By Wonder Mike

Clarissa darling and her best friend Sam were upset, her father Marshall had
agreed to pave over her favorite park to build a garage, he had always been
for preserving nature, especially since her mother was a nature freak.

Marshall was offered twice his usual fee for his design work and he knew even
if he declined somebody else would build it and pave over the park.

Clarissa had a simple plan, she and Sam would chain themselves to a tree in
front of the bull dozers. It wasn't a great plan but they were only fifteen,
it was the best they could think of. Janet Darling was proud of her daughter,
she would be out there in support but she had to oversee a vegetarian menu
for the elementary school.

Ferguson of course was right behind his big sister, he knew she would get in
big trouble, maybe he even hoped the bulldozers wouldn't stop, one way or
another he would be rid of Clarissa.

Sam and Clarissa canvassed the schools, and wrote to all the newspapers and
television stations, once she got support she could stop her father. Marshall
was really proud of his teenage daughter.

The teens arrived early in the morning to set up, they wanted to get ready
to organize the huge crowd.

The workers arrived to level the park, but there were no protesters and no
media. Sam and Clarissa were in trouble. They ran to a tree and tried to get
handcuffed, but they went fast enough. Clarissa was grabbed from behind and
she turned to get the intruder.

It was a policeman, and he wasn't happy. He grabbed his shin were he was
kicked and his partner grabbed Clarissa, Sam took the opportunity to
disappear, he hated to leave Clarissa, but there was no since in both of them
going down, and how much trouble could she be in?

The officers took Clarissa to the station, they wanted to give her a good
scare before they let her go. They told her she was going to a federal
penitentiary for assault on a police officer and dressed her in prison gear.

They left her alone in the interrogation room to sweat her out. Clarissa was
in a panic. She saw a small window that the cops had forgotten to shut all
the way, she could squeeze through it since she was so small.

She managed to squeeze out the window and drop from the second floor. She
sprained her ankle and started to hobble away. She turned the corner and ran
right into a group of females who were being sent to the State pen. The
guards saw her and thought she was an escaping prisoner. They grabbed her
cuffed her and tossed her on the bus, they would sort it out when they got to
the prison.

The fifteen girls arrived at the prison 30 minutes later. Clarissa cried she
was sorry and it was a mistake, the guards then realized that they had one
prisoner too many. Of course all the other girls began to cry and said they
were there by mistake.

The guards had to sort it out later, they would toss all the girls into

The fist stop was the shower, well the hosing. Clarissa was stripped naked
and the guards turned the water hose on her, Clarissa was completely

The other girls who were all much older than Clarissa laughed at her tiny
body, they knew they could have some fun with her.

They gave Clarissa fresh clothes and sent her into the general population.
She tried to keep to her self but she was quickly greeted by the Prison
bully, Denise.

Denise was a big redhead, about 5 10 160 pounds of mean. She immediately took
a liking to Clarissa, she would make a nice little bitch.

Denise and two other girls walked up to Clarissa. Denise grabbed her by the
hair and kissed her. She actually jammed her tongue down Clarissa's throat.
She tried to run but Denise still had her by the hair. She pulled Clarissa
into her cell.

The other two girl pulled Clarissa's pants off right over her shoes. Denise
ripped open her shirt exposing her developing breast.

Denise began to lap at her breast like a dog. The other two girls began to
massage her pussy, Clarissa was getting wet and she was ashamed, she couldn't
help herself though, the girls were really good.

Denise now reached down and began to finger Clarissa. The other two followed
her lead and they each stuck two fingers inside of her.

They Finger fucked her for 15 minutes while tears streamed down Clarissa's
face. The two girls then each grabbed a leg and spread Clarissa as wide open
as they could. Denise buried her face into Clarissa's cunt and licked until
Clarissa had juices flowing down her face.

They laid Clarissa on her back and Denise sat on her face. She grabbed
Clarissa by her long blonde hair and pulled up. She told Clarissa "You better
make me cum before you pass out."

Clarissa knew she was right. Her face was buried so far into Denise that she
could breathe. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick for all she was
worth. Denise managed to have an orgasm before Clarissa did pass out.

The girls went out to the exercise yard and left the terrified Clarissa
alone. She ran to the nearest guard and told him what happened. The guard
took her so she could fill out a report.

They went into a small room where there were three other guards Clarissa
started to explain what happened when Denise walked into the room. The guards
told her Denise keeps the peace in the prison and they let her run the
prisoners, they then began to drop their pants.

Clarissa turned to run but she only made it a step before she was tackled.
It only took a second to pull off her loose pants and another second to get
off her panties.

Clarissa kicked one of the guards and he whacked her across the back with
his nightstick. All the fight went out of her. she just needed to get this
over with.

The first guard pulled out his cock and shoved it into Clarissa's mouth. She
had never sucked a cock before and wasn't very good, it didn't matter though
because she had perfect lips and a nice gap in her teeth. She was perfect for
cock sucking. The guard grabbed her by the back of the neck and rammed his
cock to the back of her throat. Clarissa was about to gag when he shot his
load directly down her throat. She didn't have a chance to spit any out. She
swallowed it all.

The second guard laid on the floor and told Clarissa to sit on his cock. She
quickly obeyed. She straddled him slowly sliding her tight cunt down on his
cock. The other two guards shoved her down all the way, there would be
nothing gentle about this. The then began to lift her up and down on his

The third guard pulled out his cock, it was huge, this was the first time
she had seen a cock, but she knew that it was huge, at least 13 inches long
and thicker than her arm. Even the other two guards were impressed.

He tried to shove it into her little mouth, but it was just to big for her
to get her lips around. She was instructed to lick it like a lollipop that
was something she could do.

The third picked Clarissa up and slid her down on his cock, it took a couple
of seconds but he was managing. Clarissa had her arms around his neck and was
swinging back and forth on his cock. She had gotten a good rhythm and was
really rocking when the guard laid down on his back. Clarissa planted her
feet and was jumping up and down on his monster cock. She was screaming for
more and the rest of the gang was cheering her to bounce faster and faster.
The second guard didn't need any encouragement. He came up behind Clarissa
held her still and slid his cock into her pussy alone side of the third
guard. Clarissa just buried her face into the chest of the guard she was
riding. She was so full she couldn't move. She was so tight the guards could
barely move their cocks inside of her. They got enough movement so that that
were cumming though. They pulled out of the teenager and both emptied their
loads into her mouth. They told her she better not spill a drop or they would
do it again. She didn't.

They carried her back to her cell because she couldn't close her legs to
walk. They told her if you ever tell anybody else the same thing will happen
again and again.

Janet and Marshall arrived an hour later to claim their daughter, they
received an apology for the mix up and Clarissa decided she better not tell
anybody what happened.



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