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Catch That Kid: Outtakes
by Tricksterson

Scene 1:

When Maddy came downstairs, all she'd wanted was a glass of water. What
she got was a lot more. At first she only heard her parents whispering and
giggling in the kitchen. Her father had talked to her earlier that day
about her climbing the water tower so she worried that they might be talking
about her. Being somewhat sneaky by nature she stopped around the corner of
the kitchen entrance and peeked in.

What she saw surprised her. She never got to see her mother when she wasn't
tense and busy and rarely saw her smile. But here she was smiling and leaning
back against against the kitchen sink, the top two buttons of her dress shirt
undone and feeding Tom, her husband and Maddy's father chocolate ice cream
from the box, something that would would have gotten Maddy in trouble if
*she'd* done it.

Tom took the spoon from his wife and dribbled ice cream down his wife's
chest, then leaned forward and licked it off.

"Tom! What if Maddy hears us?

"We'll just tell her we're having a late night snack," her husband replied
grinning and proceeded to make it true by nibbling on her neck while peeling
off her suit jacket. He then undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt, his
lips following his hands progress with a series of light kisses down her

Maddy watched this wide eyed and fixated. She felt a strange tingling spread
through her twelve year old body as her mothers shirt joined her jacket on
the floor, soon to be followed by her bra revealing a pair of small, firm
cone shaped breasts topped by chhocolate brown and erect nipples one of which
quickly had Tom's mouth sucking on it while the other was rubbed and pinched
by his large strong hands.

Watching this Maddy felt the strange tingling grow more intense and a warmth
growing between her legs as well as a peculiar but pleasant itch. She slipped
one hand inside her pajama bottoms to rub at it only to find it grow both
stronger and more pleasant. When, almost by accident two of her fingers
slipped into her slit she felt it grow *so* powerful that she had to bite
down on her lip to keep a betraying moan from escaping.

By this time however Tom and Molly were so into each other that they probably
wouldn't have noticed a bomb going off. Molly had taken off her husbands
shirt and was kissing and licking her way up and down his lean mountaineer's
frame. Each time she worked her way lower and lower until she was on her
knees in front of him. She undid his belt buckle and pulled his zipper down
with her teeth.

When she saw her father's...thing for the first time Maddy's knees went weak
and she grasped the doorsill of the kitchen with her free hand to stay up.
As her mother's mouth engulfed her father's member she knew that she wanted
*her* mouth to be the one sliding up and down her father's cock. At the same
time her fingers found her clitoris and she sank to her knees whimpering with
pleasure. She knew how much trouble she'd be in if her parents caught her*good* that she didn't care what happened to her just
as long as this feeling kept on.

Molly had brought her husband just to the verge of coming and withdrew,
giving his cockhead one last playful flick then swallowed the precum with a
smile. Then she pushed him down to the kitchen floor. Still wearing her black
skirt she pulled off her panties, took her husbands penis and rubbed it first
against her belly then between her tits and then against the lips that had so
recently been sucking it. Finally she straddled his hip and, with a long
drawn out moan lowered herself onto him.

Hearing this Maddy uncurled from the post-orgasmic ball she'd been in and
pulled herself to the kitchen counter on her knees to peek over at her
coupling parents. As she watched her parents fucking the ohso delicious
warm tingling spread once more through her pre-adolescent body. Once again
a hand went between her legs as the other opened her pajama top and started
exploring the breasts that had only started sprouting that year. Watching
her mother moving rythmically up and down her father's pole she knew that
someday she too would be doing that. She swore that someday she'd get her
father to pop her cherry although she wasn't sure how. At the same time
part of her also wanted to be under her mother as well, a part she shoved
to the back as too confusing.

"Oh yes, yessss!" Molly cried as she moved faster and faster on her husband.
As she peaked neither she nor her daughter noticed the jaggedness of her
husbands thrusting. As she came screaming and collapsed on him, finally she
noticed that he wasn't moving.

"Tom? Tom? Oh my god!"

Watching, paralyzed with horror Maddy realized that something was wrong with
her father. It would lead to hard feelings between daughter and mother as
both came to blame Molly for her husband's stroke even though the doctors
would tell Molly that she and her husbands activities had nothing to do with

Scene 2:

Maddy entered the security control room a mass of nerves. She knew she had to
take Mad Brad's attention off the cameras and had a pretty good idea how to
do it. She just wasn't sure if had the guts to go through with it.

One good sign was that as soon as she entered Brad's attention was glued to
her decidedly non-twelve year old figure which was shown off to excellent
advantage by the slinky red-sequined dress she wore.

"What are you doing here?"

She maneuvered so that he had to turn away from the viewscreens to watch her.

"It's so boring down there. I keep getting pushed over to the other kids. I
thought I'd get away from the boys and girls and talk to a man". She dropped
her voice into what she hoped was a sexy register. "A real man."

Despite his macho behavior and arrogant swagger, Brad wasn't used to being
talked to like that by a girl, even a much younger one. Younger or not he
couldn't deny that Maddy was cute and sexy.

"Do you want to talk here or somewhere cozier?" he said, trying to keep the
nervousness out of his voice.

"I noticed that most of the offices up here are deserted," Maddy replied,
leaning in and taking him by the hand. This was tooo easy. They crossed the
hall, Brad looking both ways nervously to make sure his supervisor, who *was*
as crazy as everyone thought Brad was didn't see them sneaking out.

Once in the office they took advantage of the plush leather couch with Maddy
perching on Brads lap and rubbing her tight little ass back and forth across
his hardening cock as they traded spit.

She switched position so that she was straddling him and pulled down the
dress' top to give him a full view of her budding A-cups. "Like 'em?"

"Oh yeah," he whispered and proceeded to lick and suck her hard pink nipples.
Meanwhile her dress had ridden up so that his hard bulge was pushing against
her thin panties. She rocked back and forth on his bulge in mock sex and then
slid slowly down his body and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. She
ran her lips down one side of it and up the other then gave his cockhead a
long full lick. She had never done this before but was copying what she had
seen her mother do. The long moan of pleasure from above told her she was
doing well. Soon her head was going up and down his cock, slow at first then
faster as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and urged her on.

"Yeah, that's it, suck just a little harder, oh yeah baby!" She felt the cum
build up in his cock and pulled back a little to give it room to go down her
throat. She wasn't crazy about swallowing but she wanted it in her hair and
on her dress even less.

Brad's pulled her back onto his lap and slipped his hand between her legs but
she stopped him. "I'm...I'm not ready to give up my cherry yet Brad. I'm

"That's okay, you made me feel great, I figure I'll return the favor. Just
keep me in mind when you do want your cherry busted."

"Oh, I will, I will!" With that she let go of his hand and let his fingers
slip into her pussy. Soon his fingers were rubbing her to orgasm as his
tongue roamed over the rest of her body.

"OOOOHHHHH! Yeah Brad, Yeah!" As she came she resolved that he was definitely
going on her list right after her father and after she paid off her debts to
his brother and Austin.

Scene 3:

Molly sat next to her daughter watching her sleep and stroking her hair. She
knew she'd never be able to articulate the mixture of anger, worry and pride
she felt towards her daughter over what she and her friends had done. She
bent down and kissed Maddy's forehead. Maddy stirred at this though still
asleep and when her mother kissed her again, instinctively raised her head
so that Molly's lips brushed hers. Molly pulled back just as instinctivly.
This was after all, her daughter! But she couldn't deny the pleasant tingling
the kiss had ignited. She looked down into her daughters now wide awake eyes.

"Maddy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"It's okay mom. I liked it."

"You did?"

Maddy took a deep breath " turned me on actually. Just...just like
watching you and dad did that night in the kitchen."


"I didn't mean to. I just saw and couldn'r look away. It was sooo...and it
made me feel soooo..."

"How did it make you feel hun?" Discussing this with her daughter was having
it's own affect on Molly. Part of her was embarrassed. She had already had
"the talk" with Maddy but this was much more intimate. But another part was
intrigued. Another part that she wasn't acknowledging yet was also turned on
by the idea of having had sex in front of her preadolescent daughter.

"I felt I wanted to be there with you both."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with feeling like that...I guess."

"Then what if I do this?" and with that Maddy raised herself up and kissed
her mother full on the lips.

Molly's first impulse was to pull away. Her second was that she didn't want
to hurt Maddy's feelings so soon after they had started to bond. Her third
was to open her lips and send her tongue out probing first across then
between her daughters lips. There wasn't a fourth because soon she and Maddy
were too caught up in the sensations provoked. Her hands quickly undid her
daughter's pajama top and were exploring Maddy's developing chest. Maddy's
own hands were clutching at her mothers buttocks as Molly straddled her on
the couch. Molly pulled off her daughter's top and suckled her tiny titties,
in a reversal of the mother-child role.

"Oh, Mommy, that's sooo nice."

"Yes, baby, and Mommy's going to show some things that are even nicer."
Before she'd met Tom Molly had experimented with some of her dormmates in
college and planned to share the fruits of her knowledge with Maddy. She
pulled off her top and bra and let Maddys hands and tongue roam over her

"Oh that's so good, baby. Your mommy's little sweetie, ohhh yeah."

She pulled back then bent down and pulled off her daughter's pajama bottoms,
leaving her dressed only in her white, bikini-cut panties. She stared for a
moment at her daughter's long lean body, just starting to develop the curves
of womanhood and sighed in appreciation then covered it with her own. Her
lips kissed and sucked at Maddy's neck while her hands carressed her tiny
titties. Meanwhile Maddy's hands roamed up and down her mother's own more
developed body, paying special attention to her firm ripe ass and trying to
tug her pants down over her hips. Finally Molly raised her body a little and
let Maddy undo the buttons and pull them down, taking her silk panties with

"Mom, you're so beautiful."

"So are you hun. Would you like Mommy to show you how to make you feel really

Maddy blushed and just nodded. Her mother smiled at her and slid down to
position her head between Maddy's legs, noting the combination of softness
and strength in her daughter's thighs, like silk over bundled wires. She
pushed her head down towards the peach-fuzz covered labia and pushed her
tongue slowly inside. A moan from above encouraged her to go deeper. She
pushed down and, digging her fingers into her daughter's delectable ass
pushed her cunt upwards as well. Slow tender exploration soon became fierce


"It's alright darling, say it. Say it!'

"Fuck me Mommy! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Molly happily complied finding Maddy's clit and rubbing it fiercely then
taking it between her teeth and nibbling at it. This combined with sucking
action soon sent Maddy over the top. Her small hands pulled at Molly's hair
as she came and her cream covered Molly's face.

Molly raised her dripping face from between her daughter's thighs.

"Oh mommy I love you!"

"Would you like to eat *me* now baby?"

"Oh yes!"

Molly moved forward along Maddy's body until she and her daughter were face
to face. First she had Maddy lick her own cumjuice off then they shared a
long slow kiss. As she moved up Molly stopped to let Maddy suckle on her
tits, reveling in both lustful and maternal urges at the same time. Finally
she straddled her daughters face, her hairy cunt hovering over Maddy's mouth.

"Lick up and down, yes, like that. Oh that's good, real goood! Now push
your tongue in. Now in and out just like daddy's cock. YES! oh your so good,
Maddy, My good good girl!" Oh yeah! That's my clit, oh sooo good!!" She felt
her daughter's fingers digging into her firm ass as she came.

After as the mother daughter duo clung to each other Maddy asked, "Mom?"

Molly kissed her daughter softly on the lips. "Yes, honey?'

"I...I want to lose my cherry. And I want to lose it to Dad."

Molly, after what she and her daughter had done was not all that shocked.
"You *are* a sweet little slut aren't you?" She smiled and kissed Maddy again
to show that she didn't mean that harmfully. Maddy just blushed in return.

"Well, I think that can be arranged. After all he's going to be stuck in bed
for awhile as he recovers. We should both do our best to make sure he enjoys
staying there shouldn't we?

Scene 4:

Tom woke to soft lips kissing him awake. A tongue slipped into his mouth
and he was well into the kiss when he awoke fully and realized it was his
daughter Maddy doing the kissing.

"Maddy! What the hell are you doing?" Even as he tried to pull back in shock
he couldn't help but notice how good her young body looked in a thin summer
dress that did nothing to conceal the fact that she had nothing underneath.
His penis noticed it too, coming to full alert after months of deprivation
in the hospitals he'd been shuttled to.

"Showing you how much I love you Dad." As she said this Maddy pressed her
ripening body down on him, climbing into his and Molly's bed to do so. He
started to push her away but to do this he had to touch her and instead of
shoving her off his hands began roaming up and down her back, ass and legs.

"Maddy, no."


In a last attempt to forestall the inevitable he said weakly, "If your mother
finds out..."

"Her mother knows," came a soft husky voice from the doorway. Looking up, Tom
saw his wife framed in the doorway. Fear and guilt gave way to confusion when
he saw that she was dressed only in dark stockings, a garter belt and the
flimsiest of black lace panties.

"And approves," Molly finished, coming into the room and seating herself
spread legged in an easy chair facing the bed. "I want to watch you fuck our
sweet little slut of a daughter, Tom." So saying she ran her hands up and
down her own body enticingly. Meanwhile Maddy undid her father's top and
bestowed kisses all over his chest, pausing only to tickle his nipples with
her tongue the way her mother had told her her liked. Her hand sliped down
between his legs and rubbed him through the thin fabric of his pants.

"That's right," said Molly approvingly. She had slipped two fingers into her
cunt and was sliding them in and out vigorously, much to the fascination of
her husband, who didn't quite know which of the women in his life to pay more
attention to.

Maddy reclaimed his attention by pulling his pajama bottoms down and
beginning to stroke his prick. Molly called out advice and encouragement
from the sidelines.

"Yes, that's it darling, lick his head, just like an ice cream cone. Pump it
at the some time...that's it, soon you'll be almost as good a cocksucker as
your Mom."

"Why don't you come over her and show her how it's done, Molly?"

Smiling, Molly joined her daughter in her cock-worship. Each took a side and
started licking up and down Tom's member. This soon turned into a passionate
tongue wrangle with their man's dick in the middle.

Molly, realizing that her recovering husband probably only had so much energy
in him pulled back and then lifted her daughter's mouth off.

"It's time, honey," she whispered.

With her mother's help Maddy positioned herself over her father's rigid
penis. Molly placed her husband's cock at her daughter's entrance.

"Just let gravity do the work Maddy."

Listening to her mother, Maddy sank down onto her father's cock, grimacing as
it broke through her hymen. From behind her mother massied her itty bitties
and kissed her neck and shoulders, helping her ignore the pain. Soon she was
moving up and down her father's pole, slowly at first then faster as pain
first mergeed, then gave way to pleasure.

"Oh...fuck...dadddydaddydaddy! Yes, daddy! So good...soooo fucking GOOOD!!!"

"Turn around Maddy darling," asked her mother. Scrambling around on her
father's cock she found herself facing her mothers dark wet bush and pushed
her face down into it.

"Fuck! Yeah Maddy, eat mommy! Fuck her Tom, fuck her!" urged Molly. Soon all
three of them came. Shortly thereafter, Maddy waas snuggled happily between
her loving parents. The family was closer than it ever had been before.

Scene 5:

Austin and Gus stood before Maddy, each eying her tight little spandex clad
body. Each was hoping that she would pick him to take her cherry, not knowing
that it was long lost to her mom and dad.

"Close your eyes," she commanded. She herself which she wanted more. Gus had
a muscular strong body but Austin had a certain slender, slightly androgynous
charm. Besides, she'd heard about black boys from her mother and wondered if
it was true. Finally she came to a decision and sprinted quietly away.

Austin was the first to open his eyes to see her tight little butt turning
the corner around a nearby hill.

"Hey!" With that both he and Gus were in hot and angry pursuit. But Maddy
knew the hills near her parents race track and quickly lost them.

"Where is that little bitch?" asked Gus.

"Over here, boys!" came her voice. Still angry the boys followed her voice to
see the spot she'd prepared for whoever she'd chosen. There she was, naked,
lying on a blanket propped up on one shoulder, her other hand spreading her
pussy lips for their viewing pleasure. Both boys stopped stunned by the

"Well? Get over here and get naked!" Once again, eagerlly this time, the boys
obeyed as Maddy got to her knees. When they were stripped she beckoned them
over and took each of their pricks in hand. Even though he was the smaller of
the two Austin was just as big as Gus, each boy being a handy six inches.
Maddy licked first one boy's cock head and then the other. She cupped Gus'
balls, massaging them while licking up and down Austin's shaft. Then switched
to Gus cock.

"Austin, Get behind me. Do me doggy style while I suck Gus."

"Hey, why do I get sloppy seconds?"

"Because...because you're so big, I need someone to break me in?" Not being
the brightest bulb on the tree Gus bought this. The truth was that although
he and Austin was equal in length he *was* thicker through the middle.

Meanwhile, Austin decided to prep Maddy's cumhole be putting first one, then
two fingers in and out. He soon had her wriggling in pleasure.

"Oh yes, I'm ready now," she moaned, taking her mouth off of Gus' cock, which
she'd been happily gobbling. "Do me now, Austin, do me NOW!"

Austin was surprised at first when he felt no hymen but figured that her
climbing activity must have busted it. She was still nicely tight, her
vaginal muscles clinging to his dick as he thrust in and out. Maddy's head
bobbed up and down on Gus' meat in concert with Austin's ramming her,
speeding up as he did. Finally her head came off Gus as the pleasure built
up and she had to let loose with a scream that echoed off the hills.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! FUCK! YESSSS!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!" Austin came in her with this
encouragement. As he sank back and Maddy curled inyto an orgasmic ball, Gus,
impatient to plunge his cock into the girl who had teased him for over a year
rolled her on her back and spread her legs.

"No, wait," Maddy moaned.

"Waited long enough," Gus grunted angrily as he pushed into her.

Fortunately she was well lubricated by her and Austin's activities and the
pain was minimal. She weakly tried to push him off at first but soon relaxed
and was digging her fingers into his back as he rammed into her with a
mixture of lust and anger that was a counterpoint to Austin's earlier

Austin had at first thought of stopping Gus but was exhausted from his own
efforts and was also a bit turned on by this semi-rape. Besides, Maddy's
earlier reluctance seemed to vanish.

"Oh, fuck, you bastard, that's it! Rape me, rape me! Make me cum you
cocksucker!" Her legs tightened around his waist even as she bit at his
shoulder and clawed red gouges in his back.

"OHHHHHHFUUUUCKKKK!" The two pre-adolescents collapsed on the grass together.



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