Note: Characters created by Team S-39, used with permission.

City Of Heroes: Exposure (Fff,MF,M-mast,bukkake,bmail,exhib,voy)
by Hamster

Welcome to Paragon city...

Monica De Wick knocked on the trying her damndest to maintain a semblance of
patience. She wore a dark blue business suite that featured a super-tight,
super-short skirt. She had a large briefcase filled with samples for Team
S-39 to look at. Behind the door Gothica looked out the eyehole to see if the
advertising agent had left.

"Damn it, she's not leaving, Squadron. She's relentless!" Gothica was getting
hungry and there was no food in the fridge, the team was beginning to worry
that Monica would spend the night on their doorstep and then they'd starve.

"Fuck it let her in so we can order pizza! We can smile and nod while
pretending to listen to her." Squadron said having had enough.

He opened the door and let Monica in.

"Sorry we took so long to answer but we where ummm cleaning" Squadron grasped
at the straw.

Monica looked around the messy house. Cloths lay everywhere with varying
degrees of smell and grime. Dice and gaming books where left lying
haphazardly about. Half-eaten food lay in fast food bags or boxes.

"I see... Any ways I'm here because I have some more offers to make you."
Monica was beaming a thousand watt smile.

The team groaned almost in unison.

"Look Monica, its not that we don't enjoy your visits, but we aren't ready to
sell our integrity to the highest bidder. I mean the day I do a Taco Bell
commercial with N*Sync is the day you can put a bullet in me." Scorch said.

"Oh..err.. Ok," Monica subtly crumbled up the Taco Bell offer, "But what
about letting MTV do an episode of Cribs here"

Monica took another look at the messy apartment. She saw a maggot wiggling
out of an abandoned Hot Pocket.

"Or not. Ok how about this, Felis, Tidy Cat would love to have you do
commercials for them." Monica said.

Felis gave her a dirty look.

"Umm how about this, Mammoth you could do commercials for Mens' Big and Tall
Ware House." Monica smiled a big bright smile.

Mammoth just shook his head negatively. Monica was getting frustrated. Once
again the doorbell rang. Diva ran to the door to answer it.

"Thank god! Its the Domino's guy." She said happily

"YES!" Frost exclaimed "Pizza-god's perfect food."

Monica watched the heroes run to the steamy hot pizza and had a marvelous

* * *

Not only had the Heroes enthusiastically agreed to do the commercial for
Domino's Pizza, they hadn't noticed all the stipulations she'd hidden in the
contract letting her use their images for all kinds of ads and even a toy
line. Dozens of screaming fans had shown up to the filming of the commercial
that featured the heroes using their powers to insure a pizza got delivered
safely and inside 20 minutes.

"This is embarrassing we're being portrayed as pizza delivery men." Frost

"Guys I was just reading the extra fine print in our contract and it gets
much, much worse. I finally found a microscope powerful enough to read it,
apparently Gothica has to do a playboy issue and Felis your picture is going
to be on a WOLE LOT of Tidy Cat bags. Scorch you don't even want to know what
she has in store for you." Diva announced unhappily.

"Shit I knew we shouldn't have agreed to this." Squadron shook his head in

"Well at least we're making our fans happy" Frost said looking at the
screaming teenage boys holding up signs with her name on it.

She had a lot of teenaged boy fans. They were typically sexually frustrated
D&D geeks who fantasized about banding a girl with large breasts and a tail.

The commercial was embarrassingly bad. And Squadron felt like an idiot when
he saw it.

"It, It, it just sucks so bad!" He cried.

The sight of the great Team S-39 delivering pizzas because some super villain
was stealing Domino's Pizzas was, well, laughable.

Mammoths eyes where wide open. His face bore a look of complete humiliation.

"My god, what have we done!" Scorch said.

"Have you seen these action figures that Monica had made of us?" Diva said
holding her own figure." My tits aren't this small are they? And the face,
yuk! It looks like they took Squadron's head, re-painted it and put it on my

Felis was in a corner playing with her Scorch and Gothica figures.

"Hey guys, I have another ass load of fan mail in the kitchen. Ever since
that commercial aired and we started doing spots are fan-base has tripled!"
Frost seemed to be the only one enjoying the situation. "I wonder how Frost
and Gothica are doing?"

Another Commercial...

A massive monster seemingly made from molten lava was sadistically smashing
a home to pieces, he stopped to eat the car in the driveway. The car looked
like a classic. The homeowner watched in horror from across the street. But
Frost was approaching rapidly on his ice slide. He blasted the monster with
his powerful ice ray. The creature froze into a solid block the crumbled and
fell onto what was left of the house, squashing it flat.

The home owner, who was at this point was in tears, looked at the mess that
was his home and wailed miserably. "My home! It's ruined and car is eaten.
It was a fully restored 68 Chevy Camaro!"

"I know and I'm sorry." Said Frost. "But there is some good news."

"What?" Demanded the poor guy.

"A saved a bundle on my auto insurance." Frost replied.

* * *

"Marvelous honey, your doing simply marvelous yes pouty, pouty." The gay
photographer lisped as Gothica posed.

Playboy was certainly getting their money's worth; the bastard had been
taking photographs for hours, Gothica thought to herself.

"Ok darling that's a wrap" the photographer said.

"Are you sure? I only think you took about a hundred thousand shots." Gothica
said sarcastically.

Gothica wrapped herself in a towel and went to her dressing room.

She opened the door and was shocked to see two teenaged girls sitting on her
couch. One was very hot with gorgeous lips and red hair; she wore tight blue
jeans and a light blue shirt. The other had long blond hair and was wearing
a sheer white shirt, white sports bra and black leather pants.

"W-what the hell are you two doing in here?" Gothica

"Oh my God, its Gothica EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The two girls screamed.

The red-head spoke first, "I'm Heather and this my friend Amy we are your
biggest fans ever! We SOOOO love you and totally had to meet you."

They both ran into Gothica and hugged her tight enough to cut off

"Hey wait you shouldn't..." Gothica was caught off guard as her towel was
torn away by the blonde, Amy.

"HEY, MY TOWEL!" Gothica tried to catch the blonde teen that ducked out of
her grasp with ease.

The red haired one tackled her to the ground.

"Wow you have such beautiful tits!" Heather said squeezing her tits, kneading
them firmly while licking the hard nipple.

"Now, this-this is highly inappropriate...mmmm it feels sooo good...but you
n-need stop right now...oh god YES!"

Meanwhile the blonde Amy dove her head between Gothica's legs. The teen
spread Gothica's pussy lips open and dove her tongue into Gothica's hungry

"MMMM OOOOHHH YEEES." Gothica screamed.

As Amy licked Gothica's outer pussy lips she dove a finger in and out of the
heroines honey hole. Gothica quaked with pleasure as the blonde worked her
fingers in and out.

Heather slid her free hand down to let two fingers join her friend's.

Gothica rocked in conjunction with the girls' strokes.

Both girls lapped up Gothica's girl cum enthusiastically.

The reporter in the hiding in the closet captured the whole thing on film.

* * *

"This is fucking ridiculouse!" Diva cried as she put her fist through the
monitor of her computer, "OUCH!"

"What's wrong?" Squadron asked.

"There's this pay-sight on the internet that has naked pictures of me. It's
my head on some small titty bitch's body. What the fuck is wrong with my
tits that everyone wants to make them look small?" Diva glared angrily.

Squadron was going to ask her if she'd thought about getting a boob job, but
he decided discretion was the better part of valor.

"Umm your tits are fine they are big and firm and err make me all hot and
stuff" Squadron tried to reassure her.

"Gee could you sound a little more convincing Squad, your revulsion is still
showing." Diva snarled.

Squadron knew what he had to do. Squadron stepped up behind Diva and squeezed
her tits kneading them roughly; he ground his hips hard against her ass

"Dos it feel like I'm repulsed?" He asked.

The slightly surprised super heroine recovered.

"You'll need to do better than that." She said.

Squadron unzipped the back of Diva's uniform and pulled it off, then repeated
the process for himself. Diva, smiling got on all fours. She wiggled her butt
invitingly, not that Squadron needed much encouragement. He stepped up behind
her and grabbed her ass. She spread her legs slightly to allow squadron
access. Squadron guided his cock into her tight pussy and drove his sexual
torpedo into her tight hole. He thrust forward then out over and over as he
built some momentum and got into a good tempo. Diva pushed back into him to
meet each of his thrusts. Soon her tits were swinging back and forth in time
with his thrusts. They were both cumming together as he started dumping his
sperm into her.

By the pool...

Felis was sunning herself naked by the pool she had no idea that, hidden in
the pushes were some paparazzi that were snapping pictures of her. Mammoth,
wearing huge custom swim trunks stepped out by the pool and checked out the
sunning kitten. There was instantly led in his shorts. He dropped his shorts
and started stroking his gigantic cock. Felis had her eyes closed and did not
see what he was doing. Cameras went off like mad when he blasted an alarming
amount of cum all over Felis who jumped up with a start covered in cum.

"ASSHOLE!" She cried as she clawed at him.

* * *

Scorch drank down his last beer for the road as he was turning to leave the
bar he noticed a reporter snapping pictures of him. Scorch approached him

"What the fuck are you doing get that fucking camera out of here! Can't you
vultures give a guy a little privacy?" Scorch yelled.

In front of a bar room full of patrons he punched the reporter in the mouth
and melted the camera.


* * *

The reporter in front of the courthouse held a serious look for the cameras.

"This is Miranda Veracruz with Fox 11 reporting from the down town court
house. Where the super hero sex scandal trial is being held. Team S-39 member
Gothica is charged with two counts of performing sexual acts with a minor.
Fellow S-39 team member, Scorch is being sued for assaulting a reporter. It
seems to me the super hero community thinks it is above the law and the
question remains, when are they going to pay for their crimes. This reporter
hopes the answer is soon." Miranda said to her viewing audience.

"You know Miranda is pretty fly" Frost said as he watched the TV.

Squadron slapped him in the back of the head. Miranda was killing their
public image.

* * *

"So what's with this exclusive off-camera interview you. What do you have to
say?" Miranda Veracruz asked Frost.

She was a bit

"Well Miranda, you see my friends Scorch and Gothica are really very good
people and I don't think your being fair to them in your reports." Frost said
as he tried not to stare at her tits.

"Well Mr. Frost" Miranda said as she slid closer to him and rubbed his
crotch. "Maybe I can do portray your friends in a more positive light, if of
course you can provide my with proper incentive."

Frost grinned ear to ear, "I think we can work something out."

Frost grabbed the back of Miranda's head and kissed her deep and hard. The
two hurriedly removed their clothing. Miranda slipped a hand over Frost's
stiffened cock; she placed tongue on the tip and licked the cock head

"Oh yeah baby!" Frost said encouragingly.

Miranda took the shaft in her mouth; licking and sucking so hard frost
thought she was going to suck the skin off. Miranda slid her mouth off,
spread her legs and brought her tight cunt down on top of Frost's manhood.
Miranda ground up and down on the hard penis, Frost squeezing her big firm
ass cheeks as she did.

"Oh Fuck, Oh FUCK YEAH!!!!!" Miranda screamed coming to a wild orgasm.

* * *

The doorknob froze quite easily then shattered into a million small pieces.
Frost kicked the door in and glared angrily at the cowering reporter inside.

"Listen up fuck-face, you go public and tell the press you faked the pictures
of Diva or I'm going to show the world my pictures of you and that Boy
Scout." Frost said as he threw the envelope full of pictures at the
frightened reporter.

"Heroes don't blackmail! You can't do that!" The reporter said.

"Fuck you I can and I will. I gotta another piece of shit reporter to deal
with so you better make up your mind quick." Scorch warned.


"So we have a deal?" Frost asked the reporter.

"Yeah one million bucks and I drop the charges against Scorch."

"Just one question though." He said as he accepted the brief case with a
million bucks in it.


"How'd you get a million bucks so fast?"

"Look your a minor character, Hamster didn't even name you for Pete's sake!
It isn't your place to point holes in the plot to the reader." Frost said

"Sorry, sheesh!"

"Ok, errr I was on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' last night and I breezed
right through it getting every answer right." Frost grasped.

"Shit OK I'll buy that."
_ _ _

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