After the battle to free Narnia from the reign of the White Witch the newly crowned Queen Susan Pevensie ends up running afoul of her former henchmen who seek vengeance for their fallen master.

Codes: BDSM, D/s, DP, Humil, Rape, S&M, Tort, Violence

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Chronicles Of Narnia: The Fall Of Susan Pevensie
by Depraved-Dirty-Girl

Stripped of her weapons, and her hands tied behind her back, Susan is dragged into the captain's tent. The men holding her push her down to her knees, and hold her there. The captain, a burly fellow with a nasty gleam in his piggish eyes, gets up from behind his planning table to look her over. Taking off his gauntlets to hang them at his belt, he grabs her by the chin, and turns her head from side to side, looking her over like a butcher might consider a cut of beef. "So this is the so-called Queen Susan, daughter of Eve. I have only one question for you... How many cocks have you wrapped your skanky lips around?" He reaches for his loincloth. "I'm going to add a few hundred to that number."

Queen Susan, The oldest of the two queens of the land at 16, was still a virgin, completely untouched by man or boy, and so was more than a little shocked and horrified by his words. She was a lady! She wouldn't do such things. "N-none!" She stammered, her voice conveying her horror. The young woman was staggeringly beautiful, with the kind of soulful eyes, long flowing hair and plush full lips that just begged any man who lay eyes upon her to fuck her face with astonishing brutality. Her body nearly matched her face in its beauty as well, with large heaving breasts that looked outsized on her slim young body, and full tender buttocks, perfect for sinking ones teeth into.

The man chuckles cruelly as he produces his cock, a thick, rancid-smelling lump of flesh that swells before the girl's eyes, growing harder as he starts to hit her, his hand coming down to smash against her temple, cuff across her face, punch her in the eye, then slams into the side of her head, even before she can think of resistance. Her captors pull her back up to some semblance of sitting up and the captain locks both his hands around the girl's throat, strangling her like he could squeeze her mouth open that way. Her choking, gasping mouth gets a smelly cock pushed down to the back of her throat in a single vicious shove.

Susan let out a pain yelp as the first blow hit her, and again, and again, trying in vain to shield herself but with her hands tied behind her back it was useless. She tried to plea for them to stop, but before she could hands were around her throat, bruising it even worse than those forming on her beautiful pale features, and then, horror of horrors, the rancid fat shaft was being hammered into her mouth, stretching out her jaw, making her plush pink pouty lips part wide as they were put to their intended use, and the cock brushed past her tonsils, sliming its greasy way in, and slipping into her throat with even more left to go!

The innocent girl goes from never having as much as seen a man's prick to finding one deeply lodged in her esophagus, the bulbous cockhead making it look like she had suddenly grown an adam's apple as it drives inch by inch down her gullet, totally blocking her airway. In front of her horrified eyes, she can see the man's long thick shaft stretching too far away, and she's already forced to lean forward, her large tits swaying with the impacts against her body as he pounds his dick into her face in a brutal chokefuck. His hands alternate their sadistic squeezing on her neck, like he wanted to start by popping her head off, and there's nothing for her to breathe except for cock, cock, cock, and more cock.

She couldn't take a cock like this. Not for her first time. It was tearing her throat apart as it hammered its way down, made all the worse by the hands clenched tight around it, meaning she couldn't even breathe! Her body started to convulse slightly, her throat furiously flexing and gagging as it tried to remove the intruder, and then a cascade of vomit flowed up from her gullet to lather the cock... but non could escape, she was drowning in her own effluence!

Her involuntarily clenching throat gives him a lovely massage which makes him growl in pleasure. He can hear her gurgling, see the distress in her glazing eyes, and feel her body shaking, and it's certain he has a pretty clear idea what's going on, but he doesn't let up -- he doubles his efforts instead! Cupping his hand, he smacks it repeatedly against the back of her head, using her vomit to help him bury his long dick inside the virgin girl to the hilt, the end of it buried as deep as her stomach, it feels like to her. Still crushing her throat in one hand, he hits her hard in the jaw in the other one, dislocating it so that he can make her take his balls into her mouth as well. By this point, her body is bulged with his cock, her neck looking swollen, her face over-stretched around all that manflesh, and her petite, pretty nose gets mashed straight into the dirty smelly mat of pubic hair at his groin.

Her eyes were rolling wildly in their sockets, franticly pleading anyone, everyone, to help her. Her pulse was pounding in her head, her ears were ringing, and her vision was starting to go fuzzy. She could feel every inch of the absurdly large cock painfully stretching out her throat and gullet, the shaft coated in smatters of her blood and lots of her vomit, the esophageal tract constantly squeezing and gagging around the fat cock, massaging it like nothing else he had ever experienced. Her tongue lolled around the heavy balls filling her dislocated mouth, her puffy plus pink pouty lips split and bleeding in places. She had seconds left now. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less.

She can't really see anything other than his crotch, but she can hear him saying, "That's right, that's all you're good for. Every man here will use your face like a cunt." Inside her, abruptly, he starts to jet his seed into her, heat pouring into her belly like someone had turned on a faucet full-blast, her stomach swelling and sloshing as she shook, spasmed, and her vision cut down further, the whole world starting to go dim and dark. Maybe she has the mistaken notion that this is the end, that she's going to die like this, used and abused like a cum bucket and her body made into a rapetoy to entertain the troops. Too bad that's optimistic. She doesn't see the preparations being made to revive her, or the soldiers lining up to take their turn to fuck her. Still, he gives it to her harder and faster, his heavy load going on and on and on even after she's gone limp. When he kicks her off his cock, she hits the ground like a broken doll, blood, cum, and vomit spilling out of her open mouth.

When she wakes up, they've made some changes. A couple of men are holding her up, but there are a pair of hooks in her nose attached to leather cords running back over her head that pull her nostrils back. Also, a simple but effective metal ring is holding her mouth fully open, no, wider than that, trapped between her teeth. She can feel herself kneeling in a puddle of cooling piss, vomit, and cum... but no one else has touched her. Yet. That long line of half-naked men holding their erections are not such an encouraging sight, though.

She remembered all too well, as she came around, the feeling of the thick spurts of his seed hammering into her gut like hammer blows, boiling up through her stomach and filling it to bursting. She remembered how it had felt as her final moment came, how it had been as his load continued to spew again and again and again, till all strength was sapped from her bones and she went limp, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. As he pulled out from her damaged throat, for her last brief moment she thought she might get that life saving breath! But no, instead she vomited harder than she ever had before, drowning in her own cummy vomit as it poured from her lips and splashed over her person. And so a queen died, disgraced.

But here she was, awake once more, and seemingly unharmed, though she was far from comfortable. Her mouth was stretched wider than it could naturally go, and thanks to that and the nose hooks, she could barely breathe! Her eyes were wide with horror as she stared at the seemingly hundreds of erections that were pointing at her in that long line. She knew then, that what she had experienced was only the beginning. She was going to suffer a thousand deaths this night, each worse than the last.

A murmur of lust goes through the lineup of soldiers that's almost palpable. "She's ready," the medic seeing to her announces and steps aside, and she might realize then that further down the line she can hear an active, enthusiastic betting pool about how many men she'll be able to take before she goes out again.

The first man steps forward, grabs her long hair and uses it like a handle to bob her head up and down his shaft, plowing her tight throat hard and fast, and the only attention he pays her gag reflex is to shiver with pleasure each time she chokes on him. Fucking her until she's dizzy, it (fortunately) doesn't take him long before he blows his load on her face, shooting long thick strands of cum into her eye and up her nose. The next man does much the same, but he cums on her tits instead, coating them with a heavy layer of glistening seed. The third one, though -- he's got a more vicious plan: he plugs her throat until she can't breathe, and starts kicking her in the stomach.

Any protests the young Queen could have made were made unintelligible by the gag spreading her mouth so wide, and so she was forced to take each rough face fucking from these men, no matter how wishes or how she tried to stop them with her tongue. In fact all that managed to do was actually pleasure them further as her wet tongue rolled around their shafts. She flinched as the first cascade of seed smacked her in the face, stinging her eye and making it red. Again and again loads landed on her face, slowly bukkaking her in the stinking gross mixture, before the next rougher man started beating her stomach black and blue with his foot. She was in the same situation as before, her throat filled making her unable to breathe! Luckily, or unluckily, depending how you looked at it, her stomach was empty from throwing up when she died the first time, but despite that, her vision was fading once more! Not that she could see much with cum in her eyes.

Her body quivering is clearly getting him excited, but it's not until she slumps forward, hilting his cock like her throat was his personal holster, that he cums hard and fast. This time, though, unlike with the captain, they don't stop. She wakes up to find her throat is raw, she's covered in cum, her hair drenched with it, her body slick and sloppy and covered in the gooey stuff, her belly is full of it too, and it's dribbling out of mouth and nose in every imaginable flavor -- salty, sour, and at least six different kinds of purely disgusting variations. He must have been used by twenty or thirty men while she was unconscious. Plus the one who is currently having a good time pumping his dick down her neck, an even better one as he realizes that he's the lucky guy who gets to experience a whimpering, gurgling, moving girl. Her reward for waking up is a harder, faster facefuck.

Susan couldn't believe that these men could be so cruel. She was the queen! One of the four kings and queens of Narnia! They should be happy just to even gaze upon her, but yet they were fucking her throat rotten as if that was all she was good for! She could taste dozens of flavours of cum, the tastes so strong. So bitter, so sour, some quite sweet, all effected by whatever they had recently eaten. She threw up yet again, vomiting nothing but cum this time as a fat cock hammered her already raw throat bloody. The cascade of seed drooling from her lips and nose and over her massive heavy breasts and splattering on to her legs and pooling beneath her, joining the many loads that had already dripped off and out of her.

"It's *about time*." That's the captain's voice, growing nearer -- he's coming back! "I thought the daughters of Eve were supposed to be superior, but I've had common whores who've lasted longer than this worthless bitch." The man she throws up on cuffs her for getting a mess all over his boots, but then he realizes more room in her stomach is more room for his load, and he starts to slamfuck her face, awful squelching, slapping noises rising from where her overstretched lips are smacking into his balls.

The captain's hand presses behind her shoulderblades, then, and shoves her down. She finds her face pinned flush to the soldier's crotch, his whole dick going down her throat, an all too familiar feeling by now. The feel of the captain's massive and resurgent erection pressing between her buttocks in an entirely new one, though! With brutal strength he seizes her hips, and it could feel like she was being stabbed with a sword as he starts to sodomize her -- tearing through her tight ass to suddenly introduce her dry, tight rectum to the sensation of a cock tearing through it!

She screams. Or tries to. Her entire throat vibrating vividly around the shaft stretching it far beyond its limits. One of dozens that had done so today. The pain in her face and throat as her nose painfully burrowed against the belly of her abuser was nothing compared to the pain she felt in her tiny little asshole as it was torn open for the first time.

Her buttocks, while quite full, housed an extremely small and tight asshole, with many a nerve ending in, so when the captain forced his way into it, the ingress was more painful than she could have possibly imagined. Tears streamed from her cum drenched eyes, her entire body tensed and practically vibrated, as the fat shaft literally tore its way through her anal sphinctors.

The man whose dick she is swallowing starts cumming immediately as she tries to scream, that added sensation tipping him over, his spunk jetting down her throat to join all those other loads inside her.

She's far too familiar with that prick that's ravaging her guts, knows how it's too thick, too long, and its owner too brutal. He doesn't give her time to adjust or go easy on her because it's her first time. No, he just drills into her ass like he was trying to *kill* her with his cock, and then his hands come up and clamp around her neck, shaking her head back and forth, and it becomes a race whether her strangles her first. That certainly makes quite the experience for the next men to fuck her throat, and they all cum hard and fast and five loads go by, twelve loads, twenty... who's counting any more?

She could feel she was bleeding a lot internally now, feel the hot wetness soaking her crotch and legs as it drooled around the massive shaft hammering through her bowels, turning them all into so much bloodied mush. All she could do though was let them use her, let cock after cock hammer down her gullet, spewing their noxious foul loads. They didn't even seem to hesitate to force them in her even when she puked up the foul mixture, just taking that as a sign they should use her even harder, and so swiftly her face was a mass of bruises, her breasts with big dark marks on from where they had been repeatedly slamming into legs, and her throat covered in black and blue finger prints. This was beyond any hell imagined by man.

The captain is more than willing to pound her insides into hamburger, his vicious reaming of her barely lubricated by her bleeding, eager to destroy her body for his pleasure. "I'm going to cum so hard you're going to taste it again, bitch," he brags, but he might be right at this rate. His fingers press down in pulses, sometimes trapping that cum-puke in her, other times only blocking her air, but those pulses come for longer and longer until she finds herself dizzy, aching, her whole body burning with lack of oxygen and agony.

In front of her, some of the men just ram her throat with their cock, others hit her until she herself moves her head to swallow their dicks, and some of them just jerk off on her, perhaps too excited by the captain's performance to even get to the point of fucking her... or maybe they're saving themselves for their turn to rape her ass. Some of them shoot off in her mouth, others add to the mess in her belly, still more cum directly on her, and the current guy is laughing at her as he presses his spurting dick up to her nostrils and fills her nose with his spunk.

Coughing and gargling up entire mouthfuls of creamy spunk, the young girl feels her last moments approaching. She was just too weak now, having lost too much blood, having been beaten too much, having been forced to choke down so much cum without getting enough air. Her taut belly was once again swollen with semen. but she couldn't even work up the energy to puke it up any more, now with how bruised and torn up her throat was. All she could do, was feel her last seconds ticking away as someone shot cum up her nostrils, splattering the blood-brain barrier with the filthy seed.

She was absolutely caked in the stuff, and her long brunette locks were sodden with the foul liquid. Really she would never be clean from this again. Even if she had a hundred showers in a row, her hair would still stink strongly of the foul liquid, as would her breath, and her very skin. She was forever now marked, as a cumwhore.

Almost as if he were sensitive to the feeling of her body relaxing, giving up the ghost, as she starts to expire, that's when he busts his nut inside her, his thick, pudding-dense semen spraying everywhere inside her, all kinds of places it should not be going. As she convulses on the end of his dick as if her seizure was intended to get him off harder, her last sensations are of being used once again as his cumrag, and she *does* taste it in her mouth, and as it all goes dark, she hears him tell her, "You know you're still -- technically -- a virgin. But don't worry, bitch, I have plans to fix that soon."

It can't be too much of a surprise to find when she wakes up that she's taking it from both ends, her body become even more of a plaything. Parts of her she didn't know existed hurt from that recent trauma of being all but sodomized to death. Her ass is stretched, torn, violated, sloshing with cum, and her neck hurts from countless hands squeezing it, and her face and throat and belly are nothing other than cum catchers for so many men.

There was semen everywhere inside her now. Thanks to how destroyed her bowels got, most of her internal organs at least had some splattering of semen on them, and with the amount she had swallowed, the inside of her entire digestive system was coated in cum, as were her lungs from the few dozen times that she had accidentally breathed some in.

Her pale crystal blue eyes were dripping with tears, and the thick lashings of cum that had been sprayed in them, her eyelashes were practically glued together by the slimy semen, as was her cum-sodden hair. There were tracks of the liquid drooling from her nose, and pouring from her puffy pouty lips, yet that didnt stop people punching or slapping her in the face hard enough to draw blood, it didn't stop them from raping her throat while they strangled her, it didn't stop them gripping her hair and face fucking her so hard that her vision went white.

All this was overwhelmed however by the agony in her gaping, bleeding anus as yet another massive cock tore its way through the formally virginal hole. How could any sixteen year old girl be able to put up with such treatment? How long would she last before she died yet again?

It's starting to be the case that some of the men, perhaps taking a cue from their commander, are willing to force the issue, beating her as they rape her, or choking her, or using their cocks to hurt her inside, and sometimes she does pass out as a result of it. With her muscles sore and cramped from her unchanging posture, it only adds to the misery of being gang raped. By this point, she's been raped for hours... with the missing time caused by fading in and out of consciousness, maybe it's been for days. But there are still men she doesn't recognize coming in to rape her -- she must be the whole army's recreational rape toy, used by hundreds if not thousands of men.

Whichever it is, it's a while before she sees the captain again -- until one time she wakes up to find herself choking on his cock again. "Finally. I was wondering if you'd gotten used to it already. Obviously not. Well, my dick is hard, and here you are. I've decided on a special treat this time. Cut her hands free, and let her up. If you can best me, you can go free." He doesn't bother to say what the alternative is, but he does pull out of her mouth and grins at her... no, leers at her.

Her entire body aches beyond words, and she pushes at his legs with shaking hands, pulling herself off of his massive shaft. Young Susan coughs and wheezes, drooling semen once more till she wiped her mouth on a cum stained arm. Her voice is raw when she finally speaks. A voice one can only have after being throat fucked by more than a hundred cocks in a row. "You... you promise?" She asks, trying to stand on shaking legs. Her entire body hurts, and she can feel cum and blood leaking from her gaping butt hole. There are bruises all over her body, and she is absolutely lathered in semen, enough so that standing makes a clear trail of it run down her back from her cum-sodden hair, between her full buttocks, and down her legs.

His fist comes smashing down, to send her sprawling. "You're wasting your chance." The truth is, if she were fully rested and armed, she'd barely have a chance then. And she's nowhere near that sort of shape now. His foot aims a kick at her ribs hard enough to crack them.

She screams at the blow to the ribs, her vision already swimming, and she rolls with it, stumbling to her feet, bringing her hands up in a loose boxers stance, something she vaguely remembers from seeing her brothers fight. She wasn't any good unarmed. She was amazing with a bow, and decent with short blades, but unarmed? Injured and worn out and recovering from being raped more times than she could count? She was doomed.

He brushes her guard aside as if it wasn't even there, making a combo one-two punch, slamming his knuckles into her breast and his other hand into her stomach, hitting her so hard that sprays of sperm fly off her. Her large breast moulds around the fist, the blow and the follow up knocking the wind from her, and she is so shocked at his speed and strength she doesn't even fall, just stumbles back a few steps, heaving for breath, gasping, and she weakly swings a fist at him. "Fight me armed you coward." She wheezes, her knees almost buckling beneath her.

The only reason he hasn't hit her in the head and ended it immediately is that he wants to her feel every bit of it as he systematically beats her until she's unable to resist. Thus, the swing he makes at her chin isn't a knock-out blow, it's only intended to dizzy her further for the follow up, a kick to the knee. "You want swords?" He laughs. "You want me to kill you? Again?" He makes an offhanded gesture. "Give her a blade. And bring me mine." It's done. His sword is a double-edged broadsword, a heavy thing he manages in one hand. They give her a pick of three -- a saber more suited to her size, a rapier, or a short, thick stabbing blade.

She's bleeding from the nose and mouth, her face and breasts and belly were covered in bruises, as were her arms, and one eye was swelling up. Blood was leaking from her ruined anus and down her legs, and she was unsteady on her feet, and still covered in a lot of cum. Despite all this, she had never looked sexier to many of the more sadistic men that were watching.

Stumbling forward she clasps the hilt of the saber. It wasn't perfect, as she was used to more thinner, straight blades, but the raper would break instantly against that monstrous blade he was using, so she didn't feel she had a chance with that. Licking her bloody-cummy puffy pink lips, she decided to take the advantage and swung at him with the blade.

If she has anything going for her, it's that he's unarmored -- for that matter, he's exposed, his erection saying in clear terms what he plans to do when he wins. He parries her swing with an almost carefree swipe, pushing her blade out of line, and using the opening to close for another punch at whatever target presents itself.

His fist hammers into her heavy right breast again, the force of the blow causing her to spin around and almost fall over. She's putting on a pathetic showing, but crying angry tears, the pathetic rape victim lets out an angry sound as she swings again and again. He's got every advantage, and he knows it. He's far taller than she is, much stronger than she is, rested and unhurt -- and he's no slob as a swordsman either. "You any good with that thing? Go on, impress me." Blocking her attacks with ease, he starts to press her, shifting to the offensive.

With each opportunity he gets to cross blades, he batters her grip with a bone-shaking blow. Even if she was in top shape, she would be hard pressed to keep up with that for long. He passes up any number of opportunities to dismember her, something that he might not have done in a serious fight, and in the end, he just beats the saber out of her hand and runs her through, his sword slamming through her chest, through her lungs, out her back. "Now see what you made me do." Letting go of his sword hilt, he grabs her by the shoulder and hip, lifts her into the air, and pulls her down on him, shoving his cock up against her folds, into her, raping her dying body.

She doesn't even feel it at first, the length of cold steel impaling her heavy breast and running out her back, impaling the lung upon it as it went through her body, then she notices the sword dropping from her fingers, and the blood bubbling in her throat as he lifts her up and impales her cunt, tearing her virginity from her, the pain hitting like a truck as his cock tears through her vulnerable folds at the same time as the pain from the sword wound hits her. Every thrust he made into her dying body made her shift on the blade, raising her agony to entire new peaks of suffering!

The thrusts he makes into her body with his cock are like his shattering sword blows, impaling her worse than he did with his sword. That big cock sinks into her deeper and deeper, far too quickly ripping into her until he's smashing into her cervix with each stroke, her body bouncing above him like a damaged puppet. "Think I can fuck your womb? I bet I can."

And fuck her womb he can, as the damage done to her body is enough to sap any and all strength and muscle control from her body, so as she slowly dies for the nth time that day, her untouched womb gets its first taste of cock as the cruel shaft of her rapist brutally hammers home, tearing its way in, forever leaving its taint in such a precious place.

His cockhead is bruising the back of her womb, as he shifts his grip, both his hands going around her throat, and he shakes her viciously, adding further pain to that brutal rape, stretching her inside, tearing her inside, reshaping her into nothing more than a cocksleeve for his pleasure.

He squeezes her throat until her tongue hangs out her mouth, her lips and face tinged blue, her eyes rolled up to show their whites, her body trembling and shaking from want of air. As he starts to cum, his sword opening the wound wider from all that shaking, jerking into her body viciously, he claps his hands to either side of her head, his thumbs stabbing into her eye sockets, muscles straining as he presses harder and harder. With an audible pair of cracks, her skull crunches, blood and cum drooling out her mouth and her nose, and her pelvis shatters and her cunt rips. The body that hits the ground is an abused, destroyed thing, every rapehole stretched and torn past the breaking point, leaking blood and cum from every orifice, a once beautiful girl taken and used, and used, and used.


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