CHiPs (MF, Parody) 2/2
by Zifferman ([email protected])

Ponch said nothing. Displaying a twisted, lopsided smile he gently turned
Melanie around by her gun belt. She did not resist. With her back towards him
she felt his palm between her shoulder blades, gently yet forcefully pushing
her torso down. She rested her elbows on the back of the couch and arched her
back so that her ass was pointed high and open.
Ponch hooked one finger in the top of the ripped seam of her pants and pulled
the material until the rip finished at her belt loop. He hissed as he saw that
Melanie was wearing string underwear. A single red cord ran down between her
cheeks to a lace triangle of material over her vulva. No wonder he hadn't seen
any pantie lines through her tight pants. With a practiced flip of his hand he
ripped the chord away. He surveyed her offered cunt. It was covered with a
delicate frosting of light blond hair. Her labia were small and almost
invisible in the narrow cleft of her pussy. She looked unused, virginal.
Obviously Melanie hadn't experienced many cocks, and certainly none of Ponch's
Melanie's ass quivered before him invitingly. He guided his painfully hard
cock tip between her ruddy outer twat lips. He pushed his hips forward but his
cock did not enter. Melanie felt the pressure on her pussy like a boxing glove
and she spit onto one palm and reached between her legs and spread the
lubricant over her cunt.
Ponch again applied some pressure on her pretty little puss and felt it
spreading. He continued and his cock began to enter her tight tunnel.
"Oh, Ponch! That feels so good!" she hissed, her eyes clenched shut, savoring
the feeling.
He grabbed her gun belt at each hip and used it to pull her back onto his
impaling tool. She was as tight as any woman he had ever fucked. It halfway
expected her vagina to squeak as he pushed his throbbing erection further in.
Melanie hit her knuckle to keep from crying out with ecstacy and joy. With
her other hand she gently ticked his oversized balls with her nail tips between
her legs.
For a moment nothing else existed in the universe but her stretching cunt and
his wondrous, life-giving organ. No guilt, no consequence. She seemed to be
floating in a warm void, her mind hazy, her eyes unseeing. She had never felt
such fulfillment, never so female.
Ponch finally had stuck his cock in as far as it would go. He still had a
full inch of unused cock to go when he had bottomed out against her cervix.
With some difficulty, he half way removed his cock, then sunk it into her hole
with more force, more speed. Melanie grunted and said, "Please, please be
easy. You are so big. . ."
But he only laughed maniacally and increased the tempo of his thrusts, lifting
the soles of his poor partner's boots off the floor. The pounding jolted
Melanie's slim body, causing her tits to shake violently within her uniform
shirt. As the merciless, piston-like insistence of his hammering increased
spittle flew from her pursed lips. Each entry of his massive organ seemed to
make her eyes pop from their sockets, as if there was no longer room in her
body for her eyes and that huge tool at the same moment.
"You like this, don't you, bitch?" Ponch growled.
"Ponch. . .oh God. . .don't make me say. . .it. . ." she panted.
"Say it, damn you! Tell me you love it!" he shouted in an inhumanly spiteful
"I. . .I. . . I love it! God forgive me, but I love it! I want you to fuck
me with that horse cock of your's forever! Never stop!" she shrieked.
Satisfied as her act of humiliation Ponch settled into a steady, thymic fuck.

He felt the approaching orgasm deep inside his pelvis, near the base of his
cock, just forward of his sweaty ass hole. It started as a small firecracker,
but by the time it hit his nuts it was like a stick of dynamite. Melanie
sensed his impending climax with an intuition peculiar to women, and a little
voice whispered in her ear, "You aren't using protection– your husband has a
vasectomy. . .You aren't using protection– your husband has a vasectomy. . ."
"Ponch!" she screamed urgently, "You can't cum in me! Don't cum in me!"
She tried to pull herself off his red-hot, rock-hard cock but he pulled her
back on. His hold of her gun belt gave him excellent leverage and power over
the girl.
She heard his unearthly scream, boiling up from deep in his bowels, and felt
his cock jumping in her womb, spitting wad after wad of his seed deep into her
belly. She screamed too, in resignation and surrender, tears of both shame and
unspeakable joy streaming down her burning cheeks.
Ponch, completely spent, his nuts painful in their sudden emptiness, let his
torso fall forward on her back. Melanie wiggled her pelvis, enjoying the
still-hard rod packed into her body. She was panting, open mouthed, trying to
get enough oxygen to think clearly again. Heavy drops of sweat fell from her
lover's face and landed cooly on her red cheeks.
After several minutes, Ponch began to disengage his organ from her.
"No. Don't. Let me feel it get soft in me. I love that feeling," she panted
in a pleading voice.
He smiled with self satisfaction and indulged her. His own spunk was now
seeping around his shrinking dong and draining down his loosening nards,
dripping onto the dirty floor and spreading into the fabric of her uniform
pants. Her puckered ass hole was nibbling at his belt buckle.
Finally, he pulled his loose cock from her cunt. It hung fat and lazy from
his fly. The sudden void in her puss made Melanie wince painfully and she
looked over her shoulder lovingly at the organ that had caused her so much
pleasure. It still seemed massive, darker than before, with cute little
wrinkles around it's girth. It seemed to be sleeping on it's bloated
testicular pillows. A long, threadlike tendril of cum still flowed from it's
Ponch noticed with satisfaction that he formally orderly pussy now looked like
a veteran porn actress'. The inner lips were stretched and spayed. It would
never look the same again.
As the blood returned to her fuck-starved brain certain realities resurfaced.
She was still happily married to a good man; her partner had just taken
advantage of her; and he had ejaculated into her unprotected womb.
"You fucking bastard!" she murmured, slowly turning to face Ponch. She found
even casual movement uncomfortable in both her twat and in her lower back.
"What?" Ponch regarded her suspiciously.
"You raped me!"
"You liar! You wanted it!" he protested, guardedly feeding his cock back into
his pants and zipping them shut.
"Well, maybe it wasn't exactly rape," she offered, "but it sure wasn't making
love. There is no way I can ride my motor now. I am too sore!"
"Fuck that. I'm not calling for a trailer. Change your pants and get on your
bike, Mel. I'm not going to baby you!"
Melanie wiped out her cunt the best she could with her ripped pants and put on
her new uniform pants. She sat painfully on her motor and hit the starter.
Somehow, she had to get even with this cock-sure bastard.
End of Chapter one.


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