Cadet Kelly: Lesbian Academy (ff)
by The Fan

Cadet Kelly Collins smiled to herself as she looked at her gorgeous friend and fellow George Washington Military Academy Cadet, Gloria. The dark bronze-skinned, dark-haired and rather lovely young Hispanic woman looked absolutely gorgeous naked. Cadet Kelly licked her lips. She was absolutely irresistible to the closet dykes of the Academy and she knew it. Lying on a king-sized bed in a sexy negligee, she gestured for Gloria to do her thing. For weeks, Gloria had been her best pal, and for weeks Kelly had seen right through the facade. The lovely young Hispanic woman was in love with George Washington Military Academy's favourite sexy, clumsy blonde. And Cadet Kelly Collins wouldn't have it any other way.

Gloria smiled shyly as she dropped her military fatigues and stood naked before the object of her affection. Ever since she was younger, Gloria was aware of the fact that she was different from other girls. Namely, she was gay. Being raised in a deeply religious Hispanic family, she kept her sexual orientation to herself. She had been desperately lonely at George Washington Military Academy and was borderline depressed when she met Cadet Kelly Collins. Kelly with the cute smile, sexy eyes and cute ass. Kelly the blonde chick who simply took her breath away. For weeks she tried to resist but in the end, she gave in. Gloria wanted Kelly to herself.

Kelly lay on the bed, and gestured for Gloria to come to her. Gloria grinned, and joined Kelly on the bed. Kelly gently took the sexy Hispanic tomboy's face in her hands and kissed her. Gloria felt a tingle down her spine as Kelly kissed her passionately and began caressing her. Gloria was excited, yet nervous as hell. Kelly smiled at her and asked her to relax. Gloria took a deep breath, then did as Kelly told her. Kelly smiled at how nervously obedient Gloria was. The tough tomboy was like putty in her hands.

Gloria lay on the bed and tried to relax as Kelly went to work on her. She felt Kelly's knowing hands roaming all over her supple body, but with purpose. Kelly fastened her sweet lips to Gloria's breasts and began sucking on the areolas. Gloria moaned in pleasure. Kelly gently spread Gloria's thighs wide open and began fingering her. Gloria gasped as Kelly's fingers penetrated her. Kelly thrust two fingers inside Gloria's pussy, then three. Gloria squealed in delight as Kelly fucked her with her fingers. Kelly kissed a path from Gloria's tits to her belly and finally to her pelvic area. Spreading Gloria's legs wider, she breathed in the scent of the young Hispanic woman's hot pussy. Nice. Grinning, Kelly began licking Gloria's pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Kelly gently bit Gloria's clit as she licked and probed her pussy with her agile tongue and nimble fingers. Gloria screamed and begged her for more. And so Kelly gave her more. Taking a dildo from her purse, she inserted it into Gloria's pussy. Gloria gasped at the surprise intrusion. Kelly smiled and told Gloria to relax. With an expert hand she thrust the dildo in and out of Gloria's pussy. Soon she had the young Hispanic woman crying out in pleasure. Afterwards, Gloria kissed Kelly passionately and told her she loved her. Kelly Collins smiled and told Gloria she loved her too. Deep down, Kelly was pleased with a good lay and an easy conquest but she wasn't eager to be tied down to Gloria. Or any other woman for that matter. There were lots of hot young women on the George Washington Military Academy campus and Cadet Kelly Collins wanted to have her way with as many of them as she could. She was a blonde lesbian Casanova.

Cadet Kelly Collins embarked on a top secret lesbian relationship with the lovely Hispanic bombshell Gloria. They had a lot of fun together. However, Kelly wanted more than just Gloria. She set her sights on a real challenge. Ever since Kelly came to George Washington Military Academy, one chick had been a pain in her butt. A thorn on her side. Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone, the tall, dark-haired, alabaster-skinned and dark-eyed young woman who always scowled while looking at Kelly Collins. Kelly had recently caught Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone looking at her and what she saw in the young woman's gaze was undisguised lust, not anger or hatred. Could super sexy and super uptight Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone be gay too? Kelly smiled at the thought. It wouldn't be the first time that some closeted chick she was attracted to gave her a hard time. After all, Gloria gave her a hard time too, at first. And now Gloria got on her knees every night to lick Cadet Kelly's pussy and ride her dildo just like a good bitch should.

Kelly had a lot of fun with Gloria these days. Too bad Gloria was becoming boring and predictable. Kelly wanted a chick with more fire in her. And who was more fiery than Jennifer Stone, the super bitch? Cadet Kelly Collins began stalking Captain Jennifer Stone, and found something wickedly interesting on her private laptop. Kelly easily bypassed the password and accessed everything Jennifer Stone had last looked at. What she saw amazed her. Jennifer Stone was going through a lot of lesbian chat rooms. She even posted some stuff on a coming out board. Just as she suspected, Jennifer Stone was a dyke. She even admitted to having a crush on a chick at school, but said she was fighting the crush because she didn't want to be gay. Kelly almost felt sorry for Jennifer. Almost. She remembered what it was like to be gay and in denial. However, she got past that toot sweet. Now she needed to come up with a plan to bed Jennifer and make her pay for being such a bitch at the same time.

George Washington Military Academy Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone walked into her dorm room, and noted with shock that someone had been through her room. Her stuff was out of place. Her eyes widened when she saw that her laptop had been left open. Open on the one web page she now wished she never visited. The lesbian chat room where she poured out her deep feelings for the young woman who inspired both love and repulsion in her heart, Cadet Kelly. Frantic, she rushed to the computer...and almost jumped halfway to the ceiling when someone's hand touched her shoulder. Turning around, Jennifer Stone found herself looking into the eyes of Cadet Kelly Collins. Jennifer Stone gasped. Cadet Kelly Collins smiled, and asked her if everything was okay.

Jennifer Stone's eyes narrowed. Her heart was beating really fast for multiple reasons. One, she was standing at close proximity to her secret crush, and the person who pissed her off the most...Kelly Collins. Two, she could tell by the smirk on Kelly's face that she was busted. Kelly smiled, and uttered the words that nearly made Jennifer's heart crumble. Kelly said she had no idea Jennifer swung that way. Then she smirked. Jennifer groaned in despair mixed with frustration. Oh, God. Kelly knew about her! What in hell was she going to do now ? Kelly would undoubtedly get revenge on her by telling all of George Washington Military Academy that super tough Captain Jennifer Stone was a dyke. Her reputation would be in shambles. She'd have to leave the military academy for sure.

Cadet Kelly Collins looked at Captain Jennifer Stone and smiled. The tall, sexy and super tough chick was looking so wonderfully vulnerable right now. It was so cute. Jennifer Stone stood her ground. If Kelly was going to take her down, she wasn't going down without a fight. She told Kelly that regardless of what she decided to do, she wasn't going to take it lying down. Kelly smiled, and told Jennifer that she could take it any way she wanted. While Jennifer pondered what the younger woman meant, Kelly did the last thing she expected. Cadet Kelly Collins grabbed Captain Jennifer Stone...and kissed her.

If lightning had struck Jennifer Stone in that moment, she wouldn't have been more shocked. Kelly Collins was kissing her! When their lips parted, Kelly was grinning. Jennifer breathlessly asked her how long she had been in the room. Kelly told her that she'd been in the room for over an hour. She walked in wanting to prank Jennifer, but upon finding out they were both card-carrying members of the Lick Her License Club, she changed her mind. Jennifer took Kelly's face in her hands and smiled before kissing her again. For ages she dreamed of this moment. Hooking up with the gal she loved. Of course, Jennifer thought Kelly was straight. That was Jennifer's problem. She had zero gaydar and tended to fall for super sexy and feminine, straight-looking chicks. Well, now she knew. Kelly was as gay as she was. Kelly closed the door of Jennifer's room tight, then they got busy.

Passionately they embraced. Moments later, Kelly began undressing Jennifer. Kelly was amazed at Jennifer's body. The gal definitely had it going on. Tall, athletic and supple. Just the way Kelly liked her women. Like many Femmes, Kelly was attracted to Butch chicks. And she knew most Butch chicks weren't half as dominant as they looked. In the bedroom, she took total control. And Jennifer just went along with it. Kelly began licking every inch of Jennifer's body. From her sweet lips to her slender neck, her perfect, cone-shaped breasts and her round, sexy ass. She kissed her lean, sexy legs and finally made her way to Jennifer's pussy. Once she got there, Jennifer tensed. Like many Butch girls, Jennifer was sensitive about letting another woman go down on her. Kelly asked her to relax and trust her. Jennifer took a deep breath, then relaxed as Kelly began working her magic on her.

Kelly gently spread Jennifer's lean, sexy legs. She inhaled the scent of Jennifer's pussy. Kelly always smelled her women before going down on them. Every woman smelled and tasted different. No two pussies were exactly alike in look, smell or taste. Every dyke knows this. Kelly began licking Jennifer's pussy gently, taking her sweet time. Jennifer ran her hands through Kelly's long blonde hair as the sexy Femme went down on her. Jennifer couldn't believe this. She was finally hooking up with Kelly Collins, the object of her affection. Jennifer felt tingles of pleasure in her pussy as Kelly licked and probed her. Kelly was really good at what she was doing. And Jennifer found herself really enjoying it. This was her first time hooking up with another woman in all the years she'd been at the George Washington Military Academy. Also, it was the first time she let another woman touch her down there. Usually, Jennifer fucked her women, not the other way around.

Cadet Kelly Collins smiled to herself while pleasuring Captain Jennifer Stone. She couldn't believe it was that easy to gain Jennifer's trust and get her into bed. Wow. If all the gay girls at George Washington Military Academy were this easy, Kelly was going to have a blast. As she fucked Jennifer's pussy with her fingers, she had a deliciously naughty idea. Reaching into her purse, she took out her strap-on dildo. Jennifer gasped when she saw it. She refused to let Kelly fuck her with it. Kelly bit her lip, and told Jennifer that she loved her and wanted to make love to her. Jennifer's heart melted when Kelly uttered these words. She loved Kelly too. However, no self-respecting Butch woman was going to let a Femme do her with a dildo. Butch girls didn't let Femmes strap them. It just wasn't done.

Kelly kissed Jennifer gently and asked her to trust her. Jennifer bit her lip. How could she say no to Kelly's angelic eyes and pouting lips? Still, she was scared as hell to let another woman penetrate her. Still, she loved Kelly enough to try anything for her. Jennifer grimaced, and told Kelly she'd give it a try, but made her promise to be gentle. Kelly nodded enthusiastically and embraced Jennifer. Kelly wore the strap-on dildo and stroked the plastic cock sexily. Smiling, she spread Jennifer's legs and pressed the dildo against her pussy. Slowly, she began inserting the dildo inside of her. Jennifer gasped as Kelly penetrated her. Kelly silenced her with a kiss and thrust the dildo deeper inside her. Thus, she began fucking her.

Captain Jennifer Stone felt conflicting emotions as Cadet Kelly Collins kissed her passionately and began fucking her with the strap-on dildo. Part of her couldn't believe she was letting Kelly do this to her. Butch girls didn't get fucked. They fucked their women instead. Still, she had to admit that it felt oddly good to let another woman fuck her for a change. And Kelly fucked her well. The sexy blonde chick wielded her strap-on dildo with expertise and authority. And to think that an hour ago, Jennifer thought she was straight. Wow. Kelly pinched Jennifer's tits while thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Jennifer gasped. Kelly laughed and pinched her some more while fucking her. The nerve on that chick!

Kelly was determined to completely dominate Jennifer in the bedroom. She asked the lovelorn Butch chick to try a new position. With some hesitation, Jennifer complied. Kelly put her on all fours and began fucking her from behind. Kelly loved the way Jennifer's butt cheeks jiggled while she got fucked doggy-style by the strap-on dildo. Fucking Jennifer like this was wonderfully empowering for Kelly. She couldn't believe she was fucking a Butch chick with her strap-on dildo. Many a bossy Femme's dream. She smacked Jennifer's shapely ass while fucking her, and Jennifer yelped. Kelly fucked her harder, drilling the dildo deep into Jennifer's cunt. She wanted to make the Butch chick pay for being so damn sexy. Jennifer felt a rush deep inside as Kelly completely dominated her. She felt strangely aroused, yet abased. And she loved it. So much that she begged Kelly for more. Kelly laughed and gripped Jennifer's hair while thrusting the dildo even deeper into her. Kelly fucked her until she squealed in delight as she came.

Afterwards, the two young women lay entwined in each other's arms. Jennifer Stone gently brushed hair away from Kelly Collins's face, and smiled at her. Jennifer felt content and at peace for the first time in ages. She'd found love at last. As for Kelly, George Washington Military Academy's favourite closet dyke, she silently added another notch on her belt. Her nonstop conquests among the closet cases of the military academy continued. First Gloria and now Jennifer. Is there anyone she can't have? Only time will tell. With a satisfied smile on her face, she kissed Jennifer goodnight and went to sleep. Cadet Kelly sleeps peacefully.


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