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Note: Lucy is (barely) 13, Susan is 19, Tumnus, being a faun is somewhere in the middle of his second century of life (talk about robbing the cradle) but looks in his mid-twenties. In the flashbacks Edmund is 15/17, Susan 16/18 and Peter 18/20.

Chronicles Of Narnia: Happy Birthday Lucy
by Tricksterson

"So, did you like the party?" Susan asked her younger sister. It was slightly less than four years since they and their brothers had come to Narnia from another world, a world that was little more than a vague memory, almost like a dream, now.

It was also Queen Lucy's thirteenth birthday and the celebration had been spectacular, as befitting the coming of age of one of Narnia's four rulers.

"It was wonderful," Lucy replied. "The food, the gifts, the dancing, all wonderful. Even if the only boys available to dance with had been her brothers. But they hadn't *felt* like her brothers when they had been pressed up against her. Especially Edmund who had held her particularly close, close enough for her to feel his penis pressed up against her stomach. It had made her feel hot, confused and somehow both mildly pleasant and itchy. But that wasn't what made her sigh just now.

"What's wrong?" Susan asked.

Where was Tumnus? I missed him. Of all the Narnians the faun was her oldest and dearest friend. And why did Peter say I had reached 'the age of womanhood' in his speech? I don't feel like a woman."

"You will soon," her sister said with a smile that combined kindness with a bit of condescension.

"That's what *he* said. And Edmund just smirked."

"You'll see. As for Tumnus he's waiting for you in your suite. He has a present for you. A very special present. Now I have to see to Martin but I'll see you later and we'll talk." Martin was Susan's four year-old son and a bit of a mystery to Lucy. She was both old enough and smart enough to have an idea of where babies actually came from but who was the father? Susan called him a gift from Aslan and his eyes, golden and catlike, certainly suggested that his father wasn't human but really? Lucy found it hard to imagine the mechanics. She of course, without being entirely certain of them still knew more about the mechanics of such things than the average English girl of her age would have from the simple fact that the one thing fauns, satyrs, minotaurs and centaurs all had in common was that they didn't wear pants. Or any other clothes except occasionally as decoration. Nor did their female counterparts. And then there were other incidents she'd seen between her siblings, incidents that both repelled and excited her and that sometimes she did her best to ignore and other times dwelled on to the point of obsession.

But that was all for her to ponder another time so, with another sigh she kissed her sister on the cheek and went into her royal suite.

"Tumnus?" she called as she entered the parlor.

"In here Your Majesty," came the fauns voice from her bedroom to her mild surprise. It wasn't that she had never entertained guests in her bedroom before, Tumnus most of all. It was that he was there without having been invited first.

What she saw when she entered however silenced any pique she might have felt. He was sitting on the stool he usually used when visiting but what put a smile on the young girl's face were the pipes he held in his hand.

"Are you here to serenade me?" she asked.

"Yes, it's your birthday present."

She moved a chair to sit across from him and sat down.

"Did you write it for me? And don't call me Your Majesty. I never want you to think of me as anything but your friend Lucy"

He smiled. If things went as planned she would be more than just his friend soon. "No, Lucy I didn't write this for you. Rather," he said at her look of disappointment, "this is my people's oldest and most sacred piece of music, 'The Song of Pan'." With that he put the pipes to his lips and began to play.

Lucy had meant to ask why it was called a song if there were no words but two things stopped her. First, the tune was so beautiful that, from the beginning, she was entranced and would have died before interrupting it.

Second, there was singing, of a sort. She could almost hear it, much like those images people see out of the corner of their eyes that, when they look directly, disappear. This was because the not-voices were being heard not by her ears or conscious mind but by her heart, gut and, most of all, her groin.

She found herself swaying to the sensual melody, first in her chair and then standing up. The young queen spun slowly in a circle, running her hands through her hair and piling it on top of her head then letting it flow back down around her neck and shoulders.

She then ran her hands down the side of her neck and leaned forward and, without being more than half aware of what she was doing, blew a kiss at the faun musician.

Down the hands ran to cup her developing breasts while her hips swayed wantonly, offering them to Tumnus.

In the back of her mind questions arose. Did she really want Tumnus' lips on hers? Did she really want his hands all over her body? Did she really want his currently very erect penis inside her?

And from the back of her mind came the answer: 'Yes she did want all those things'. Her desire had always been there, the music had just pulled it forward.

Her hands moved down to her crotch and Lucy rubbed herself through the silk of her dress, something she'd only recently started experimenting with. Tumnus got up from his stool and started dancing around her. She reciprocated and they circled each other, eyes locked like hungry animal.

What she most wanted right now Lucy felt was to get out of these clothes. They were too tight, too hot and too heavy. Unfortunately they were also too intricately and tightly laced for her to get off quickly by herself.

"Take them off, Tumnus! I need my clothes off!"

The faun put down his pipes and stepped in close to his queen, encircling her in his arms. He wasn't afraid of her repelling him now that the music had stopped. The Song of Pan couldn't create a fire where there was not fuel, it had simply stoked smoldering coal into a bonfire. He reached up behind her, grabbed the collar of her dress and pulled with a strength that would have surprised anyone unfamiliar with his race, ripping it down the back seam and exposing the smooth, soft contours of the royal back, not to mention the even more pleasingly shaped royal behind. The remains of the dress slid to the floor and a now naked Lucy pressed her body against the faun's, moving her lips down toward his. Tumnus' tongue was both longer and thicker than a human males. Combined with Lucy's inexperience it made for some awkwardness but their mutual enthusiasm helped make up for it.

When they broke off, the young girl asked, "Are we...lovers yet?"

"That depends on how you define the term. I would say not yet but we are headed in that direction. Do you want to be my lover?"

"Oh yes!" Lucy burst out, surprising herself with how enthusiastic her response was. During the conversation she had been semi-consciously devouring and assessing Tumnus' body. His upper half was of a wiry, moderately handsome man, if you ignored the small horns. Most humans would have regarded his lower half bizarre, if not grotesque but having lived the last four years among creatures as strange or stranger his legs weren't ugly at all. In any case her eyes were most drawn, not to his legs but to the proudly erect member between them, over nine inches long and nearly as thick as her wrist.

Tumnus returned the scrutiny and also liked what he saw. The "baby fat" she'd had when he first met her had mostly evaporated and what was left had migrated to her hips, butt and budding breasts. Humans changed so quickly, he reflected, and in Lucy's case, marvelously.

The young queen was the first to move. She reached for his cock, stroking it as one would a strange and possibly dangerous animal, shyly at first then with more confidence. She was amazed at how smooth and soft the skin was, with a down-like fuzz on it, over the hard muscle beneath, like steel, sheathed in velvet.

"Make...a fist," he told her. "Good! A little tighter. Now...up and...down." He gave a groan and drew her in for another kiss. This one was less awkward, less nervous and much more satisfying. Her hands moved to his shoulder and his to the globes of her ass.

"Oh!" she said as the faun's lips moved off hers to suck one of her hard, brown, little nipples. She could feel the iron length of his member between her thighs, rubbing against her labia but not penetrating.

"Want it," she moaned. "Want me."

"Put your legs around me," Tumnus said. When she obeyed he carried her to the bed and deposited her on the edge, facing him.

"Spread your legs, my sweet Lucy." When she complied he ran his hands up and down them, enjoying the softness of her skin. They kissed again and this time when their lips parted it was her lips that went to one of his nipples and sucked, making him groan and close his eyes.

He pushed her off reluctantly and asked, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes!" she said, nodding vigorously.

"Lean back on your elbows." When she had done this he grabbed her by the hips and pushed in.

"Oh!" she cried, surprised by the combination of pain and pleasure. With each thrust the pain diminished and the pleasure increased.

Instinctively her legs came up and locked around his waist, desperate to keep his wonderful cock inside her. Similarly her hands came up to grip his shoulders.

"Fuck me," she said in a hoarse whisper. "Fuck me and...don't ever...unh...stop!" Her jaw dropped and her eyes rolled up in her head as she came. She felt like she was dying but at the same time as if she'd never felt so alive.

* * *

Susan had been watching the whole thing. Well, not everything, she actually had stopped briefly to check with Martin and his centaura governess but had come into the secret room, one of a vast complex honeycombing Caer Paravel, just in time to see Lucy's dress torn off.

Susan had chosen her own party dress with and eye to easy removability and by the time Tumnus had deposited her sister on the bed she not only had it off but two fingers in her pussy. By the time Lucy was coming she was close herself and *really* wanted to finish. But duty called. After all this had been her idea.

For the past two years the three elder Pevensies had discussed, sometimes to the point of argument the hows and ifs of bringing their younger sibling into "the family circle".

On the one hand Peter didn't think Lucy knew anything about their incestuous relationship at all and wasn't sure they should make her aware . As he put it, "it's not like we've been rutting in the halls. Well, except that once."

Edmund's attitude was nearly as cynical as Peter's was naive and just as irrational. He believed that not only did Lucy know everything but that she was deliberately teasing them, especially him, with her pretended innocence. This conviction had grown stronger the older and prettier their sister had gotten and some of his suggestions were rank enough that he and Peter had nearly come to blows, prevented only by Susan's intervention.

Her own view was in what she called the rational center. She was sure that Lucy knew or at least suspected that *something* was going between her older siblings that they weren't telling her about. As she put it, "She's not deaf, she's not blind and she's not stupid." And even if she was unaware of her siblings incestuous love Susan had noticed the focused looks she'd recently been giving the male Narnians, especially their crotches.

So she had come up with the idea of using Lucy's dearest friend to introduce her to sex. Tumnus had been more than amenable. To fauns, satyrs and nymphs virginity was a tragic condition, to be remedied at the first opportunity.

Now that Lucy had been introduced to sex and, from the evidence, really liked it, it was time for part two of the plan, introducing her to an entirely different level of family togetherness.

Edmund had of course volunteered immediately and despite his previous pious stance Peter was right behind them but Susan had said, "This calls for a woman's touch." At the looks they'd sent her way she'd added, "No you can't watch." then teasingly thrown in, "This time." On Susan's list of life's pleasures, yanking her brothers' chains came second only to fucking them and it was a very close second at that.

She slid open the secret panel in the wall and entered the room quietly, although since her little sister was just starting to come off the peak of her orgasm she suspected that she could have entered banging a pair of cymbals together and still been ignored.

Tumnus saw her coming at almost the same moment that he did inside Lucy and grinned. He'd been between the older Pevensie girl's legs once or twice just as Peter and Edmund had occasionally dallied with nymphs and dryads. But they always came back to each other.

* * *

When Lucy came back to herself the first thing she noticed was a gentle hands stroking her hair followed by an equally soft and gentle kiss on her lips. When she opened her eyes she saw her sister's face.

"Susan!" she shrieked, scooting up onto the mattress and instinctively trying to cover herself. "What are you doing here?!? And...and..why are you naked too?"

"We thought...that it was time?"

"Time for what?"

"How much do you know about...your brothers and I and...what we do together."

There was a long pause and then Lucy said, "Oh...that."

* * *

It turned out that she had seen a fair amount and figured out most of the rest. The first time had been about two months after Martin had been born, the first time since giving birth that Susan had felt ready, very ready as it turned out, for sex and the first time in five months, since she had sworn them to chastity during her pregnancy, that any of them had had sex.

Susan had started it by telling her brothers, "You can have me if you can catch me," and then taking off at a full run through the castle's halls and corridors. She was slowed by shedding her clothes as she ran but so were they.

So it was that the at that time ten year old Lucy had been walking along a corridor when her sister, by this time down to a filmy white underskirt, huge post-pregnancy boobs bouncing as she ran had dashed by her along the cross corridor of an intersection followed by a bare chested Peter and Edmund who, in contrast was naked from the waist down.

It had happened so fast that by the time she had gone to bed she had more than half convinced herself that she'd imagined it.

* * *

"So what did happen?" Lucy asked.

* * *

Susan had finally let the boys catch her in the royal dining hall where they had indulged in their favorite position, one of them, Peter in this case, taking her doggie style while she gave head to the other one then switching.

"'Doggie style' I can guess at," Lucy said, interrupting her sister, "But what's 'giving head'?"

Susan smiled. "I'll teach you. There's so much I can teach you." With that she reached out and stroked Lucy's hair then leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

Lucy pulled back, more in shock than anything else. "Susan! We're girls!"

"That doesn't mean we can't make each other feel good."

"It doesn't?"

"No, it doesn't. Now what else did we get up to that you saw?"

The next time hadn't been until she was twelve. She had almost entirely forgotten the naked racing incident when she had stumbled across Edmund and Susan together in an alcove. She had pulled back around the corner, then peeked back around; just to make sure that what she'd seen was real.

Sure enough Susan was sitting on Edmund's lap in the window space and they looked like they had their tongues halfway down each other's throats. Edmund had one hand at the small of his sister's back and the other hand pushed down thee back of her skirt to expose her buttocks which were almost as round and firm as her tits and was groping them. Susan had one hand behind his neck, the other had pulled out his willy and was stroking it just as, months later, she would do to Tumnus.

She had watched for a few seconds, unable to move until the fear of getting caught pulled her back around the corner and made her got back the way she came then take an alternate route. In the maze that was Caer Paravel there was always more than one way to get where you were going, usually two or three more.

The incident had left her with a case of what she thought of as "the tinglies" that followed her around all day because even if she'd wanted to she couldn't get what she'd seen out of her head. That night was the first time she had masturbated.

After that she hadn't exactly spied on her sibling but she had kept her eyes open for opportunities. And then about a month and a half ago she had seen Peter and Susan going hand in hand into Susan's room. She hadn't had the courage to open the door and peek but she had pressed her ear to the door.

The door was thick but it felt like she could hear everything. She heard the sounds of kissing, of skin against skin and of clothes being discarded and hitting the floor followed by more kissing and then a sound that was sort of like kissing but with sucking and licking noises involved as well.

Her crotch was burning like it never had before. After a quick look around, in case any servants might be coming she'd fallen to her knees, pushed her skirt below her hips and pushed a finger into her rapidly moistening, peachfuzzed pussy. Soon her probing finger fell into rhythm with the grunts and moans coming from the other side of the door.

Then she heard her sister screaming. Even through the door and across the parlor, assuming they were in the bedroom Lucy heard her clearly.

"Yes! Fuck me Peter! FUCK MEEE!!"

In a whisper the younger queen had echoed her older sister. "Yess, Peter. Fuck us! Fuck us both!" She bit down on her lips as she came but still couldn't prevent a whimper escaping. Fortunately she was easily drowned out by Susan's own orgasmic shrieks.

* * *

"So you knew about us?"

"Um, yes?"

"Don't tell Edmund that. He's insufferable when he's right."

Lucy gave her sister a grin that showed she still had a good deal of little girl in her nature and said, "He's insufferable when he's wrong too." The two girls collapsed giggling into each other's arms at that.

When they stopped Susan looked deep into her sister's eyes and kissed her again. This time Lucy didn't pull back but opened her mouth and let the other girl's tongue in.

When it ended Susan asked, "So now do you believe girls can make each other feel good?"

"Mmm, yes."

"I have a lot more to teach you," she said, somewhat facetiously. The truth was that when it came to girl on girl Susan was largely going on instinct plus a little she'd learned from watching frolicking nymphs but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. The term "bi-curious" was several decades and an entire universe away from being coined but it described her perfectly.

She took Lucy's head in her hands and guided it to one of her nipples then started exploring her sisters much smaller tits with her hands. Stroking and pinching them.

"Mmm, I love having my nipples sucked," she moaned. She still let Martin nurse at her bosom, just for the sensation. "Do the other one, my darling, will you?" Lucy was happy to comply.

As they further explored each others tits, both now using a combination of mouth and hands Susan sent one of her hands down between her sister's legs and slipped a finger between her barely fuzzed pussy lips.

"Oh!" Lucy exclaimed and again "OH!," as her sister probed deeper.

"Like it?"

"Oh yesss!"

Lucy started to reach between her sibling's legs to return the favor but Susan stopped her.

"I have something else planned dear heart," she said, following her statement with another long, deep kiss. The two girls had been sitting on the bed facing each other, legs crossed, while Lucy had told her story. The legs had become entwined together as they started making love but now Susan pushed her incestuous conquest down onto her back then slid down the other girl's body until her head joined her hand between Lucy's legs whereupon her tongue joined her fingers in servicing the younger girls cunt.

Conveniently, this put Susan's legs and rump over the end of the bed, a rump which she twitched intently at Tumnus while spreading her legs apart in an obvious invitation. An invitation which the goat-man, who had been watching the sisterly foreplay and avidly stroking his cock was quick to accept. Only one question needed to be answered.

"Ass or cunt?"

"Cunt," Susan answered in a voice made husky with lust, briefly raising her head, which Lucy quickly reached out to push back down. She had considered the alternative but, in light of the lack of lubricant and Tumnus' thickness, dismissed it.

Playing with her small breasts while her sister ate her out Lucy looked up and over Susan's lush body to watch her friend rhythmically pounding into her. She thought that he had never looked so...goatish.

Oddly, or perhaps not, she was after all very new to this, watching her sister being fucked by the faun was as much of a turn on to her as that same sister's tongue was.

And a turn on it definitely was. After being deflowered she had thought that nothing could compare to having a male member inside her but this did. Not better but as good if decidedly different.

Just as when Tumnus had been fucking her, her legs seemed to have a will and knowledge of their own, thighs closing around her sisters head, calve going up and over Susan's shoulders.

"Oh yess!" she screamed. "I love your tongue Susan! Fuck me with your tongue!! AHHHHH!!"

* * *

Afterwards the sisters lay together in Lucy's bed, holding each other close and exchanging sift, gentle kisses and caresses. Tumnus had left. Fauns were not built, either physically or psychologically, for cuddling.

Susan asked, "If you knew about us why didn't you come to us and let us know?" This had been on her mind for awhile but she hadn't wanted to interrupt their fun.

Lucy looked away from her sister, ashamed. "I was...afraid...that you wouldn't want me. That you wouldn't think I was good enough or pretty enough."

Susan took her sister's face in both hands and moved it until they were looking into each other's eyes. "Your beautiful, my sisterlover and when I ahem, "introduce" you to our boys they're going to fuck you into a coma.

And so it happened.

But even when she lay, fully sated, among her siblings a small, dark part of her mind would tell her, "But you're still not as beautiful or as wanted as your sister".

The End...for now.


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