Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: Travels of Joshua Long Part 8 (MF)
by JH

Joshua stared at the TV screen. His frustration had been mounting ever since
he first attempted to enter the world of a movie...and failed. Since that
time he had perfected his manipulation of the vast unreality of TV but all
attempts (to include cartoons) were utter and absolute failures. He realized
that his frustration was one of being denied access into an environment he
felt he should be able to enter and not sexual. Then it hit him like a
lightning strike in the dark...the solution.

It took him another million or so dollars and six months of labor but he
believed he had solved the problem. He found himself, again, watching the
movie "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof". The movie was a 1958 adaptation of a
Tennessee Williams' work starring Burl Ives, Paul Newman...and most
importantly a beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. She stood 5' 4" and her voluptuous
body measured 38D-26-36. Even on the small screen her hazel/violet eyes and
tan skin (made all the more apparent by the white dresses she wore) were
overwhelming and seemed to exude sex. He had watched this movie a half a
dozen times - repeating the scene where Maggie Pollitt asks Brick Pollitt
if her seams are straight after having to change her nylons.

So, now he was going to try again to cross the reality barrier. Just as
important he had to manipulate the world he entered and get home. (He began
to wonder for the millionth time if he was really doing this or had he
created some psychotic imaginary world ala Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful
Mind"? Then he realized, also for the millionth time, it didn't matter - it
was real to him.)

Joshua rolled his wheelchair into position and placed the headpiece in
position. He adjusted the machine...heard a low hum...the world around him
began to bend and lose all form.

Joshua found himself in the front of a large white house, a mansion he
supposed and from the looks of the area it must be in the deep south. He
vaguely remembered that the movie took place in Mississippi so the texture
of the world was correct...then he began to realize what he had done. A
smile came to him and he walked to and through the front door - not only
was he here but the entire reality was playing out like he had imagined.

Standing in the hallway was Maggie Pollitt. Her beauty was even greater now
than it had been on the screen. Her tan skin showed her figure in sharp
contrast to the white dress. She wore tan seamed nylons and 4" white spiked
pumps. As she turned towards him her 38D bust line was enhanced by the low
cut neckline of the dress. Her eyes widened. "What are you doing here?"

He smiled and walked half way up the staircase - "I came to see you."

She gasped a little and followed him up the staircase. The air was warm and
humid but not overpowering. (Another factor in his controlling the world - no
bugs and no bad weather!) He walked straight to her room and as she followed
him in and closed the door. Grabbing her he pressed his lips to hers. She
pressed against him and her tongue slipped into his mouth. Her arms wrapped
around his neck and she pulled him tighter. He caught the scent of expensive
perfume (he wondered if he even knew what Chanel 5 smelled like!) and could
feel the warmth of her body through the clothing. The kiss was incredible.

Their lips were locked and her tongue was playing inside his mouth. He slid
his hands down her back and cupped the two globes of her ass. She pressed
tighter against him and his cock began to respond. In reaction she took her
hand and began to rub him through his pants. She pushed him back onto the bed
and dropped to her knees in front of him. Reaching up she unzipped his pants
and pulled his half hard prick out.

After a moment she held it in her hands and lapped the shaft from base to
head with her tongue. He closed his eyes. She encircled the head with her
saliva and sucked it between her lips. Slowly she pulled him completely into
her mouth until he was totally engulfed. His hands went to her short dark
hair and he began to move his hips in rhythm to her mouth. She made soft
slurping sounds as the hardening cock began to slide in and out of her mouth.

Abruptly she stood up and slid the shoulder straps of the dress of and
dropped the dress to the floor. The slip was next and she was standing in
front of him her breasts barely constrained by the white lace of the bra. A
wide matching garter belt around her waist held up her tan nylons. A pair
of white spiked heeled pumps finished the look. She wore no panties. The
triangle of hair between her legs matched the dark color of her short

In one motion she unsnapped the bra. Her tits sprang free, large soft tan
mounds topped with large pink nipples. She reached up and began to squeeze
and pinch them into a reddening hardness. She straddled his hips and lowered
herself onto his now hard cock. She gasped as he entered her. Leaning forward
she pulled his lips to one of her breasts.

"Suck it. Suck me."

She was beginning to ride him letting his cock slide deep into her cunt then,
as she lifted up, slide to the edge before she sat back down burying him
deep. He was licking and sucking every inch of those magnificent breasts. She
held them up for him. His cock was engulfed by the tight hot folds of her
vagina. The pleasure was increased as she slowly bounced up and down causing
his cock to piston in and out. He looked up at her. She had her eyes wide
open - they were a deep violet. Her red lips were parted as she gasped each
breath in time with his cock.

"That's it. Fuck me. Make me cum. Suck on my tits."

She pulled his mouth onto her breasts. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and
his tongue rubbed at it. He could feel it get harder and larger in his mouth.
He stood and rolled her on her back. Her legs went over his shoulders. He
felt the nylons on his neck and the spiked heels at his back. In this
position he began to drive deep into her cunt. Her nails pulled at his back.
He was driving his cock deep into her. He would squeeze one breast and
capture the nipple in his mouth. Then he would repeat the action on the other
breast. She was urging him on pushing her hips up to him.

"Fuck me. Do you want my ass? Cum in my cunt? On my tits? Cum on my face?"

He looked at her face. It was just like a thousand pictures he had
of the most beautiful women in the world and now she was his cum sucking fuck
slut. He was building towards his own orgasm. He pulled his cock out of her
cunt and pulled her up. His first shot hit her in the face. She grabbed his
cock and the second shot hit her open mouth. She lapped at the head of his
prick. He shot again and hit her tits. The sperm ran in a stream down to her
lap. She took him back into her mouth and sucked him dry swallowing every
drop. She pulled him out and ran his prick across her face. Her tongue slowly
lapped at him as he lost rigidity. He looked down at her.

Her tan skin in sharp contrast to the white lace garter belt and white spiked
heels. Her large soft round breasts, showing no sag, topped by large deep red
nipples. That beautiful face, dark hair, red lips and violet eyes. She rubbed
his prick across those features. The world began to shimmer then darken.

Joshua was back in his lab and again confined to his wheelchair...but he had
done it! He began to plan his next entry.

Part 9: Perry Mason


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