Author's Note: I know Tara started a while ago, but I missed her premiere
week and hoped it went a little something like this.

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: Word Of The Day Part 2 (MF,anal)
by The Immature Monkey

"Hey there!" shouted Tommy as he approached the blonde girl.

She was just barely more than half his height, and looked up at him.

"You must be Tara."

"Yup. No hard feelings about my replacing Zinga, right? I know you guys were

It was a lie, of course. Everybody knew about the interracial teens' public
escapades, ever since that little incident in the CN cafeteria.

"No worries, I'm sure we'll get along just as well." He smiled strangely at
her as the curtains came up and CCF started.

"Hey everybody! This here is Tara, and she's going to be taking over all of
Zinga's duties!" The kids looked her over and cheered. Before she could ask
what he meant by "all," he said "and here's our first show of the night:
Dexter's Lab!"

* * *

After the credits had ended, and the requisite lame jokes had been made over
the credits, it was time for word of the day. Once the lamest part of any
CCF, Tommy and Zinga's it "chemistry"...had made it the favorite of
many kids, as well as brought in a huge number of new teen viewers. The only
downside was a few FCC fines. But CN could easily pay them. The execs were
all fuckin' rich anyway.

Tara had seen the word of the day many times, but just now realized what she
might be about to do. (She's a blonde working on a cartoon channel. Were you
expecting a mental giant?)

"So Tommy," she said, her voice shaking a bit with nervousness, "what's
tonight's word?"

The Voice Of God narrator declared "INITIATION!"

A kid stepped up and spelled it.

"Oh, yeah, kids. I think that's one thing Tara here could definately use!" He
sneaked behind her, without her noticing, (Blonde!) and in one swift motion
pulled down her pants and panties, shouting "Boo!" to make her jump out of
the ankles. He tossed the garments aside and spun her to face the kids.
"Wadda ya think kids?"

Everyone cheered.

"Now, Tara, I'm gonna teach you how to do something Zinga taught me a long
time ago. How to eff yu see kay fuck!" He dropped his pants and shoved
himself into her ass. "C'mon *grunt* kids! She's tighter than Zinga!"

The kids rushed up swiftly, hoping to enjoy this new host as much as the old
_ _ _

Sorry about there being so little sex in this one. Next chapter starts more
details on the shows, rather than just a link.

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