Charles In Charge
by [email protected]

Charles was enjoying his night alone in the house. He had managed to get his
girlfriend Jennifer to sleep with him. He watched as she came out of the
bathroom wearing a robe. She looked great with her long dark hair, big tits
and long legs. She opened the robe and showed him she was wearing a small
black teddy. "WOW you look fantastic." Charles managed to utter.

"Thanks Charles." She went around to the other side of the bed and dropped
the robe as she slipped into bed. "Are you sure we won't be disturbed?"

"Yes, no one is going to be here till Sunday. I've made sure of everything."
He reached over and hugged her. She started to kiss him deeply as her hand
went down to his shorts. Charles let out a groan as she encircled his cock
with her hand.

"My, you have taken care of everything." Jennifer commented as she started
to stroke his cock back and forth. She slid down his body and took his hard
prick into her mouth. She started sucking his prick up and down using her
tongue to give him pleasure. She felt Charles running his hands through her
long black hair as she pleasured him but was feeling unsatisfied and wanted
to fuck. Jennifer slid along his body until her cunt was right over hi
prick then dropped right onto it riding up and down. Lowering herself down
she encouraged Charles to play with her heavy tits. She pounded away at him
bringing herself to orgasm and then slid off his prick taking it in her
hands. She jerked him off until he came all over her stomach. "Not bad
Charles." She lay back on the bed. "Maybe I should go?" She made to leave.

"No stay the night, it'd be so nice to wake up next to you." Charles tried to
convince her to stay.

"Alright it does sound kind of nice." She lay next to Charles. They heard
someone come in the front door. Charles was about to get up and check on it
when his door burst open. Charles was shocked when young Jamie Powell rushed
into his room. Jennifer quickly buried herself under the covers before Jamie
could see her.

"Charles, I have a big problem." Jamie ran a hand through her long blonde
hair as she stormed about the room. "That camp out was co-ed and it was all
planned. I was gonna sleep with this guy but I chickened out. What are my
friends going to think of me, Charles?"

"Jamie, this isn't a good time." Charles was more then a bit flustered.

"You don't understand. I was terrified at the thought of having sex. What am
I some kind of freek or something?" She noticed the pile of sheets next to
Charles was moving.

"No you're not!" Jennifer poked her head out from under the sheets .

"OH Charles I'm so sorry. We can talk about this later." Jamie started for
the door.

"No Jamie, its okay." Jennifer responded. "I know what you mean. I used to
be scared of sex too."

"Really?" Jamie started back into the room.

"Yes and my first experience was awful, some young guy started going at me
didn't last a minute. It was awful I thought I'd have sex again, but now
that's changed."

"What happened?" Jamie asked.

"Well I had a great experience with a guy. You've got to have a great guy
for you're first time. Someone like Charles." She smiled.

Charles was stunned for a moment. "Thanks for the compliment, but I

Jamie ignored Charles, she wanted to talk to Jennifer. "But I've never even
seen a man's thing, its so frightening."

Jennifer had been stroking Charles cock since Jamie had walked in. Now she
reached over and pulled the covers off exposing Charles to Jamie. "See there
its not so scary." She went back to stroking his cock making it stay hard.
Charles could only groan.

"My god, it looks so umm," she searched for a word, "good. Can I touch it?"

"Of course you can." Jennifer responded. Charles almost made a comment to
stop her but then thought about what was happening to him. Jamie put her
hand roughly on his cock and Jennifer showed her how to stroke it. "Do it
gently," she offered as advice. "Yes that's good," she guided Jamie into a
smooth up and down motion.

"Now what happens?" Jamie continued to stroke Charles hardon enjoying the
experience and getting more excited every moment.

"Well if he's excited enough he shoots off but Charles has already cum once
so it'll take a bit more then a hand job to get him off." Jennifer was
enjoying showing Jamie how to satisfy a man.

"Like what, I want to see him shoot off." Jamie stumbled over the unfamiliar

"Well a blow job usually does it. What do you say Charles, you want a blow
job?" Jennifer laughed as she slid down his body so that her mouth was near
his prick. She saw him nod enthusiastically. "Okay then," Jennifer moved
Jamie's hand away and then took Charles prick into her mouth using her tongue
to pleasure him.

Jamie watched in rapt attention as Jennifer took Charles deep into her mouth.
"WOW, could you teach me to do that?"

Jennifer came off of Charles prick. "Of course, you want to learn right now?"
Jamie nodded vigorously. "You wouldn't want to ruin you're nice dress. Why
don't you take it off." She watched as Jamie stood up glassy eyed, she
reached behind her for the zipper to her dress. Jamie kept her eyes on
Charles prick as she slid the zipper down. As Jamie lowered the dress she
realized that she hadn't been wearing a bra, she hesitated a moment but
looking down at Charles and Jennifer. Her qualms vanished and she let the
dress drop.

"Not bad Jamie." Charles let slip out.

"Very nice Jamie." Jennifer offered the nervous little girl. "Why don't you
get over here and I'll show you how to give a blow job." Charles moved to the
center of the bed. Jamie took up position on one side of Charles as Jennifer
took position on the opposite side of him. "Now first thing is to grab hold
of the prick and get a little taste of it." She demonstrated giving Charles
a link all the way up its length. "Now you try," she held it as Jamie used
her tongue on Charles prick.

"Tastes kinda funny but I like it." Jamie went back and gave it another lick.
"Concentrate around the purple head." Jennifer advised and Jamie quickly
started running her tongue over the head of his prick and then down the
sides. She heard Charles moaning and groaning every so often moving his hips
a bit.

"I don't think he's going to last much longer. Put you're mouth over his
prick and try to take as much into you're mouth as you can and keep using
you're tongue." Jamie slipped the prick into her mouth, she barely got the
head into her mouth. She then moved down getting a little more into her small
mouth. "He's gonna cum Jamie. You better come off him unless you want to
swallow his load."

Jamie was too into what she was doing. She barely heard Jennifer as she
continued to suck Charles hard cock. She felt a fluid slip out and she
continued to suck then more and more came out. She swallowed some and let
the rest run out of her mouth. She let Charles prick fall out of her mouth.
"That was great." Jamie commented as she watched his prick shrink.

"That's nothing kid." Jennifer was surprised how well the girl had done. "You
were just getting him off. Wait until he gets you off." Charles made as if to
object but Jennifer shushed him. "Come on Charles you at least have to eat
her out," Charles nodded. "You want to try it Jamie?"

Jamie thought for only a moment before blurting out. "Yes! What do we do?"

"First take off those panties." Jennifer watched the panties slide down her
tanned legs. "Okay now lay down on the bed and get comfortable." Jamie slid
up towards the head of the bed. Jennifer helped her arrange the pillows so
she could sit up and be comfortable. Charles quickly positioned himself
between Jamie's thighs. He started licking her legs and using his hands to
rub her legs.

"My god it feels so good." Jamie was going out of her mind. "This isn't even
the best part kid." Jennifer responded. "Get to the good stuff Charles, she
can hardly stand it." Charles took the hint and moved his hands to Jamie's
pussy. he slowly opened her up and slid his tongue into her.

"OH my god!" Jamie jumped as Charles hit her clit. "Yes right there." Jamie
was in heaven it felt like every nerve ending in her body was sending her
messages of pleasure. Her body jumped as Charles continued to pleasure her.
She slowly came down from her first ever orgasm. and saw Charles coming up
from between her legs. "That was great, but is it over already?" Jamie pouted
a bit, trying to get Charles to go back and pleasure her.

"It doesn't have to be," Jennifer responded. "My turn," before Jamie could
say anything Jennifer jumped between Jamie's legs and quickly started
munching at her cunt.

"This isn't right, I'm not a lesbian." Jamie tried to protest but it quickly
died as Jennifer started hitting all her pleasure spots. "God you're good,
maybe I am a lesbian."

"Well I'm not." Jennifer looked up, "but I enjoy an occasional experiment."
She went back to munching on Jamie's pussy. Jamie couldn't object to the
pleasure she was being dealt.

Charles sat back and watched enjoying the sight of his beautiful dark haired
girlfriend eating out the lovely blonde haired Jamie. His hardon was soon
growing back to full size. When he felt ready he went around behind Jennifer
and slowly pushed his cock into her sopping wet pussy, it slipped in easily
and he started fucking her.

Jamie noticed Charles behind Jennifer and couldn't believe it. "He's actually
fucking you."

"Yes and it feels incredible. Want to watch?" She asked.

"Yes," Jamie made to get up but Jennifer held her down.

"You'll get a much better view from underneath." Jennifer moaned, Jamie
started to turn under her. Slowly she felt Jamie reposition herself under her
in a sixty nine.

"Yes that looks great." Jamie looked up and saw Charles cock driving in and
out of Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer continued to work on her own pussy making
her hotter and hotter. She felt some of Jennifer's pussy juice drip down onto
her face she used her tongue to get the drop and taste it . She enjoyed the
taste and decided to try some from the source. She ran her tongue along the
underside of Charles cock letting it slip against Jennifer's pussy.

"YES!" Jennifer felt Jamie's tongue touch her clit. "Yes, right there Jamie,
don't stop." She drove back onto Charles cock trying to get as much into her
as possible. "OH it feels so good," she felt her own orgasm wash over her.
"Yes more," she groaned and sweated with the effort.. She bent her head down
getting a good taste of Jamie's slit. Charles continued to drive his prick
into her pussy, while Jamie only seemed to be able to get to the outside of
her pussy. She wanted to get Jamie's tongue inside of her. Charles playing
with her ass gave her an idea. "Charles fuck my ass, I want you're prick up
my ass."

Jamie was stunned she watched as Charles hard wet prick slid out of
Jennifer's grasping pussy and repositioning at the entrance to Jennifer's
asshole. She moved to get a better view as Jennifer begged for Jamie to eat
her pussy. Jamie immediately started working on Jennifer's clit grasping and
sucking it as Charles cock slid into Jennifer's ass just above her.

Jennifer couldn't believe the sensations flowing through her body, Jamie
started working on her clit and Charles cock pounded into her ass. She felt
herself cumming and buried her face in Jamie's cunt to stifle her screams of
pleasure. "Yes please don't stop." She came up for air only briefly before
going back to Jamie's snatch. She felt Charles cock start to shoot its load
in her ass. "Yes get it all in my ass," she had another orgasm as Charles
shot his load deep into her. He slowly pulled his prick out of her ass,
Jennifer quickly fell off of Jamie. "That was incredible guys," she moaned

"I can't believe you did that." Jamie exclaimed cleaning off the cum that had
gotten onto her face. "I mean right into you're ass, didn't it hurt."

"A bit at first but once you started working on my pussy all the pain went
away." Jennifer gave Jamie a deep kiss. She saw Charles standing up. "Where
are you going Charles?"

"I could use a shower." He had gotten very hot and sweaty.

Jennifer let him leave as she sat in bed with Jamie. "Haven't you ever had a
man deep inside of you. Its incredible when he does it right." She played
with the younger girls nipples and clit stroking them over and over. "Would
you like to try it?"

"Yes I do." Jamie was hot, ready to burst from excitement. "I want it so

"How about when Charles comes back we let him fuck you. Would you like that?"
Jennifer slid a finger into Jamie's tight wet pussy. "Do you want him to fuck
you're pussy?"

"God yes." Jamie said a bit louder then she intended. "I want him inside of
my pussy."

"How about you're ass, are you willing to let him fuck you're ass? What do
you say Jamie you want to let him into that tight ass of yours?"

"Yes anything at all."

"Then we better get you ready." Jennifer had Jamie lay on her stomach she
then positioned some pillows under her stomach making her ass stick up even
more. She got in behind Jamie, she pulled apart her tight ass cheeks and
couldn't believe how good it looked. She bent over and gave her asshole a
good lick.

Jamie squirmed as she felt Jennifer's tongue on her behind but as it slipped
into her rectum she felt a pleasurable tickling sensation running up and down
her spine. Then she felt something wet drip on her ass. "What's that?" She

"Just something to make it go a bit smoother." Jennifer started working the
lotion into Jamie's asshole. Finally after spreading it around liberally
she pushed her finger into Jamie's anus, she felt the girl squirm at the
penetration. "This is nothing wait to you feel Charles hard cock thrust deep
into you're ass." Jennifer slipped a second finger into Jamie's ass. As she
used the other hand to pleasure Jamie's clit.

"OH God I can't believe I'm doing this." Jamie exclaimed as the pleasure
consumed her.

"What's going on here?" Charles stood naked as he saw Jennifer's fingers
penetrate her ass.

"Just getting her ready for you. Isn't that right Jamie?" Jennifer pulled her
fingers out of her asshole and slapped her bottom hard.

"Tell him what you want.."

Jamie turned to see Charles rapidly hardening cock and couldn't believe the
loss she felt now that Jennifer's fingers had stopped their ministrations.
"Charles I want you to fuck me, I want you're cock in my pussy and my ass.
I want you to use and abuse me." Jamie pleaded with Charles. "I want you

Charles couldn't resist an offer like that. He moved behind Jamie and ran his
fingers over Jamie's ass and pussy. "You sure Jamie?" He asked still a bit
unsure of this but Jamie reached back and stroked his cock. He moved in
closer to her pussy Jennifer opened her pussy allowing him easier access. He
slid the head of his cock into Jamie's very tight pussy. "OH my god it feels
so good." He slid a bit more of his cock into her.

"It feels so good, its filling me up." Jamie groaned and tried to push back
to get even more of his cock into her tight pussy. "OH YES, fuck me," she
begged. She felt the last of his cock slip inside of her pussy. She started
to pound herself up and down on his hard cock. She felt Jennifer playing with
her clit, the sensations quickly brought her to orgasm. She collapsed forward
as her orgasm subsided. Charles continued to fuck her now very slick pussy,
but she wanted to try something more. "Fuck my ass Charles," she begged.

"Yes do it to her Charles." Jennifer quickly moved her hands to Jamie's tight
ass and pulled it apart exposing her tight puckered bunghole. She slipped one
finger into Jamie's pussy getting it nice and wet then slid the finger into
Jamie's asshole. Jamie groaned at the intrusion. "Boy is she tight, you're
gonna need a bit more lube." She got up and went to her purse.

Charles watched as she pulled something out of her purse. "What's that?"

"I always come prepared to cum," she laughed at her pun. She walked over to
the others she poured the lotion onto Jamie's ass. she used her fingers to
force a bit of the lotion into her asshole. She then ran her hands over
Charles cock getting it nice and lubed. "I think you can manage it now."

Charles pushed the head of his cock against Jamie's anus. "Here it comes." He
forced his prick past her resisting rectum. The head of his prick slipped
inside as Jamie groaned in what Charles couldn't tell what was pleasure or
pain. He didn't care, the pleasure of Jamie's ass was incredible. He started
forcing more and more of his cock into her ass not caring if he gave her pain
just caring about his own pleasure. He grabbed her hips and forced the last
of his cock deep into her bowels. He started fucking her ass driving it deep
and then pulling out until just the head of his prick was inside her. It felt
incredible after only a few strokes he shot his load deep into her ass.

Jamie felt his seed penetrate deep into her. As Charles pulled out he
collapsed onto the bed between the two girls. They tried to revive his cock
but he was done for the night. They slept in his bed, when Charles got up he
rushed the girls out knowing Jamie's mother would be home later that day.

Several weeks later.

Jamie was horny she had tried to repeat her experience with Charles but he
wouldn't do it with her claiming it was wrong. Jamie had gone to see Jennifer
but she wasn't interested saying she wasn't experienced enough for her tastes
besides she'd broken up with Charles. She had almost fucked one of her
classmates but he lost it and shot his wad before they even got started. What
she needed was another college man. As she sat alone at the house Charles
friend Buddy came in.

"Hi Jamie, Charles around?" He asked.

Jamie thought a moment, she had heard rumors about how the dumb Buddy managed
to get a lot of girls. The secret was between his legs, at least that was the
rumor. Suddenly she decided. "No, he's off at class. Buddy could you help me
for a minute upstairs?"

"Sure Jamie." He followed as she led him upstairs. He noticed her firm ass
and shapely legs. She led him into her room. "What can I do for you?"

Jamie thought a moment, she didn't want to scare him off. "I wanted to move
my dresser. Could a big strong man like you move it?"

"No problem." He moved and started to pick it up surprised at the size. He
couldn't budge it so he tried a different grip and started lifting. Suddenly,
he felt Jamie's hands encircle his waist. He couldn't believe it as one of
her hands went inside his pants and found his cock and started stroking it.
"Jamie what are you doing?" He turned but Jamie continued to stroke his cock.

"I heard you had a big one." She continued to stroke his ever growing slab of
meat. "I'm glad to say you do, and I want to try it." She unzipped her dress
letting it drop to the floor revealing her naked body to Buddy. "Don't you
want me?" She asked poutily.

Somewhere in his mind Buddy knew it was wrong but there didn't seem to be
much blood going to his brain at the moment. "Of course I want you Jamie."
He was surprised when she knelt before him deftly taking his cock out and
started to suck on it, quickly getting him fully hard.

Jamie couldn't believe the size of Buddy's schlong it was almost ten inches
long and thick "I want you inside of me." She pushed Buddy back on her bed,
he lay down his cock sticking straight up. "I'm gonna enjoy this." She
climbed onto him letting his cock touch against her pussy. She allowed
herself to drop taking all of his cock deep inside her pussy, she had never
felt such pleasure. She started riding up and down on his magnificent cock.
Buddy was suckling at her nipples driving her crazy.

Sarah Powell dropped her books as she entered the room. She couldn't believe
it she was seeing her big sister ride up and down on a huge penis. "Jamie
what are you doing?" She blurted out.

Jamie looked over and saw her taller younger sister watching them intently.
She wanted her sister to have as much pleasure as she was now having. "I'm
fucking Buddy and its fantastic." She kept riding up and down. "You want to
try it?"

"No," Sarah shot back but she couldn't stop watching the two of them making
love. "Its so big," she blurted as Jamie came off the huge prick "I didn't
think they got that big!"

Jamie impaled herself again on Buddy's prick "Not all of them are but when
their this big their incredible. You've got to try it Sarah." She moaned in
pleasure, Buddy pulled her off his prick and shot his load all over himself.
Jamie climbed off Buddy's prick and reached down and licked up some of his
cum. "You want a taste?" Jamie asked.

Sarah moved closer. "Well, maybe just a little taste." She bent over and
stuck out her tongue. She licked up a drop of cum from Buddy's stomach. "Not

"You've got to get closer then that to get the good stuff." Sarah unsure of
herself leaned closer to Buddy's prick licking up another drop of sperm.
Jamie grabbed Sarah's hand and placed it on Buddy's rapidly hardening cock.
Jamie started to guide it up and down along its length.

Sarah couldn't believe what she was doing. Buddy's prick was rapidly
expanding to what Sarah thought was its full length. She got in closer, she
jumped a bit as Buddy put a hand to one of her small breasts. He started
playing with her tit through her clothes. She leaned closer and licked a bit
of sperm right of the tip of his prick.

"Go ahead taste it." Jamie egged her on. "Its incredible, you've got to try
it." Jamie's hands went around her taller sisters waist going right to her
belt, she opened it up and started to work on the buttons of her jeans.

Sarah stood back up as her jeans came open. "What are you doing Jamie?" She
asked a bit ashamed how hot her sisters attentions were getting her.

"Just getting you comfortable, now suck on his prick. You've got it all hard
it would be impolite to leave him that way."

Sarah thought about it a moment, looking down seeing Buddy with a huge hard
on. She didn't want to be thought of as a tease. She bent down and took the
tip of his cock into her mouth and used her tongue to play with the purple
head. She felt Jamie pulling off her jeans. She lifted her legs allowing
Jamie to pull of her jeans. She squirmed a bit as Jamie ran her hands up her
long legs. She continued to suck on Buddy's cock as she felt Jamie push her
hand to her panty covered pussy.

Jamie started running her hand over Sarah's pussy. She was a bit surprised
Sarah didn't object but when she felt how wet she was Jamie understood
Sarah's willingness. She pulled at the waistband of her panties pulling them
off her sister. She was quick to go to Sarah's dripping pussy, attacking it
with her fingers and as Sarah spread her legs for the intrusion, Jamie sat
under her and started to lick at her pussy.

Sarah couldn't believe the sensations as Jamie played with her pussy. She was
enjoying it immensely even though she knew it was wrong but her body felt too
good to stop. As she felt Jamie suck on her clit she came off Buddy's prick
as waves of pleasure overcame her. She almost fell but at the last minute
grabbed onto the bed to hold herself up.

"Easy there." Jamie grabbed her sister and pushed her over towards her bed.
Buddy was quickly at Sarah's side guiding her onto her own bed. Sarah lay
back with her legs spread wide open. "I think you're ready for something a
bit more advanced." Jamie's hands went to Sarah's shirt she pulled it off.
"Nice set Sarah," she commented as her tits came into view. "You think she's
ready to fuck Buddy?" Jamie asked offhandedly.

"What do you think." Buddy was holding his hard on. He needed to get off and
didn't care what hole he used. He saw Sarah smile up at him and that was all
the encouragement he needed. He climbed onto the bed between her legs. Too
horny for foreplay he positioned his prick at the entrance to her pussy. He
rubbed it around the outside getting it wet with juices then he put the head
against the entrance to her virgin pussy.

Sarah moaned as she felt Buddy rub his cock around her pussy. The feeling
drove her crazy, she needed more stimulation. After what seemed to her like
forever he repositioned forcing the head of his prick into her very tight
tunnel. "More," she moaned as the pleasure of the moment overcame her. Jamie
tried to help her sister using her fingers to pull open her pussy allowing
Buddy easier access. Jamie bent over and started to suck at her sisters
lovely little tits. Sarah started moaning at Buddy's intrusion, Jamie climbed
onto the bed positioning her own pussy over Sarah's face, muffling her cries
of pleasure. Sarah was quick to get the idea burying her face into Jamie's

Buddy couldn't believe it as Jamie climbed atop Sarah. He started fucking
Sarah even harder but she was so tight he only managed to fit about half his
length into her. He started pulling out and then pushing as far forward as he
could but he couldn't get in any farther. Jamie bent forward and gave Buddy a
kiss then kissed her way down his body. Buddy couldn't believe it as Jamie's
tongue ran along his prick as it went in and out of Sarah's tight pussy. He
couldn't stand the pleasure and pulled out of Sarah shooting his load between
the two girls.

Buddy stood up and grabbed his clothes as the girls untangled themselves.
"I've got to get out of here. What if Charles or you're mother saw this?"

Jamie giggled as she dressed. "They won't be here this weekend, you want to
come by for some more fun." She saw him trying to nod his head and put on his
pants and almost fall on his face, she laughed. "Maybe you could bring along
a friend or two?"

"No problem." Buddy was already thinking who to invite. He finished dressing
just as Charles arrived, he made some excuses and ran out.

the next weekend

Jamie let buddy in early, and then went upstairs to get dressed for her
weekend of fun. She wondered who Buddy had invited along. She wondered
whether he was any good at sex, she hoped he was half as good as Buddy. She
dressed in her sluttiest outfit one that showed her legs. She then watched as
her sister Sarah finished dressing, she hadn't had anything sexy to wear.
Sarah borrowed a sexy dress from Jamie, it was a bit small on Sarah but
enhanced the look the dress barely covered her ass.

Buddy called from downstairs that his friend was there. Jamie and Sarah
headed for the stairs planning to make a grand entrance. Jamie walked about
halfway down the stairs before she realized Buddy had brought three of his
friends. She had been expecting only one other guy but this intrigued her.
She continued down the stairs. She could tell Sarah was nervous but as the
guys started talking complementing the girls they started to loosen up.

One of the guys handed Sarah a drink, Sarah tasted beer for the first time
in her life. The others started drinking someone suggested a game of strip
poker. They all sat around the table someone dealt a hand. Sarah was a bit
confused about the rules of the game and it seemed to move awfully fast. One
of the guys won first so everyone else had to take off a piece of clothing.
Sarah slipped out of her shoes. the others seemed to do the same.

Another hand was dealt and again one of the guys won everyone else had to
strip off something. Since she was wearing very little Jamie had little
choice but to peel off her tight dress. The guys ogled her appreciatively as
she gave them a little twirl in her bra and panties. "Now you Sarah." Jamie
commented but Sarah seemed reluctant. "You don't want them to think you're a
bad sport do you?" Jamie helped Sarah out of her dress.

Both girls sat back down wearing only bra and panties and another hand was
dealt. Sarah noticed the boys sneaking looks at the girls another guy won.
Sarah started to suspect they were cheating, but didn't know what to do about
it. She finished her drink and the boys poured her another one. Sarah
remained seated as she carefully slipped her panties off her body. She
thought she noticed one or two of the guys take peeks under the table. Sarah
watched as her sister Jamie stood and seductively stripped her panties down
her legs giving the guys a real show.

The girls lost another hand, Jamie made a real production of taking off her
bra. Sarah was reluctant but finally slipped off her bra but slumped in her
chair to hide her breasts. One of the guys started dealing another hand. "We
have nothing left to bet?"

"Then you bet plus." One of the guys explained if you lose and have no
clothes left to bet you have to do whatever the winner says.

Sarah picked up her cards and she had garbage and knew she was going to lose.
They quickly went through the hand and Sarah and Jamie again lost. The boys
stood up most of them were just in their underwear and Sarah could see that
their hardons were very much in evidence. The winner took Sarah's hand and
had her stand, he ogled her body for a moment or two as a couple of the other
boys started feeling up Jamie.

The winner grabbed Sarah by the waist and pushed her up onto the kitchen
table. He slipped his shorts off and his hard on was rubbing around the
outside of Sarah's pussy. He rubbed it around the outside of Sarah's pussy
and used his hands to play with her small tits driving her crazy. "Do you
want it?" He asked.

"Yes I want it." She begged. She gasped as he buried his prick into her tight
pussy. "It feels so good," it was about halfway inside of her. She felt him
pull out and ram it back in, she felt it going even deeper this time. The man
leaned forward and started sucking on her nipples. He shot his load deep
inside of her pussy and pulled out. She was worried for a moment that they
were done but one of the other guys quickly replaced him between her legs and
started fucking her with an even bigger tool.

Jamie had seen her sister Sarah being put up on the table as two men were
pushing their fingers into her pussy. They threw her up on the kitchen
central counter. She lay back over the counter one man took position between
her legs and slipped his prick into her pussy. She fell back on the counter
her head falling over the other edge, in a minute another man presented his
cock Jamie's face, as her long blonde hair hung down almost to the floor. She
took the cock into her throat it slipped easily deep into her mouth, she felt
it hit the back of her throat and slid into her throat.

Jamie was fucked in this position for only a little bit before the man in her
throat came filling her with his jism. The other man pulled her up and with
his dick still deep in her cunt, she wrapped her body around his using her
legs and arms to hang on as she was picked up. She loved this, her body
weight drove his prick even deeper into her cunt. He started to walk toward
the door to the living room. Jamie loved it, every bounce sent waves of
pleasure through her body.

Jamie noticed Sarah being picked up and carried to the living room just as
she was. He used her back to push open the door and walked into the living
room. Sarah came out right behind her. As Sarah appeared Jamie heard a loud
shout and applause. She looked around and was mortified there had to be a
dozen men sitting around the living room.

"We decided to give you a real fucking." The man carrying Jamie commented as
he walked over to the couch he turned and sat. Pulling Jamie right down on
top of him.

"But we can't," Jamie tried to protest still sitting on the mans cock. His
only response was to use his hands to pull her up and down on his hard prick
Someone came up behind her pushing her body forward she felt hands at her
ass. She felt a prick pushing at her anus. She felt the cock slip inside of
her. "OH GOD," she moaned as the prick slide into her tight ass.

Sarah was plopped down on the couch the man in her pussy dropped out as she
fell and shot his load all over her body. She wanted to stop this but another
man shoved his cock deep and hard into her pussy causing her to gasp. As her
mouth was open for a moment another man shoved his cock into her mouth. Sarah
started to suck it knowing she was going to satisfy most of the men in the

Jamie felt the two men inside of her cum as she had her own orgasm. She moved
over and willingly climbed onto another large prick and reached behind
spreading her own ass cheeks hoping someone would fuck her ass again. She
wasn't disappointed another man quickly filled her ass. Someone else stood on
the couch and offered his prick to her mouth she gobbled it down.

Sarah was taking one prick in her mouth and another in her pussy but the guys
saw Jamie's act and decided Sarah could handle three as well. As soon as the
one in her pussy shot off Sarah was rolled off of the couch and onto a
waiting prick. As her cunt was impaled on it she was pushed forward and
someone was pressing his prick against her anus. Suddenly it popped into her
ass, Sarah felt a bit of pain but her scream was muffled as another cock was
forced into her mouth. Soon all three cocks were pistoning in and out of her
young body.

The girls mother Ellen Powell heard strange noises as she went to open the
locked front door. She had arrived home early and was furious that the girls
might be having a party in her absence. She got the key in the lock and
opened the door. As she stepped into the living room, she was stunned and
speechless. All she could see was naked boys their hard cocks sticking
straight out. "What is going on here!" She yelled out but no one stopped a
couple of the men moved towards her. "I want all of you out of my house now!"
She started to panic as one of the boys went behind her and closed the front

"That's not going to happen lady." One of the men grabbed her arms. "We were
invited here to a fuck party and we're not going to leave until none of us
can get it up anymore." She watched as the men fucking her daughter shot
their loads and were quickly replaced by more men.

"I'll call the police." She responded meekly.

"And you're daughters will be known as the biggest sluts around town. I don't
think you want that to happen, now sit down and be good." He guided her to a
chair and she sat not being able to take her eyes off her daughters. "Of
course you could help out you're daughters, at the rate their going you're
little girls aren't going to be able walk tomorrow. What do you say you want
to help them out?"

Ellen looked around at the men and their hard pricks. It had been so long,
she thought, her husband hadn't been around for months. Suddenly she decided
and stood, she started slowly peeling off her own clothes. The guys cheered
as the last of her clothes hit the floor.

Ellen fell to her knees and a cock was presented to her face, she took it
into her mouth. Another man took up position behind her and positioned his
cock at her pussy, she moaned around the cock in her mouth as she was
penetrated. The man in her mouth shot his load and Ellen had a clear view of
her lovely young daughters being penetrated. She couldn't believe how horny
the sight made her, but the cock in her pussy withdrew. "Someone fuck me
now." She begged as the guys laughed. She was pulled backwards, she felt
someone under her and a prick pushing at her anus.

Ellen fell back and was impaled on a cock in her ass. The man under her
pulled her backwards. She threw out her hands and feet trying to maintain her
balance but exposing everything to the men. Someone rammed his cock deep into
her pussy she groaned in pleasure as she was double penetrated.

Someone put a cock near her mouth. "I was just in you're daughters pussy,
want a taste?" Ellen couldn't believe it but she wanted to taste it. She
opened her mouth and the cock slipped into her mouth. She ran her tongue over
it getting all of her daughters taste in her mouth. As she tasted it she
wondered which daughter it was from. He shot deep in her mouth, the other men
in her holes quickly followed, filling her up and they were all quickly
replaced. She lost track of the number of men that fucked her and to her
astonishment felt empty when they weren't immediately replaced.

Ellen felt herself being picked up and carried across the room. "Are we

"No its just half time." One of the men responded. "You know what happens at
half time." He paused and then they all yelled out, "half time show!" The one
man continued as she was laid on the floor forming a triangle with her two
girls. "You are all dirty, we want to see you clean each other up. Now get to

Ellen looked down and saw Jamie start to eat at her cunt. She couldn't
believe how good it felt. Looking over she saw Sarah sucking on Jamie's
snatch. Ellen was presented with Sarah's pussy it looked all red and was
dripping cum. Tentatively she pressed her hand to her pussy and started
rubbing.Sarah's clit. Ellen had to have a taste she started licking at it.
Tentatively at first but as Sarah started to respond and Jamie continued to
pleasure her, she started working on Sarah much more aggressively.

"Ellen Powell how do you like eating out you're daughter Sarah?" One of the
men asked.

"Its incredible!" She responded and looked up noticing they were filming the
scene but was beyond caring. She went back to munching on her daughters

"Alright switch." The guys ordered and the girls were flipped. Now Sarah was
eating her mother and Ellen was eating Jamie and Jamie eating Sarah. "How's
you're other daughter taste?" One of them asked laughing.

When he pulled her head up she responded. "Great, very sweet." They let go of
her hair and she went back to working on Jamie's pussy.

"Second half!" One of the guys called and the girls were pulled apart. They
found themselves pushed onto hard cocks, they were side by side as pricks
pushed into their asses. The girls noticed the camera's as they were double
penetrated. Each of them had orgasms rack their bodies as one after the other
the men fucked them, hard at first then more gently.

After what seemed like hours, the girls lay on the floor exhausted. None of
the men could get it up anymore. As they walked out one of the last men to
leave commented "Next time come to the frat house. We can have more fun
there." He leaned down tweaked each of the girls nipples. "OH by the way I'll
send you a copy of the tape it should be outstanding," with that he left the
girls laying naked on the floor.

It took them awhile to be able to stand. Ellen was the first to head for the
shower, she was very happy as Jamie and then Sarah joined her in the shower.
They pleasured each other as they bathed, knowing their lives would be
different from now on.

the end.


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