Children of Dune belongs to the sci-fi channel and to F.H. its author. This
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Children Of Dune (MF,inc,bond,viol,cons,ncon)
by The Fan

The planet Arrakis.

Paul Atreides stood alone in the vast hall.

He was a handsome man somewhere in his thirties. He was not an ordinary
man. He was the ruler of Arrakis, more commonly known as Dune. Many called
him Muab'dib.

The spice of Dune harvested from the sandworms gave the Fremen people long
life. It also gave them unnaturally blue eyes and a somewhat high
intelligence. Dune was once the wasteland of the Universe. Now it was the
capital of an empire. Paul remembered the old days when he was a hero and
freed the desert planet from the evil empire.

A lot of time had passed since then. He had a wife. And children. The royal
twins Leto and Ghanima. They were the best hope for the future.

Paul feared what would become of his world. The prophecy said that in order
for mankind to be saved, one man would have to give up his humanity and
become a nightmare. In doing so the man would become the living incarnation
of the Worm God and live a long life and save mankind when the time called.
That was the destiny of the ruler of Dune. Paul Atreides feared it. The
people were not content. They believed less and less in the legend. He knew
so from walking among them.

Years passed.

Paul went in the desert. He needed to find himself.

Meanwhile, Leto and Ghanima had grown. They were a beautiful pair. Leto
was lean and tall, dark of hair and eye like his father. Ghanima was tall
and blonde and beautiful. They were the rulers of Dune. Groomed as Messiahs
since their birth. There were those who did not believe Dune needed
messiahs. Those who would threaten the lives of the royal heirs.

Rival families.

Paul feared his sister Alia. She had all the powers of a Mother Superior.
That cult which bred women of high mental faculty in an effort to create a
super being. Alia was not a mother superior but Paul knew his little sister
liked power. Like him she could do things no human could do. She often
insisted he underwent the Golden Path but Paul Atreides did not wish to lose
his humanity, even to save Dune a second time...

Leto sat in the Throne room. There were hundreds gathered there. Noble men
and women from all over the place. The keepers of the wealth and power of
many worlds. He sneered and traded a smile with his sister Ghanima. They
had that bond. Both Leto and Ghanima had genetic memory. They had the
knowledge of all their family going back many, many generations. They were
feared for that.

Leto looked at the gathered crowd. They were so pompous. Many of them were
fat and ugly. Off worlders. They did not live in the desert so they got
fat. Leto loathed them. He allowed his vastly capacious mind to wander and
sensed a powerful presence making its way toward the throne.

Immediately he recognized it. Alia. She stood tall, beautiful, desirable.
Her long hair was black. Her face was beautiful, in a bland kind of way.
Her presence commanded respect. She was dressed conservatively, for a regent.

"Hello, aunt," he said.

Alia smiled her special smile, like a snake. "Hello, Leto."

Leto looked at Ghanima. -She's getting bolder,- he said in that mind-speech
they shared.

-I would agree,- Ghanima responded. -Perhaps, dear brother, you should be

Leto laughed. -I fear not!-

Ghanima smiled to herself. Her brother was a cocky bastard. Genetic
superiority and intellect could not lessen his bravado way. Sometimes she
feared he could do anything. He always talked about how he hated the empire.
It was their cowardly and mysterious father's creation and he hated it as

"Honored guests," Leto said. "I welcome you to Dune."

There was a murmur in the room then all heads were bowed. All except Duncan
Idaho. Leto looked at him. He was a tall, handsome, dark haired man. More
loyal a man could not be found by anyone. Ghanima knew Leto liked the proud
and manly Duncan. She did too.

Leto rose and began giving speeches about how great a celebration this was.
He spoke of the ancient times in the old tongues of the Fremen, amazing
everyone with his fluency. Ghanima knew Leto was a bastard who hated books
and learning and would boldly do anything even remotely ressembling a
perilous adventure. Boys were supposed to be this way but Leto pushed it.
A lot. Like now.

All eyes were on him.

When he was done he ordered that the festivities begin. It did not matter
to Leto II that there was a Jihad going on ordered by their father or that
there was suffering everywhere because of the wars for Spice. The spice
lengthened life and expanded the mind. The spice made man and woman better.
Too bad it was addictive as hell and had hidden dangers.

Ghanima watched Alia.

The tall, dark haired woman came to sit at her throne. Once, Paul Atreides
shared power with his wife and Alia. Now Alia shared power with the Children
of Dune, the royal twins, Leto II and Ghanima. It seemed to the young woman
that Alia always managed to stay in power. She was powerful, Ghanima could
sense it. Beauty and intelligence and seemingly endless youth were Alia's
weapons. Ghanima knew her to be ruthless and deadly.

She'd seen the woman train. She was very skilled with blades. The Spice in
her body, harvested from the giant worms gave her preternatural strength and
speed and healing. No matter how you looked at her Alia was powerful and

Her aunt.

Months later....

Things had gotten worse. The Jihad claimed many lives. The Fremen were
unhappy. The people of Dune felt animosity toward the Royal family. The
rest of the empire was splitting into factions. It was time. The Time.
The time Paul always feared. The empire needed a force to rule it. No
mere man could fix thousands of years of neglect and animosity in a
lifetime. Paul knew what he had to do but stayed away. He was so afraid.
The spice within him kept him young and strong but his soul was broken.

Meanwhile Alia plotted with a few people to remove Leto.

When they were young she tried to have the pair killed by genetically
engineered felines. It failed. Leto II and Ghanima were very smart and
resourceful but they were human. Alia had become convinced Leto was a
coward like his father. Oh, he was brash. And wild, as many of the
palace's female servants found out but he could not rule. He was weak.
She felt only she could restore the empire to its former glory. Leto II
was crazy and kid-like and would destroy it. Ghanima was a natural born
submissive. No threat there.

So she arranged to have Leto kidnapped.

The old guard Sahid was in charge of the whole thing. They took Leto easily
enough. The palace guards took him and dragged him to the desert.

Leto woke up. "Who are you fools?" he said. "Who the hell hired you? Do you
know who I am ?"

"Yes, a prince," said the old man. "But a prince no more."

Leto fought back and bit and kicked and screamed.

Finally they brought him to Lady Shiva. Unknown to anyone was that Lady
Shiva was Alia in disguise. The Lady wanted the brash young prince
humiliated and broken before his death. She had him bound and gagged and
told the guards to leave.

"You are mine, boy," she said. She took off Leto's gag.

He spat at her. "Filthy whore, how dare you speak to me this way?"

Alia's eyes blazed. Here she was, armed, with guards nearby and still the
bastard was not scared. He should be begging for his life. Yet he was still
arrogant, unbroken and wild.

"I am your keeper," she said. She looked at him. He was bare to the waist.
his body was beautiful and young and lean. Leto was only twenty. That was
very young, in a planet where a substance harvested from a worm gave people
a life of centuries.

Shiva began a slow dance before Leto's eyes. At first he looked at her with
apprehension then interest. He was a male. Thinking with his organ even
when in danger. 'Men,' she thought. They were thoughtless beasts that
nevertheless could surprise her. Leto was no exception. His beautiful
eyes watched as she took off her clothing to reveal something scantily.

"Are you my keeper or my lady for the night?" he asked, laughing. He looked
at her with genuine amusement. "Lady, you are beautiful, but you seem to be
new to this kidnapping thing, if kidnapper you are."

Shiva/Alia gasped.

'How dare he!'

He was such a bastard.

He smiled. He could tell he had infuriated her. "So, are you gonna free me
from these bindings so we can, uh, mate?" he said smiling.

Alia smiled. She had to give him that. He was a bastard. One of the worst.
"No!" she said.

She summoned the guards and ordered them to beat the crap out of Leto II. He
smiled all the way as they bruised and beat his body. After a minute she had
them stop. Leto was gasping for breath but managed to recover his smile.

"Is that all you got?" he asked through blood-stained lips.

'Damn him!' Alia thought. She had to think of something. She ordered that
he be buried alive. They did. After a few minutes they freed him. Leto
was still not scared. He was still cocky and confident.

"Damn, madame, you are lacking imagination," he said. He laughed. "Why, you
are almost as unimaginative as my aunt."

"Your aunt?" Alia asked. "What about her?"

Leto looked at her, suddenly serious. He looked very handsome that way.
Very. Even bound. No, especially bound. "Well," he began. "She's a bitch,
you know? I mean, she leaves the weight of the empire on my shoulders, I
could use some help."

"How come?" Alia heard herself asking.

"Because," Leto said. "the Empire is awful. I have seen the suffering. The
men control their women and destroy anything and everything. They are such
beasts. The people crave the spice but are unwilling to pay the price. Why
live a long time if all you cause is death and chaos?"

"You don't want to live a long time?" Alia said, puzzled.

"No," Leto said sadly. "The world of men is evil. I think the Gods have
abandoned us. I wish they would come back. All men and women I know of are
willing to kill to have the spice so that they might live centuries. I think
a human should live his or her life naturally and die. That is the way."

Alia took this in, surprised. She took Leto II for a bastard but he was
surprisingly thoughtful and...something else. Innocent. Yes. It was not
something a future emperor of Dune should have in him. The other nobles
would use it. All of a sudden she did not wish to hurt him anymore.

"Leto, tell me about yourself."

"Me?" he said. "I am only a man. I happen to be born the son of an emperor.
That's too much. I don't want any of it."

Alia could not believe her ears. No man had ever refused such a position
of power. Leto II was really a special man. She felt sorry for her young
captive. She was ever more surprised when he broke into sobs.

Instinctively, Alia held him. She let his head rest against her chest. She
put her arms around him, forgetting for a moment that he was her prisoner and
she was his captor and that under no circumstances should the predator have
feelings for the prey. She could not help it. She was very surprised when
Leto II threw all his weight against her, driving her to the ground. He had
somehow freed himself and now held her own blade, which he had taken from her
against her throat.

"Ah," Leto said. "I've got ya, witch!" Alia looked at him. He looked wild,
almost feral. There was nothing of the gentle boy in him. Only a savage
reminder of what men are underneath it all. "Who are you?" he asked.

She did not answer. She was too lost in looking at him. His body was hard
against hers. She admired his visage, his eyes, his lean musculature. Leto
II was a beautiful man. Part of her realized he had her at his mercy and
could kill her, with righteousness. Part of her did not care.

"I said: who are you?" he asked. He pressed the blade against the soft skin
of her throat.

"No need to get excited," she said. Slowly she moved and her hands went to
the silly black mask she wore. She uncovered her face.

Leto received the shock of a beautiful, somewhat long face with almost dreamy
black eyes. It was a beautiful face. A very familiar face. "Who are you,
lady?" he asked. "Who hired you?"

'He does not recognize me,' Alia said to herself.

"I am Shiva, your majesty," she said. "I am a simple girl. Someone told
us to surprise you, that you were into role-playing and that this would be
something you enjoy. I humbly apologize for deceiving you." She waited a
second before saying. "If i have wronged you, punish me."

Leto looked at her. He was clearly beside himself. "This was all a game?"
he said, awed. "For me?"

"Yes," she answered.

He looked at her. "Then why use this?" he asked, looking at the knife.

"To make it more believable, sire," she answered.

"You really think I'm stupid?" he asked.

Shiva hesitated. She had to gain his trust. "If you feel wronged, please
slay me. End my life. Curse me." She took his hand and drove the blade
closer to her throat, so that it drew blood, just a little.

Leto looked at her, horrified. "No!" he said. He looked at her, laying
there, bleeding.

"Are you going to kill me?" she asked, rising as he sat up beside her.

"No," he said. "I did not ask for this. I do not kill anyone. I didn't even
ask to be born an Atreides." He looked at her, then past her. There was a
look of supreme longing there. One she could identify with.

"Majesty," she said. "Let me ease your pain."

He looked at her and before he could move she grabbed him and kissed him.
She kissed him full and deep. Leto gasped as her tongue found its way into
her mouth. She could tell he was a surprised youth and beginner. She pulled
away and he looked at her with uncertainty, excitement and a bit of fear.
Leto, the son of Paul "Muad'Dib" Atreides, the future emperor of Dune had
never had a woman. That the woman could tell with all of her spice-induced
Fremen awareness.

She looked at him. There was fear in the boy's eyes. Not the fear one has
when one's life was threatened but the one men had when they were fascinated
or enthralled by a woman. They often sought to eradicate that fear by
getting the woman under control or else.

Leto did nothing. He continued to stare at her, his eyes were brown, not
the blue of the Fremen people.

"You are beautiful," he gasped.

She smiled and lightly caressed him. 'This was going to be easy.'

They kissed again, this time she put her tongue in his mouth. He was very
surprised and his hands held her with a strength that surprised her. He was
freakishly strong.

Leto kissed her with a passion and a hunger she had never known. His hands
were clumsy and inexperienced against her flesh but the lad was not without
imagination. His hands were surprisingly gentle on her breasts. She reached
between his legs and he gasped.

This was when his eyes widened and something weird happened on his skin...
ripples...odd. He began to shake and move and suddenly gasped and screamed
and lay still. Shive/Alia looked at the unconscious form of Leto.

She called her guards. They brought her water... rare on Dune... and
medical aids for the boy. Her Bene Gesserit training allowed her to quickly
find out what the problem was. Alia the sister of Muad'Dib loved the spice
of Arrakis. It was on her lips when she kissed the boy and the highly
infiltrative substance probably went into his blood through this brief
exchange of bodily fluids. Spice for a non-Fremen could be dangerous.

Leto was only half Fremen. She took care of him, using the sacred water to
heal him.

She watches his progress.

She looks at him intently. He is quite slender and pale but there is a
strange calm and serenity coming off of him, like he knew he was invincible
and feared no one. Like he was a god. She smiled at that, 'That one man
could be God Emperor of Dune, ha! Why not be a Dune Messiah or a Heretic
of Dune?' Her eyes stare at him in his sleep. He is lovely, his darkish
hair a bit curly. His face looks innocent and calm. His body is graceful.
Powerful without seeming so. He's just the most beautiful boy.

She had watched him for two years now.

The brash and irresponsible youth who rode the giant sandworms of Dune and
made the people gasp in fear and awe. The boy who said he would be the
supreme one in all there is. A braggart who picked on his sister, infuriated
his aunt Alia and awed the Fremen people, if not the rest of the empire.
They have talked but never shared some good times together. To him she was
just this aloof, beautiful woman of power. The powerful Bene Gesserit Mother
Superior. The woman with the super mind. The one men feared. Perhaps it
was what drew her to him. Men feared her. Women envied her. Leto was a
laughing, taunting daredevil. Everywhere she turned his power, of which he
wasn't aware, confronted anyone who'd stand in his way.

She knew he could never be with her the way she wanted but she really wanted

She slips next to him in the room. He hasn't stirred yet. She just stands
there looking at him. He is just so damn gorgeous. She leans over him and
brings her face closer to his. She wants to kiss him so damn badly but she
can't, not yet. This has to go just right.

She eases herself into bed next to him. She is lying next to him, so close
she can hear his heart. She breathes him in, taking his sweet yet masculine
scent. Her heart is racing from the excitement of finally getting to touch
him. She's amazed he hasn't woken up but he is out deeply, those beautiful
brown eyes are still beneath their lids. She brings her lips over his neck,
just below the ear. Gently, ever so lightly she kisses him. She is ecstatic
from finally tasting his skin. She lets her fingers brush against his cock,
feels him start to stir. She holds him in her hand, feels his manhood grow
and swell. He is longer than she thought, a good nine inches and full. Her
hand glides over him, feeling the wonderful texture. She finds herself
loving every second she spends touching it.

Finally he starts to stir and moves over some. He's not awake yet but the
pleasure is sinking in. She kisses him again, this time letting her teeth
brush his flesh. His whole body stiffens. Now is when she has to act. She
takes his cock in her mouth. She lets go and lies against him until he is
pinned beneath her. Leto's eyes snapped open. He looks at her, a little
bit of fear in those lovely eyes. She suddenly kisses him, gently but firmly.
She uses all of her strength (which is considerable due to spice addiction)
to pin him down.

He is startled then looks at her, a weird look in his eyes. She recognizes
it. She goes lower and takes his cock in her mouth, also using her hands.
Leto's sleek hand grabbs her head and holds her there. She gags on it and
he lets go. She has him lean down and relax and takes care of him. She
sucks him, using her tongue to expertly massage him with her hands massage
his balls. Leto gasps, clearly he had never known such pleasure. Alia feels
warm inside. She always knew she could make him happy... if only he'd let
her. She sucks him until he cums, shooting his load all over her lovely
face. Leto looks up at her. She reads the need in his eyes.

"Oh, Leto," she says. She lies on her back.

Leto looks at her. He feels a need building inside of him. Very powerful
need he cannot ignore. 'Could this be the golden path?' He watches her as
her eyes tease him. Ordinarily he would have chastised such a woman but this
was no ordinary woman. He could not know this was Alia Atreides. The woman
who equally loved, cherished and despised him. But not tonight. They
embrace. Leto feels his hard cock has a mind of its own and she knows it too
for she spreads her legs and they become one. Leto gasps as he enters his
first pussy. Her tight vaginal muscles squeeze him. It is an incredible
feeling and the young man's eyes bulge. Alia is panting as her lover rams
his shaft into her. Leto is so damn big and strong.

"Please, fuck me," she says. "Fuck me hard."

Leto happily obliges. He has never felt anything like this before. Alia is
in a frenzy, her body is twitching and sweat beads pearl all over her. Leto
looks at her with glazed eyes as he penetrates her, fucking her raw. His
slick cock goes deep in her tunnel and the pressure gets harder. Meanwhile he
feels like his whole body is on fire. 'By the gods what was this feeling?'
He didn't care. He liked it.

Alia was moaning softly. She lay there, enjoying the delicious pain that
burned deep inside of her. She was looking up at him. He was so damn
gorgeous... and strong too. Alia had allowed herself to be taken by no man.
Always it had been on her terms. She was cruel and powerful, men respected
her and feared her. But not this one. He held her tightly, his strong hands
digging into her flesh, his body full of sweat. He was making sounds like an
animal, short hisses. Strangely, it was turning her on. Inside of her she
could feel Leto's cock throbbing. She looked at his face. For the first
time there was surprise there. Something was happening that the boy did not
know about but she knew well. She was, after all, a woman. She knew a man's
body better than he knew himself.

"Shiva!" he screamed.

"Yes, my love?" Alia said. With her extraordinary muscles she made her
pussy tighten around him and tighten, until... She felt something hot surge
through her. It was coming from Leto. The boy's eyes glazed over. He
gasped. She welcomed the river of cum that flooded her. Leto was surprised
but pleasantly so. She was certain of that. She let herself ride the wave
of sensations emanating from deep inside of her. This was something friggin'
great. She anxiously waited. Some men had a habit of pulling out as soon as
they came, leaving the woman empty. This wasn't something women really liked.
Their two bodies helped create something that rocked them both, yet the
selfish male animal pulled out as soon as he was satisfied. Leto stayed
within her. He was looking at her with a strange look on his face. Alia
looked at him lovingly. There was such an innocence in him. He had just
fucked his first woman and was just staring at her. Like an idiot. A
strikingly beautiful idiot. Alia felt his cock within her, it was hard as
steel and stiff as a pole. 'Wow.'

"Shi.... Shiva?" he began.

"Yes, Leto?" she answered.

"What the hell was that?"

Shiva/Alia smiled. This was good. "You have just fucked me, Leto Atreides,
did you like it?"

He looked at her, baffled. His eyes said everything. "Did you?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, stroking his arm.

"Good," he said. The boy broke into a nervous laugh and she simply looked at
him. "Wow," he said. "Wow."

She was glad he liked it. "Um, Leto?" she said.


"Do you wanna pull out?"

He did. He kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you, m'lady."

With that he began putting his clothes on, moving so fast he became a blur.

"Leto!" she said.

He turned to look at her. "What?"

"Where are you going?"

He just smiled. And the next second she found herself lying down, the
handsome face of Leto Atreides glaring at her with a mixture of amusement
and foolishness.

"Leto, let me go!"

He smiled.

"Lady, you have made me a man, for that I'm grateful."

She looked at him. "I am glad I could help," she said. "Now let me go."

He seemed to consider this. "Not a chance." Next he supersped through the
camp and subdued all of her guards. He looked at her, and smiled. "Shhh.
They're only unconscious."

"What do you want?"

He looked at her, smiling like a devil. He carried her into his arms and
she was surprised at his strength. He took her in spite of her protests and
carried her to a sort of altar where he bound her hand and foot on all fours.

"Leto, why are you doing this?" she asked.

He stood before her. "Because I can," he said.

He took out his cock, that long cock who had pleasured her so much the night
before. He stuffed it in her mouth. She was forced to swallow. She bit
down on it but Leto seemed to feel no pain. Instead he sighed happily. Alia
deep throated the man she loved only hours before. Leto came on her face,
and his hot cum smeared her pretty face.

"My god, you're pretty," he said.

She spat at him. He kissed her on the mouth. His thin lips pressed against
her own for a brief kiss and for a moment he was the man she loved.

Then he left. She could not see him. Then she felt hands against her
buttocks. Leto's hard hands parted her ass cheeks. Alia felt something akin
to fear in her gut. This was not good.

"Leto, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing, my dear," he said. His sleek fingers caressed her ass and he
touched her asshole. It was rosy and cute. "Gee, lady, you have a nice
one," he said admiringly. He spat on it.

With a start she realized what he wanted to do. "Leto, please, don't." She
gasped as she felt something hard and dry against her tight asshole. She
thrashed and struggled in her bonds to no avail.

Leto began probing her ass with a finger. She felt violated by his
intrusion. Then he slowly, painfully plunged his cock in her butt. Alia's
eyes bulged to the point of popping out of their sockets. She gasped for
air. Leto's huge cock filled her tight ass. She screamed. Leto's hands
grabbed her hips and he pulled her back, plunging his hard dick into her
most private orifice.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh!" she screamed.

Her screams seemed to encourage him as he fucked her mercilessly, his dick
ramming into her her. He thrust in savagely, deep into her bowels. Alia
could not understand how something so huge could enter her tight asshole.
No man had ever fucked her there. Ever. She had fucked lovers there,
though. Arrogant men and women who needed to be taken down a peg or two
and abased. She loved to make them scream. Buttfucking could subdue the
most arrogant male or the bitchiest female. And now it was been done to

Leto pulled out and went in. In and out. Alia began to have a strange
feeling. Her body was... liking this. She felt her ass clinch to hold the
dick and keep it in. "No," she said. "I cannot be enjoying this!"

"Oh, but you are," Leto said.

He slapped her ass and began to fuck her harder. Alia gasped and screamed
and yelped. She sighed happily as Leto went impossibly far into her only to
pull out almost completely. "Oh, God!" she said.

He fucked her senseless. Leto was beginning to feel it again. That surge
of power. It escaped from him before he could stop it. Alia gasped as
Leto's hot cum flooded her tight asshole as it has her pussy earlier. "Oh,
Leto," she sighed as she orgasmed with him.

As before, Leto remained in her ass until her spasms of pleasure subsided
and she calmed down. Then he did something weird. He freed her. Alia
collapsed into his arms. She could feel the last waves fading, that
incredible orgasm brought by Leto's merciless fucking of her tight asshole.

"Oh, God," she said.

Leto draped a large piece of cloth around her. He gave her a cup of water,
a luxury on Arrakis.

"Are you okay?" he asked. He was looking at her with those big pretty eyes.
Alia looked at him. He was fully dressed and looked elegant. Only the
rising and falling of his heart betrayed what had conspired between them.
It took her a long time to find the words. She had taken his virginity.
In a way he had taken hers. He professed his love for her in the throes of
passion. She was his foe. They were rivals. One day they might have to
fight each other for the throne of Dune. She would have to hurt this man
who loved her so much. On the other hand he had done what no other dared:
he took her in the ass. She would never be the same. What was worse was
that she had liked it. Yes, she loved it when he plunged it in her ass and
made her scream his name. She loved the way he treated her like a woman
instead of the goddess every man on Arrakis feared. She WANTED to be HIS.
This was wrong. No man could have her. Ever. She had accepted that fate
since she was a child. And yet here he was, this insolent youth who dared
to go so far. She came to punish him. He punished HER. What now?
Decisions, decisions.

"I am sorry," he said. "I just had to do this." He stood away from her.
"I understand if you don't want to talk to me. I am sorry. M'lady, I love
you and I wanted to have you." He looked at her with guileless pleading
eyes and awaited her answer.

Alia felt her heart sinking. She wanted so much to reveal herself and be
his. They would be together. Hell, they'd share power. They had shared
everything else. She wanted to have Leto Atreides, the arrogant man
everyone on Arrakis thought was crazy and brash. She wanted to be with
him. She rose up, trying to find the words. He looked at her, hope in
his eyes. She wanted to say a lot of things. Instead she heard herself
say, "You are a foul abomination, like all men. Get out of my sight!"

Leto looked at her. She could see he was hurt. Deeply hurt. She yearned
to take her words back, to hold him and make him better. But she couldn't.
She was no man's woman. She belonged only to herself. She was Alia of
House Atreides. Leto gave her one last look, then left.

He ran so fast all she could see was a blur streaking accross the sands of
Dune faster than the average firearm. Leto was gone. The Whirlwind. He
would be her enemy now. He did not know it was her but he would remember
the Desert woman who made him a man and hurt him so badly even though he was

She watched him go until he was no longer visible.

Then she broke down and cried.

The End


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