Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Knows Best (Fb,inc,anal)
by Dr. Demented 666

Ten year old Grayson just got home from school and it appeared no one else was home yet. He scurried up the stairs to head to his bedroom when passing his 19 year old sister's, Savannah, bedroom he heard a buzz-like sound. He stopped and opened her bedroom door to find his totally naked sister lying on her bed working some sort of object back and forth into her hole between her legs.

Savannah was moaning and caressing her body as she worked the chrome toy into her pussy, that was the sound Grayson heard-the buzzing of her vibrator that changed tones as she shoved it into her pussy and worked it back and forth.

Grayson couldn't believe his eyes as he saw his sister in a way he never has before. Sure he seen her in a bikini as Miss Tennessee, but never naked. Her erect nipples standing on end on her plump breasts and long legs opened and spread while bent upright at the knees as she worked the device in her smoothly shaven pussy, making the chrome glisten with her vaginal juices...

"Grayson! How long have you been standing there?" Savannah said with her southern accent.

"Uhhhhh...I just...I heard this sound...I mean...I...I didn't know you were..." Grayson stuttered to his sister.

"It's ok. Looks like you got an eyeful, catching me playing with myself...Do you like what you see?" She asked of her little brother, to which he nodded a profound 'YES'.

"Come here then...Have you ever played with yourself, I mean---touch your thing and all?" Savannah asked of her brother with curiosity.

Grayson said he didn't but was experiencing his first ever erection and found himself rubbing it through his pants...

"Mmmmmm...Looks like you got a boner, Grayson...Take off your clothes and let me see..." Savannah suggested.

Grayson was all too willing to show his sister his goods as he disrobed and let his 4" hard-on stand straight out with excitement. His sister smiled and motioned for him to come to and on the bed with a come-hither wag of her finger. Grayson came to the bed and got on it at his sister's side as she grabbed his hand and placed it over the toy in her pussy.

Grayson could feel the vibrations it gave off along with the smooth nature of his sisters skin down below...

"Work it back and forth in me like you watched me do, Grayson...Let me feel it...Turn me on, Grayson!" His sister begged.

Grayson slowly slid the toy back and forth in his sister as he stared down at her upheaving breasts as she arched her back. Grayson laid dwon at his sister's side and began to lick her stiff nipple as he dry-humped the side of her leg while fucking her with the toy. Savannah came within seconds as she let out a squealing giggle and her body convulsed as she squirted onto her brother's hand...

"Shit, that felt good! Come here, Grayson...Straddle my face and let me get you off, now..." His sister stated.

Grayson climbed over his sister as she lay on her back and straddled her face, letting his hard cock rest against her chin and lips and wondering what she had planned. He watched as she opened her mouth and took his full length in, feeling the intense suction being applied as her lips folded around his shaft and her saliva coated his shaft as her tongue caressed it playfully. Within seconds he was experiencing his first ever orgasm!

Savannah pushed her brother's cock from her mouth with her tongue and watched as it pounced and bobbed in midair with each throb he had. Each time it landed on her face it sprang back up in reaction to the touch of her warm skin. Grayson's eyes dilated and he became dizzy as he watched his thing dance and pulse in a way it never has before. He of course had a dry orgasm since he was too young to produce sperm, but the experience otherwise was the same...

"Bet that felt good...Let's try something else, put it in me..." Savannah said.

"In you? But it already was in you..." Grayson replied.

"No, I mean...In my pussy...Where they toy was." Savannah clarified.

Grayson's eyes widened as he jumped between her legs and pulled the toy from her, laying it on the bed still vibrating and replacing it with his own hard cock. He watched his shaft sink into his sister and the joy it gave both her and him. Her wet warmth surrounding his shaft as he plunged it back and forth into her, making it throb yet again as he shut his eyes in a wincing manner while Savannah took in his throbbing pulses inside her.

Grayson collapsed a top his sister and she reached down between her legs as he looked into her eyes, feeling her take his dick out of her pussy and commanding: "Push! Push HARD, now!"

Grayson shoved with force and felt a knew tight sensation as his sister's mouth opened with a gasp and groan. Her eyes began to water as her ass cherry was popped and Grayson pumped away into her asshole. Savannah hooked her smooth legs around her brother's slender frame as he fucked her anally, taking the palm of her hand and folding it around the back of his head and pulling him down to her face.

Savannah proceeded to give her brother his first boy-girl kiss-a French kiss at that!. He enjoyed the sensation and taste of their tongues flinging about in each others mouths as his cock began to throb in her ass. Savannah felt the intense throbbing sensation against her anal walls and pulsing clear way up to her clit, chills ran up her spine and she yelped like a puppy as she had one last orgasm; squirting all over her brother's lower half.

The two siblings experienced a new found love for each other and gave one another a profound gift they could never give again-their virginity...But the sex would always be there...

"Remember, Grayson. We can't ever tell anyone what we just did. This was wrong on so many levels but ever so right as long as we keep it between us...." Savannah told her younger brother who agreed with her as he snuggled up against her in bed.


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