By Wonder Mike

Ferguson Darling had been foiled by his sister Clarissa, over a dozen time.
Each master stroke he devised was always stopped by that annoying pest.

"Why did she always interfer?"

He just didn't understand, he wasn't trying to rule the world, he only wanted
was rightfully his, to be a billionaire, at this rate he would be lucky to
make a couple of million. "I have to get her to stay out of my business" he
thought. "Some day."

Janet Darling was on the phone having a frantic coversation.

"Clarissa, Ferguson", she yelled.

"Your Aunt Mefelda Has broken both of her legs, yor father and I have to
go to her right now". "I don't want to leave you two alone but I think you
can handle it".

Janet really didn't want to leave them alone, they were always having silly
arguements and she didn't have any idea how bad it would get.

Clarissa reassured her, "We have been home alone before, and nothing

"I know you have been left here before, but we will be miles away and gone
for at least four days, I am not sure about this".

Clarissa put her arm around her little Brother and smiled "I promise we will
behave, after all I am fifteen and almost licenced to drive".

Ferguson chimed in "I have an inpeccable reputation, surely you trust me."

"Alright already, your father and I will be leaving tonight, Clarissa, you
are in charge and I am holding you completely responsible".

"I accept those terms" said Ferguson.

The adults left that night leaving the two teens home alone.

"Now is the oportunity I have been waiting for".

Clarissa got undressed and covered her body with her favorite oversized
teeshirt. She had no idea her little brother was standing outside her room
waiting for his chance.

Ferguson had broken in to the science lab at school and "borrowed" some
cloraform. Clarissa fell asleep and He pounced, clarissa barely struggled
before she passed out.

Clarissa had know idea how long she was out or what happened to her.

As she got her bareings she noticed she was in the garage spread eagle on
two two by fours, which were forming a cross.

"FERGUSON" She screamed.

He came bounceing down the stairs in glee fun thoughts racing through his

"Well, well, well, you have interfered in my plans to many times, and now
I get my revenge.

He walked over to his big sister lifted her shirt and tied it around her
waist, exposing her bottom half.

"What are you doing Ferg face, have you lost what is left of you mind?"

Ferguson said "I am going to punish you and have some fun at the same time.

Ferguson grabbed the water hose and inserted the end into Clarissa's pussy,

"I am going to get you wet" he laughed.

He turned on the water and began to slowly move the hose in and out.

Clarissa had to admitt, she was starting to enjoy this.

Ferguson said " To prove what a great brother I am sis, I am going to clean
you out.

He grabbed the wet Vac and inserted to end into his sister. When he turned it
on, she started to shake with pleasure, the suction was amazing.

She thought "I have to try this on my own."

Ferguson twisted and turned the hose for a couple of seconds, then removed
it. Clarissa wanted to coplain, but it was ferg face and she wanted to get
down and ring his neck.

Ferguson said "Now the fun can begin

He had his hand behind his back and tols her "I know you are a virgin sis
and I am going to fix that."

He showed her what he was holding, it was a catsup bottle, she was going to
loose fer virginity to a bottle, she had accually thought of doing that
herself but then thought she would save her self, now the choice was no
longer hers.

Ferguson pushed the bottle slowly in until he felt resistance,

"See how gentle I be." and he removed it. He then slammed it all the way
into her braking her hymen, she was a virgin no more.

He rammed the bottle in and outall the way until all you could see were his

"This gives me an idea" he thought,

Clarissa was really starting to enjoy this now.

Ferguson remove the bottle and slammed three fingers into his sister. He
pumped in and out and then added a fourth finger,

Clarissa started to gasp then he added the thumb, he shove has hard as he
could, accually punching his sister in the cunt, he had half his arm into his
sister . She was trembling hard and he started to twist his arm.

That was it, she was cumming, Ferguson snatched his arm out and said "Oh no
you don't, not yet."

Clarissa replied "Please Ferg Face, I mean sir you can't do this to me."

"Don't worry, I am not done with you yet

He laid on his back just out of sight, Clarissa had no idea what he was
doing, he saw a shoe go flying, and she was still clueless.

She felt ferguson's big toe inter her pussy, quickly followed by the other
four. he pushed up and up until he got past his ankle, he pushed harder then
he had half his leg shoved up his big sister.

Clarissa was in heaven, ferguson was kicking for all he was worth and then
just as suddenly he stopped

She had already cum but wanted more . He pulled out his leg to the toes, then
all of a sudden, she saw the other shoe go flying, she knew what was coming
and she couldn't wait.

Ferguson slammed the other foot into her all the way pass his ankle and then
shoved his first foot even further, he alternated legs like he was swimming.

Clarissa was about to pass out when he quickly stopped and removed both legs.

She was limp and frustrated, she needed to cum now.

Ferguson cut her down and dragged her weak body over to a see saw, she tryed
to fight but it was useless, she had no strengh and he was stringer anyway.

He sat her one the see saw, and tied her legs underneath it and her arms
behind her back, once again she was helpless, she noticed she was sitting on
a hole and her twitching cunt was exposed.

Ferguson left the garage and returned with a highway cone, "Oh My God, you
wouldn't" was the only thing she could think.

"Yes I will" was the reply, this cone was about three inches across at the
top and she wasn't worried about that, it was about 18 inches across at the

It would split her in two.

Ferguson lifted her up and placed the cone underneath her.

He slowly lowered his sister unto the cone, her own body weight caused the
cone to impale her Ferguson let her go, and was disapointed that it only went
in about five inches, he lifted her up and laughed when he saw the cone was
stuck inside of her.

He slowly lowered her again it went in another two inches, he decided to see
how much she could take, and stood on the see saw lifting her has high as she
could go, he jumped of and watched her plummet to the earth.

It went in another four inches, she was propably six inches from the base.

"Again for science," he said,

He once again stood on the end lifting her up and he jumped off.

Clarissa was to weak to scream, it went in another two inches.

Ferguson pulled her limp body of the see saw and laid her on her back, he
looked through the cone and could see most of the way through her body, he
tried to spin the cone but i was wedged tightly, He hoped he would be able to
get it out, he couldn't let his sister go through life like that.

He grabbed a wooden bloch and shoved it into the cone. The cone was buried so
deep into his sister he could reach her cunt. "Cool" he thought.

He grabbed a power drill of the wall and placed in into the wooden block. He
crankd it all the the way to 2100 rpm. and the cone bean to spin.

This shook Clarissa back to consiouness as orgasm after orgasm hit her.

She was completely at her brothers mercy.

Ferguson thought to him self. "Only three more days home alone, and this
video tape is going to be great for show and tell.



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