Clarissa Explains It All: Fiendish Ferguson (mf,inc,reluc)

Ferguson Darling opened the door to his sister's room and crept silently in
before closing it behind him. It was late at night -- well past his bedtime,
and he was pleased to see Clarissa dozing soundly under the pale moonlight.

It was exactly as he'd hoped. An eager grin bursting onto his face, the
freckle-faced teenager sneaked over to her bed and lifted the comforter,
pausing only to look at the revealing pajamas she usually wore to bed,
then slipped in beside her. Clarissa stirred slightly at the disturbance,
but not enough to wake fully, so he simply waited until she was calm again
before venturing any further.

"So pretty..." he whispered, letting his fingers glide across the cottony
material at her sides. He had gone further than this already, but wanted to
see if a laborious approach would be any more satisfying.

His hands continued moving down her unconscious body, rounding the globes of
her ass and cupping the warmth that radiated from her concealed flower.

"Wow, sis..." he commented mockingly, but still in a soft enough tone to
escape detection. "You're so hot I guess you've just been waiting for me to
have sex with you again!"

With a devious grin, he hooked two thumbs into the waistband of Clarissa's
bottoms and began sliding them down, eyes glazing over as her scent filled
the cocoon made between the sheets. Her butt wiggled seductively at the
sensation, pressing unwittingly into Ferguson's crotch and adding another
inch to his already erect penis. It was time to go all the way.

Peeling off his own nightclothes in double time, the youngest Darling child
held his stiff prick in hand, letting it slap gently against his sibling's
exposed behind. "I hope you're ready for a good time, Clarissa..." he
announced loud enough give himself away, placing his member in the cleft
of her legs and humping slowly.

"Oh, not now, Ferg!" the drowsy blonde female groaned, her anger rapidly
fading as he penetrated her. "Don't make me do it again..."

* * *

It had all started that afternoon, when Clarissa realized she'd been too
busy smoking up every day after school to finish her ultra-important
history paper, which was due the very next day. Although younger, Ferguson
was clearly more intelligent, and had already taken the class with another
instructor. He seemed to be in just the right spot to help her out.

"Come on, you little turd." she plead dramatically. It was always a pain to
deal with him, but it was worth it if his brains could save her from flunking
the course.

"What's in it for me if I let you have a copy?" Ferguson questioned, putting
his hands behind his head and leaning back in his computer chair. This would
certainly be entertaining.

"Rrrrhhh..." Clarissa blurted, turning red in the face. "You know I don't
have any money this week. What else do you want?"

"Hmmm..." her brother pondered, looking his sister up and down. "What do
*you* have that I don't? How about, say, a pair of your undies?" He smiled
broadly at the comment, knowing it would send her into a tizzy. Of course,
it would be great if she said yes, but the simple thrill at hearing a girl
talking about her panties was enough motivation.

"Ugh, that's gross!" the blonde female replied disgustedly, sneering at him
as she continued. "You can be such a pervert sometimes."

"Of course..." Ferguson went on, ignoring her rejection to deliver the coup
de grace. "I'll settle for a look at what's inside them..."

"Fine, then, you jerk." Clarissa huffed, turning around. "I'll get them."

"Oh no..." her brother went on, suddenly realizing how important this grade
was to her. If he could really get away with trading for one of her intimate
garments, it was highly possible the deal could be parleyed into something
much more valuable. "I've changed my mind. I want to see it."

"You... *asshole*!" she spat angrily, reversing course and coming back
inside. "Why, so you can brag to your friends? Or take pictures? I've seen
that little camera set-up you've got around here..."

"No, just for me." the anxious teenager answered, putting on a stern face to
appear convincing. "Scout's honor."

"You were never a boy scout..." Clarissa snapped, but reached back to shut
the door anyway.

* * *

"Allright, I'll do it." she finally conceded, placing her hands on her hips.
"But just this once..."

"That's all I ask!" Ferguson replied cheerfully, imagining how many
masturbation fantasies he would be able to wring out of this. Clarissa
fathomed the same idea too, but knew she had little choice but to proceed
regardless. Steadying herself, the lithe blonde teenager undid the button
on her jeans, shucking them to the ground and revealing elegant pink

"Nice, sis..." her brother remarked with a chuckle, taking time to let his
gaze travel up and down her legs as she stepped out of the pants.

"I'll bet..." Clarissa murmured, plenty annoyed. She had her hands at her
sides and was ready to disrobe, but the look on her brother's face made her
feel slightly uneasy.

"Just a quick look, right?" she asked worriedly, halting just before
revealing herself. Already a few wisps of golden hair were poking out of
the waistband, which served to only encourage Ferguson even more.

"Yeah, yeah, of course..." he prattled quickly, shifting in his seat. "Now
come on and take them off!"

Letting loose a grimace of contempt, the elder Darling took a seat on her
younger sibling's bed, legs extended outwards, before peeling off the only
remaining stitch between her blue cotton shirt and frilly white socks.

"There, you've seen it..." Clarissa announced in a haughty manner, holding
her panties down about the knees. "Had enough?"

"No way!" Ferguson cried out, springing into action. He wanted to appear
cutely interested in her exposed womanhood, but not horny enough to scare
her away. The cautious mix of excitement and harmlessness seemed to work,
because the seated female simply let her head fall back and groaned,
allowing him unfettered access to her inner thighs.

"Open up, sis..." he insisted, doing the honor himself after waiting an
entire second. Clarissa gasped, but still made no contradictory move, even
though he was by now looking right up inside her cunt.

To the young male, it was the most lovely and beautiful sight he had ever
beheld. As he slowly parted her legs, the pubic shield slowly gave way to an
elegant incision that he had so far only seen in adult magazines. The tender
lips were already quivering, either from the embarrassment of such a moment
or perhaps even some deeply-repressed arousal.

"Hey, I thought you just wanted to look!" Clarissa growled, more annoyed
that she'd let him get this far than anything. "Cut it out!"

"Oh, I do..." Ferguson replied, working his way slowly through the phrase
that his mind had molded in the past few minutes. "I want to see you come..."

Then, before the words could sink in, he leaned into her crotch and gave her
pussy a long, gentle lick. She immediately melted, leaning back against the
wall with a dreamy smile on her face. For a few seconds, she simply lay quiet
and let the feelings carry her away, panting and whimpering each time her
brother nicked the tiny nub with his tongue.

"No... stop..." she protested half-heartedly after finally regaining her
wits. "We can't do this..."

"You..." Ferguson started, feverishly stimulating her with yet greater
passion. "Don't have.... to do anything... Just... relax and... let go..."

"Please..." she begged knowing her hormone-driven body would never resist
seeking orgasm once the sensations began. The rest of her thoughts trailed
off, however, and the flower child found herself unable to help grabbing at
her concealed breasts.

"I know... how much you... want this..." her brother went on, speaking in
staccato between his oral ministrations. Unzipping his pants and dropping
them, he took Clarissa's butt in his hands. While she continued to moan and
toss her head, he stood up and let his stiff penis stick out, harder than
he could ever recall.

"So just let it happen..." the devious teenager finished, using this new
leverage to turn and push his older sister to the end of the bed and leaving
him quite enough room to join her at the other end. "Just give in..."

"Ferg, don't..." Clarissa wheezed, only dimly aware that his dick was
rubbing against her soaked mound. Looking deep into his eyes, she tried to
make a decision, but the erotic haze was just too much to ignore. Defeated,
she turned to the wall and let him have his way.

* * *

"I knew she would be easy..." Ferguson thought as he shoved his member all
the way inside. "After all, she's been fucking her boyfriend for God knows
how long..."

He had, of course, caught them going at it rather often once he put together
that the sound of Sam's ladder slamming against the house was almost always
followed by creaking bedsprings. For so long, he had desired what she gave
away so freely, and then teased him with at every opportunity. This screw was
a long time coming, and quite warranted.

"Geez, you're still tight, sis..." the horny teenager complimented, holding
his partner by the hips as he pounded her warm quim. "I think this could be
the start of something great!"

"No... no!" Clarissa rasped, far too gone to be up to coherent conversation.
"Please, no more!"

"Nonsense!" Ferguson replied, completely ignoring her except for the two
bouncing globes below him. "How about we see what kind of titties you've
got..." he chimed in loudly, pulling her shirt up and over the head. She
whined slightly, but was well beyond fighting his advances now that her
worm of a brother's plan was becoming clear.

She guessed that he had finally discovered how bad her grades truly were,
and that summer school was a surefire ticket if she didn't start handing in
some stellar assignments. Clarissa understood with an increasingly sinking
sensation that this would most definitely *not* be the first time she
accepted an incestuous prick in her crack.

"Delicious..." he remarked with a smile, already having worked the bra off.
His tongue made surprisingly delicate circles around his sibling's nipples,
causing the naked girl to gasp audibly at the gingerly treatment. Completely
bare by now, she could feel sweat beginning to coat her pale flesh, and
wondered what would happen if he made her orgasm.

"Don't let it happen!" she shrieked in her own head, shutting her eyes tight
as the fire in her loins grew. "Oh God, not with him!"

But Ferguson knew somehow, closing in for the kill as soon as she shut the
world away. "Come on, sis." he asked siren-like, pressing his lips to hers
and bubbling with glee as they both tasted her juices. "I'm not going to
stop until you *explode*..."

Releasing a furious "Urrrh!" of protest, Clarissa clenched her teeth as he
continued to kiss her mouth, then moved on to the rest of her face. Her every
being was crying out to let this stop - to just push him off and run away,
but logic was being impressively persuasive in keeping her put.

"Just come..." she tried to order him telepathically, willing the thrusting
pole to simply give up and shoot its load. Instead, Ferguson continued his
disgusting display, lapping at her cheeks and neck as if his flesh and blood
was merely a tool for his own enjoyment. But, the heat of their union
increased as well. Clarissa discovered with horror that she was *really*
moaning now, anticipating each stab into her feminine channel and the sliver
of paradise it brought.

Her brother was nearing the end too, holding himself up with both arms to
watch her boobs jiggle as he pumped. Panting just as hard, she knew that
this was becoming a contest of domination. If he came first, then it would
be easy to simply let him keep doing her and block it out. Should she
succumb to carnality, however, their relationship would take a much more
humiliating turn. Not only would Ferguson be blackmailing her for pleasure
any time he wanted, but with the power to bring her to her knees begging
for it.

"I already can't wait to make love to you again, my sexy sister..." he
whispered in her ear, casting open all the doors of restraint and sending
the beautiful blonde careening over the edge.

"Nooooooooo!" the elder Darling screamed in frustration, finally
comprehending that it was against her nature to ever try and fight such
bliss, even when unwelcome. Out of control with lust, she grabbed her
lover around the back and pulled him in close, tears filling her eyes
as she creamed around his pulsating cock.

Satisfied that he had prevailed, Ferguson cradled his big sister's head on
his chest, letting his dick spurt deep inside her belly. He was pretty sure
she was on the pill, being sexually active and all, but it blew him away to
think that this experience had been so enjoyable that pulling out would have
been impossible anyway.

"Mmm..." he groaned, collapsing on top of his partner in a perspiring heap.
"Yeah... that was great..." Clarissa merely lay still, sighing softly as he
continued to have intercourse with her until his shaft was totally flaccid.

* * *

"Is... is that it?" she asked hopefully after waiting a few minutes to catch
her breath, regretting each second he continued to enjoy the warmth of her
naked body.

"Of course not..." her brother answered eagerly, planting little pecks over
both her cheeks. "You're going to get straight A's now, but we'll still be
fucking as often as I can get it up..."

Clarissa sighed, looking into his visage for a trace of jest before giving
up. "All right, then..." she said with accepted finality, squeezing out from
under him and getting to her feet. She had just made a motion to grab her
clothing when his hand shot out from the mattress, grabbing her wrist firmly.

"I still want those..." he declared insistently, snatching the underwear from
her grasp with little effort and inhaling deeply. "Just to get me through the
day until we can be together again..."

"Take them, fuck-face..." she snapped spitefully, turning around and giving
him a fantastic shot of her flushed ass before disappearing through the
door, not even bothering to cover up for the short trip across the hallway.
Ferguson was far from disappointed in her behavior, being confident that she
would grow less begrudging in time. Though, it had been extremely thrilling
to take her in a state of such emotional turbulence.

She was totally his, and would soon be glad for it.
_ _ _

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