This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Sugar Rush (gg,Mgg,anal,first,fist)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

After Augustus' accident with the chocolate river and subsequent
disappearance up the tube the tour of the candy factory had continued on
uneventful and Veruca was starting to get restless. Yes, she ate Willy Wonka
candy, but she didn't particularly care for touring the plant. Veruca just
wanted to get to the end of the tour so she could claim her prize.

As the tour continued on Veruca became increasingly bored. She just knew
there were areas that the strange candy maker wasn't showing them. Mr. Salt
was a savvy businessman and Veruca had picked up some things from time to
time when he brought his work home. She knew that Mr. Wonka wasn't about to
show his entire operation to five pairs of people when only one child would
win the prize and risk having the other four groups becoming disgruntled and
sharing what they saw with his competitors.

Veruca was now bound and determined to find these other "hidden" rooms
regardless of whether or not she won the grand prize. Whatever it was daddy
would just buy one for her. She made her way to Violet's side and softly
whispered, "Let everyone pass. Stay back."

"What?" Violet asked in her normal voice.

"Shh! Stay behind the group," Veruca whispered annoyed. The girls slowed
their pace letting the others get further and further ahead.

"Violet, come here! You need to be up front to win the prize!" Mrs.
Beauregarde shouted noticing her daughter lagging behind.

"I'll be there in a minute," Violet replied loudly.

"You too, Veruca! Come here!" Mr. Salt calmly shouted.

"Ha! You really think that spoiled brat of yours is going to win?" Mrs.
Beauregarde asked incredulously. "Violet's a winner and champion at
everything she does! She's going to win!"

"How dare you call my daughter a brat!" Mr. Salt began.

"Neither of your daughters are any more pleasant than a troll," Willy Wonka
replied to the developing argument.

"Parents are so dumb. I saw it on tv, my mom is reliving her childhood
through me. She was such a loser. I've done so much more with my life than
she ever has. I don't need her for anything, but my father pays me every
week to let her tag along so she feels better about herself," Violet said.

"I don't care about your parents," Veruca curtly replied. "This tour is
boring and I'm going exploring on my own. You're the only person here I can
stand to be around and I wanted to know if you wanted go with me."

"I can't. I'm going to win the grand prize and I need to be with the group
to win it."

"You're not going to win it, that poor kid is."

"Charlie? Why do you say that?" Violet asked.

"Willy hates us all, but him. I can tell. The fat kid fell into the river and
almost got stuck in the tube. Mike acts and talks like he knows everything.
You're obsessed with being a champion and winning, and everyone thinks I'm a
spoiled brat," Veruca replied. "Charlie's been polite and respectful when
he's opened his mouth. Like that means anything in the real world."

"There's nobody here that's going to beat me for the prize," Violet replied

"Violet just come with me. I'll have daddy take me to a shop to buy whatever
the prize is. I'll have him get you one too and send it to you."

"Hmm... I have seen the dirty looks Mr. Wonka has been giving us... And it's
not like this is a real competition anyway. He's just going to pick whoever
he likes best."

"Exactly, now come with me," Veruca said grabbing Violet's hand leading her
away from the group.

"Where are we going to go?"

"I saw an elevator made of glass this way."

"Veruca get back here!"

"Violet come back." The two parents screamed nearly in unison watching their
kids disappear behind a door.

"Mr. Wonka where does that door go?" Mr. Salt demanded. "The factory has
already proven to be unsafe! If something happens to my daughter I will take
you to court!"

"I'll sue you too!" Mrs. Beauregarde added.

"There's nothing to worry about I assure you. Those little goblins will be
more of a danger to themselves than to the factory. Now let's continue,"
Willy said matter-of-factly.

* * *

Veruca and Violet stood in the clear glass elevator looking over the dozens
and dozens of buttons.

"Stars In Their Pies, Up And Out, none of these buttons make sense. They all
have dumb names," Violet said.

"It's just Mr. Wonka trying to be clever. What's this one?" Veruca replied
spotting a button in the rows of buttons that read "000".

"Let's find out," Violet said pushing the button.

The elevator flew up and down, left and right, and both girls fell down at
the sudden changes in direction. After a few minutes of riding the elevator
came to a stop and chimed as it opened. Veruca and Violet both grumbled as
they picked themselves up off the floor and stepped out of the elevator.

A long thin walkway about the width of the elevator door went from the
elevator to a small platform with a door on the other side of the room.
Surrounding the walkway and backside of the elevator was an almost endless
drop. As both Veruca and Violet looked down they could see nothing but
darkness and no sooner had they stepped off the elevator then it suddenly
took off again. The girls carefully made their way across the walkway and as
they got closer they saw that two Oompa Loompas were guarding the door.

"We want inside," Veruca demanded.

The two guards looked at each other momentarily and spoke in an inaudible
tone. One then walked to a panel with two buttons on the wall next to the
door and pressed the blue one. A panel opened up on the floor revealing a
slide that lead downward. The Oompa Loompa that had pressed the button then
gestured towards the slide.

"We want inside!" Veruca commanded more vehemently. She started towards the
panel to push the other button, but felt something grab her hand and pull
her back. She turned her head and saw that one of the little people was
tugging on her. "Stop it!" Veruca screamed. "I'm gonna find out what you're
hiding in here!" Veruca then grabbed the tiny man by the wrist and started
pulling him towards the slide. "Violet get the other one! They won't let us
in otherwise."

After some struggle with the Oompa Loompas Violet and Veruca both managed to
drag them to the slide and pushed them down it. Both girls fixed themselves
and their clothes up a bit and walked towards the door.

"Now to see what Mr. Wonka is hiding in here," Violet grinned reaching for
the red button on the panel.

"Push it and let's go inside," Veruca smiled victoriously waiting to see what
big secret she just found. The smiles fell from both girls' faces when the
doors slid open. "This is what they were hiding from us?"

"This looks like the same room that Augustus fell into the river," Violet
said disappointed.

As Violet and Veruca were about to turn around and leave via the slide they
noticed the were being watched by a handful of Oompa Loompas. They talked
amongst themselves for a few minutes then one of them started towards them.
Before he took two steps Veruca was already yelling at him.

"Stay there, we're leaving! This room is so boring!"

"Wait a sec. Look Veruca!" Violet said pointing at something about thirty
yards away. A six-foot tall life size nude man made of chocolate stood with
an erect penis. A few feet from that a life size nude woman stood as well.

"Seems our host is a dirty dirty man," Veruca said walking towards the two
chocolate statues.

"What does he want with these?" Violet asked.

As the girls stood in front of and looked at the figures neither noticed as
the Oompa Loompas left quietly, but not before one made an obscene gesture
at them.

"I think these are for grownups. Daddy fired our chef and maid when I caught
them having sex."

"Look at these," Violet said now standing underneath a tree.

Veruca joined her and looked up. Hanging in the tree like fruit were penis
shaped objects. Some were red and some were green.

"They look like the toys mother plays with when she's not drinking. Daddy
and she stopped having sex after they had me."

"How do you know so much Veruca? I don't have time for anything with all the
competitions I have to prepare for."

"Mother's a drunk and daddy's too busy with his business to pay attention to
me which is why he spoils me so. I don't have a lot of supervision when I'm
at home. I just send off our help when I want to be alone. Now climb up there
and get me a red one and a green one."

"I'm an athlete. I'm not a monkey," Violet replied.

"And I'm not going to ruin my favorite dress! Now get up there and get me a
red one and a green one!" Veruca said forcefully.

Violet grumbled as she climbed up the tree to do Veruca's bidding. A few
minutes later a green penis and a red penis fell to the ground. Veruca picked
up the red one as Violet climbed down.

"This feels like hard candy," Veruca said as she handled the red penis. She
then placed the tip of the penis to her nose and sniffed. "Smells like candy,
too." She then took two licks of the head. "Tastes like peppermint!"

"This one tastes like mint," Violet said as she picked up and began sucking
on the green candy penis.

Veruca and Violet both sat down on the grass underneath the tree sucking on
their candy. Unconsciously they began sliding the edible cocks back and
forth in their mouths as if giving them blowjobs. After several minutes
Violet began to feel a little strange.

"We should finish these now and sneak some home for later," Violet said.
"These are good."

"I don't really like peppermint, but this is good," Veruca added. Soon she
began to feel strange as well and stood up dropping the candy on the ground.
"Let's go see what else is in here."

"What about these?" Violet asked standing up as well and waving the green
cock in the air.

"Let's get the candy when we're ready to leave."

The two girls started towards another part of the floor, but only took a half
a dozen steps before Violet had to stop and sit down.

"What's wrong with you Violet? Let's go!"

"I... I can't. I feel really weird and my legs are weak. I think I'm wetting

"You still wet yourself? You should be wearing diapers!" Veruca laughed as
Violet quickly tore her blue tracksuit pants and her panties from her body.

"It's not funny! There's something wrong with this candy!" Violet growled.

"Have some gum," Veruca said grabbing two red balls from a nearby plant
putting one into her mouth and tossing the other to Violet. She then grabbed
several leaves from the same bush and gave them to Violet as well. "Clean
yourself up too."

Violet popped the red ball into her mouth and chewed it several times and at
first thought it was gum. Then suddenly her mouth was flooded with a liquid

"This isn't gum," Violet said. "It taste like-"

"Cherry," Veruca finished sitting down next to Violet. "Now I feel strange
too... And I think I'm wetting myself too!"

Veruca hiked up her dress and frantically removed her stockings and panties.
She looked down at her fuzz-ridden vagina and saw not urine but a clear
almost gel like substance oozing out.

"I don't know what it is, but it's not pee. Mine smells like mint," Violet
said wiping up a bit of the wetness from her pussy with the leaf and sniffing

Hoping Violet was right Veruca slid her finger up and down her slit gathering
the fluid on her finger and sniffed it. "Mine smells like peppermint. Taste

"No! You do it!"

"Fine. Let's do it at the same time."

"Okay. On three then."

"One... Two... Three..." On three Veruca slipped her finger into her mouth
and Violet licked the wetness from the leaf. "It taste like peppermint."

"Mine taste like mint. I don't know what's going on, but the candy's doing
something to us," Violet said.

"Unzip me," Veruca asked turning her back to Violet. After the back of her
dress was unzipped Veruca stood up. "Now help me get this dress off. I'm
getting hot."

Violet struggled a bit to get the dress off her friend, but after a few
minutes to two of them managed to get it off. Already partially naked the
bottom half of her body felt nice and cool, but the upper half was starting
to warm up. As Veruca carefully laid out her clothing on the ground
underneath the tree they were sitting under earlier Violet removed the last
of her clothing and placed her stuff next to Veruca's.

"This feels so much better," Violet said sitting down on the opposite side
of the tree with Veruca right at her side. "But I still feel weird."

There was a moment of silence where both girls just sat underneath the tree
caught up in the own thoughts and looking around. Then Violet felt Veruca
take hold of her left hand.

"I like you Violet, you're my friend."

"We're best friends remember?"

She didn't know why she did it, but Violet turned and looked at her friend.
Veruca was already looking in her direction with a smile on her face. Without
a word or hesitation both girls leaned forward and kissed each other. Their
lips were pressed together for a good thirty seconds before their heads

"I liked that," Violet said breathing heavy.

"I did too," Veruca returned with a smile. "Lay back on the grass away from
the tree. I watched the maid and the chef for a bit, before I told daddy what
they were doing."

Violet was excited, but nervous, as she spread herself out on the grass.
Veruca could sense Violet's uneasiness, but was a bit anxious herself. She
spread Violet's slender legs and got excited as she gazed upon her friend's

Violet moaned as Veruca's tongue flicked across her pussy lips for the first
time. There was still mint flavored residue covering Violet's vagina and
Veruca licked it up hungrily. Violet couldn't help, but moan again as
Veruca's tongue slithered up and down her slit occasionally pushing inside to
lap up more of her tasty cream.

Veruca brought her head up and licked the index finger on her right hand. She
then pressed the tip of it to friend's tiny vaginal opening. Violet's body
spasmed as the foreign object penetrated her pussy for the first time. She
could feel her body start to get really hot and bothered as Veruca slowly
pushed her finger in and out. Then after several minutes Veruca slipped a
second finger in Violet's wanting body. Her pace was still on the slow side,
but eventually Veruca worked up her rhythm and speed.

She knew she was having an effect on Violet as moans and pants were freely
flowing from her friend's mouth and her finger was starting to get more and
more covered in her fluid. Veruca slipped her fingers from Violet's cunt and
succulently licked the cream from them. She then got a wicked idea.

"I'll be right back," Veruca smiled kissing Violet on the lips. After taking
a few seconds to search around the tree Veruca found what she was looking
for; the red candy penis she had been sucking on earlier. She returned to
Violet's side who looked up at her with a questioning look in her eyes.

"What are you going to do with that?" Violet asked.

"Trust me, you'll like this," Veruca said even though she had no idea what
she was talking about. She was going to use Violet's reaction to decide
whether or not she was going to try this herself.

Veruca placed the head of the red candy penis near Violet's pussy and at
first glance it was obviously bigger than two fingers. Regardless Veruca
slipped the cockhead between Violet's lips and began pushing in. Violet
clenched the grass and began panting as the large foreign object began to
invade her body. She expected her body to began to start hurting as the cock
slipped further inside stretching her vaginal walls. Violet could derive
nothing but pleasure from her body as it filled with physical sensation. She
even felt a temporarily strong feeling of excitement as her hymen was broken.
Violet was feeling good and it showed.

To emulate the Salt's former chef Veruca began to pull out the peppermint
flavored cock. Violet almost seemed to frown as she did this, but perked back
up as Veruca started pushing it back in. As the candy cock's penetration went
further and further inside Violet with each of Veruca's long deep strokes
Violet's body began to writhe. She moaned as her pussy tightened itself
around the penis squeezing down on it with more and more pressure.

Veruca started becoming jealous desiring the experience Violet was receiving
so much pleasure from. She stopped pleasuring Violet and left to go find the
other edible penis. Veruca easily found the green penis and sat down on the
grass. She sat nervously as she held the candy in place aiming the head for
her own tiny opening. Veruca's mouth dropped and she nearly came as her pussy
split apart and her own private invasion began. Soon she felt the tip of the
penis press against her hymen and with a slight thrust it was broken. Like
the candy had done to Violet Veruca received a shot of excitement to her body
as her virginity was taken.

Suddenly finding herself alone Violet lost some of her excitement. She
removed the cock from her pussy letting it sit on the ground and stood up.
Violet found Veruca on the other side of the tree pleasuring herself with
the minty cock. She watched her friend slide the penis in and out of her
pussy moaning with each thrust. Violet then came up with an idea of her own.

"Your turn to lay back Veruca," She said.

"But I won't be able to play with myself."

"Don't worry about that."

Veruca laid on the ground and a smile shown on her face as Violet straddled
her face and leaned forward. Veruca started groaning again as Violet began to
pump the edible penis in and out of her pussy. She then grabbed Violet by the
hips pulling them closer to her face. Violet's excitement accelerated back up
as Veruca began tonguing her vagina again. Veruca sucked on Violet's lips her
tongue pushing inside and brushing against her friend's inner folds.

As Veruca pushed her closer and closer to her first orgasm Violet returned
the favor. She began to push the green dick deep and hard into Veruca's
privates with long strokes. Like Veruca had done to her Violet began to
increase the pace and rhythm and Veruca's moans were letting her know she
was enjoying it.

Violet it would turn out would be the first to come as Veruca suddenly
jammed her index and middle finger into Violet's pussy accidentally flicking
her tongue across Violet's clit at the same time. Violet was a gusher
covering Veruca's face with her cream. Veruca didn't seem to mind though
licking her lips and wiping her face off with her hand and licking it as

Violet had continued thrusting the candy cock in and out of Veruca's pussy
as she came on her friend's face. Not sure where she was getting these ideas
from one more hit Violet.

"What're you doing?" Veruca asked as Violet climbed off of her.

"I want to try something. Tell me what you think."

Keeping Veruca's legs spread Violet removed the penis and dipped her head
between Veruca's thighs. Veruca smiled again as she felt Violet's tongue
slither up and down her slit dipping in occasionally to tickle her insides.
As she continued working her tongue in and out of her friend's pussy Violet
began to feverishly eat up Veruca's peppermint flavored fluids as they
started to excrete.

Once she had a nice filling of Veruca's cream in her stomach Violet brought
her head back and pushed a finger into the spoiled girl's opening. Veruca was
loving the feeling of her friend finger fucking her, but it didn't provide
quite the fill of the red penis.

"Put another finger in," Veruca moaned and Violet happily obeyed. Violet was
easily able to build up a nice rhythm and pace thrusting her index and middle
fingers into Veruca's pussy. Her friend still wasn't completely happy.
"Another one," Veruca panted.

As Violet worked her third finger into Veruca's pussy she knew that Veruca
would love going all the way. The rich girl's pussy continued to wet itself
squirting out more and more cream as the number of fingers inside increased.

"Don't stop, Violet," Veruca panted hot and bothered as her body burned with

She felt her pussy start to stretch as Violet inserted a fourth finger.
Veruca's tiny body started spasming threatening to orgasm each time. Though
this was Veruca's first time at penetration the cream her body was covering
Violet's fingers with more than lathered them up enough. Veruca's pussy was
a tight fit as Violet continued to thrust her fingers into her, but with some
time and patience it started to expand. This was when Violet pushed her thumb
into Veruca's cunt and pushed her hand in until it was down to the wrist.

"Oh god!" Veruca cried as her pussy clamped down around Violet's fist. Her
body was tense with excitement screaming for release as Violet slowly started
to pump her fist in and out of Veruca's cunt with deep long strokes.

Violet smiled, almost giggled, as she watched her friend writhe around in the
grass. She felt Veruca's opening squeeze down harder and harder on her hand
as the fisting continued. As Veruca started to orgasm two things would soon
become apparent to her. Though she loved the feel of a big cock thrusting
into her pussy and filling it to the max she could hold off from coming.
However, the tight feel of a fist in her pussy that was being forced to
stretched turned Veruca on a whole lot more.

When everything was calm again Violet pulled her fist from Veruca's cunt and
started licking it. With a smile Veruca sat up next to her friend and asked
Violet to share.

* * *

Against his wishes Mike had activated Willy Wonka's teleporter and
transported himself into the tv.

"Thank goodness he's completely unharmed," Willy said as Mr. Teavee pulled
his son out of the tv.

"Unharmed? What are you talking about?" Mike's dad asked incredulously.

"And what about your children?" Mr. Salt asked.

"They've been gone for nearly an hour and nobody's heard from them!" Mrs.
Beauregarde added.

"I want you to take Mr. Teavee and his little boy to the taffy puller and
stretch him out," Willy said to an Oompa Loompa. Just then a second one
appeared and whispered something into Willy's ear. "Then escort the others
outside. Charlie my dear boy you are the winner! You won the special prize,
but because two of your little associates decided to wander off on their
own, I must attend to some business. I will contact you later about your

"What about our children???" Mrs. Beauregarde demanded.

"Your unruly offspring have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle and now
I must set things right. Wait outside and they'll be there shortly."

* * *

Veruca and Violet laid in bed together kissing, running their hands up and
down each other's bodies, and just cuddling with one another. Just then Willy
Wonka interrupted them bursting into their room pushing a cart with some sort
of pot sitting on top.

"We just want to be left alone Mr. Wonka," Veruca said.

"Have a sleepover then."

"We are. Veruca is going to get her daddy to fly us to each other's house,"
Violet smiled.

"Yes, well you're still here in my factory and your pa- pa- pa-"

"Parents," Veruca said.

"Yes, those. They're outside waiting for you."

"Get our clothes then so we can get out of this puppet hospital of yours,"
Violet demanded.

"I could care less what you want little girl. The fact is you two are taking
up one of my hospital rooms and there's a puppet out there who's not able to
get treatment for his burns. Now both of you on all fours on the bed so I
can administer your treatment."

"What treatment? We're fine," Veruca growled.

"Unfortunately the two of you visited the zero room and ingested some candy
that's intended for adults. I can't have you leaving acting like, well a
couple of little nymphos. Now sit tight and this will be over soon," Willy
replied as he removed his coat and hat setting them on the room's chair and
began unbuttoning his shirt and pants.

"We're leaving Mr. Wonka with or without-" Violet began.

"Wow..." Veruca added as their eyes gazed upon Willy's eight inch long

"Something I can help you with?" Willy asked almost surprised by Veruca and
Violet's reaction.

"It's so big," Violet replied, "Bigger than the candy we found."

"Ah yes, one of my helpers told me they found you two asleep under my candy
penis tree."

"I'm first!" Veruca suddenly declared scrambling off the bed and kneeling in
front of Willy.

"No fair!" Violet pouted as Veruca wrapped her lips around Willy's penis.

"Now you two, this isn't how your treatment works," Willy stammered as
Veruca's tongue slithered up and down his shaft and her head bobbed back and

"We know what a dirty man you are Mr. Wonka," Veruca grinned, "Even if you
did treat us we'd still remember everything that happened here."

"I've got a pill for your memory," Willy said as Violet took his cock into
her mouth. "Though I hadn't planned on using it on naughty little girls like
you unless your force me to."

As Mr. Wonka's hardened penis slid in and out between Violet's stretched
lips Veruca began fondling Willy's balls with her hand. Willy sheepishly
giggled as Veruca's tongue started flicking across his scrotum. Then her
lips wrapped themselves around Willy's left testicle and she began to suck
on it flicking her tongue across it. As Violet continued to suck on Willy's
cock and Veruca teabagged him a small bit of jism leapt from his penis and
landed on Violet's tongue.

"Not yet Mr. Wonka. Veruca told me all about this and I want you to stick
you penis in me," Violet smiled her hand resting on Willy's shaft stroking

"Yes, stick your penis in our vaginas," Veruca said.

"Sit on the bed first. Both of you," Willy said.

Veruca and Violet did as they were told and Mr. Wonka got to his knees in
front of them. He spread Violet's legs first and began slipping his tongue
up and down her slit. She began to moan as Willy pushed his tongue into her
pussy and began licking her inner walls. Several minutes later as Violet
began to wet herself he pulled back and licked his lips.

"I see you like the green penis," Willy said. He then turned his attention
to Veruca. She began to moan as he started to tongue her pussy trying to get
her wet. Still affected by the candy it didn't take Veruca too long before
she started messing herself. "And you like red penis. It's delightful to see
my candy working," Willy said standing up. "Since you two insist on acting
like grownups then I'll treat you like ones. Violet come here," he said
getting on the bed.

With a big smile on her face Violet snuggled up close with Willy. He was
sitting near the foot of the bed, Violet was in the middle, and Veruca was
near the top. Willy pushed Violet onto her back and pulled her close
spreading her legs again.

Violet gasped as the enlarged head of his cock split her pussy and began
working it's way inside. As three of his eight inches wiggled inside Violet
knew that Willy's penis had to be thicker and longer than the candy she had
played with earlier. Willy watched as a multitude of expressions flashed
across Violet's face as he kept pushing his dick inside her.

"Fuck me, Mr. Wonka! Stick it all in!" Violet moaned as six inches were in.
Willy smiled as his adult candy was proving to be successful.

As she watched Mr. Wonka start to work his cock in and out of Violet, Veruca
was filled with lust as she tried to wait for her turn. Her pussy was burning
and she wanted something inside of it so Veruca slid her hand down between
her thighs running her finger over her tiny slit. She could feel the wetness
already starting to form and wiped a bit of it up so she could eat it.

"So big Mr. Wonka! So big!" Violet gasped as the candymaker thrust his shaft
in and out of her tiny opening. It was big and it stretched Violet quite a
bit each time it went in making her feel like she was getting ready to come.

Veruca feverishly finger fucked herself as she watched the enigmatic host
fuck her friend. Her two fingers were nowhere as big as Willy's penis though
she pleasured herself with them watching the two of them as she waited.
Suddenly Willy pulled out and climbed off the bed.

"Sit up," he ordered to which she obeyed, "Now suck on my penis until I tell
you to stop."

Veruca continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy as Violet
wrapped her tiny mouth around Mr. Wonka's cock and began bobbing her head
back and forth. Willy then grabbed the back of Violet's head and slowly
began pulling it towards him. She began to get very uncomfortable as his
shaft started worming it's way down her throat. Mr. Wonka then slammed the
rest of his cock into her mouth and held her head in place as his seed
started to spill into Violet's belly.

The bulging of Violet's eyes and the relaxed look on Willy's face pushed
Veruca over the edge as she imagined what was happening. Her hips bucked and
her cream squirted out slathering her fingers. When her body had calmed down
she slipped her fingers from her pussy into her mouth and began to swallow
her own cum.

Violet fell back onto the bed wheezing and coughing as Mr. Wonka's penis
exited her mouth and throat. When she regained her composure she was still
smiling. Willy sighed when he saw what Veruca was doing.

"You really are a trouble maker, Veruca," Willy said. "But I prepared for
this just in case. Veruca get on your hands and knees in the middle of the

"You know how I like it," Veruca replied with a big smile obeying the

"I doubt you'll like this very much," Willy said as he pushed the cart
towards the table and took the lid off the pot. "Violet get on the other side
of the bed and hold Veruca's buttocks apart."

"Mr. Wonka, sir, what are you doing?" Veruca asked.

"To treat your condition it'd normally be a few drops of a man's seed into
the stomach. You took it upon yourself however to swallow your cream
rendering that option no good," Willy explained dropping a ladle into the
pot and pulling it out. "Now you have forced me to treat you through your
rectum. I am covering your bottom with melted chocolate right now to make
entry easier and to give the treatment a better chance of taking. As you can
tell the chocolate isn't hot and a batch was designed specifically for cases
like this. You should be warned that Violet could leave here fine and you not
so much if this doesn't work."

"Like I said we're fine," Veruca said. "Now are you going to talk or stick
your penis into me."

Willy put the ladle back into the pot and climbed onto the bed behind Veruca.
With Violet still spreading Veruca's ass apart Willy pressed his dick against
the girl's skin covering it's head with chocolate. Then he started guiding it
towards Veruca's anus.

Veruca moaned loudly as the head initially penetrated her asshole. She had no
way of knowing how much of what Mr. Wonka was saying was a fable or truth,
but Veruca knew it felt good feeling his shaft push deeper and deeper into
her backside. Watching Veruca get pleasure from the assplay Violet decided
she wanted in on it too. She climbed onto the bed in front of Veruca getting
on all fours.

"Do me Veruca. Stick me in the butt," Violet pleaded.

"This feels great!" Veruca replied grinning as more of Willy kept pushing
into her ass. "Think you can handle this?"

"Please Veruca!"

"Alright," Veruca smiled

She placed a hand on each of Violet's buttchecks propping herself up a bit.
Then to lube up Violet's asshole Veruca brought her head forward and buried
her tongue in her friend's crack. Violet squirmed as she felt Veruca's tongue
lick up and down her anus occasionally pushing in. Veruca's body was burning
up as Willy pushed the last of his eight inches into her ass and held it
there momentarily. He then slowly started to pull it out and Veruca continued
to eat out Violet's butt.

Violet groaned and her body squirmed the first time she felt Veruca's index
finger push inside. Even though her friend's finger was small Violet still
had a tiny virgin asshole and it felt tight with only one finger inside.
Veruca slowly worked herself into a pace sliding her finger in and out.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to keep focused on pleasuring
her friend as Mr. Wonka was working himself into a rhythm pumping his cock
deep and hard into Veruca's ass. She felt her backside continue to stretch
each time Willy bottomed out in her. Veruca did manage to find a way to
excite body from two sources as she worked her middle finger into Violet's
asshole as well and was pumping the two digits into Violet's asshole at a
nice pace.

It was a few minutes later that Veruca felt Mr. Wonka took a really firm
grasp of her hips and slammed his dick hard into her ass holding her in place
as he came filling her bowels with cum. When he was sure that Veruca had
received the full treatment he pulled out and stood up on the floor. Before
he could say or do anything Veruca was quickly up on her knees.

"May I?" She asked politely with an angelic smile.

"May you what?"

"Before she started drinking mother always said not to let food spoil,"
Veruca replied.

"Very well."

Veruca took to sucking Willy's dick clean like a fish taking to water. Within
seconds the melted chocolate was gone from his shaft and down Veruca's throat
though a bit of it remained on her lips. As Willy redressed Veruca got back
on all fours so Violet could start eating the chocolate off and out of her

Pushing the cart from the room Mr. Wonka was met by an Oompa Loompa on the
other side of the door. "In five minutes both of them will be asleep. Get
some of the others, go in there, and clean and dress them before they wake.
Then take them outside and get them out of here." The worker then mumbled
something in Willy's ear. "The pill is ready? So all of that was completely
unnecessary? Huh."

* * *

"Violet you need to prepare for your next competition!" Mrs. Beauregarde
shouted at her daughter's bedroom door.

"I'll do it later! I'm messaging Veruca!" Violet shouted back.

"Hmmph!" Violet's mother growled. "We should have never let her keep the
computer Mr. Salt sent. All she does now is chat online with Veruca!"

"These type of things happen with kids. They change hobbies all the time,"
Mr. Beauregarde replied as he sat in his recliner watching tv.

"She doesn't even go outside anymore!"

* * *

Before sitting down at her computer desk Violet locked her bedroom door. She
then logged into a chatroom she and Veruca had set up and turned on her
webcam. A webcast from Veruca's bedroom started up and there she was sitting
in her chair nude as usual. An instant message from Veruca then appeared.

"What took you so long?"

"My mom was nagging me again," Violet typed. "She's become a whining bitch
ever since I've decided to spend more time chatting with you instead of

"My parents used to nag at me too until they finally realized I wasn't going
to listen to them if I didn't want to. Now take off your clothes so I'm not
the only one sitting her naked."


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