CSI/CSI - Miami/ CSI - NY: What Happens In Vegas (FFFF,voy)
by Honker

It was the week of the annual CSI technician's conference, and this year the
association had chosen to hold their conference in Las Vegas. It was, as
usual, a chance to learn about new forensic techniques, collaborate on open
cases, and of course to party hard and have a lot of fun.

Saturday night at the conference was always the night of the biggest party,
and had gained a notorious reputation as a huge hook-up event, a time to fool
around with CSI agents from other cities.

Sunday morning, the women of the various CSI squads met to compare notes -
Vegas CSI team members Catherine Willows and Sara Sidle had invited their
friends Callie Duquesne from Miami and Stella Bonasera from New York to a
casino spa to catch up. After getting massages and spending time in the
steam room, they headed for the hot tub.

The four women were wearing large white towels as they approached the tub,
where a bottle of champagne and a decanter of orange juice were waiting on

"Who wants a mimosa?" asked Callie.

"I'll take one," said Stella. "Now THAT is a giant hot tub." She dropped
her towel, revealing a small striped bikini, and started to climb into the

"This is going to feel SO good, after that massage..." said Sara as she also
climbed into the tub. Her bikini was a bit more modest, resembling a sports
bra up top.

Callie mixed four drinks as Catherine approached from the service desk.
"Well, girls, it looks like we've got the place to ourselves this morning.
So we don't have to worry about prying eyes." As she removed her towel, the
others were not surprised to see that she was topless. She took a glass from
Callie and climbed into the tub.

Callie followed Catherine's lead, and removed her top before climbing in.
"So, what did y'all do last night? After the party ended, I mean..."

Catherine spoke up first. "Well, I had a good time with your friend Danny,"
motioning to Stella. "We spent some time at the craps table, he's a pretty
good shooter."

"Really?" asked Stella. "He doesn't seem like your type to me. I thought
you'd be hanging out with Horatio Caine, or maybe even Mac."

"Oh, no, I like them young," said Catherine. "And something about that
Brooklyn accent really turns me on. It's so...I don't know, rough or

"And how did it go with you and Mr. Brooklyn Accent?" asked Sara.

"Well, remember that case we worked on at the Tangiers, the one where the guy
got beat up in the elevator?"

"Oh yeah," said Sara. "We couldn't get any footage of the crime taking place,
since the camera in the elevator had a huge blind spot..."

"Right. Let's just say Danny and I took full advantage of that blind spot.
As the elevator was going up, I was going down..."

"In the elevator?" asked an astonished Callie. "You naughty girl..."

"Yeah, he got comped at the craps table, and got himself a high-roller suite.
Let me tell you something about Vegas, when you get offered one of those
suites, you have to take full advantage of it. So I pushed him into the
corner of the elevator and unzipped him, then gave him a little warm-up on
the way to the room. By the time we got into the suite, he was raring to go.
And he can go for hours!"

Stella was astonished. "Hours? I knew he was in great shape, but I didn't
know he had that kind of stamina! Now I know what Lindsay sees in him..."

Catherine was visibly proud of her accomplishments. "After last night, he's
going to forget all about Lindsay. We fucked in every possible way - doggie,
reverse cowgirl, you name it. I think I wore him out, he may still be
sleeping after all that."

* * *

Greg Sanders slowly pulled his way forward through the air-conditioning duct,
with a light strapped to his head, and a cell-phone receiver in his ear. He
had to move his elbows forward, then use them to pull his body forward, bit
by bit, as quietly as possible.

He whispered into the microphone on his cheek. "I'm in, Grissom."

"Baby Bear, what did I tell you about using names? Use the code names,

"All right, Gri....I mean, Bug Man. I'm in the duct, Bug Man."

"Nice work, Baby Bear. Can you see the vent?"

"I'm almost there. I'll be on radio silence while I set up the receiving
unit. Baby Bear out."

* * *

"What about you, Stella, did you meet anyone special last night?"

"As a matter of fact, I did. One Eric Delko from Miami."

Callie looked up in shock. "No! Delko? He's been circling me for months
and has yet to make a move!"

Stella suddenly looked like the cat that had eaten the canary. "Oh, he's got
moves all right. A few I've never encountered before..."

"Go on..."

"Well, we went for a midnight swim in the pool. Turns out he can hold his
breath under water for a very long time, if you catch my drift."

Sara seemed shocked. "Wait, does that mean what I think it does?"

Stella nodded. "Oh yes. You could say he went on a diving expedition." The
others laughed. "A very successful diving expedition."

"What did he find, sunken treasure? A little man in a boat?"

"Definitely. Then, I swear, he picked me up out of the water and carried me
over to a bench by the pool. And I got to do a little exploring of my own."

"You mean in his trunks? Find anything good?" asked Catherine.

"Oh yeah," said Stella. "Agent Delko had a concealed weapon, and he was
packing some serious heat. I could barely get my mouth around it - but I
gave it a good try."

The women were getting excited - Catherine was surreptitiously touching her
breasts, and Callie squirmed around a bit thinking about her teammate Delko's
package. "He was that big?" asked Callie.

"Yeah, but that's how I like them," said Stella. "Big, muscular and quiet...
My mouth got sore pretty quick, so I climbed on board and let Delko do the
work, lifting me up and down. Filled me up pretty good - best sex I've had
in quite a while."

* * *

Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown stood by a TV monitor, waiting for an image to
appear. When it did, they made some adjustments to the set, trying to boost
up the contrast of the image.

"There's not much light in there," said Nick. "It's gonna be hard to get any

"I'll try and boost up the gain," said Warrick. "It may be a little fuzzy
but at least we'll be able to see something."

"I don't hear anything. Baby Bird, did you crank the volume in the wrong

In response, suddenly the audio spiked. "That's better," Nick said into his
headset, "now we just have to play the waiting game..."

* * *

"And Sara, how did you spend your evening?" asked Stella.

"Oh, I mostly spent it with Mac. We...talked for a while."

Callie tried to get more information from her. "And then?"

"That's it, we talked. We went out for coffee and we...talked." The girls
all seemed visibly disappointed. "I'm sorry, I don't just jump into bed, or
a pool, with guys from out of town that I hardly know."

Catherine explained to the other women. "Sara likes...unattainable men. You
know, like emotionally unavailable."

"Well, that's Mac," said Stella. "It's tough to get a man's attention when
you're competing with his late wife. Believe me, I've tried."

"Callie, you've been pretty quiet, did you get into any trouble last night?"
asked Catherine.

"You could say that. I spent the night with one Mr. Stokes and one Mr.


"Oh, yes. They were fighting over who got to dance with me, and I told them
there was plenty of me to go around...."

"So you danced with both of them..."

"Well, yeah, I mean come on! If you've got two men competing over you, who
wouldn't want to keep that going? I brought them both back to my room, and I
think they thought I would choose one over the other."


"I just hate to choose. But I made both of them jump through a few hoops,
before I let them know we could all have fun together. I had them both strip
for me, and dance around a bit - you know, put on a little show."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know, if they're both going to get comfortable with me, they've
got to get used to being near each other. And guys are always interested in
seeing two girls together, well, I like to watch two guys, what's wrong with

* * *

Mac Taylor and Horatio Caine were reviewing an image on a monitor.

"Huh, that's funny, we just lost audio. Nick, what's wrong with the sound?"

"Sorry, Mac, we're...uh... we've got a frequency glitch in the audio
transmitter. Could be some kind of local interference."

"Mr. Stokes, please switch over to another frequency, please" said Horatio.

"You got it. It's going to take a minute."

* * *

"Oh my god, I can't believe you got Nick and Warrick to do that to each
other!" said an astonished Catherine.

"You'd be surprised what you can get a couple of guys to do it they know
there's some hot pussy at stake. And believe me, after watching the two of
them, I was getting pretty hot! So I had Stokes poke from behind while I
went down on Brown, then I turned around and tried it the other way."

"Both at the same time?" Sara couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Mmm hmmm. Then I had them get real close to each other, and one was in my
ass while the other one was in my pussy. I don't remember who was where at
that point, but it was just fantastic..."

Catherine didn't seem so shocked. "Here in Vegas, we call that doubling

"Well I think it's disgusting..." said Sara.

"Well, I think YOU need to lighten up..." said Callie as she moved closer to
Sara. "Come on, Stella, let's show these Vegas girls how we do things on the
East Coast." Stella loosened her top and moved closer to Catherine.

"What...what are you doing?" asked Sara as Callie began stroking her hair.
Without warning, Callie leaned in and kissed her, and Sara's eyes opened wide
in shock. She found herself caught in the moment, and something clicked.
Maybe it was all the sexy talk and the hot water, but she let down her
defenses, and opened her mouth for Callie's eager tongue.

Meanwhile, across the hot tub, Catherine and Stella were engaged in a similar
kiss, plus they had their hands on each other's breasts. Catherine reached a
hand under the water, and began rubbing Stella's snatch through her bathing

Sara went limp as Callie hooked her fingers under Sara's top and lifted it
over her head. Callie licked Sara's nipples as Sara leaned back and closed
her eyes. Callie's hands were rubbing Sara's legs and trying to get a hold
of her swimsuit bottom. As Sara tried to protest, Callie said, "Just relax.
You might enjoy it."

Catherine and Stella had removed each other's suit bottoms, and were stroking
each other under the water. Catherine motioned for Stella to sit on the edge
of the hot tub, and when she did, Catherine spread her legs open, to get a
good look at her pussy. "This definitely requires some further
investigation..." she said as she moved her head between Stella's legs.
"Yes, a very interesting specimen..." She kissed the inside of Stella's
thighs, moving closer to the center, driving Stella crazy with anticipation.
Finally she took a few licks up and down, then tongued back and forth over
the clit.

Callie had worked Sara's suit off and was lifting her ass out so she could go
down on her. She positioned her body underneath so Sara's snatch was at the
perfect height, then took a few tentative licks to see what Sara's reaction
would be. Sara bucked at the sensation, then started to relax, so Callie
licked harder and faster.

Stella, sitting on the edge of the tub, had a great view of Sara's body
floating in the water, and was getting turned on by the sight, in addition to
Catherine's tongue working on her pussy. Catherine put two fingers inside
Stella and worked them in and out as she licked, bringing Stella quickly to
an orgasm.

Sara opened her eyes when she heard Stella's screams of pleasure, and found
herself equally turned on by Stella's body. Callie was bringing her close to
coming, and making eye contact with Stella nearly pushed her over the edge.

Stella and Catherine switched places, with Catherine moving up to sit on the
edge of the tub and spreading her legs. Stella got back in the water and
moved closer to her pussy, but kept the eye contact with Sara as she stroked
Catherine. She moved her tongue closer and seemed to be waiting for Sara's

Sara was on the brink, turned on by the sight of watching the other women
make out, so she nodded her head frantically. Callie was working her fingers
in and out of Sara, so at the moment she seemed to be incapable of speaking
coherently. When Stella began licking Catherine, that took her over the edge
and she felt herself coming. "Oh, God, oh God, oh God..." Callie flicked
her tongue on Sara's clit again, and felt Sara's pussy clench around her
fingers as she came.

It took Sara a full minute or so to relax again, so Stella dove into
Catherine's pussy while reaching up to squeeze her breasts. Callie was
finally able to remove her fingers from inside Sara, and then she leaned in.
Sara surprised Callie by grabbing her head and pulling her closer, kissing
her hard on the mouth.

"Callie, you don't know what you've unleashed," warned Catherine. Sara moved
her head down to Callie's breasts and licked frantically, switching back and
forth between them. She steadied herself and then pushed Callie back against
the edge of the tub, then rammed her tongue into the blonde's mouth. Now it
was Callie's turn to be surprised.

Sara was acting like she was possessed as she tugged at Callie's swimsuit.
She wanted, she needed to return the favor to Callie, even though she'd never
been with a woman before. "Easy there, girl! We'll get there, you don't
have to be in such a rush!"

"I'm sorry, I've never done this before. What do I... I mean, how do I..."

"Oh, you'll figure it out. Just do what feels right." Callie sat on the
edge of the tub, next to Catherine, and Sara moved over next to Stella, who
was still licking Catherine. Sara started stroking Callie's pussy as she
considered what to do, and Callie sucked on one of Catherine's breasts.
Catherine began to breathe heavily as Stella and Callie brought her close to

Sara tasted Callie, her first female partner, and found the taste to her
liking - it reminded her of pineapple, maybe that was Callie's body spray or
something, but she found that making love to a woman didn't seem so hard
after all. All that time she had held herself back seemed to weigh on her,
and she began making up for lost time.

After Catherine came, Stella found herself without a partner, so she moved
over to watch Sara going down on Callie. Stella was getting aroused again by
this, and Callie didn't seem to be getting off from the inexperienced Sara,
so Stella came over to give her some pointers.

"Move up more, see that's where you want to be focusing, right there on the
clit. They say if you draw the alphabet letters with your tongue on the
clit, you'll make a woman cum before you get to Z" Sara was appreciative of
the advice, and tried to make the slow shape of an "A" on Callie's clit.

Catherine had recovered and was making out with Callie, kissing her tits as
she sat on the edge of the hot tub. Once Sara concentrated on her clit and
started finger-fucking her as well, Callie found herself on the brink of
orgasm herself. "That's it, make her cum!" said Stella. "Make her scream!
Bring her over the edge!"

Callie was getting closer. "That's it, right there! Oh, don't stop, don't
stop! That's it, Ohhhhh, that's it! YES!" Callie shook and Sara felt her
tense up as she came. Sara didn't seem to know when to stop, though, so
Callie had to push her head away when it became too intense.

Stella got the hint and pulled Sara away from Callie, kissing her on the
mouth in order to taste a bit of Callie. Their tongues met, and Sara also
got a good taste of Catherine's pussy from Stella's lips. They drifted over
to the other side of the hot tub to keep making out.

* * *

"OK, gentlemen, I think we've got all the evidence we need..." Grissom
reached down and switched off the monitor.

"Did you know that Sara would do that?" asked Sanders.

"No, but it certainly explains a lot. Like why I haven't been able to get
past second base with her. Turns out I was the wrong gender..."

The lights came on - standing around the room were the male members of the 3
CSI teams, Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown and Greg Sanders from
Vegas, Horatio Caine, Eric Delko and Ryan Wolfe from Miami, and Mac Taylor,
Danny Messer and Sheldon Hawkes from New York.

Stokes broke the silence. "We'll make DVD copies for you all, so that you
can, the evidence after you return home."

"Did you ever find out what happened with that interference on the audio
track?" asked Danny.

Stokes looked over at Warrick Brown. "Umm, no. Probably just a loose cable
in the transmitter. I can try to boost the audio on the missing part but I
don't think we'll get much."

"Gentlemen, need I remind you..." said Horatio Caine, "that if anyone finds
out about our surveillance, it could mean the end..." He put his sunglasses
on. "...of our careers."

"Lt. Caine is correct." said Mac Taylor. "No one is to show this footage to
anyone, it's for your eyes only. Now I want you all to start brainstorming a
plan for next year, so that Horatio and I can get in on some of this hot
pussy action."

Sheldon Hawkes spoke up from the back of the room. "There are only 4 of them
to go around, and there are 10 of us. How are we supposed to share them?"

"Hawkes is right, we need more women." He looked around the room. "OK,
Danny, see if you can work on Lindsay to come to the conference next year.
Romance her if you have to. Delko, see if you convince... Bona Vista, is

"Boa Vista" corrected Delko.

"Right. And don't you have a female coroner down there in Miami?"

"Let me handle that," said Horatio Caine. "I'll get Alex here, but next year
I want a crack at Stella."

"OK, Horatio gets a shot at Stella next year. Gil, you've got 12 months to
work on Sara, and if you haven't slept with her by then, I'm stealing her
from you, unless she's a full-on lesbian. Stokes and Brown, you've had your
turns so you can sit next year out, unless one of you wants to hook up with
Alex or double-team Callie with Sanders. Same with you, Delko, you're out
unless you want to break in Lindsay. Wolfe can go after Willows, and Hawkes
can take a shot at Boa Vista. Agreed? OK, let's break."


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