CBS Evening News: And That's the Way It Is (M/F)
by Uncle Mike

"...and still the fighting goes on."

Dan gave the camera his best somber stare until the red light blinked off.
Then, as had become his habit recently, he quickly rolled his chair back a
few feet. It looked, he hoped, like just a little relaxation between
segments. It was, however, really a chance to get a better look at Connie's
lovely legs, unfortunately hidden from his view at the anchor desk. It still
rankled a little that the bosses had forced a co-anchor on him, and he didn't
think much of Connie's journalistic abilities. But he had to admit she was
quite a looker. There was enough to look at for three eyes with good stuff
left over for a fourth, as folks back home in Texas might say. Connie Chung
was one good hunk of woman.

She had a perfect face, of course, with that incredibly smooth, ageless skin
that seems to be the particular gift of Asian women. And Dan had always loved
the Asian look of a thick head of black hair; you wanted to bury yourself in
it and not come out 'til winter. She had a very nice body, too -- bigger
breasts even than most Occidentals, and a thin waist. But what he admired
most were her legs -- legs with perfect curves, legs that went on forever,
legs that made you want to climb right in between them and ... his eyebrows
rose slightly and he pulled them back down as he realized Connie was talking
to him.

"So then Dave asked me about ... I'm sorry, Dan, was I interrupting a

He waved off her apology. "No, I'm sorry, I was just daydreaming. You were
saying something about ... Dave?"

"Letterman, Dan. I was on his show today, remember? And he was asking me
about Maury and ... and, you know, the baby. Anyway, I was saying that I'll
have to watch the show tonight to see what I said. I really don't remember.
I must have made some kind of joke, because I do remember Dave laughing. But
I can't think of what it was, because inside I was so upset. Just before I
went on, I got a call..."

The floor director's hand gesture snapped them both back to their places.

* * *

"... but the president will have the last word, his advisers say."

Again Dan slid back. This time he was paying attention as Connie turned
toward him.

"Where was I? Oh, yes. I had just gotten a call from one of our doctors. The
tests were negative again. Poor Maury. He tries so hard, he's gone through so
many procedures -- well, we both have, I guess -- but nothing works. And he
blames himself. Does that seem fair? It's not his fault that his sperm aren't
fast enough or strong enough or just plain enough, is it? How would you feel,
Dan? If it were you, I mean?"

Dan's eyebrows rose sharply as he searched for an answer. He wasn't used to
people asking him about his sperm, especially not sexy co-anchors. Having a
woman in the newsroom really was a mixed blessing, he thought. He mumbled
something non-committal and sighed inwardly when the floor director's hand
signals wig-wagged again.

* * *

This time Dan barely got out his closing words before Connie started talking
again; he was half afraid they'd go out over the air.

"If it was your sperm, Dan, how would you feel?"

"I... uh... I guess I don't know, Connie. I never really had any problems in
that... that area, myself."

"No? Not ever?"

Dan tried to picture having this conversation with Walter Cronkite, say, or
Brokaw, or Safer. Well, maybe with Safer. But probably it wouldn't have given
him an erection like the one he now realized was throbbing in his pants. He
tried to ignore it and give Connie some kind of answer.

"Never. I guess I just got good genes." He flashed a smile. "At least no
one's ever complained."

"Oh, well, as far as that goes, Maury's very good," Connie said, leaning
close and beginning to speak in a whisper. "In bed, I mean. There's no
problem with his equipment. It's just his sperm that can't do it."

Dan stood up, getting a whiff of her perfume as he did. "Right, well, then.
None of that's been a problem for me. Either... area. So, good show tonight,
don't you think?"

"What? Oh, I guess so." Connie stood up too and followed him off the set.
As they entered the hallway to their dressing rooms, she put a hand on his
shoulder. He felt his cock twitch.

"Dan, could we talk about this a little more? I've got some Cokes and waters
in the fridge in my dressing room. I just need someone to talk to. OK?"

"All right," Dan said, surprising himself. Now what have I gotten myself
into?" he asked himself as he stepped inside. What are we going to talk about
next, her periods? Her favorite tampon? He shuddered at the thought.

But he sat down on the black leather couch -- noting to himself that he'd
only gotten a cloth one; he'd have to talk to his agent about that -- and
tried to look interested. After hearing more about how Maury's sperm couldn't
beat a one-legged man in a cat-kicking contest, Dan was adding boredom to his
discomfort. He tried to cut off her tale of woe.

"Look, why don't you just forget all this and adopt a kid? Lots of people

"I know, but somehow ... well, I just want to have the experience of having
carried the child myself. Maybe that's selfish ..."

Darn right, Dan thought to himself.

"... but that's just how I feel. And I know what you're going to say next,
too: Why didn't we go to a sperm bank? Well, Maury might be willing to do
that -- but I'd hate to think what the papers would make of it if they ever
found out. And I just don't believe we could keep it a secret. You know how
many people recognize us on the street, Dan. Imagine what would happen if I
tried to walk into a sperm bank. The stories about how Maury couldn't do his
duty. He'd be mortified."

In spite of himself, Dan was actually beginning to feel a little sorry for
Connie. She was acting like a spoiled brat, insisting that everything work
out perfectly. But he saw a few tears running down her smooth cheeks; she
really wanted a baby. It was her own fault that she wouldn't try the
alternatives, but still, it was a tough break.

"Look, Connie," he said, "I don't know what I can do for you. I'm not much
good at this kind of talk. But I do want you to know I feel sorry for you.
I hope you and Maury can figure a way to have that baby."

Connie, whose head had been hanging down as she sat on the edge of her desk,
lifted her eyes.

"I'm so glad you said that! Do you mean it? Oh, I'm sorry, that was rude.
What I mean is, would you be willing to help?"

"Help? I don't know what you mean."

Connie giggled as she slipped off the desk and took a step toward him. "Oh,
sure you do. Come on, Dan, I've seen you looking at my legs. Did you think
I wouldn't notice?"

Dan blushed through his makeup while his mind raced to catch up.

"Don't be embarrassed, Dan," Connie went on. "I appreciate it when a man
admires my legs. They are good, aren't they?" She lifted the hem of her
skirt almost to her crotch, giving him a full view of the legs encased
in sheer black hose. Dan's cock sprang to attention and prodded at his
zipper. Down-home metaphors eluded him. He could only stare.

Connie let the skirt fall back down as she took another step toward him.
"I ... I'm not sure how to ask you this, Dan," she said. "But I ... I mean
we ... Maury and I ... we really want a baby. And Maury can't help. And he's
too proud adopt, and I'm ... well, I guess I'm too vain. But we want that
baby. And Maury doesn't have to know."

Dan felt as if he were in some kind of bizarre movie. As he watched, Connie
reached up and began undoing the silver buttons of her white silk blouse. As
it fell away from her body, he saw her large, round breasts bulging out of
her lacy white bra. He suddenly realized his lips were dry, and he licked
them. Connie smiled.

"I hoped you'd agree," she said, her voice quieter and even silkier than when
she read the news. She slipped out of the blouse, letting it fall to the
floor as she unzipped her black skirt. It puddled around her ankles; she
stepped out of it and kicked it aside with one of her shiny black high-heeled

Dan looked her up and down. Connie was short, but perfectly proportioned,
like some erotic doll.

She knelt in front of him and unbuttoned his shirt. He was surprised to look
down and see his own hands loosening his tie; he wasn't aware of what they
were doing. He watched as his own hands undid his belt and he stood up;
Connie pulled his slacks and boxers down.

Dan's cock waved in front of that perfect China-doll face, like the snake
tempting Eve. His co-anchor -- he pushed the word out of his mind -- this
beautiful woman, this goddess kissed the tip of it. He felt an electric spark
leap straight to his brain. In all his years of journalism, nothing like this
had ever happened. Oh, back in the early years there had been some tawdry
women, but they only seduced him in his fantasies. And it had been years
since any young woman had shown him anything but admiration or respect.

Connie parted her soft red lips slightly as she kissed his cock up and down.
She looked up at him, her eyes wide. His nostrils flared. The Asian beauty
rose to her feet and pressed her body against his, her firm breasts in their
lacy cages rubbing against his chest as she kissed him, hard, their tongues

He fumbled at the catch of her bra; it had been too many years and he was
out of practice, but at last he got it free. She stepped back from him then,
letting the bra fall. Her breasts were as he had imagined them, lush, full
globes capped by large, dark brown circles and erect nipples.

She cupped them in her hands, offering them to him. Dan bent down and took
them into his mouth one at a time, suckling them like a newborn.

"Oh, Dan, yes!" Connie moaned, rubbing her fingers in his hair.

And when he had sated himself momentarily, she knelt down again, this time
opening her lips wide to take his cock in. He felt it slide past her lips and
plunge deep into her mouth as her hot tongue tickled the sensitive underside.

"I've never ... had it so good," he told her, and it was true; not since a
whore back in Amarillo had he gotten head, and she had been fast and sloppy.
Connie was taking her time, and her touch was exquisite; he had had to back
up against the couch so he could support himself by leaning on it -- her blow
job had him literally weak in the knees.

Just when he thought he was going to shoot his load, Connie pulled off. He
tried to reach out and draw her back, but she slipped under his grasping
hands and stood up again.

Her eyes looking squarely into his, she reached down and peeled her black
panties down, sliding them over the stockings, leaving the garter belt
behind. Her bush was as dark and full as her hair.

She reached a hand down and plunged two fingers into her slit. They went
in easily; Dan could see she was already wet and ready. Unintelligible
murmurings escaped her lips as she finger-fucked herself in front of him.

Her head fell back and she began to groan, louder and louder, as her fingers
flew in and out of her pussy. A thick scent of musk rose around her. Dan's
breathing came fast and shallow. In a minute or two Connie's entire body
began to shudder and then, with a wild shriek, every muscle seemed to let go
at once and she fell forward.

Dan caught her, the force of her fall forcing him back onto the couch.

He pulled her face up to his and kissed her hungrily, covering her lips and
neck with his greedy mouth.

At last she seemed to recover enough to return his kisses and her hands
roamed up and down his back.

He heard her whisper in his ear, and the sound thrilled him more than
anything ever had. "I want you," she said. "Take me now, Dan. Take all of

Dan laid her down on the couch and knelt between her legs. He wanted to take
the time to admire the sight, but his cock was urging him on. Quickly he
placed the head of his rod at her hot, slippery pussy lips, and she urged him
on as he drove it in.

His shaft plunged easily between her wet folds, deep into her tight tunnel.
In a fog of lust, Dan drove himself into her up to the hilt and pulled out
again, pistoning into her over and over.

Connie yelped with each downward stroke, her lithe legs wrapping around his
waist, clutching him to her. She was obviously enjoying herself, and the
realization drove Dan to harder and harder thrusts. For the first time in a
long time he saw himself as a great lover, and the image was strong enough
to make itself a reality. His cock clove her pussy lips again and again,
twisting this way and that. She began to writhe beneath him, her hands
beating against the cushions, her heels digging into his ass as she pressed
him deeper into her.

From time to time Connie's loud moans resolved into recognizable phrases:
"Deeper! Deeper! Oh, god, Dan, fuck me! Yes! God, yes, fuck me harder! Oh,
god, that's good!"

To Dan's astonishment, he felt her begin to shudder beneath him. Could she

"I'm coming!" she shouted, and he knew it was true. Her body stiffened and
released once, twice, a third time, all accompanied by bellows that he was
sure would be heard by everyone on the floor. But he was past caring as he
drove his hard cock into her cunt, feeling his own orgasm begin to build.

Connie apparently could feel it too, as his shaft grew bigger and harder
within her, for she bucked up him furiously, her tits bouncing around like
pinballs. "Cum in me!" she shouted, her fingernails digging into his back
as she clutched at him. "Give me all of your cum! I want to have your baby!
Please, please, make me a baby!"

By then Dan couldn't hear or see, for his mind was lost in passion as he felt
the jism boil out of his balls and explode through his shaft into Connie's
cunt. Load after load shot out of him. "I'm cumming!" he told her, though she
didn't need the clue. As the first jet of hot cum entered her she had spun
off into an orgasm of her own, shouting as a fit of ecstasy rode her to

Dan collapsed on top of her as his cock shriveled, and he lay there several
minutes before he felt his strength returning. Muscles still a bit stiff, he
groaned quietly as he pushed himself to his knees and eased himself off the

But before he could do any more, Connie reached out a silky leg and wrapped
it around him, pulling him back down onto the couch. Like a magician, she
made his cock rise again with an expert blow-job. This time he took her from
behind, like an animal, his hands mauling her massive tits as he slammed his
cock into her sopping wet pussy. He came again, hard, and her pulsing cunt
lips milked him dry.

Then, to his utter astonishment, she brought him back to life a third time,
a thing that had never happened to him before. This time he was too tired
to do anything more than sit up on the couch, so she squatted over him and
lowered herself onto his hard shaft, doing all the work as she pounded away
until yet another wave of cum poured into her sodden cunt.

At last she let him go. Connie had to help Dan get into his clothes; his
hands were shaking slightly and he couldn't seem to get the buttons into the
proper holes. She gave him one last deep, wet kiss, that he felt down to his
toes, and squeezed his ass cheeks as he turned to go. At the door he took one
last look back at her perfect, naked body. Her face wore a Mona Lisa smile of
utter contentment. Words failed him.

"Until next time," she whispered. Dan closed the door and stood in the hall
outside. Next time?!


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