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Codes: mF, drug (alchohol), cons, inc, f-mast, m-mast, mast, oral, voyeur

Note: Edmund is 14, Susan 15. Technically none of the Pevensies have sex with
each other but since Edmund is jerking off while watching his sister frig
herself while fantisizing over Peter, I feel the code fits, in spirit, if not
in letter.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Part 1: The Seduction of Edmund

Where *was* Lucy? Edmund Pevensie had followed his little sister to the
deserted room whose only furnishing was an old wardrobe that she claimed lead
to another world called Narnia. Much to his surprise he'd found that she was
telling the truth. Only now he had lost her trail and was alone and cold in
this rather scary forest. Somehow he knew that this was all *her* fault.

He was startled out of his self-pity by almost being run over by a large
sleigh pulled by white elk and driven by a man who seemed to define the
phrase "nasty, brutish and short". Not to mention ugly.

But the woman in the sled wasn't any of these things. In fact she was tall,
blond, beutiful and clearly a woman of breeding as she ordered the driver to
stop and gestured for Edmund to come over.

"I apologize for Gnarribrik, he gets overenthusiastic. I am Jadis, Queen of
this land. Who might you be?"

"My name is Edmund."

"Are you a dwarf of some kind?" she asked, reaching out a hand to draw him
onto the sleigh's seat next to her.

"I'm a boy."

"A Son of Adam," she whispered to herself. More loudly she asked, "and are
there any more of you around?"

"Well my sister Lucy is somewhere around but she doesn't count for much."

"You seem cold, young Edmund, let us see what we can do to warm you up. With
that she wrapped her cloak around him and put her arm around his shoulders
while also pressing her long, lean body against his. Despite the coldness of
her flesh Edmund found himself getting quite warm at her touch. Warm and
something else as well. At the age of fourteen puberty was hitting him with
a bang and he found his willy beginning to stir.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?"

"Hot chocolate? And...Turkish delight?"

She took a crystalline wand out of her robes which, Edmund noticed were
very sheer for the weather and through which her permanently erect nipples
protruded, waved it and a tray of Turkish Delight appeared as did a crystal
flask which however did not hold chocolate but something more potent.

"Here," she said. "I thought a strong, young man such as yourself might like
something a bit stronger than chocolate." She opened the flask and poured
it's contents into a pair of cups she'd also conjured. She then fed him the
Delight with her own hands, taking the opportunity to trace his lips with her

Edmund sniffed the contents of the glass. It was brandy! He knew he was
supposed to be too young to drink alchohol but he was consumed with
curiosity. Besides, he was only a year younger than Susan and she'd been
allowed half a glass of wine the day their father had left for the war.
Peter had of course been allowed a full glass but had poured some of his
into Susan's glass until they had equal shares when he thought noone was
watching while she watched adoringly. But Edmund was always watching
Perfect Peter who wasn't so perfect after all. He'd thought of telling
their parents but knew that he'd be forgiven for something that Edmund
would have been punished for. So, filled with resentful memory he downed
half the glass in one gulp. Then clenched his teeth and lips in an attempt
not to cough it back up. Miraculously he kept it down.

When his eyes refocused he looked up to see the Queen smiling at him with
what he took to be warmth. He also noticed that as she bent over, her
cleavage was exposed.

"Sip the rest." As he obeyed he felt a warm tingling building in both belly
and groin, a feeling helped along by the Queen's hand which was fondling his
neck and cheek with seeming casualness.

With equal casualness she asked, "Do you have any other siblings besides this

Distracted by the brandy and her caresses he answered, "Peter and Susan, why
do you ask?"

She stared into his eyes and for a second he felt like a mouse being stared
at by a hawk but told himself that being afraid was ridiculous. After all,
she'd been nothing but nice to him, hadn't she? "Because a Queen needs a
King beside her Edmund and we will need servants. Bring your brother and
sister to me and you will be that King." He suddenly realized that while
he'd been drinking and she'd been talking she had undone the front of his
pajama top and that her cold yet enticing hand was playing across his
hairless chest.

"They'd be our servants?" he asked, his breath coming in shallow pants as she
slipped her hand inside his pajama bottoms and pulled out what was a rather
sizable willy for his age.

"To serve at our pleasure," she said, stroking his cock skillfully. "Any
pleasure we choose."

"Any?" he asked, voice breaking into a squeak.

"Any," she replied after which her head lowered to join her hand at his

'Anything,' he thought as his mind whirled at the touch of her tongue, which
somehow had managed to wrap itself around the full six inches of his member.
'And Peter would have to watch.' As Jadis' tongue unwrapped itself and she
started to apply suction worthy of a vacuum cleaner to his willy while her
fingers tickled his peachfuzzed balls he sank into a bittersweet memory.

* * *

It had been this very night. He had been coming back from visiting the W.C.
along the corridor that all their rooms shared in Professor Kirke's country
house when he'd seen Susan's door open a couple of inches and her light on.
Unable to resist his natural spying tendencies, he'd peeked.

His sister had been standing in front of the mirror on her bureau topless
except for her bra. As he'd watched, fascinated, Susan had reached up to cup
and squeeze her tits, stroking them through the fabric, then reached back to
unhook her bra, slide the straps off and let it fall to the floor. Her
breasts were round, young, firm and topped with nipples that were a pale
brown and very hard and erect.

Without even realizing it Edmund's hand had moved to his crotch and started
rubbing it. Then he'd reached inside and pulled his penis out. Part of his
brain had screamed that he would get in a world of trouble if anyone caught
him but it was a very small part and had been easily ignored.

As her brother had watched and stroked his meat Susan, lower lip sucked into
her mouth and eyes closed had lowered her hands to her skirt, unzipped it and
let it join her bra on the floor. Her half slip had soon followed, leaving
her dressed only in stockings, panties and a garter belt. She had turned and
walked out of his view.

He should have left at that point but he couldn't have done that if someone
had been holding a gun to his head. Instead, mind filled with his last
glimpse of his sister's firm, round ass he widened the gap in the doorway
and maneuvered himself for a better view, right hand still stroking at his

By the time he'd moved back, quietly and slowly, not being suicidal, into
viewing position she'd been lying on her bed, her panties were on the floor
and her shapely legs were hanging over the end from the knees down and spread
wide. Edmund's inner coward had breathed a sigh of relief because on her back
there was no way she could see him. At the same time his inner pervert had
danced for joy because she was positioned to give him a perfect view of the
lightly furred, dark brown triangle that lay between her legs and the
glory-of-glories that it covered and that her fingers had been rubbing at

He'd felt ready to cum at any second and had guessed by the way her fingers
were moving and the grunts and moans coming from her that she was approaching
whatever the girl version was. It would have been so nice, almost like they
would have been making love.

Then she'd said the words that ruined it all for him.

"Yesss! Do it Peter! Take my cherry! I want you sooo muuuuch!"

Shocked and angry he had cum quickly the turned to go back to bed only to see
Lucy climbing up the stairs. He had followed her and eventually wound up in

* * *

'Why Peter?' Edmund thought bitterly as he returned to the present and felt
himself getting ready to cum into Jadis' mouth. 'Why couldn't it be *me* you

He looked down. Queen Jadis' face was a mask of concentration while her mouth
worked on him. At least *she* cared about him or why would she be doing this?
His hips thrust reflexively as his sperm poured into her mouth and down her

After she'd swallowed every drop the White Queen looked up and asked, "Well
Edmund, will you do as I ask and take your place beside me on my throne and
in my bed?"

Tempting as the thought of his plunging his cock into her while her long,
pale legs wrapped around him was it was the thoughts of his sisters and
brother that pushed him into betrayal. 'Yes,' he thought, 'Susan will have
to let me do anything I want to her, and Lucy too when she's older. I'll
have Peter tied up and make him watch while I make them both feel better
than he ever could.'

He looked at Jadis who was sitting beside him now, hands running up and down
his body and said, "Yes, my Queen, I will bring them to you."


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