Vegas Ripper
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Vegas  the  city that never sleeps ,she  was   on her  knees giving
head, her tongue  working the big  cock  head .Slurping  sounds could
n`t be heard cause of the  music,she even gagged acouple of  time, but
kept sucking taking  him  deeper each time .her finger  played  with his
asshole, pushing  her  finger in  as  she  took  him  deep  in her
  She  could  tell  when  he was  about to  cum , she  felt it swell,
wth  one swift  move the blood flew for  she  had  just  cut  off  his
cock, he screamed  no one heard  because of the  music,she spit it  out,
he  laid on the ground blood  leaving  his  body, she  pulled out a
pistol   put it   to  his forehead,  told  him to  open  his  mouth,
she  put  his  own  cock  in , she  walked  off  into the  nite.
Hours  later Jim  Brass  was  looking at the scene, when Gil Grissom
showed up  with  Sara Sidle,'OH MY GOD; Sara said
seeing  what looked  like a woman, with a cock in her  mouth,Jim pulled
off the wig.
'She  is  a  HE: pictures  was  taken, evidence  was gathered  Sara  was
back at the  lab,she found some  I.D., she found  the  adress Gil  was
with  DR  Robbins, he  looked at the  body could see  where  the  person
had   small  hole  onthe  side of  his  nipples,  he wore
jewelry,;seems so:  he  said he  held the limp  penis :ever seen  such
a  clean cut:
Gill asked,; Nope:the  Dr replied any  way to get some  DNA Gil asked
knowing  once  it  was  put  into  the  victims mouth
the  chances were nil.
  Sara  was  with  Jim  Brass, at the  home  of ED Fattus,  woman what
looked to be in her  midthrites, Sara  asked  does
ED  live  here, the woman  said  he  was  her  husband, Ellen  let them
  They sat  she went  into  shock  when  Jim  told her,Sara  asked  if
she  could  look around,she walked  around the  house   made  her way to
the bedroom
she called  Ellen in when she found  a colset  full of  womans  clothes
;Yes:  those  was  ED`s ;so  you knew  he dressed  up ?:  Jim said of
coruse  she  said  we had  very  good  sex  when  he did  , Sara  found
a  drawer  of  sex toys.Sara  found  a picture  of  EDwith some  other
trans. It`s  a club  she  said
;do you  know  any of the  others?:  Ellen said  no .
    A few  miles away  another body laid in  a alley,Catherine Willows,
with  Nick Stokes and  Warrick Brown .The  body was face down, it was
turned over;OH SHIT : Nick  seen  the  sight a cock inthe  mouth of the
victim, Catherine  thought  waht a waste of a good cock .
  Pictures  taken, Warrick looking through the  trash  trying to find a
weapon .
  Once  again  DR  Robbins was  looking at a  male  dressed as a woman
with  his  cock in  his mouth.
  GIl  was  talikng  at a  cafe with a  local
dominatrix  askingaout  men  who  like to  be woman cause  he found  the
holes  around  his  nipples. She  sipped  her  drink,smiling  you should
try it she said  some  guys  get  really hard.being  treated like a
bitch or  whore.  ;AM  Sure:  some  guys  do  they  had  lunch.  Sara
went  back  to the  Fattus  house to  ask  more  questions.Ellen
answered the  doorSara  walked  in, she seemed a little  nervous, Ellen

sat next to  her , Ellen  took her to the  bed oom she  laid onthe  bed
reach for a remote  turned onthe  screen  onthe  wall.Sara  st onthe bed
watching  this  man dressed as awoman preform  before  her, then she
seen  Ellen  naked  with a  large strap  on between  her  legs.
Sara`s puusy  was  getting  so  wet, her  nipples was  getting  hard
too,  she  turned to  see  Ellen  naked, the  dildo  between  her  legs,
Sara told  Ellen she had to  leave, she was  pushed back onthe
bed,Ellen`s  knee  was  rubbing  Sara`s pussy  Ellen took  Sara`s  shoes
off, kissing her    feet as  she romed  her socks ,  licking, sucking
on her  toes.
Ellen  reached  for  button  off  cmae  her  pants,  ;cute  panties:
she  said  looking at the  wet  spot, Ellen  laid  kisses  on her  pussy
thru the  pantiesEllen`s hand  found  Sara`s  tits, pushing her  bra  up
along  with her  shirt, she  kissed  Sara deeply.Soon  naked  they  laid
onthe  bed kissing, Sara  licking  Ellen`s nipples
Sara  was  hoding the  dildo ;SUCK  IT:Ellen saidSara  did  her  best,
it  was  long,;Give it a  Ride:  Ellen  laid  back  while  Sara  lowered
herself, Sara  was  soon  in heaven , Gil never  felt this  good
this  cock  filled her  up  nicely,so  on her back  Ellen  fucked  her
hard;YEEESS:  Sara  screamed she had  came  twice  her  pussy was  so
wet  it  ran into her  ass
she  told   Ellen to fuck  her  ass  next
Sara  arrived back at the  lab  wen  she found  out  they found  another
   She  walked  in with  Catherine  on her  knees,they made a  dummy
she  was  showing them  how the  killer  probably  did   it, she  look
at  Nick  ,  Warrickand  Gil  you  guys  was  always  know  when your
about to cum, Sara  looked at  Gil  quickly, when the cock  swells  it
full  of  blood and  cum, she  had  a blade,  what  guy  looks  down the
guys  looked  away.
So  then  she  has  the  blade swack  she  move   upwards  come  up
with the  dummy cock  in her  mouth ,;But Why  the  Cock  inthe  Mouth?:
Nick  asked.
Cover  her  DNA, or  to  humilate the  person, some  kind of  revenge.
Sara  said  MRS  Fattus said  her  husband  was in a club  they soon
wnet  to  each  club, public,  private  Gil wa sat  a club  he  noticed
some  one, he  smiled  and walked  away before  he got  spotted
Eckley  you  bastard, he  took  his  phone  out   had  a pic  made.
;Got YOU:
Not  knowing  it  a  few  blocks away was  a lovely  lady  standing
against the  walk , her  dress  raised   her  panties to the  side,a
warm  mouth  was  sucking   a cock .fingers workng  his   large  balls
the  cock  was  soon rock  hard,  she  was   giving  long hard sucks ,
bathing  his  ballsshe  soon  felt  his  cock  swell,  once  again  he
laid onthe ground  bleeding,
once again  his  mouth  is  opened his  cock   put  in  still  driping
cum .
  As  the  days  went  on, Sara  was enjoying  her  life  with  Gil and
Ellen, Gil  fucked her  at  nite, afternoon  romps  with  Ellen, a few
of  her  friends  .
Also  the  killings  had  stopped  as soon   as they  started.  Gil
noticed  it  was  the anniversary of  Jack the  Ripper  when the
killings  happen  

  Case  not  closed  he  stamped


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