By Wonder Mike

Clarissa Darling was studying black history. She had to write a report for
the school newspaper. It would also serve as homework for her social studies

Everybody else was doing reports on historical figures. Clarissa wanted to be
different. She was going to do her report on a local gang. She would discover
what caused them to become gang members. and show them the consequences of
their actions. She would have a great story, an A paper plus she would be
doing some good if she could break up a gang.

Clarissa told her mom Janet, she what she was doing. Janet was proud, she
then told her she was going to Juvenile hall to meet a gang member, Janet
told her she didn't want her to go until her father came home and went with
her. Clarissa told her she would take Sam, and they would be surrounded by
police. What could happen?

Sam didn't want to go, but Clarissa was his long time best friend, she would
owe him one. They arrived at Juvenile hall and told the desk officer what
they were doing. He told them he would go and ask if anybody would give her
an interview.

The officer came back and told them nobody wanted to talk to them. Clarissa
was disappointed. She asked the officer if she could go back and ask for
herself. She knew she could be persuasive. The officer agreed and sent her

She stopped at the first hold cell she saw. The boy inside already had a
visitor, that was good because she wanted to talk to a group.

She walked up to the boy and asked if he was in a gang. He told her he and
his visitor were and to get out of his face. Clarissa told him she just
wanted to talk to them for a couple of minutes and she would leave. He spat
at her and told her to get out.

Clarissa turned to leave, scared and disappointed. The prisoner watched her
walk away and called her back. He said "Hey bitch, you have a nice ass for a
white girl, come back in a couple of minutes while I finish my buisness.
Clarissa turned and told him she would be back in 5 minutes.

Clarissa told Sam she had success. She had an interview with 2 people in a
couple of minutes. Sam told her he would wait in the office. He didn't tell
her how scared he was.

Clarissa saw the visitor leave. She was mad, she wanted to talk to both of
them. She went in for her interview.

The first thing she asked him was his name. He told her he was Andre but his
friends called him New Dog. She could call him Andre.

She asked him what gang he was in. It was exclusive. It was the ten inchers.
Clarissa thought that was a strange name, but decided not to ask about it
yet. She asked how many were in his gang. He told her 8. All guys. Clarissa
wanted to know what he was in for. He told her rape and murder. She asked him
why he did it. Andre told her to shut up and get the fuck out of his face.

Clarissa apologized for making him mad, but he didn't want to here it. He
told her to get out before his boys came and taught her a lesson. Sabrina
decided to do her paper on George Washington Carver.

She told Sam she was ready to leave. She told him how Andre blew up for no
reason. Sam told her he knew this was a bad idea, and you can't talk to those
people. Clarissa told him he ought to be ashamed of himself. After all one
bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch.

They left the hall and started the walk home. They turned the corner and
there was Andre's friend. They crossed the street and three other guys came
around that corner. Sam told her he was scared, Clarissa told him there is
nothing wrong.

The first guy ran across the street and grabbed Sam from behind. Clarissa
started to scream. The 3 facing them ran to her and brandished a gun. He told
her if she made a sound, she and her gay friend were dead.

They walked Sam and Clarissa around the block and put them in a car. They
drove them to an abandoned house.

Sam was fighting back tears, Clarissa kept a brave face. She held his hand to
keep him calm. It wasn't working though. She could feel him shaking.

The leader of the gang told her he was Marcus, and they were the Ten inchers.
Sam asked what that name meant, Marcus told them not to worry, they would
find out.

There were six guys in the house, 5 black and one white guy. Marcus sat Sam
down on a chair and tied him down. Then Marcus turned to Clarissa and told
her to strip.

Clarissa just stood there dumb founded. She didn't understand what he wanted.
He would explain it more clearly, he slapped her across the face and sent her
sprawling across the room.

She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled down her pants. Marcus told his boys take
a look at that, I told you she had a nice ass for a white girl. They told her
to take off her shirt.

Clarissa had nice breast for a 15 year old. Her nipples were hard. Marcus
walked over and started to suck them. Clarissa slapped him across the face.

Marcus grabbed her around the throat and started to choke her. He would have
killed her but that wouldn't be any fun. His Lt. Tyrone pointed the gun at
Sam and shot him in the arm. He told Clarissa, if they had to tell her
anything twice, Sam would get one between the eyes.

Clarissa just broke down and started to cry. This just excited the gang.
Marcus told his gang to show her why they were the 10 inchers.

They told Clarissa to turn around, they all dropped their pants, and started
stroking their cocks. They told Clarissa to bend over. That was all they
needed for all the cocks to spring to life.

Marcus told Clarissa to turn around. She saw the 6 cocks staring at her. They
were all at least 10 inches long, with Marcus probably 14. She was now
sobbing uncontrolably. Tyrone told her to shut up and pointed the gun at Sam.
Clarissa cover her mouth.

Marcus told Tyrone to give her something to keep quiet. He walked over and
shoved his cock into her mouth. He put the gun against her head and told her
he better get the best blow job ever.

Clarissa just nodded her head. She wrapped her lips around his cock, she
could only get the tip of it in, and sucked as hard as she could. She began
to slowly bob her head up and down.

Tyrone grabbed her blonde hair and forced her to swallow half of his cock.
She was gagging, but she kept sucking.

Marcus sent two more guys over. They began to rub her ass. They put her on
her hand and knees so they could have better access

All three of them had Clarissa by the hair now. She had Tyrone's cock all the
way to the bak of her throat now. The tears were freely flowing now.

The two guys behind her each shoved two fingers into her cunt. They could
feel it getting wetter and wetter. They yelled look Marcus, the bitch likes
it. They then each spread their fingers apart.

One of the guys laid on his back. He told Clarissa to sit on his cock. She
straddled him and wiggled her cunt down slowly on his huge member. It was a
tight fit and it hurt.

All the gang told her, "You better ride him harder than that Bitch." Clarissa
gritted her teeth and grabbed hold of Tyrone for balance. She began to bounce
up and down harder.

Her juices were flowing now. Her cunt was also stretched to accommodate the
cock. She had a fast hard pace going now. She was even sucking Tyrone harder

The third guy slammed Clarissa down so she was impaled all the way down on
the cock now. He pushed her head down so it was laying flat. He then shoved
his 10 inches into her ass.

Clarissa let out a howl. She had never had anything up her ass before. She
was screaming. Marcus told her to shut up. Clarissa bit her lip and was
quiet. He then told her to tell them how much she liked it.

Clarissa screamed, fuck me please. Marcus told her to keep going. She
screamed fuck me hard and fast like the slut I am.

They told her to keep fucking them. She raised her head and started to go up
and down again. The two guys started to thrust harder into her. Clarissa
wanted to scream but she managed to keep quiet.

She was sucking Tyrone again. He was ready to cum. He grabbed her by the neck
and forced her to deep throat him. He then shot his load directly down her
throat. She had no choice but to swallow it all.

The other 2 guys pulled out of her. They sat her on her knees and told her
to open wide and say ah. Clarissa open her mouth. They told her to stick out
her tongue. They each deposited their load on her tongue. Marcus told her she
better not spill a drop, she swallowed both loads.

Marcus told her it was now time for a real fucking. He sent a guy over to
shove his cock in her mouth. Marcus grabbed her by the head and made her deep
throat his 12 inches. He then did the same with the second guy.

Marcus was ready to fuck her now. He laid her on her back and slammed his 14
inches into her cunt. It was so fat he could only get the tip in. His two
boys each grabbed one of her legs and pulled them. Marcus got about half his
cock into her.

He decided to but her on all fours. He then slammed his cock into her from
behind. He got half in again. His boys shoved her shoulder back. This time he
had two-thirds buried into her.

It wasn't good enough for the Ten inchers. Marcus laid on his back. The two
boys picked Clarissa up by the legs and sat her on his cock. Marcus ordered
her to fuck him.

She strained and wiggled her ass until she had two-thirds of his cock inside
of her. She asked the other two for help. They pressed down on her shoulders
until she took the entire thing. They then lifted her up a couple of inches.

Marcus than began to thrust up into her. He fucked her like a jackhammer.
That was why he was the leader. His cock was a blur ramming up into her.

Clarissa couldn't help but scream now. The Ten inchers didn't bother to try
to shut her up now. Marcus fucked her until she went limp.

Marcus laid her on her back, all three of the guys jerked off and shot their
loads all over her face. She was a sticky mess.

The gang got dressed and gave her a pin. The told her she was a member of the
group now. They also played a tape recording of her begging to be fucked.
They told her don't bother telling anybody what happened.



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