This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Chronicles Of Narnia: Self-Doubt
(mf, inc, first)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Peter laid in the tent weary and wide-awake. Not even the slightest hint of
sleep had entered into his body. It was dark outside and except for the
occasional sounds of the camp guards it was quiet too. What had started as a
game of hide and seek had turned into a struggle for a land's freedom. Being
the eldest child Peter stepped into the role of his father when he left to
fight the Nazi's and helped his mother as best he could in keeping the family
together. He had to put on a brave face many times, but now found himself
racked with anxiety. While his father was helping to stop the spread of evil
Peter reluctantly found himself preparing to lead an army into battle to
overthrow it. Edmund was missing and though he had killed Maugrim the wolf
and Aslan had sent Oreuis and others to rescue his brother Peter was now no
more sure of himself leading an army than he had been when he, Susan, and
Lucy first arrived in the camp and saw the hope their arrival brought.

Giving up on getting sleep any time soon Peter got up and left his tent. He
looked around a bit, taking in the cool night air, and with his hands in his
pockets he walked towards the river. Peter stopped and looked at the ground
in the general area of the riverbank in which he got "lucky" and slew the
wolf. Then as the moon seemed to start to shine just a bit brighter than it
normally would Peter noticed a dark spot on the ground and kneeled down to
investigate. It was blood. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew it was
the blood of Maugrim and this was the spot where the wolf died. Peter ran
his hand over the spot replaying the days earlier events. He wanted to
convince himself he hadn't lucked out in killing the wolf, that he was ready
for what was coming, but he couldn't. Still filled with much self-doubt
Peter sat down at the river's edge and stared at the reflection of the
moonlight on the water. He picked up a nearby rock and skipped it across the
water. It bounced several times before sinking to the bottom. Peter lost
himself in thought for several minutes before he was interrupted.

"Peter, what are you doing out here? You should be sleeping. You're going to
need it," Susan said sitting down beside him.

"I can't sleep Susan. I keep thinking about what Aslan, what everyone is
wanting us to do. This world isn't any better than our own, but at least
Edmund was with us when we were home."

"I must admit that using just logic I can't figure out how the four of us
have become some kind of saviors for the people here. There could have been
someone besides us staying with The Professor and if they had stumbled onto
the wardrobe like we had they'd be in the same position we are." Susan
picked up her own stone and tried to skip it across the water. Instead it
immediately sank to the bottom the first time it hit water.

"You never were any good at skipping stones," Peter grinned slightly as
another of his rocks bounced along the water effortlessly.

"This is silly. Ask mother what she prefers; good grades or the ability to
toss stones," Susan replied trying to skip another rock which immediately
sank to the bottom of the river as well. "Bugger."

"This is really embarrassing," Peter said not being able to help but laugh
out loud this time. "You can't even get your stone to bounce once."

"Don't sit there and laugh. Show me what I'm doing wrong and teach me the
right way to play your stupid game."

"You're making this much too difficult Susan," Peter started jumping at the
sudden howl of a far off creature.

"Are you okay Peter?" Susan asked seeing Peter flinch in the moonlight and
hearing the ground rustle underneath him.

"I'm fine. It's just that the wolf that howled just now..." Peter said
trailing off.

"What is it Peter? What's wrong?"

"I can't do it Susan. I can't help these people. I'm not a leader," he
muttered. He stood up and began to walk back to his tent.

"Wait please!" Susan said jumping to her feet and grabbing Peter's arm.

"What?" Peter sighed.

"We have to help these people! You can't abandon them now!"

"I can't Susan! Going into battle isn't an easy thing to do! Do you remember
what's going on at home, why we have to live with The Professor? Edmund is
missing because of me and I was barely able to protect you and Lucy today..."

"But you did protect us," Susan replied her hand dropping down to Peter's
squeezing it. "Lucy and I are alive, because you killed Maugrim, and Oreuis
will get Edmund back. I know he will. Aslan trusts him and so do I."

"You're alive because I got lucky. I couldn't even bring myself to strike
Maugrim. He attacked me and I reacted. You can't have a coward like me lead
an army into battle and expect to win. It's not logical." Peter pulled his
hand from Susan's and began to walk away.

As Peter disappeared into the darkness Susan's eyes started to water. "I
believe you Peter. Why can't you believe in yourself?" She muttered barely
audible to even herself.

* * *

Peter laid on the makeshift bedding in his tent. He tossed and turned as he
thought about Edmund, the position he had allowed himself to be put in in
regards to Narnia's battle with the White Witch, and the conversation he had
just had with his sister. He knew daylight couldn't have been more than a
few hours away and he hadn't slept a bit. His confidence was shaky to say
the least and if he didn't get some sleep soon he would be even less helpful.
Just as his eyes were starting to close and he was about to head off into
dreamland Peter's tent was disturbed.

"Who is it?" He asked slowly turning to face his tent's doorway while
reaching for his sword.

"It's me," Susan replied stepping into Peter's tent.

"What do you want Susan? I was about to fall asleep," Peter asked sitting up.

"I'm sorry I disturbed you, but I just wanted you to know that even if you
don't believe in yourself the people here believe in you, Aslan believes in
you, and Lucy and I believe in you. You can lead the people of Narnia if you

"Like I told you, I got lucky."

"Peter stop it! Do you think Lucy cares if you're the world's greatest
soldier? No, you saved her life and you love her. That's all that matters to
her! If you can't see yourself the way everyone else does then maybe you're
right. Maybe Aslan needs to find a new leader." Susan then turned to leave
the tent, but Peter stopped her.

"Susan wait..."

"What Peter? I need to get to sleep. You may not want to, but I want to help
the people of Narnia."

"It's not that I don't want to help I just don't think you or Lucy completely
understand what's going on here. Aslan is talking about going to war with the
White Witch. Just like what's going on at home. Instead of airplanes and
bombs we've got horses and swords. People are going to die Susan; you, me,
Edmund, anybody. Edmund could already be dead!"

"Don't say that Peter! He's not dead!" Tears began to form in Susan's eyes
again and the same guilt he felt for causing Edmund to run off Peter now had
for his sister. He stood up and kissed Susan on the forehead before hugging

"I'm sorry for saying that. It's just that if things don't work out like
everyone hopes then any of us could end up dying. The beavers said the White
Witch wants us all dead, even Lucy! If something were to happen to any of us
what would the others say to mother when they went home? What if father dies
in the war and she also loses one of us? How do you think she'll react then?"

"Why didn't you say something before?" Susan asked with a sniffle looking up
at Peter.

"Because I have to take care of the family while father is gone," Peter
replied sitting down.

"You behave just like him, you know that?" Susan said sitting down next to
him. Taking a breath she then asked, "What are you going to do then?"

"The same thing father did," Peter replied looking at the ground. "What I
have to. He believes in his cause and I believe in mine. I don't believe we
came to Narnia by accident. For whatever reason the four of us were supposed
to come here. I will do what I can to help the people here... even if that
means I die in the process."

"Do you mean that?" Susan smiled her hand reaching into his lap to take his.

"Yes I do. I don't know what will happen to us, but it's like you said I
have too much of father in me. I'm a nervous wreck, I have been since we
left the beavers' home, but I can't turn my back on these people. I can't
do it and have a clean conscious."

"You're going to make a great leader Peter," Susan said.

"Thanks..." He replied. "What are you doing?" He asked when she took his
left hand from his lap.

"I love you Peter," Susan said as she pressed his hand against the green
cloth that covered her left breast.

"Why'd you do that?" Peter asked quickly pulling his hand away. "I love you
too, but this can't be. Mom would--"

"Mom would take you by the collar and drag you home if she knew you were
going to lead an army into battle." Susan stood up in Peter's tent and
loosened her dress before pulling it off and dropping it.

"Susan what are you doing? Put your clothes back on!" Peter demanded standing
up and handing his sister her dress.

"It's like you said anything can happen in the next few days. We could all
die and if that happens I want you die a man fighting for a cause and not as
a boy out of place." Susan began removing her undergarments. First she pulled
the top up over her head then she pulled down her bottom.

Peter opened his mouth to say something more, but at that moment the
moonlight that managed to creep into his tent seemed to shine on Susan in
the right way. He looked at her from head to toe and could not get over how
beautiful she looked standing in front of him.

"Peter say something. You're making me nervous."

"I don't know what to say."

"Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." Susan trailed off as she reached down
to pick up her clothes to dress herself.

"Susan stop," Peter said stepping to her and taking her hands. "What I meant
was that you're absolutely beautiful."

Susan smiled, blushed a bit, and dropped her clothing. She then kissed him
passionately full on the lips. When their kiss broke both teens had a smile
on their face. With a bit of nervousness entering her body Susan sat down on
Peter's bedding as he undressed. When he was fully nude the moonlight had
the same effect on his body that it did on hers.

"Wow Peter..." Susan said. "You look good too."

"Thank you," he said turning to face her.

Though Peter couldn't see it Susan blushed heavily as she caught a glimpse
of his penis. She had seen drawings of them in books before, but this was
the first real one she had ever seen. Peter's cock looked huge to her and
for someone his age it was a bit bigger than normal. He was almost at six
and a half inches and still growing. Peter sat down next to his sister and
the two of them looked at each other with nervous glances.

"So how do you want to do this? I've never done this before," Peter admitted
after several minutes of the two of them looking at each other with nervous

"Me neither. I've only heard girls talk about this at school," Susan replied.
"Lay back and let me try to remember what they said."

With a smile and not fully knowing the pleasures that awaited for him Peter
laid back and waited to see what Susan would do. Before the war against
Germany had started and life was still easy as a teenager Peter had gotten
erections quite often from being around attractive girls, but he was still a
virgin having only ejaculated sparingly through self-gratification almost
never having any time alone. Now he and Susan were spending probably one of
their last free nights together and neither of them knew exactly what they
were doing.

With her eyes not able to leave Peter's large semi-erect member Susan gently
felt it up several times before taking hold of the shaft. Just the mere touch
of his sister's hand on his penis caused Peter to flinch ever so slightly and
immediately become fully erect.

"Are you okay Peter?" Susan giggled as she started to ride her hand up and
down his cock.

"I'm fine. I'm just a little nervous is all."

"Me too," Susan smiled as her hand continued to slide up and down her
brother's dick. "But being with you will make my first time easier."

After several minutes of stroking Peter's shaft Susan felt something sticky
when the edge of her fingers slipped over the edge of Peter's cockhead.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked when Susan stopped stroking him.


Peter moaned when he felt Susan start to tongue his cock. The girls had at
school had been right. Even at the slightest touch of Susan's hand
pre-ejaculate had started to dribble out of Peter's dick. It was a bit salty
as Susan licked it from her brother's skin and the more she slid her tongue
over his shaft the more he moaned and the more that came out.

Peter groaned loudly and his penis ached like it was about to burst as Susan
wrapped her lips around it and slowly began bobbing her head up and down.
She did the best she could at performing oral sex for the first time and
could only assume Peter was enjoying it as he continued to moan and his cock
seemed to twitch by itself from time to time in her mouth. As Susan continued
to run her tongue up and down Peter's shaft and her lips slid over it she
slowly came to decide that this really wasn't any worse than sucking on a
finger. It's just that she was sucking on Peter's manhood and from time to
time a salty substance spilled onto her tongue.

Then Susan decided to try something else she had heard about in school.
Still orally pleasuring Peter she reach under and gave his scrotum a slight
squeeze. Peter's body jerked and he moaned loudly as he came into his
sister's mouth. Susan was a bit surprised by Peter's reaction and the wads
of cum that squirted from his cock. Not knowing what else to do she tried
swallowing as fast as she could. The semen was thick and it was a bit salty,
but Susan swallowed most of it down. She brought her head up when it seemed
Peter was finished, but he was still hard. He then sat up next to her.

"That felt wonderful Susan," Peter said with a smile.

She blushed before speaking, "Thanks, but it's my turn now. I don't want to
be a girl anymore."

In the moonlight they could see each other smile as they switched places and
Susan laid down. She spread her legs for Peter and with a slight nervousness
he pushed the tip of his penis into her warm fold. With a slight nod and a
smile Susan motioned for Peter to continue and he did. Slowly he worked his
dick into her pussy and an excited rush overtook Susan as Peter filled her.
Then they both stopped for a moment. Peter's dick had found her hymen and
had started to push against it. It was Susan's initial whimper that got him
to stop.

"You okay Susan? I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm fine Peter. It always hurts the first time they said."

"Okay, I'll try to be as gentle as I can."

Susan bit her lip as Peter started pushing himself inside her again. Then
with a small thrust the fleshy membrane within Susan was broken. She gritted
her teeth for a split-second and groaned, but the pain slowly passed and
soon Peter's entire shaft was within her.

"You feel so big inside me Peter," Susan said with a smile.

"And you feel so tight around my dick."

"Just keep going. It'll start to feel better soon."

Peter needed little encouragement from Susan to started fucking her as his
body was telling him all he needed to know. As he started to pull out and
push back in Peter's body and especially his cock was already starting to
feel like it had before he came earlier. As he slowly worked his body into a
nice pace and rhythm Peter couldn't help but notice Susan's firm breasts as
they rocked back and forth with each thrust. He let go of Susan's hips and
leaned forward enough that he could take both of her breasts in his hands.
Peter squeezed them, fondled them, exploring breasts for the first time as
he tried to continue to thrust himself into his sister. He nearly slipped
out a few times, but Susan likely the feeling of Peter's hands on her chest
as he fucked her wrapped her legs around his waist.

Susan had heard talk at school about everything that was now happening to
her. The excitement that she felt, the tingling almost burning sensation
that was taking over her body was making her believe that her first orgasm
wasn't far off. Peter grunted holding onto Susan's breasts as he thrust his
cock in and out of Susan's pussy. The harder and faster he seemed to fuck
her the tighter her pussy seemed to get. The sibling teens pulled as much
pleasure from their sexual romp as their bodies would allow as they
continued on into the early morning.

Even with the cool air sweat had started to form on their bodies. Susan was
the first to lose herself and come. She felt her pussy explode with passion
and burn as she orgasmed. Peter continued to wildly thrust himself into her
even as Susan's pussy took his dick into a tight grip and smothered it with
her cum. It would be several more minutes before Peter would come for the
second time. Susan felt Peter's warm sticky cum shoot into her body several
times before letting up. This time when he finished he went limp as he
pulled out. Peter fell down next to Susan as both breathed heavily trying to
recompose themselves.

"Thank you Peter," Susan whispered after several minutes of silence. "I love

"I love you too Susan," He replied kissing her on the forehead. "And thank
you. I want to say more, but I don't know what to say."

"Don't worry about it. I better be getting back to my tent though in case
Lucy wakes up," Susan said standing up and redressing. "Don't worry Peter
everything will work out. I know it will."

"Me too," he smile a few minutes later when his sister finally left.


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