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Description: Bree suffered from sand in his sheath until Aravis lent both hands and a tongue.

Content Codes: f-zoo, cons, messy

Chronicles Of Narnia: The Horse And His Cock Part 1 - Sand In His Sheath
by JD ([email protected])

"It's sand from the desert. This never happened to me before... I can't get it out."

The horse Bree had been galloping and trotting with obvious discomfort prior to reaching the southern hermitage. Aravis had been preoccupied with her own wounds on arrival, but tracked him down lying behind the old building when she was up and about. She wished to see if he needed help. She had been surprised to find him trying to twist around uncomfortably.

"Get the sand out from where?"

Horses don't blush, but Bree still appeared embarrassed as he looked quickly from the Calormene girl, to his sheathed penis, and back again. He didn't quite know how to explain the irritating feeling of the many tiny grains of sand. It seemed as if some had even blown inside the slit, and he couldn't make himself urinate. It was almost as if he'd sweated out everything he'd drunk recovering from the desert journey.

Aravis' father had kept her very sheltered throughout the first sixteen years of her life. He had no intention of her bride value being lessened. While his plan had failed with her fleeing north to avoid marriage, her education was limited to the rumours of servants and her more adventurous friends, and half-glimpsed encounters between the hunting dogs. Even if she had known the sexual use of a penis, after Aslan had taught her the value of humility she might have offered help anyway.

"I'll get water from the well and wash you..."

Bree stood gracefully and shook his equine head,

"No good. It would just wash the sand further in. I think I need something I can rub against to get it out."

"Well let me rub you, Bree. After all you've done for us; it's the least I can do."

The great war-trained horse was so surprised by Aravis' suggestion he couldn't answer. She took his silence for agreement and moved quickly alongside him. Aravis knelt gingerly, for her bandaged back still pained her. She doubted the shallow slashes Aslan had given her in punishment would stop her helping her friend. The strong smell of horse sweat completely filled her nose.

"So, this is like a sleeve and I need to get it back to get the sand out?"


Aravis had never paid much attention to the underside of a horse before. She found herself instinctively impressed with the large sheath beneath Bree, and the imposing size of his balls. They were larger than her breasts had been while she'd bound them to pretend to be a boy. Aravis' dusky skinned fingers slid around Bree's sheath. She set to work rubbing it gently but firmly, to get it to release the sand.

Almost immediately, she saw the end of Bree's cock emerge inches from her face, with a little sand fixed to the flared edge. There was another smell that reached her nose then, one she found considerably more attractive than the sweat, despite it being an equally animal musk. She tried to rub the sand off, but for every speck she moved, another stayed stubbornly stuck.

"There's a lot of sand blown in. I wonder that it doesn't happen more often, perhaps the lion had a hand in this too. It isn't coming away easily."

"Well, anything you can get off is fine. I am very grateful."

Bree's voice had a new edge Aravis found unfamiliar. The innocent Calormene girl didn't recognise sexual arousal. As the sand brushed off only slowly, she decided she needed to use some of her saliva. She didn't want to stop rubbing both hands along Bree's stiffening shaft in case it slowed its emergence from the sheath. Instead, she pressed her tongue against the hot sand-speckled flesh. Bree groaned bestially as the girl licked and re-licked his cock, pausing only to spit gritty mouthfuls daintily into the grass.

Aravis was pleased at how quickly her idea was getting the sand off her friend, as well as seeming to encourage Bree to stretch fully free from his sheath so she could get every last particle. The final few inches to emerge were completely sand free, but she kept rubbing just to make sure. Impressed as she was at his flaccid sheathed penis, the girth, hardness and sheer length of Bree's aroused cock spoke to something primal in the Calormene girl.


Aravis had thought Bree was urinating, but the fluid flowing from the slit at the end didn't look like anything she'd seen before.

"Oh, that's so good, thank you... the sand caught inside is washing out in cream too," Bree managed

"If I keep rubbing, will it wash it out faster?"

"Yes, rubbing, licking... faster and firmer, please, it's such a relief after the desert!"

Aravis tried to grasp her hands together around Bree's shaft. Even as she shifted to kneel directly in front of the dribbling slit, she couldn't quite meet her soft brown fingers around the hot horseflesh. She tenderly kissed and licked at the end, and did indeed rub faster and firmer as far as she could reach along Bree's length. She accidentally tasted his precum and found that it was like nothing she'd ever known, but delightful. It was certainly better than the strange northern well water. Aravis felt refreshed for the first time in days.

Bree did his best not to buck his hips and risk hurting the obliging girl, but he could feel a peak approaching. There was no force in the world that could have made him tell Aravis the sand was all gone, and she could leave him be. The horse neighed loudly as he came, spurting thick pungent streams directly into Aravis' face and across her hair. Still more drained wetly down her cleavage. Aravis swallowed mouthfuls of Bree's tasty horse sperm, but much more drenched her pretty face and body.

"The sand's all gone! Thank you, Aravis."

"And thank you for the cream, Bree. Can I have more later? Please?"



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