This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: A New Kind Of Love (f-best, first)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Is he sleeping?" Susan's husband Garine asked her as she slid into bed next
to him.

"Yes, he's finally asleep," She replied to the minotaur

With their son Peter finally asleep the happy couple would get a few more
hours of sleep before he woke up again. Though an odd couple within Garine's
minotaur tribe when they started spending all of their free time together
Susan and Garine were slowly embraced as a couple a year after they performed
the traditional union ceremony of the minotaur. There was even celebration
when it was discovered Susan was pregnant, though many wondered what the
offspring of a human and minotaur would look like. Once the child was birthed
whatever questions still lingered about the unusual couple disappeared. It
looked as all baby minotaurs did when they were born and the birth was
relatively easy as it was born without horns as all minotaur are. They
decided to name it Peter after Susan's brother who along with Edmund had
been dead for three years.

"Tomorrow's the anniversary," Susan said as she laid in bed.

"I know. I'll have Kela watch Peter tomorrow while you take care of things
and I go out on the hunt. I'm sorry I can't be with you, but I have little
choice in the matter right now."

"I know you have things you have to do. They were my brothers anyway. I'm
just extremely grateful you went through the effort of finding their
remains," Susan said leaning over to kiss Garine. "I love you."

"I love you too."

* * *

The events that lead to Susan being crowned as a queen of Narnia were strange
and unbelievable. The events that would eventually lead her to being married
to a minotaur and having a son were stranger still. It had been nearly three
years since the fateful picnic when a wandering band of minotaurs came upon
Susan and her siblings. They attacked without mercy striking Edmund in the
head with a large spiked mace shattering his skull and killing him instantly.
Peter was less fortunate and had his throat slit. It took several agonizing
minutes before he bled out and died.

Surrounded by four minotaurs Susan fearfully waited to join Peter and Edmund
in the afterlife and Lucy was crying hysterically at the sight of her dead
brothers. Susan closed her eyes and started to say a prayer as one raised his
sword to strike her.


Susan opened her eyes and anxiously looked around to see who had saved her
and Lucy. She could see nothing, but the marauding beasts that had just
killed her brothers. Then one of the four that surrounded her and Lucy moved
away making room for a coal black minotaur.

"Count your blessings humans. We are in need of your services. My name is
Ruor and I am the leader of those you see before you."

"You monster! You killed Peter and Edmund!" Susan cried lunging at Ruor and
pounding on his chest with her bare hands. Ruor's nearby followers began to
raise their weapons and he motioned for them to stop.

"Does anyone know where you are?" Susan fell to her knees crying and didn't
answer. "Answer me! Does anyone know you're here?" Again Susan didn't answer
and kept crying. "Humans..." Ruor sighed agitated. "Get rid of their stuff
and let's get moving."

As Ruor turned and started walking away Lucy took her dagger from it's sheath
and lunged at the minotaur stabbing him in the back of the leg. Ruor only
grunted at the nuisance and pulled the dagger out. He then reached down and
picked Lucy up by the throat raising her above him. She kicked and clawed at
his arm until her air supply ran out and she began grasping for her throat.

"Please let her go! You're going to kill her!" Susan cried leaping up and
trying to pull down on Ruor's arm.

"I'm not going to kill her," Ruor retorted releasing Lucy's neck and letting
her fall almost seven feet to the ground. Susan quickly ran to Lucy's side
helping her up and cleaning her off as she coughed and wheezed trying to get
air back into her body. "With the proper training your sister will become a
very valuable asset to us as could you if you don't create too many

The band of minotaurs along with their human companions continued their
travels throughout the day until night came and they set up camp. While
the minotaurs had sturdy almost teepee like tents Susan and Lucy had what
basically amounted to a large section of canvas-like clothe draped over a
piece of rope strung between two trees. They also had their own guard to
make sure they didn't do anything stupid like trying to escape.

As Ruor tried to calculate what two extra mouths and bodies meant to his
tribes supplies and how to make up for them he was interrupted by his second
in command. "The eldest girl wishes to speak to you. I've already told her
no numerous times, but she's being insistent."

"Alright, send her in." A few seconds later Susan stumbled from the tent door
and fell to the ground. "Are you okay Susan?"

"I'm fine," Susan growled sitting up. "How do you know my name? You've been
calling us "humans" all day."

"There isn't anyone in Narnia who doesn't know your and Lucy's name."

"Then you know when they find my brothers they're going to come looking for

"That's if they find your brothers and even if they do they'll never find
us. That's not why you're here though is it?"

"If like you say nobody finds me and Lucy then what are you going to do with

"For a reason I have yet to see or am able to understand Aslan and the people
of Narnia placed you children in charge of their army and the White Witch was
deathly afraid of you. I wanted two of you trained for battle and put along
side my people to see how good you really are. We'll keep you on the bow and
train Lucy with knives. With the way she attacked me earlier today without
fear for herself we may make her into an assassin. She may very well make
uniting the minotaur tribes of Narnia easier."

"And if we refuse?"

"You don't have much of a choice Susan. You're brothers are dead and you saw
how willing my men were to kill you and Lucy. It's your choice to refuse,
but you'll join Peter and Edmund in the afterlife if you do. Lucy's still
young enough for us to mold her mind to our needs and as long as one of you
is alive no others of Adam and Eve can enter Narnia. Do you still wish to

"No..." Susan answered quietly.

"If there's nothing else I'd like to be alone again. I'm still trying to
figure out the best way to lessen the blow to our supplies on this trip that
having two more bodies is going to cause."

As Susan started to get up there was a shrill scream outside. "Lucy!" She
cried out and darted out the tent. Ruor was soon behind her to see what the
commotion was about.

Returning to the spot she and Lucy were going to sleep Susan found the
minotaur assigned to guard them holding Lucy to the ground by the neck with
one hand and trying to push his bulbous over-sized cock into her small vagina
with the other hand.

"Stop it!" Susan shrieked picking up the nearest large rock she could find
and running to the minotaur striking him in the back of the head with it.

With an angry roar the beast swung his arm around knocking Susan back several
feet. "Stupid human! You think that hurts? I don't care if Ruor wants both of
you alive I'm going to rape and kill both of you!"

"Stop right there Enan!" Ruor bellowed with a large axe in hand. "Lay one
hand on either girl and you're blood too will cover my blade."

"But they're humans! They don't belong here!"

"I'm giving you one chance to let go of the girl and leave my camp now or

"What's wrong with you? The White Witch was all wrong about you!"

"And she's dead. Do you want to join her?"

"No, you'll be the one joining her," Enan said picking his sword up off the

By now a small crowd had formed around the arguing minotaurs. Some were
pointing at the naked Pevensie girl others were pointing at Ruor and Enan.
Lucy's clothes were torn beyond being wearable and she was still nude with
no immediate clothing to put on. Instead Susan improvised and wrapped her
sister in the fabric that hung over the rope they were supposed to be
sleeping under.

The two beasts shouted and threatened each other before taking action.
Before it could begin it was already finished. Enan slumped to the ground
with Ruor's axe stuck between his eyes. The minotaur leader yanked his
weapon out of the body and turned his attention to the gathering crowd.

"The humans are not to be harmed or harassed. If any of you should choose to
disobey me then you too risk experiencing the same fate as Enan. Lauka take
them to Enan's tent. He won't be needing it anymore. Everyone else return to
your tents and get some sleep. We have our hunt early tomorrow and must be
successful before we can continue traveling."

As the crowd started to disperse a female minotaur greeted the girls. "I
know Ruor plans to turn you two into warriors, but we haven't been properly
introduced yet. My name is Lauka. I oversee our weekly feasts and help with
keeping the tribe in good order. Please follow me." Upon arriving at Enan's
tent Lauka removed his personal things before letting the girls in. "I think
we should have some extra hide laying around that can be made into something
more practical and comfortable for the little one."

"Thank you," Susan said before the minotaur left.

"I don't want to be here Susan," Lucy began to cry.

"Shh... Shh... Just lay down and get some sleep," Susan replied trying to get
Lucy to lay down on the bedding in the tent. Though Lucy soon fell asleep
Susan couldn't. An hour later Lauka reappeared with Lucy's new clothing.

"We didn't have much, but it'll do until after the hunt tomorrow."

"Thanks," Susan said taking the clothing from Lauka.

"You're welcome, but you should try and get some sleep. We have a long day
ahead of us."

"I'll try."

Susan took a quick look at Lucy's new clothing as she laid down next to her.
The garments consisted of what looked like a child-sized loincloth and a top
that would probably reach just above Lucy's stomach. At first Susan thought
the clothing to be inappropriate, but seeing as Lucy had nothing else to
wear and that everyone was basically wearing the same thing including the
younglings Susan put her mind at ease as best she could and tried to fall

The next day as the hunt began Ruor invited Susan to get her bow and come
out. Not having ever seen the fun or sport in killing wild animals Susan
didn't really want to go, but felt obliged due to Ruor's help the night
before. Lucy meanwhile stayed behind in the camp with some of the other
females and the younglings.

After traveling for an hour the hunting group came upon a pack animals that
resembled buffalo except that they had leathery skin instead of hair or fur.
Ruor picked out one that had strayed and brought Susan's attention to it.

"Are you any good with your bow?"

"I'm okay."

"I hope you're better than okay. These are Loidens and are ideally what we
want to hunt when replenishing our supplies. Normally we get up close to kill
these because they're slow and clumsy at close quarters combat, but that's
not really you're strength. Loidens will fight to the death so make your shot

"What if I miss?"

"Then try again, but be quick. They will charge once they're agitated."

"Okay..." Susan replied nervously as she took aim. The arrow struck the
Loiden in the neck and it turned it's head to face it's attacker. "Uh...
What do I do now?" Susan stammered as it started to charge at her and Ruor.

"Try again, but this time between the eyes. That is it's only weak spot."

Susan fired another arrow at the creature, but missed her intended spot and
struck it above the left eye. The Loiden continued charging undaunted and
was now within fifty feet of Susan and Ruor.

"Calm down Susan," Ruor said as she fumbled getting another arrow and
notching it. Susan took aim again and with the creature within ten feet of
them she released the arrow. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief as the
creature fell to ground dead instantaneously. "Very nice shot," Ruor
congratulated her sheathing his axe.

"Thanks," Susan said shaking from how close she thought she had come to being
gored and the excitement she felt from taking down such a large beast.

"Are you ready to kill another one or would you rather me show you how to
clean and gut Loidens?"

"Let's hunt some more."

The hunting party continued to kill and gut Loidens for another hour before
they had enough to replenish their supplies. And even though Susan opted to
continue hunting after her first kill she was still shown how to clean and
gut the creatures at the end of the hunt. Once she finally returned to camp
Susan's dress and her extremities were covered in blood.

"What happened to you Susan?" Lucy said running up to her sister in the two
piece garment Lauka had given her.

"Ruor took me hunting with the others and he made me clean and gut what I

"Eeew. Sounds gross."

"It is, but it's not too bad if you try not to think about it. How's your
day been so far?"

"It's been okay. I helped pick berries and fish in the river and do things
like that. Then they let us play for a little while. Everyone's been real
nice so far."

"Congratulations Susan," Lauka said joining the sisters. "Ruor said you're
quite adept at hunting."

"Thanks, but my first kill was a close one."

"They always are, even for our own. Why don't you go down to the river and
clean up? I'll have someone make some new garments for you to replace those."

"Wow, I guess I can't thank you enough it seems."

"It's not a problem. While you two are with us, you're one of us. After the
unfortunate incident last night, Ruor has seen to it that your stay will be
problem free."

"Huh... He's quite the character."

"What do you mean?"

"His warriors are responsible for our brothers' deaths, yet he saved Lucy
last night and took me out today to learn how to hunt and clean animals."

"That's a conversation for you to have with him. Anyway, why don't you use
the covering you gave to Lucy for the time being while we get new clothes
for you and they should be ready by the time we start our travel today."

"Where are we going if you don't mind me asking?"

"Back to our village. We had been traveling all over Narnia for almost a
year looking for you. Now we're on our way back home until Ruor says we're
ready to start uniting all of the tribes."

"How many more of you are there?"

"All together there's about six hundred in our tribe. We've only got about a
hundred with us."

"That's a lot of people," Lucy chimed in.

"Not really. London has a lot more than that."

"London?" Lauka asked.

"That's a city in the country we're from."

"Oh. Well get cleaned up and I'll have your clothes ready shortly."

"What about Lucy's new clothes? You said you'd have more supplies after the

"The quality of the leather that was brought back wasn't great. Ruor said to
store what could be kept and not use it unless we absolutely needed to."

"Oh... Okay."

Susan made a quick stop by Enan's tent and grabbed the large sheet Lucy had
been using before heading towards the river. Before heading down towards the
water Susan and Lucy stopped at a tree on top of a hill.

"Stay here and keep a look out for anyone coming," Susan said.


"Because I don't want them to see me without clothes."

"Nobody here cares about you seeing you naked."

"What do you mean Lucy?"

"Me and the small bullpeople all took baths in the river once we were done
with our chores."

"They're called minotaurs."


"No, it's minotaurs, but nevermind. What were you doing bathing with the

"I had dirt all over me and I fell in some mud too. They cleaned our clothes
while we were bathing."

"You didn't find that strange?"

"No... I mean I guess I did. I don't know. Everyone else took their clothes
off and got in the river and I didn't want to stick out. I don't want them
to kick us out or kill us like they did Peter and Edmund."

"You don't need to worry about that. We're safe for now. Ruor has made sure
of it. I'm going to go down to the river and take a bath now so keep an eye
out for anyone coming, okay?"


Susan made her way down to the water's edge and looked around a bit to see
if anyone but Lucy was around. Seeing nobody she dropped the fabric Lucy had
used to cover herself and then removed her bloody clothing dropping it to
the ground as well.

Susan stepped into river and swam out towards the deeper parts before she
went under. When she came back up she started scrubbing away at the Loiden
blood with her hands, but it was slow to come off. Close to ten minutes in
the water Susan heard Lucy shout.

"Susan there's a bunch of them coming!"

Susan was in the middle of the wide river and desperately began swimming
towards the shore. Just as she was waist high out of the water three male
minotaur came over the hill and Susan quickly ducked back into the water. At
the water's edge they each dropped some plantlife they had a handful of and
began untying their loincloths. Susan started gawking as the penis of each
minotaur fell down between their legs. She had to guess that they were all
close to twelve inches long. One light brown minotaur caught her looking and
looked to be almost smiling at Susan. Embarrassed Susan quickly shut her
mouth and swam out farther into the river where she began scrubbing her arms

"Here try this, it'll help," a deep voice suddenly boomed behind her. Susan
slowly turned around to see the minotaur who caught her looking holding out
some kind of flower.

"What's this?"

"It's a Fiadil. It takes the blood right off. It does for us anyway. I'm not
sure how it'll work on your human skin. Saved a bunch of us when we found
the plant."

"What do I do with it?"

"Grind it up between your hands then start rubbing the areas with blood on

Following the minotaur's instructions Susan did as she was told and sure
enough the dried blood started to flake off. "This stuff really does work,
but what do you mean it saved you?"

"Without Loidens it'd take us several days to replenish our supplies, but
the problem is their blood is toxic to us. If it gets in our hair and we
don't clean it all off it'll eventually soak into our flesh and get into our
bodies. Even the tiniest drop of blood makes us violently ill."

"Wow, I don't think I could be careful enough to get all the blood off of me
with as messy as you get hunting."

"Once you've done it a lot it's no big deal. Just like bathing in front of
everyone without staring."

"Sorry about that," Susan blushed. "It's just that I'm not used to it."

"You humans are a lot like the building dwellers here in Narnia always
wearing lots of thick and complicated clothing."

"It's like that in my world too. Males aren't supposed to bathe with

"Welcome to our simple world then. My name's Garine."

"Thank you," Susan smiled. "I'm Susan and the girl up there on the hill is
my sister Lucy."

"I know who you are. There isn't anyone in-"

"in Narnia who doesn't know our name. Ruor already told me that. Thanks for
the Fiadil. I got all the blood off of me."

"You're welcome Susan. If you ever need anything you can find me somewhere
in camp. I'll have a more permanent location for you once we get back to our

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," Susan smiled as she swam for shore. As she
walked onto dry ground she looked back as she picked up her cover. The two
other minotaurs were busy cleaning themselves, but Garine was looking in her
direction. Susan waved as she covered herself and Garine waved back. She
slipped her shoes on and with a smile started up the hill towards Lucy.

"Who was that," Lucy asked.

"That was Garine, He was part of the hunting party this morning."

"What we're you two talking about?"

"Nothing really, mostly about the tribe and their way of life. It was real
boring stuff. Were you watching when they undressed?"


"Did you see anything?"

"Yes, but it was the same stuff I saw when I was bathing except that they're

Susan had to choke back a laugh as she listened to Lucy talk about male
genitalia. As the two of them walked back to their tent Susan began to
question a lot of things. Ruor's people were responsible for Peter and
Edmund's death the day before. A minotaur named Enan tried to rape Lucy,
but was killed by the leader Ruor who threatened the same fate upon
anyone who tried to harm either her or Lucy. And on top of that Susan
had just had a friendly chat with another minotaur, Garine.

It would be another ten days of hard traveling from the time of Susan's first
hunt until when the minotaur caravan reached their village. During that time
both Susan and Lucy wore out their shoes and developed severe blisters. With
herbal medication and leather moccasins Lauka gave them the girls were
quickly back on their feet. Susan continued her bow training during the trek
and learned a little hand to hand combat with a small blade Ruor gave her.
Ruor even began very moderately training Lucy with daggers and other small
knives, which Lucy seemed to develop a knack for. Ruor realized that down the
road if he could send Lucy into the camps of other tribes to kill their
leaders it would make battle and conquest much easier.

While she started looking at Ruor as a mentor and leader Susan developed a
fondness towards Garine as she spent more and more time with him. He always
seemed interested in what Susan had to say and was always asking questions
about her world and where she came from. Occasionally a topic would include
Peter and Edmund, but Garine seemed to have a way to change the subject
without a problem or to ease Susan's thoughts. Though she was still a bit
self-conscious and uncomfortable with wearing the revealing garments that
accentuated her breasts around the others, Susan was completely at ease
around Garine.

Once the caravan was back at the village Susan found where Garine lived and
was soon spending almost all of her free time with him. Then one-night six
months later things drastically changed for her. Susan found herself laying
in bed in the hut she shared with Lucy unable to sleep. She got up slipping
her moccasins on before walking outside. The night sky was dark and cool and
the moon shined brightly overhead. She began to walk trying to work off
whatever it was that was keeping her up. Twenty minutes later she found
herself still very wide awake and at the lake the minotaurs from the village
fished at. Walking closer to the water she found that she wasn't alone.
Sitting on the shore of the lake was Garine. Smiling she sat down next to

"You couldn't sleep either?" She asked.

"No, but I've never slept more than a few hours a night and there's always
something relaxing about the lake."

"I'm a bit embarrassed to say this, but I was wrong about your people."

"What do you mean?"

"After Peter and Edmund were killed I assumed all minotaur to be violent
nasty creatures, though that's not much different than what my opinion of
your people was after the battle with the White Witch. That doesn't mean I
forgive Ruor for what happened or agree with him training Lucy for battle,
but I can see you're no worse than the people in my world are. When we came
to Narnia there was a major war going on in our world. We had to flee to the
countryside to be safe."

"Why were your people fighting each other?"

"It all started when a man named Adolph Hitler started invading countries and
killing people. Soon we had many countries fighting each other and killing
each other's people. Imagine if you had a dozen kingdoms the size of Narnia
fighting each other. That's what my world was like."

"We may have had the cold, but it seems your world is worse off than ours

"If your people are not as violent and ready to fight as I thought, then why
were so many of you in the queen's army?"

"Our tribes have been divided for as long as anyone can remember and nobody
knows why. The queen used that division to coerce us into joining her
promising that whoever slain you and your siblings would be granted powers
capable of destroying all other tribes. None of the tribes had any problems
with you. We were just fearful each other. That's now why Ruor is going to
use you and Lucy to try and unite all of the tribes as one."

"If that's all he wanted then why did he have my brothers killed?"

"He believes the unification of the minotaurs would be seen as a threat to
Narnia and would prompt Aslan's return. The same fate would befall us that
fell the witch."

"You make Ruor sound like someone great."


"He is great as long as he doesn't need to kill you to get what he wants.
When I met him for the first time six months ago he made it perfectly clear
that he had no problem killing me and using Lucy to achieve his peace."

"I'm not going to make any excuses for the way Ruor presents himself or gets
his point across, but he was trying to get you and Lucy to be quiet and put
you in your place until he could get everything figured out. He had no plans
to kill you Susan. The one thing he's more concerned about than anything is
uniting all of the tribes and bringing peace to our people."

"What going to happen to us once that's accomplished? I can't go home and
tell my mother Peter and Edmund are dead. It'd hurt her too much, especially
if my father dies in the war."

"To be honest I've never thought about that. I guess I always assumed you'd
return home."

"I know this could be several years away and I could change my mind about
going home, but if I do stay in Narnia can I stay with you?"

"Of course," Garine answered immediately surprising himself by how quickly
he answered the question. Susan noticed this too and a slight smile crossed
her face.

There was a moment of silence that hung in the air exposing Susan and Garine
to a weakness they shared. In the time they spent together both traveling to
and at the village Garine had become quite fond of Susan, as did she of him.
They looked into each other's eyes seeing the feelings they had for one
another. Susan couldn't explain why, but she had more than a fondness for
Garine. Perverse feelings she had developed for the minotaur weeks earlier
started to creep into her body. This time she decided not to fight them.
Reaching behind her she untied her top and dropped it to the ground.

Garine looked at his human friend unsure what to make of her actions. In what
had been six months since he first met Susan, seeing each other nude beyond
bathing was never something they had to deal with. Even though she was a
human with far less hair than the females of his species Susan had a certain
beauty to her that he liked.

"Is something wrong?" Susan asked getting only a stare from Garine.

"No. Nothing is. It's just that this sort of thing... And you're a human...
Susan I don't know," Garine stuttered trying to straighten out his thoughts.

"I had the same reservations too when I first started feeling this way, but
I love you."

Looking at Susan as she tried to untie his loincloth told Garine all he
needed to know. "I love you too," he returned.

Susan smiled at the minotaur briefly before she let his loincloth come apart
and took hold of his penis. She started stroking it moving her hand up and
down along the shaft following it with her tongue and the bestial cock began
to respond. With it already being exceptionally large to Susan at twelve
inches she took notice as it got even bigger. Wrapping her lips around the
tip she felt it grow another two inches as she started bobbing her head up
down on Garine's cock running her moist lips along his shaft and letting her
tongue slither around it.

With a little time and effort to relax her gag reflex Susan became able to
take almost seven inches of the minotaur's cock into her mouth and down her
throat. What she couldn't get of Garine's shaft into her mouth she wrapped
her hand around and slowly began to jerk it off. Animalistic grunts started
to come out as Susan eagerly continued to suck and masturbate Garine's dick.
Soon Susan began to feel the minotaur's precum started to hit the back of
her throat. It wasn't dribbling out, but squirting out with some force.

Licking her lips Susan pulled her head up and smiled. She stood up and
removed her loincloth dropping it to the ground. She positioned herself
above Garine and carefully lowered herself guiding his cock to her small
pinkish hole surrounded by thick brown hair. Just the tip of Garine's penis
was thick and large as it spread Susan's pussy apart and pushed inside.
Susan groaned and bit her lip several times as the first few inches of
Garine's cock slid it's way inside her.

"What's wrong?" Garine asked when Susan stopped moving down onto his shaft.

"This is my first time being intimate with someone."

Susan raised herself enough so that just the tip of the minotaur was still
inside her. With a hard push she slammed herself back down on thick bestial
cock. Susan cried out as it broke through her hymen and pushed seven inches
inside her.

"Are you okay?" Garine asked with concern at Susan's sudden outburst.

"I'm fine. In my world all females have to go through this the first time
they have sex," Susan replied, "But I think I'm fine now."

"Good, I was just want you to be comfortable with this."

Susan smiled widely at Garine. If you would have asked her several months ago
if minotaurs could be as caring or concerned as this she would have answered
you with a resounding no. When the pain in her vagina finally subsided Susan
began pushing herself down on Garine's cock again, but stopped again after
the eighth inch was inside her.

"This is one of the problems of me being a human. I can't take anymore of
your penis inside of me without hurting myself. I'm sorry..."

"I don't care Susan. I love you and if this is all we can do then that's
fine with me."

Susan nearly melted at Garine's words and his understanding and wanted to
pay him back for it. She began to raise herself back up letting the eight
inches that was inside escape. Without about an inch left to go Susan pushed
herself back onto the minotaur's cock. With a large sense of love and
gratefulness towards Garine Susan did her best to bring as much excitement
and feeling to the inches she could get into herself. After several minutes
of sliding her pussy up and down on his shaft Susan had Garine pick her up
with her still on his dick and lay her on the ground. With her legs pushed
back against her body the minotaur finally started thrusting himself into
the girl as gently as he could without hurting her.

Slowly Susan's pussy started to wet itself as it's innerfolds were rubbed
against by the massive cock. Her body soon began to burn up and her pussy
was feeling warm. Susan could feel Garine's precum shooting inside her and
did her best to hold off orgasm until he came. As Garine rammed his thick
long cock into Susan he felt her do something he felt no minotaur do before.
Susan's pussy was starting to clamp down on his shaft and apply pressure.

Garine looked down at Susan whose body was taking a beating shaking quite a
bit with each of his thrusts. With sweat covering Susan's body and her hands
clutching at the ground she still had a big smile on her face. Then calling
out Garine's name Susan began to orgasm. Her body shook even more with an
intense first orgasm now coursing through it.

The minotaur kept driving his cock into the human's tiny pussy as her orgasm
slowly ended. Unbeknownst to either Susan or Garine with her cum slicking his
cock Garine managed to slip two more inches inside her. Susan's cunt quickly
became active again with the additional inches. With Garine's ten inches now
splitting her apart and filling her Susan felt her body get excited again.
With it her pussy started pressing down on Garine's cock again. After several
more minutes of hard thrusting Susan moaned loudly as she began to come
again. The tightness of his friend on his shaft became too much for Garine.
His dick exploded with a hard rush of semen into Susan's womb as his massive
loads shot one after another into her. When his orgasm finally stopped Garine
pulled out of Susan and sat down next to her. A few seconds later large
amounts of his seed started oozing back out of her cunt.

"There's another difference we're going to have to get used to," the minotaur

"How was I? Was I good enough for you?" Susan asked still fearing to hear the
worst since this was her first time and she was a human with a minotaur.

"You were fine. I just hope I wasn't too rough with you."

"You were fine too. I guess there are things we both need to get used to. I'm
going to get into the lake and try to clean up a bit before I head back to

"Susan before you go there's something I'd like to ask."

"What is it Garine?"

"I don't know how Ruor and the others would react or even if they'd let us or
even how Lucy would react-"

"What is it Garine? You're rambling."

"In two seasons out tribe will be performing union ceremonies again. Would
you like to be perform one with me?"

"Do you mean get married?"

"I think that's what the building dwellers call it."

Susan was floored by Garine's question. She wasn't sure if she'd be ready for
marriage when she turned seventeen in a few months, but six months ago Susan
didn't think she'd be having sex with a minotaur either.

"Okay, I can see you're not quite ready for that yet. It's best if you get
cleaned up and return to your hut before anyone notices you're gone."

"Yes Garine, I would love to marry you."


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