By Wonder Mike

Clarissa Darling had received flowers everyday for the past wee. She had no
idea who her benefactor was and she was enjoying it. At first it was just
flowers, then they came with poems, the last bunch came with a two pound box
of chocolates.

Clarissa thought she was going to lose her mind, she asked everybody in her
tenth grade class but they were of no help.

The next day the delivery man came he showed up with a dress, tights and
leggings, and an autographed picture of Brad Pitt. This was getting weird.
Clarissa had dreamt about getting just those things.

Her gifts were getting bigger and bigger, it seemed like her secret admirer
was reading her mind, she had to know who it was.

She returned to her room from an afternoon of snooping, to find her little
brother Ferguson and one of his little friends snooping around.

Clarissa ordered Ferg face and hi annoying little friend out of her room and
out know. Ferguson explained he was just showing his knew best friend, Jay
Elliot Fundsworth III around the house. Clarissa greeted him with a get out.

Saturday morning Clarissa heard the familiar knock on the door. She ran to
answer it expecting another gift, instead she found Jay. He was holding a
book of poetry and flowers. He told Clarissa they were for her, he was
revealing himself to his true love.

Clarissa screamed, "You" it couldn't be. "How old are you"? Jay told her he
was 12 but age didn't matter, he knew they were perfect for each other. He
knew her deepest secrets,

He reached into his smoking jacket pocket and pulled out her diary. Clarissa
screamed and grabbed him around the throat. Jay told her it was just a copy.
Clarissa ran upstairs to her room to check.

She returned and reached for his neck again. He managed to duck this time and
he told her he really knew her deepest darkest fantasies, and he could full
fill them all. Clarissa didn't care she just wanted to strangle him.

Jay ran outside to the Darling garage. Clarissa came to a screeching halt
when she saw what was standing there. It was a beautiful black horse. It
wasn't fully grown but it was a good size.

Jay told her I know what you really want. Clarissa told him she would love
to ride the beast. Jay told her "I know that is not all you want."

Jay told Clarissa to get closer to the horse, he called him Elliot. Clarissa
started to rub it's coat, Jay told her to look down.

Clarissa looked underneath the horse, it's cock was fully unsheaved. Jay told
her I found one specially trained when I read your diary. Clarissa claimed
she didn't know what he was talking about, but She had Elliot's cock in her

She had never felt horse cock before, it was long and hard, It had to be at
least 14 inches. She reached down with her other hand. She had to strain to
make her fingers touch.

Jay pulled the horse away from Clarissa, he told her first you have to agree
to be my girl. Clarissa told him he was crazy, she couldn't go out with a 12
year old, she was 15 for Christ sake.

Jay told her that was the deal. Clarissa thought about it and told him he
would to the same thing to him as she was doing to the horse if she left her
along with it. Jay told her all right if he got to watch.

Clarissa agreed, she couldn't wait. She could tell Elliot couldn't wait
either, he was getting restless. She told Jay to pull down his pants. He
quickly complied.

Clarissa wrapped her hand around Jay's cock and started to stroke it up and
down. Jay started to shake, this was his first hand job, and it was the
greatest feeling ever. He told Clarissa to put it in her mouth. She stroked
it a couple more times than stuck it in her mouth. Jay shot off immediately.
Clarissa was pissed at Jay, but he apologized and he had brought her Elliot.
She walked over to Elliot and wrapped both hands around his cock and started
to stroke it harder and harder. He was starting to buck up and down.

Elliot pointed to the wall and told Clarissa to go and face it underneath the
shelf. He put her in place and told her to bend over. He brought Elliot over
to her . He put his front legs on the shelf that was right over Clarissa's
head. He grabbed Elliot's cock and placed it in front of Clarissa's pussy.

Elliot was trained well and knew just what to do. He thrusted forward and
buried his entire cock inside of Clarissa. She screamed at the top of her
lungs, she was impaled by the cock.

It hurt badly but Clarissa was full filly a life long fantasy, Elliot was now
taking slow strokes into the teenager. Clarissa was biting her lip trying not
to scream. It took her 10 minutes but she than adjusted to the size inside of

Elliot started to thrust harder, he was burying his cock to the hilt into
Clarissa on every stroke now. She was going to scream and she couldn't help
it. Jay stood in front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She just
needed something to suck on before the whole neighborhood came in.

It worked, Clarissa started to suck on his cock and the pain started to
subside. She didn't even notice that Elliot was rearing back so only the tip
of his cock was inside of her and then thrusting forward as hard as he could.
Jay noticed though and the sight of it caused him to shoot another load down
her throat.

Clarissa had another orgasm just when Jay shot his load. She couldn't take
anymore. Elliot reared back to thrust into her again, but she stepped forward
and pulled it out.

She dropped to her knees and thanked Jay, he told her they were not done yet,
Elliot wasn't finished and he was bucking wildly. He told her he couldn't
take him home until Clarissa finished him.

Clarissa told him she couldn't take anymore, Jay grabbed the horse cock and
put it in her face, she knew what to do. She open her mouth and stuck the tip
of his cock inside of it. She reached around and started to stroke it. It
didn't take long for Elliot to splatter her face. He completely covered it as
he kept cumming and cumming, It took a minute before he finally stopped.

Jay told Clarissa he was sure they could come to some kind of arrangement to
continue the sessions. Clarissa knew her parents would be glad to give her
riding lessons.



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