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Note: Lucy is 11, Edmund 15, Susan 16 and Peter 18. In the flashback Martin is 10 and Susan 25

Chronicles Of Narnia: Sex On The Beach
by Tricksterson

"What was that all about?," Lucy asked Edmund, who had had to be pulled off another boy in the London Underground while they were waiting for their train. It was Peter however who answered since Edmund just glared at her.

"He's...frustrated," Peter said in a voice that almost a whisper.

"Frustrated? About what?" The she saw how Edmund's, and for that matter Peter's eyes were roaming up and down her and lucy's bodies. "Oh," she said, lowering her voice to match Peters. "You think we're not frustrated too? You think we don't want your cocks in us? But they didn't have room for all of us in one house."

"Yes," said Edmund, "but at least you and Lucy can..."

"Not as much as you think. We almost got caught once and Mrs. Lindsay watches us like a hawk now"

"So does Mr. Lindsay, " Lucy added "But in a different way. A really creepy way."

Out of nowhere Susan sniffed and, sounding like she was holding back tears, whispered, "I miss Martin." Martin was her son by Aslan and had been ten when they had been brought back to England. More than once, nearly every day, in Susan's case, they wondered what would have happened if they had brought him riding with them the day they had left Narnia.

Before the argument could go any further something changed. At first they weren't sure what it was and then they realized everything but them had...stopped. Not only was no one moving, even the air had stilled. And then everything rippled and the tube station wall fell apart and they got sucked into the hole.

* * *

They were back. They were on a beach, so very different from the crowded and smelly subway tube they'd been in but even if they had been on an identical beach in England they still would have known where they were. The sky was a more vivid blue, the air just plain *cleaner*.

At first the boys just stood there taking it all in. The Edmund nudged Peter and pointed.

The girls had reacted more physically. They had already kicked off their shoes and were dancing around each other. Then Susan, followed by Lucy peeled off her school jacket and vest. Both boys eyes were hypnotized by the rhythmic bouncing of her tits.

The girls noticed the boys staring and grinned at each other.

"Let's give them a show," Susan said.

"Let's," said her sister, nodding eagerly, then turning to her brothers and shimmying out of her skirt. "Like what you see?" she said in a tone that tried to sound adult and sexy but didn't quite make it. That didn't seem to phase either Peter or Edmund however. Both of them just gazed slack jawed at her and Susan and nodded.

She turned and shook her pert little bum at them, causing Edmund to move forward but Peter put out a restraining arm.

"That's right boys," Susan called out to them, "Just watch the show for now." She herself was slowly unbuttoning her blouse while swaying to an an inner music. Lucy followed her lead and soon was wearing only her chemise and panties. Susan on the other hand still had her chemise, underwear and skirt on. This was something Lucy decided to fix. She knelt before her sister, unzipped her skirt and slowly pulled it down past her hips and down to the sand then softly kissed Susan's thighs bringing a soft moan from her. She looked out of the corner of her eyes to see her brothers were also taking off their clothes although with more speed and considerably less grace. Lucy heard a rustling of fabric and saw her sister pulling her chemise up over her had and then throwing onto the beach. Lucy smiled and then pulled down her sister panties after which she slipped a finger inside Susan's slit, finding it already moist and bringing another moan.

"Oh God Lucy, that's good! I love you!"

Lucy looked up and replied, "I love you too." She heard footsteps coming up behind her and looked to see the boys naked and erect, approaching. "Looks like the boys love us too, " she said with a chuckle. She turned around as her sister moved beside her and sank to her knees/ They held each others hands as their brothers stopped in front of them and, acting in unison Susan took Edmunds cock in her free hand as Lucy did the same to Peter and they bent their heads worshipfully to take the boys members in their mouths.

Lucy broke the hold to first cup, then massage Peter's balls. Susan did the same while the brothers buried their hands in their respective sisters hair. Peter pulled off his preadolescent partner's chemise, exposing the tiny bumps on which her nipples rested while Edmund undid Susan's bra.

After a bit of this Susan raised her head and called out, "Switch off for fucking!" Reluctantly and slowly the boys pulled out of their sisters mouths whiller the girls fingers and lips trailed down their legs.

Both girls lay down on their clothes and spread their legs but when Edmund got between Lucy's she looked nervous and said, "Wait!"

"What?," Edmund said, impatient and just a bit angry.

"Don't get mad. I want you in me as much as you do! It's just...I'm a virgin again so go slow."

"You're a what?"

"When we came back so did my...virginity." Edmund realized that she was referring of course to her hymen. It must have come back because her original age was younger than when it had been broken.

"Now , please! Fuck me! Fuck me nowww!"

"But gently?"

"At first." She briefly wondered if maybe she should have gone with Peter. Edmund was a vigorous lover but not very good at the soft touch.

Still she had to admit he tried. "Guide me in," he said. She complied, taking his rod in her tiny hand and easing it into her. Secretly this turn of events made him happy. He'd always wanted to be the one to pop his little sister's cherry. Instead that happy task had fallen to the faun Tumnus.

"I love you Lucy," He said in a surprisingly soft tone as he broke through."

"Unh! I love you too, now fuck me!"

Alongside them Peter was already inside Susan who had broken the handholding with her sister to claw at her brother's back.

"Ohhh...yess!" She moaned "My King, my husband, my brother!"

Meanwhile Lucy was rapturously rediscovering the joy of sex.


After coming the girls lay panting for a minute, their loverbrothers still on top and inside them. then Lucy called for another switchoff.

"Favorite position?," Peter asked.

"Yup!," Lucy answered with a grin.

Back when it had just been Peter, Susan and Edmund their favorite sex position had been for Susan to be on all fours and taken doggie style by one brother while she sucked off the other. With the addition of Lucy accommodations had had to be made.

One sister, this time Lucy, was still on her knees, Peter behind her, but Susan was underneath her, face to pussy while Edmund leaned and his little sister braced against each other, his hands clutching her shoulders while she ran hers eagerly over his bare chest and they kissed frantically while their older siblings fucked and were fucked by them. Meanwhile Peters hands roamed over the bare swellings that would someday be Lucy's breasts while her rammed into her pussy from behind.

Susan, her tongue alternately licking her younger sisters cunt and her older brothers cock as it moved in and out of said cunt gave muffled moans and yelps as Edmund fucked her. Lucy was more vocal.

"OH! Peter! Fuck me! Yes! Oh yes Susan! Your tongue feels sooo goood!," Then as Edmund sucked on her nipples, "Castle! Castle! Castle!"

"Have you gone mental?" Edmund asked. "What the fuck does 'Castle!' mean?"

"It means, my brotherlove...Oh! Oh! Oh!...I see a castle up on that cliff!" Then her eyes rolled up in her head and she lost the capacity for coherent speech as Peter and Susan both hit just the right spot at the same time. As often happened when they all made love together her orgasm set off a chain reaction, with Edmund and Peter spurting into their respective partners and Susan coming as well, her nails raking across the soft, smooth flesh of her little sisters thighs and buttocks as she climaxed then all of them collapsed into a gasping, satiated heap.

* * *

Afterwards they had put their clothes on, or at least the bottom halves, they all decided it was warm enough to go topless, and set out to explore what Lucy had seen. It had turned out not to be a castle but the ruins of one. It was Lucy who first realized that these were the ruins of Caer Paravel, their former home and seat of power. Then they found a room, underneath the ruins. In it were statues and a chest. Four of the statues were of the adults they had been before they left. The fifth, in the center and set back from the other was of a young man, a man whose features, even though they were a decade or more older than when she had last seen them, Susan recognized immediately.

"Martin! My son!," she cried and burst into both tears and memory.

* * *

It had been the day they left Narnia, although of course none of them knew that. Martin had come into her room as she was dressing for the hunt.

"Why can't I go with you and the others Mummy?"

She turned around, topless. Casual nudity had become quite common it the palace. After all, nymphs, satyrs, fauns, centaurs and centaura all went about in a state of undress, wearing clothes only for ornament. When appearing on formal occasions the siblings dressed up in full mideval regalia but on average and especially around each other various degrees of nudity were the norm.

She looked at him, her pride and joy. He was quite tall for his age and broad shouldered as well, his eyes were a pale gold and had catlike pupills, an inheritance from Aslan, his father as was the head of thick, tawny hair. She couldn't wait until he was thirteen and old enough to fuck her. She felt he was old enough now and so did he but the boys, especially Edmund had argued, in essence, that if they'd had to wait until Lucy's thirteenth birthday so did she and Lucy. At least, unlike Lucy, they hadn't had to hide anything from him about how things were in the royal family and he had grown up with his mother and aunt being *very* attentive, bestowing kisses, fondling and a lot more at every opportunity.

"Well be hunting deer and Fernando," she said, referring to his pony, "won't be able to keep up. Don't pout, come here and let Mummy make you feel oh so good."

He gleefully ran up to her and sat on her lap then proceeded to suckle on her tits while she undid his doublet then pulled off his hose. Their lips met in a long, slow kiss as one of his small hands creeped under her skirt and she started to stroke his cock, which at just under five inches was quite large for a ten year old. They both closed their eyes and moaned in mutual gratification.

"Get between Mummy's legs will you darling?," she asked, the whimpering tone belying the nonchalontness of her words. He did so, pulling off her skirt as she lifted her hips then burying his face between her soft thighs, licking and sucking.

"Oh! Oh my dearest baby boy yess!," she moaned. She dug her hands into his thick blond hair and hooked her legs over his shoulders, crossing her ankles behind his back as she came with an explosive "GAWD!"

Martin's face, covered in her juices rose from between her thighs with a grin. He licked her crotch nectar off hhis lips and said, "My turn!"

"Yes my darling, it is," his mother said as they switched positions on chair and floor. She lifted his staff with a finger and licked up from the root to the tip then swirled her tongue around the glans, first in one direction, then the other before popping it in her mouth and sucking.

"Oooh, Mummy! You're so good at that!," her son squealed. "I want to fuck you oh so much!" He wrapped his fingers in her dark brown hair and gasped as he came, sending a trickle of sperm down her throat.

"I want you to fuck me too darling," Susan said. "When we come back your aunt and I will talk to your uncles again."

But of course they had never come back.


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