that. Natasha was just cumming too hard to be able to deny that she wanted this again, and Sharon didn't think she could live without the mental high which was butt fucking The Black Widow. Or without seeing or feeling Natasha's big meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust. Or without hearing the sound of flesh smacking off flesh and the infamous Natasha Romanoff screaming in ecstasy as her cum squirted out of her cunt. Or without the orgasms Sharon experienced herself. Especially without those amazing orgasms.

She couldn't even try and fight it, as pushing Natasha to her limits was more than enough to push Sharon over hers. Hell, Sharon was surprised she didn't cum just from the gentle sodomy. The mental high alone would have been enough to make Sharon cum. Or the sight in front of her for that matter. But with those two things combined with something inside the harness rubbing her clit Sharon quickly found herself cumming what seemed like as hard and as frequently as Natasha. Well, she knew from experience it wasn't, but it was still pretty close, and more than enough to exhaust her into stopping and just staying as still as possible while Natasha tired herself out. Then the moment Natasha stopped Sharon collapsed down on top of her, both women collapsing in a panting, sweaty heap.

Natasha actually had to fight to stay conscious, which was extremely impressive, especially as Sharon seemed to do just fine, even eventually lifting her head, smirking and then pressing gentle kisses to the redhead's shoulders and neck while snuggling into her. Which Natasha allowed for a few long minutes, before gently rolling Sharon backward. The intention was to throw her off completely, but once they were on their sides Sharon proved difficult to push off, her fellow spy latching onto her like a spider monkey as she was clearly determined to be the big spoon for once, which Natasha had to admit, she didn't hate. But it wasn't what she wanted right now.

Of course she could have got away by force, but instead Natasha softly whispered, "Get off of me, I want to see your handiwork."

Sharon opened her mouth to protest, before grinning as she realised what that meant, "Show me first, okay?"

"Okay." Natasha grumbled, blushing a little.

With that Sharon let go of her and rolled onto her back while Natasha moved forwards to jump off the bed, causing the dildo to leave The Black Widow's bowels in one swift movement. Then, true to her word, Natasha spread her cheeks, giving Sharon the first look at her gaping ass hole. After holding that position for a few long seconds Natasha quickly walked over to a nearby full-length mirror, turned her back to it, spread her cheeks and looked over her shoulder so she could have the same view, Sharon moving slightly so even she could see it. And it wasn't bad, even Natasha had to admit that. In fact, she would admit that out loud.

"Not bad." Natasha said, turning her gaze back to Sharon and taking hands off her cheeks.

"Not bad, huh?" Sharon mocked, "Natasha, it's completely ruined."

"You must be forgetting how widely your butt hole is after I fuck it." Natasha grinned mischievously.

"No, I'm not." Sharon said firmly, before grinning wickedly, "And I'm not forgetting the other part of this, either."

The two spies exchanged a smirk, and then Natasha very slowly crawled onto the bed and between Sharon's legs so she could take the head of the dildo which had just pummelled her ass into her mouth. Natasha then moaned softly at the taste of her own butt, taking a few long seconds to savour that flavour before beginning to bob her head up and down Sharon's dick while sucking it with the enthusiasm she'd show a real dick. Perhaps more, as Natasha had been with plenty of men she didn't care about half as much as Sharon, even if the other woman wasn't taunting her like Natasha did when the roles were reversed. Like Maria had done.

Looking up into the blonde's eyes Natasha was pretty sure this was deliberate, knowing what the redhead wanted, and denying her, which to be fair was pretty top-like. Still it annoyed Natasha, who concentrated on showing off by taking every single inch of that strap-on down her throat with well practised ease. Then she continued fucking her own throat after all her own butt cream was gone just for the fun of it, and to revel in the feeling of submission. Sadly all too soon Sharon reach down and started pulling her upwards, Natasha reluctant to go but as Sharon was still supposed to be the dominant one she allowed it. For that she was rewarded with a deep, passionate kiss which she loved. And then the deadly Natasha Romanoff suddenly found herself being a little spoon, which she didn't love as much. But it didn't suck.

"So, do I get to do that again?" Sharon asked hopefully.

"Maybe." Natasha answered noncommittally, and then when Sharon gave her a look she sighed, "If you want, just don't tell Maria, okay?"

"About the butt fucking? Or you being a little spoon?" Sharon teased.

"Both." Natasha glared, quickly clarifying, "And don't tell anyone else. Not if you want to top me and fuck my ass again."

"Oh don't worry, I won't tell anyone how I owned your big juicy butt, and then made you go ass to mouth afterwards." Sharon teased, then after a long silence she whispered softly, "God, I'm so lucky to have you."

"Yeah you are." Natasha grinned, before somewhat more seriously adding, "You're lucky number 13."

"Lucky 13?" Sharon grinned, making a note to add that to her wedding vows as she glanced over to where she was hiding an engagement ring, "I like that. And I love you."

"I love you too." Natasha said softly.

The End.


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