CSI - Las Vegas: The Hunter Part 1 (MF,inter,oral,mutil,snuff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

She stood at the end of the bar, a beauty with dark hair and eyes to die for.
She stood sipping her drink, watching all the guys walk by. Till she saw a
tall black guy. He carried himself differently from the others. He soon saw
she was looking at her, she gave him the look.

Soon they were in a room. She did a very slow strip tease for him before she
knelt down and with her teeth unzipped his pants. They were off in a flash.
He laid on the bed naked, his long cock not even hard yet. She gave him a
drink and his head began to swim.

She soon attacked his cock, running her tongue the length of it, flicking it
around the head. Soon it became hard she took it in her mouth and began to
suck it. She held his balls moving them around like two large marbles. Deeper
she sucked him as he laid there. Then in second he felt something. He tried
to sit up ,but couldn't. Another pain hit him. She held his cock and like a
chef she started slicing his cock. From bottom to top, all he could do was
lay there. He listen to her as she spoke to him, "YOU TURNED MY MOTHER INTO
A CRACK WHORE! I have hunted all of those who made the tapes. They all got
what was comming to them!"

She stopped showing him the pictures, but he could barely see for life was
leaving him. She sat next to him, so he could look at what she did. His eyes
got wide. His cock was peeled like a banana. She walked away after cleaning

* * *

Gil Grissom was with Sarah and Nick. They were called in. "HOLY SHIT!" Nick
said .

Lt. Brass stood next to Gil. They looked at the black man with his cock hard
and peeled. What was strange there was no blood any where. The body laid on
clean white sheet.

Sarah was takng the picture, "How long do you think it was?"

"We'll know more when whe do the autopsy," Catherine said.

Warrick was down looking over the guy's car. They found tapes, CDs and extra
large rubbers. "The brother was hung," he said.

"You could say that," Catherine said. "No other prints were found, but his."

Back at the station Gil was in the autopsy, "I know he bleed to death."

The Doc said yes but he had a strange substance in him too.

to be continued...


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