CSI: Las Vegas Streets (MF,oral,exhib)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Sara Sidle sighed as she enter the elegant third story apartment building.
It was her next crime seen. A homicide of a rich female author. Strangely
when she was found she was dressed in the manner a street hooker might

As Sara entered she was taken back by how splendidly decorated the home was.
As she walked around she could start to see various clothes thrown about.

She spent the next three hours dusting the house from top to bottom. Looking
everywhere for any type of clue. She pulled out drawers, went through the
garbage, even went through the woman's diary.....

She found nothing!!! Not one clue as to what happened, Tell she looked under
the woman's bed.

There she found a wooden flat box. It had a simple lock which she picked
easily. Upon opening it she discovered it held a cornucopia of erotic
treasures. Most of it was erotic clothing; silk nightie's, lace panties,
G-string's and stockings and the like. Also there were videos and DVD's,
and a large box of pictures, all the female Author.

Sara could feel her cheeks go flush as she looked through the picture. Most
were of the woman getting large amounts of cum deposited about her face. But
some we're of her walking the streets dress as a slutty whore.

"Well, I guess I know how she wound up dressed the way she was?" Sara said to

As she thumbed through the picture she couldn't help but feel a little dirty.
After all sometimes she liked to masturbate in the shower, still she wouldn't
want everyone at the crime lab to know about it. And here she was looking
through this woman's personal life as if it was a porno magazine. Sara
blushes a little when she realized that she was becoming aroused.

She was almost glad when her phone started ringing, at least that way she had
an excuse to to stand up and unknot her panties. She wasn't surprised that it
was Grissom telling her that they couldn't find any other leads and that she
needed to think 'Outside' the box to solve the case.

Sara tapped her fingers and thought for a moment. She when back and starred
at the pictures again, going over and over them. After about an hour it
finally hit her what she was looking at. Everyone of the picture was taken
in the same alley. She could tell because of a street sign in the back

"So the killer could be one of the men in the photos?" She thought "But he
was smart enough to not show his face." Sara sighed to herself for what must
have been the hundreds time today.

Slowly I thought started creeping through her mind. Sometimes if a killer was
chasing after hookers police women would dress like them to catch them. She
even did it once to help the FBI. Looking back at the box she realized she
had everything she needed to do it already.

Walking back to the box she started to go though it again she picked out
some black ripped thigh-high stockings with a matching garter-belt, a black
g-string. Her heart raced as she started to remove her clothing.

"I'll just dress up and walk around that area for a little bit, maybe I'll
find a lead" she told herself as she pulled the panties up she frowned as the
sting yanked it's way up her butt cheeks.

"How did Catherine ever dance wearing one of these?" she asked out loud as
she wiggled around trying to get a feel for G-string. Next she slid up the
stockings, thankful she had bothered to shave her legs before she came to
work today. After locking the garter into place she looked at herself in
the mirror.

"And why can't I get any cock lately?" she asked herself as she admired her

Now that she had the under garments she needed some street clothes. Looking
again she found a tiger skin tube top and a very short black micro-skirt and
to finish it all off she found a pair of black knee-length boots.

As she looked into the mirror again she couldn't help but let but a bimbo
type giggle. She turned her butt to the window and placed her hand on it and
looked into the mirror.

"Oh you whore!" she said and laughed loudly. Surprisingly she found she was
really enjoying herself.

"Make-up? I need make-up" she laughed as she practically bounced into the
late owners bedroom.

She hurried to a large mirror in the bedroom with a large amount of make-up
spread about. She quickly started to make myself up, as if she was going on
a nice date.

"Wait a second?" she stopped herself "Whores use a ton of make-up" she said.

With that she started to apply the make-up much heavier. Bright red lipstick,
thick blue eye shadow, and fake long eye lashes. She also polished and
painted her finger and toenails.

With that done she stood in front of the mirror in awe.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Ten Minutes later
- - - - - - - - - - -

Sara walked out onto the sidewalk slowly, the street was quite, strange for

Sara couldn't help but be strangely turned-on by all this, so much so that
she could feel her panties becoming damp as see walked. She swayed her butt
as much as possible pleased with the feeling it gave her. She had actually
started to enjoy the string pulling her cheeks apart.

As much as her cheeks burned with excitement she felt a whole new blush
coming on as a black SUV drove past her slowly. She could tell the guy
driving was looking her over. As she watch the SUV pull over her heart

"What if he's the killer?" she asked herself. As she watched a mans arm reach
out and wave her over. She wasn't sure what she should do. Slowly she walk
over tell she was standing in front of the car door.

She could tell that he most be looking her over from behind the tinted
window, leering at her like a dog looks at a piece of meat. As she reaches
for the door handle she gulped.

"Think outside the box" she told herself. After all this might be the killer,
she had to be sure even if it meant....

"If he really turns out to be the killer I could just shoot him and call for
back up." She thought.

"OK. What are you looking for?" she asked shaking a little.

She knew that according to a study the majority of men who go to prostitutes
are married. And most want a blow job, because there wives won't give them

The man inside smiled and pulled out his wallet, "Evening cutie, How about a
blow?" he said pulling out a $20.00 bill.

Sara was a little taken back at the low price. "Do hookers really do it that
cheap?" she thought to herself.

As the man stepped out of the car he stuffed the twenty in her tube top.
Smiling he reached down and fumbled with his zipper for a minute.

"Wait.. Uhhh don't you want to do it in the car?" she asked as the man
dropped his pants.

"No way baby. I like seeing what I pay for" he said dropping his boxers.

Gulping again she slowly retch out and felt the tip of his exposed dick, at
the same time the man's hands found there way to her tube top and pulled it
down exposing her breasts. Blushing she wrapped her hand around his cock and
slowly started to jerk it as he felt and kneaded her breasts.

Sara couldn't help but giggled uncontrollably as her hand brushed the man's
pubic hair.

Smiling she kneeled down in front of him, leaning forward she moved her head
towards his crotch. She was a little disturbed at the strong sweaty smell
emanating from him.

However she didn't let that stop her from put his cock in her mouth. Sara
had been sure she would hate the taste, but she was pleasantly surprised
that it was a nice feeling having it in her mouth. The man like having it
in her mouth as well. He was moaning loudly as she held him in her warm

Sara had closed her eyes and began sucking, moving her head up and down on
the man's shaft. She was enjoying herself. In fact, a little too much.

Panting the man pushed her back "Slow down. I want this to last!"

Setting back Sara couldn't understand what the man meant. He started jerking
off and coming closer to her. It was then she realized what the man had

She was about to protest when the man let out a grown and his cock shot jet
after jet of cum. Sara was in to much of shock to move. As huge gobs of cum
landed all over her face. It landed everywhere, landing in her hair, and her
breasts. She was covered her in the sticky stuff.

The only thought that was going through her mind was how much cum the man was

With a quick grown the man jumped back in his car and floored the gas leaving
Sara on her knees coated in cum.

Blinking slowly Sara started looking for something to wipe the mess from her
face with, but finding nothing.

She blinked again as she saw her reflection in a closed shops window.

There she sat her knees sore from the ass vault, her tit's hanging from her
chest. Her face devastated with cum.

It was just then she felt the vibration of her phone.

Upon answering it she heard Grissom's voice.

"Hey Sara, We just caught the killer. Meet me back at the lab."


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