Cartoon Cartoon Fridays:
Word Of The Day Part 1 - A Tommy And Zinga Fanfic (FM,MmbF,oral,inter)
by The Immature Monkey

"Hey everybody!" shouted Tommy. The overweight white teenager rubbed his
hands together eagerly. "It's time for the word of the day!"

"That's right, Tommy!" said Zinga enthusiastically. The shapely black teen's
breasts jiggled as she jumped.

The announcer voice came on. "Tonight's word is ....fuck!"

A kid stood up and started to spell "F...u...c...k. Fuck!"

Suddenly Zinga asked Tommy "Hey, I thought we only spelled nonsense words

Tommy replied "Isn't fuck a made up word?"

Zinga was shocked. "You mean you've never fucked!?"

"No...what is it?"

"Well it's's kind of hard to say. Basically it's when two
people have sex. You know, when a man puts his penis into a woman's vagina."
she said calmly, reverting into teacher mode.

"I don't understand." said Tommy confusedly. "Can you show me?"

"Well..." she suddenly noticed all of the kids staring at her curiously.
"Alright, I guess so." She finally responded with her trademark shrug/smile.

She quickly and casually removed her jeans, then her panties, and then did
the same for Tommy as he stood there nervously.

Her eyes went wide as his erection sprang up from his pants. "Wow Tommy...I
never knew..."

All of a sudden, a chant came from the kids, "SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!"

Zinga looked up from Tommy's ivory tower, which was now mere inches from her
ebony lips, and saw that he had nervously joined in the chant, unsure of what
it meant. "What a child." thought Zinga as she opened her mouth. "Time to
make him a man!"

As her lips wrapped around his cock, she felt his hands shudder and rest on
her head. She got a surprise, though, when he suddenly grabbed her hair and
started humping her face wildly. Her eyes went wide with shock. "What's
gotten into him?" she wondered. Suddenly he came in her mouth, the result of
an expertly done blowjob. She swallowed like a pro. He pulled her off of his
dick, smiling and saying "Now, you little black slut, it's time you feel what
your cockteasing outfits and dance moves have done over the years."

Zinga was scared. She knew Tommy could easily overpower her. He ripped of her
shirt with ease and called to the kids bleachers. "Hey kids, who's tired of
this little cocktease?"

A group of smiling kids hurried up and started sucking on her in various
places. Tommy flipped her over onto all fours and started banging his dick
hard into her ass without caring at all about the consequences. As he did
so, a 16 year old who had been dragged there by his little brother slid
under her and started rubbing his dick between her tits. His little ten
year old brother stood up in front of her, on tip toes, and said "Suck it

His brother yelled from underneath "It's bitch, moron!"

Meanwhile, a bunch of other kids were sucking and playing with her parts on
other parts of her body.

* * *

Zinga wiped the cum off of herself with her own shirt as Tommy dressed. The
kids had gone home, and Zinga was cleaning off her back where Tommy had shot
his load after pulling out of her ass.

As she walked towards the exit, embarassed at being dominated, humiliated,
and used by a bunch of kids and her best friend, she heard Tommy call, "And
THAT'S what it means to fuck!"

Zinga managed to smile a little. Next Friday, she would teach Tommy how
little he really knew.

To Be Continued...

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