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Children Of Dune: She Can't Help Herself (mFf,inc)
by The Fan.


The biggest city on the planet Arrakis. The home of the Atreides.

The Atreides were a wealthy family. One of the great Houses of the Empire.
The empire was started by House Harkonnen. House Corrino also ruled.

The Atreides began with Leto Atreides, a Duke of the old code. He married
Jessica, of the Bene Gesserit. She bore him a son, Paul Atreides. This went
against the wishes of the Bene Gesserit. Paul was born while his mother was
in a Spice trance. It made him more than human. He was psychic and

Leto and Lady Jessica had a daughter, Alia. She was also born in a Spice
trance. Spice was the most precious substance in the universe. It was
harvested from the Shai'Hulud, a race of gigantic voracious worms that lived
on the planet Arrakis, called Dune by its inhabitants the stoic Fremen. The
empire controlled Dune when Leto Atreides came there with his son Paul.

Leto would be killed by the treachery of Shaddam IV, the Harkonnen emperor.
His son Paul would wander into the desert and join the Fremen rebels who
struggled against House Harkonnen. They would call him Muad'Dib. He would
overthrow the emperor and become the ruler of Dune, the favored hero of the
Fremen. Then one day he would meet Chani, a Fremen woman. They fell in love.
They had two children, Leto II and Ghanima. The Atreides twins. Born with
the superhuman powers of their father. Paul would leave one day because fate
commanded it. Chani would die.

There would be vacancy upon the Throne of Dune. Paul's sister Alia would
become the ruler. She was to rule until the children of Paul Atreides came
of age. Years went by....


Alia was growing restless. She was lonely in the palace of Arrakeen. The
Fremen came and worshipped Muad'Dib, the deified version of her older
brother, now a desert madman calling himself the Preacher. She was lonely.
Politics demanded that she trust no one. Such was the way of things in the
empire. She walked alone in the halls.

She was in her thirties. A tall, slender and beautiful woman with long black
hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin was golden and she was enthralling to look
at. And lonely. No amount of power would change the fact that she was a
woman, a lonely one, with a woman's needs. She wanted Duncan Idaho, but he
was always off world, ridding the empire of the dangerous foes of House
Atreides. Plus he was a half dead organic mechanical entity called a mentat
by imperial science and a ghola by the Fremen.

She walked to the throne room. It was deserted. No one was there. She walked
until she reached the throne. Then she sat down, and let her mind wander. She
wandered what it would be like to be a normal woman. She was the most
powerful person in existence as far as politics were concerned. Plus she had
the ability to read minds, an ability enhanced by the Spice harvested from
the giant worms of Dune. Her courtroom was boring. So many losers trying to
win her favor by lying and cheating. It was what she had to endure everyday.

"Aunt Alia?" came a voice.

Alia turned around and found herself staring into the eyes of a strange
youth. A boy, tall and slender, with spiky black hair and blue eyes. He did
not look a day over fifteen. "Hi, Leto," she said.

"Hello, aunt," he said. He walked up to her and gave her a hug. Leto II had
always been a very affectionate child. Alia was always surprised by him. He
hugged her fiercely, lifting her off the floor. Alia gasped. The youth was
strong. And so young. Put me down, she ordered. He obeyed and put her not on
the throne but on the ground. On her rump. Leto, she said, ready to give him
a verbal reprimand. She looked at him. He was smiling. That disarming smile
that worked on the Sardaukar, the genetically engineered killers that served
as the Imperial guard. He made these inhuman beings smile and laugh,
something none could do. Alia smiled at that. "What is wrong?" he asked.

Alia looked at her nephew and said nothing. Leto smiled. "Oh, come on, Alia,
no one means it when they say nothing's wrong." She was surprised by his
directness. She got the urge to talk and the lad encouraged her. She went on
and on. At the end, Leto smiled. "Aunt, you need a break," he said. "I know
just the thing. Ghanima," he said.

Out of the shadowed zone of the throne room came a tall, slender girl with
pale blond hair and blue eyes. Leto II's twin sister. "Hi, aunt," said
Ghanima with a smile. The twins smiled to each other and began to gently push
their aunt out of the room. They drove her toward the hangar, where a thopter

In front of the thopter stood a tall, older Fremen. He watched as the twins
dragged their aunt toward the thopter. Alia was laughing beside herself.

"Stilgar? You were in on this?"

"Why, yes, m'lady," said the Fremen. He led them to the thopter where armed
Sardaukar proceeded to shove Alia in and the twins took the controls. The
machine rose into the air.

"Bye," said Stilgar.

Alia was a little nervous. The twins were too good at plotting. "Where are
you taking me?" she asked.

"It's a surprise," said Ghanima. She smiled at Leto.

They piloted the aircraft as it flew over Arrakeen and over the wild desert
of Dune. Leto deliberately flew the ship at a steady 120 feet above ground.
They were close to worm territory. Suddenly the beasts rose. They were full
grown worms. 790 feet long each. They rose out of the sand and tried to
swallow the small aircraft in the air. Alia gasped. Leto smiled and flew
down into the mouth of the largest worm and then out before it closed.
Alia's heart was pounding in her chest. The twins were crazy! They flew over
the desert until night fell.

They chased worms. Leto even dared to shoot harpoons at the beasts. They
nearly swallowed the humans and the thopter whole. Nothing could phase Leto.
He was as daring as a Laza tiger. And as crazy as a desert freydakin (hound).
They were tired. They flew back to Arrakeen. Alia was furious with the twins.
Ok, they had a good time but she was queen and no one could manipulate her.
She was so pissed she threatened to have them punished. No flying thopters
for a week. Ghanima was quick to beg but Leto did not. He waited until all
three of them were alone to say.

"Oh, come on, Alia, it's the best fun you've had in ages." He paused and,
smiling slyly added. "Or the closest you've come to an actual orgasm."

Alia was pissed but had to smile. "And what would you know about orgasms,

Leto smiled at his sister and she answered in kind. Alia saw the lustful look
in their eyes and they looked at her predatorily. "What you do is sacrilege,"
she said.

"We are born in spice, as you were, everything we are is sacrilege," said

"And we love each other, Alia." He added. "And we love you."

Alia gasped. They smiled and walked her to their room and listened to what
they had to tell her. When they were done she was horrified. "Oh, God!" she

She sat on the bed. Ghanima went behind her and began massaging her
shoulders. It didn't take long before the massaging took on a more...sexual
aspect. Ghanima's small hands began to fondle Alia's body. Alia felt
something in herself rise but she shuddered at the thought of it. "No," she

"Oh, come on," said Leto. "We love you."

He looked hurt. She reached out to touch the beautiful boy as she had in the
past. "I love you too," she said. "But this cannot be."

"Why not?" he said.

Alia fumbled for answers. She closed her eyes. When she opened them the twins
were glaring at her, both of them stark naked. Alia looked at their beautiful
physiques and the thing rose in her again. A heat from within. Arousal. The
thought sickened her mind but her body liked it. The twins sensed it. She had
to leave, and quick. Before she made a move, the twins moved on her. One in
front and one behind. Both of their naked bodies pressed against her.
"Don't," she said weakly.

They smiled and Ghanima began undressing her. Alia tried to resist but Leto
held her firmly. Soon they had her naked, on the bed. Alia's head rested on
Leto's knees and the woman lay there naked. Ghanima parted her legs. Then
she began to poke and prod her aunt's pussy with her fingers. Alia gasped.
Ghanima began to give Alia's cunt a thorough licking and the woman began to
moan and squirm under the girl's expert touch. Leto was not inactive. He
began to kiss Alia then to suckle on her breasts. He admired her body. She
was beautiful, he decided. Such a body, hard earned through exercise and
training and never to be enjoyed. He sucked on Alia's tits then fondled them.
He licked her and found that she was sensitive to his touch.

Meanwhile, Ghanima was fucking Alia with a strange implement once called a
dildo by an extinct culture. The thing went inside the woman, and she bucked
and tried to flee but gasped and moaned and panted instead. "Aaaaaahhhhh."
Ghanima was enjoying this. Apparently so was Alia judging by her screams.

They switched positions and Alia began to wait impatiently. Ghanima wore a
strap on dildo and she beagn to fuck her aunt with it. The thing went in and
out of Alia's pussy. Alia was on her back, legs wide open to the girl fucking
her and she sucked on Leto's cock. Leto gasped when she sucked him. Her mouth
was warm and tasty. She licked his cock head and licked along the shaft
before swallowing most of his eight inches. Ghanima was fucking her with a
rage. Ghanima always fucked women with a rage. The only man she let fuck her
was Leto. Leto chuckled when he remembered what she did to Stilgar when the
old lecher tried to touch her. Talk about a pain way up in the ass. He looked
at Ghanima and she understood him.

She pulled out of Alia and kissed him. Leto found her incredibly sexy with
the strap on around her waist. She saw his cock stiffen and smiled coyly.
"Is that for me?"

"Yes," he said. C"ome and get it."

Ghanima went on her hands and knees and spread her asscheeks apart. Leto
knelt to her level and placed his cock at the entrance of her tight little
ass. It was something they had discussed more than once. Something he wanted
and she agreed to. He began to slowly get in there. She had lubricated her
asshole with spice oil. He went in. Ghanima actually gasped. Leto went in
slowly, careful not to hurt her. He slid in until he had a good five inch in
there. Then he let her ass get used to it. Alia watched them with interest
and fingered her pussy. She liked the look of pain on Ghanima's face. The
girl's eyes bulged when Leto moved and shoved his cock way up in her ass.

He fucked her nice and slow at first then harder and faster. He fucked her as
her anal walls clinched and held him then tried to repel him. Ghanima felt
like she was on fire. She knew Leto's dick was only eight inches, had had him
in her cunt and mouth many times and it felt nice but up her ass it was a
pain. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh."

Leto stopped. She told him to go on. He went in, fucking her. He kept on
going, her ass widening to take his girth. Alia joined in. She fondled
Ghanima's tits and fucked the girl's cunt with her fingers. She even lay
down and Ghanima ate her out. She watched her niece's body trembling as
her brother mercilessly fucked her then Leto gasped and shot his load deep
inside of her. Leto's eyes looked weird and he collapsed on top of Ghanima.
The girl screamed for his fall had driven his cock deeper into her ass.

They had an orgy. Leto had both of them suck his cock then he fucked them
both. Then Ghanima lay on the ground with the dildo still strapped around her
waist and Alia came to impale her pussy upon it. The woman was insatiable.
They switched around. Alia wore the strap on and fucked Ghanima with it while
she sucked Leto. They sucked and fucked until they were tired. Ghanima lay
there while Leto fucked Alia. Her aunt and brother were real perverts. She
was fifteen years older than Leto ye had no problem letting the youth fuck
her pussy. Ghanima smiled. Alia didn't know Leto's tastes...

She watched just as Alia got on her hands and knees to try a little doggie
style. She listened in. "What are you doing? Leto? This is my ass! No!"

Leto was behind Alia who was simply there, eyes wide and mouth agape. Leto
was sliding his big dick into her ass, hard. He gave her less gentleness than
he gave Ghanima. And Alia was screaming. And only three inches were in. Leto
smiled and suddenly shoved his cock into her ass, going in balls deep. The
look on Alia's face was priceless..... Fear.... Shame.... Pain. then she was
liking it. The older bitch was liking a dick up her shitter. Even if it hurt.

Ghanima left the room to an, "Oh my God, Leto, it's so big. Please go easy
my ass is still virgin." She chucked, knowing Leto would be a pain in
Alia's ass until dawn. And perhaps well into the next day. he was that

She left.

The End


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