Captain Ron: The Director's Cut Part 1 (M/F,M/f)
by Wilcox

Martin Harvey stared at the Chicago skyline through the windows of his high
rise apartment as he listened intently to the voice on the phone. All he said
was an occasional, "OK," and a few, "Yes, I understands." He finally hung up
the phone by saying, "Thank you. I'll get back to you as soon as I can with
our plans for the yacht." He then turned and looked at his wife Katherine
with a strange expression on his face.

"What was that all about?" she inquired.

"That was a lawyer from Miami," he responded. "It's seems that my Uncle
Harold died last month and left us something in his will."

"I don't remember you having an Uncle Harold," she said.

"Yeah, well, I haven't seen or heard about him since I was a young kid," he
told his wife. "He was the black sheep of the family. Always off doing wild
and strange things. Mom never talked much about him. They had a falling out
long before I was born. I forgot all about him until just now."

"So ... what did he leave you?" she asked expectantly.

"A sailing yacht," he told her. "It was once owned by Clark Gable. The lawyer
said that if we didn't want to keep it, he could arrange for us to sell it to
a dealer in Miami."

"Wow, Clark Gable's yacht. It must be worth a fortune. Did he say what it's
value was?" she quizzed him.

"No. He said that it would depend on the condition it was in. There is a
catch however," he said.

"What catch," she said apprehensively.

"It's docked at a small island called St. Pomme de Terre in the Caribbean,"
he told his wife. "If we want to sell it, we have to go down there and sail
it to Miami ourselves."

"Oh," she said.

Martin thought for a minute, then looked at his wife and said, "You know, we
could all fly down there and make a vacation of it."

"What do you mean," she asked.

"We go down there, pick up the yacht and sail it to Miami," he said. "We've
always wanted a Caribbean vacation. What could be better than to take one on
our own yacht."

"But honey, we don't know anything about boats or sailing," she told him.

"So we hire someone who does ... and then lie back and enjoy, what could be
better," he said with a huge smile.

After a night of discussion they agreed to Martin's plan of action. They
would take their two children, Ben and Caroline, and fly down for the
adventure of their dreams. The kids became very excited when their parents
told them of their windfall and their plan to fly down and sail the yacht
to Miami.

Ben, a precocious 12 year old, had images of pirates and buried treasure
swirling through his head as he imaged himself sailing the Caribbean like
one of the pirates in an action adventure book. Caroline on the other hand,
being a beautiful 16 year old, thought of the boys she would meet and the
shopping she could do as they island hopped their way to Miami.

The next day Martin called the lawyer's office and told him that they were
going to fly down to St. Pomme de Terre and would take possession of the
yacht. He told him that they wanted to sell it as the lawyer had mention
the other day when they talked. He asked if he could make the necessary
arrangements with the yacht dealer in Miami and call him back with the

Within a couple of days it was all arranged and the family packed for their
dream vacation. It was a beautiful day when they landed on the island of St.
Pomme de Terre. They collected their luggage and piled into a taxi waiting
for tourists in front of the terminal building. Martin gave the driver the
directions to the dock that the Miami lawyer had provided.

On the way Caroline was constantly asking her mother if they could stop and
shop at one of the many stores they were passing. Her eyes were filled with
the bright colors and the many handsome young men strolling the streets.
"There's plenty of time for that later Caroline," her mother scolded her.
"First things first, OK. We've got to find the yacht and take possession.
We've got to put out bags on the boat and get settled in. Then we'll take
in the town." Ben was just as bad as his head filled with the sights and
sounds of the busy town swilling past the car windows.

They were filled with expectant joy as they approached the waterfront and
the car pulled up next to a dilapidated building that housed the dockmaster's
office. Martin went inside as Kate oversaw the stacking of their luggage. He
saw a heavy-set man sitting at an old desk in the back corner.

"Hello," he called to the man. "I'm Martin Harvey. I believe that you were
expecting me."

"AHHH, Mr. Harvey, it is a pleasure to meet you," the man said as he rose and
extended his hand. "Yes, I received a call saying that you would be arriving
to take ownership of your Uncle's ship. Of course before I show you out to
it, there is the small matter of the dock fees that your Uncle had not yet
paid before he passed away."

"Dock fees," Martin said. "Oh well, I guess that's to be expected. How much
is the bill. I'd like to get her ready to sail as soon as I can. We have a
timetable worked out to sail her to Miami ... and we need to hire a reliable
Captain to sail her for us. You see, I don't have any sailing experience."

"Yes, yes," the man smiled as he went back to his desk and opened a ledger
book. "Let's see now. Ah, here it is. That comes to $1200. Would you like to
pay for it in cash? I can accept a check of course, but I'll have to let my
bank clear it before you take possession."

"$1200," Martin said weakly.

"Yes, your Uncle Harry was a good friend and I let him extend his credit,"
the heavy-set man told him.

Martin pulled out his wallet and pealed out 12 $100 dollar bills. He handed
them to the man knowing that this unexpected charge had cut deeply into his
vacation fund, but what choice did he have, he thought. Besides when they
sold the yacht in Miami they would make a very nice profit. The heavy-set man
gave Martin a receipt and shook his hand. "Now that that is taken care of I
will show you to your new boat Mr. Harvey," he said happily.

Martin followed the man out the door and motioned for his family to follow
them as they walked down the dock towards the beautiful yachts tied to the
piers. They came to and passed a succession of tall-masted sailing ships as
Martin's anticipation grew. Then to his utter amazement the man stopped at a
dirty derelict of a boat. "Ah, here it is, Mister Harvey. You're new yacht.
It needs a bit of work but believe me when I tell you that this is one of
the finest ships here."

"You've got to be kidding," he said as his family stopped by his side.

"Why are we stopping at this wreck?" Caroline asked. Then she muttered, "OH
MY GOD, this can't be it daddy. You said it was a fancy yacht that was once
owned by a movie star."

"Martin, is this some kind of joke," Katherine asked hopefully.

"Evidentially not," her husband replied as he tried to recover from his shock
at the condition of the boat he'd inherited.

"Enjoy your boat Mr. Harvey," the heavy-set man said as he headed back
towards his office.

"Wait a minute," Martin called to the man. "I wanted to ask you if I could
hire an experience sailor to sail the ship to Miami for me."

"Ah, that could be a problem Mr. Harvey," he said as he turned back. "You see
there's a big race going on right now and all the able captains are already

"There must be someone available who's qualified," Martin said in

"Well ... there is a man I know who is more than qualified. They call him
Captain Ron, but I don't think you'd want to hire him," the man said. "He's
a bit rough and rather outspoken. He has ... shall we say a reputation." He
looked at the two very pretty women and said, "You have a lovely wife and
daughter Mr. Harvey. I'm not sure that..."

"Look, we're desperate," Martin said. "Please contact him and offer him the
job. We need to sail this boat back to Miami and we're on a tight schedule.
I need someone experienced who can gets us there. If he's the only one
available, then I want him."

"Of course, of course, if that's your desire, I shall arrange it for you Mr.
Harvey," the man replied with a wicked smile as he thought of Captain Ron
out on the ocean with this naive family. He looked again at the small man's
beautiful wife and daughter, knowing that they would be added to Captain
Ron's long list of owner's women he'd worked his magic on during the long
romantic nights at sea.

"There's a shop across from my office where you can purchase the supplies
you'll need," he told them. "You can work on the boat as you sail and you'll
be truly amazed at how beautiful the old girl will look when she's cleaned

They stepped aboard after the heavy-set man left them and stored their
luggage in the stern cockpit. They slowly looked around and began to explore
the aged vessel for a while and were pleasantly surprised at the quality
workmanship that had created the boat. Beneath a layer of grime and rust lay
the beautiful lines of a classic sailing yacht.

"You know," Katherine told her husband. "That man was right. This is a real
beauty. She just needs a little elbow grease to clean her up. We'll make her
shine by the time we reach Miami dear. Come on kids lets get to work and
clear this junk and litter away."

After a few hours of hard work getting rid of the debris, they went to the
shop the man had mentioned, purchased cleaning supplies and went back to
work. By sunset they were tired and ready for dinner. The ship looked much
better and when they return from the restaurant they fell into their assigned
beds and fell instantly to sleep. None of them had ever slept on a boat
before and the gentle roll of the waves rocked them to sleep as though they
were babes in a crib.

They awoke to a beautiful day and immediately got back to work. Around 10AM
a tall muscular man with a sea bag thrown over his shoulder came strolling
down the dock towards them. Caroline spotted him first and his rugged good
looks gave her a tingle as she watched him approach. She had time to admire
exactly how muscular this man with the long flowing hair was. She was looking
at his skin-tight tee shirt and saw that his body bulged with muscles. He
had broad shoulders, a slab like chest and perfect six-pack abs. Her eyes
continued down over his flat stomach and she stared at the massive bulge in
his cut-off jeans.

Her trance like state was broken when he stopped beside the boat and called,
"Ahoy, the boat. Are you the Harvey's? I got a call that you were looking for
someone to sail you to Miami. Well, here I am." He stepped aboard and crushed
Martin's hand in a vice like grip, "Captain Ron's the name and sailing is my
game. Well Boss, you got a fine looking craft here. Just needs a little work
and she'll be ship-shape in no time at all."

His dark piercing eyes took in the two beautiful women as well. They were
both working in tight shorts and tee shirts that hi-lighted their full
figured bodies. "Yes sir Boss," he went on, as he looked them up and down.
"Looks real good. Let's go over your plans and timetable and I'll work out
a course to meet it. Sailing this fine craft to Miami will be a real
pleasure cruise. I'll give you all the crash course on sailing the ship on
the way. What do you say Boss, we got a deal?"

Martin was taken aback by this big wild looking stranger. When the man let
go of his hand, Martin held it gently with his left. His hand hurt like hell.
It felt like all of the bones had been crushed to powder. He looked from
Captain Ron to his wife. She nodded and said, "The dockmaster did say that
there was only one man left in town qualified to sail the boat Martin. If we
want to make it to Miami in time, we don't have much choice, now do we. You
told him to hire this man for us, so lets get everything in order and set
sail as soon as we can."

Katherine felt a tingle of her own as she looked at the big man standing near
her husband. She couldn't help herself from staring at his muscular frame and
the huge bulge in his cut-off jeans. He oozed animal magnetism and she felt
an instant attraction to him. He was wild and dangerous looking with his long
hair and deep tan and ruggedly handsome she had to admit. This is going to be
quite the vacation she thought to herself as she imagined herself being taken
on the high seas by this big strong adventurer.

Martin knew that he was backed into a corner. He finally said, "Ben, show
Captain Ron to his cabin so that he can stow his gear. Then we'll work out
what we need from the stores and the rest of the details. Let's go to Miami

Ben let out a whoop and said, "Follow me Captain Ron." He went down the hatch
and showed the new crewman to his cabin as his head filled with the reality
of the adventure before them. They were actually going to do it. Up to now he
hadn't been convinced that they were really going to sail across the open
ocean, just like the adventurers in the action books he so loved to read. Now
with a real sea captain to guide and teach them, he knew his fantasy was
going to come true.

Martin and Captain Ron made up a list of supplies and sent Ben and the women
off to pick them up. Then Captain Ron inspected to boat and gave Martin a
detailed idea of what they needed to do to bring the boat back to it's former
glory. "It's a fine boat Boss," Captain Ron told him. "All it'll take is hard
work and we've got the time to do it. The people here won't recognize the old
girl when we're through with her."

They set sail the next day and continued to work on restoring the boat as
they went. Due to the heat they all dressed down and wore bathing suits
exclusively. The women took to wearing tiny bikinis that caused Martin to
request that they cover themselves a bit more. "Oh don't be silly," his
wife told him. We're all alone out here and we want to get good tans. We've
worn these suits at the beach before and you didn't complain then."

He didn't want to say it was because of the looks he saw Captain Ron giving
them and he let it drop.

Back in the cockpit, as he ravished Martin's sexy wife and daughter with his
eyes, Captain Ron was thinking that Kate was looking pretty good. She was 36
years old, but could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. She was a
medium sized woman with curly blonde hair that was cut just above her
shoulders. Her breasts were a generous 36C. Yes, he thought, the Boss's wife
was absolutely stunning, from her big full perfectly formed tits, down to her
tiny waist and flat tummy, her sexy flaring hips and gorgeous, firm, high
riding little buns and long sexy legs.

Caroline was looking pretty good as well. She was a younger version of her
beautiful mother. Her tits were a bit smaller, but her teenaged body curved
in all the right places. She was a true hard body with a great little ass.

Martin on the other hand was about 5'-4" and 135 pounds soaking wet. He was
38 years old, but he looked like he was much older. His work has taken its
toll on him. His blond hair had thinned and gone prematurely gray and his
body had become soft and pudgy.

The son Ben was just a kid and he was already captivated with Captain Ron's
salty language and way of doing things. 'Yeah, this is going to be as easy as
taking candy from a baby,' Captain Ron thought.

Captain Ron took in the women's lucious bodies and knew that it was only a
matter of time before he'd bed one and probably both. They were both on their
hands and knees now, facing away from him, scrubbing away at the teak wood
deck as they restored it's beautiful finish. Their firm sexy asses were
swaying with the forward and back motions of their arms as they polished the

In his mind he was right up behind them pounding his big cock into them hard
and deep. He grabbed Martin's video camera from the benchseat beside him and
began taping their simulated fucking motions, working the zoom button to pick
up the outlines of their pussy lips as he moved it back and forth between

"Hey what are you doing," Martin shouted as he came back and saw Captain Ron
aiming his video camera at his wife and daughter. "That's not a toy. Please
leave it alone," he said as he took it and went down the hatch to return it
to the master cabin.

"OK, Boss. No problem, I was just checking it out," Captain Ron called after

That evening they watched a gorgeous sunset and had a good meal. They spoke
at length about the voyage and when the evening was over Martin couldn't wait
to get Katherine back to the master cabin. As he stripped off her clothes, he
was surprised to find her pussy was warm and squishy. He laid her back and
was quickly lapping up her delicious, warm juices. He was surprised when she
came very quickly.

He knew she liked to suck him but he just couldn't wait. He moved up between
her legs and slid his erect penis into her warmth. She felt so good, so wet,
so tight. Martin held back as long as he could but sometimes she made him so
hot there was no slowing his impending ejaculation. It was an extremely
intense orgasm as he emptied his seed into her. As they fell asleep in each
other's arms, Martin was so relaxed, so in love with this wonderful woman. He
was really looking forward to their time together on the open sea.

The next morning when Martin awoke, Katherine was not there. There was a note
from her telling him to meet her on deck when he woke up. He wiped the sleep
from his eyes and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt. He saw that the kids
were both still asleep as he went topside. It was a wonderful day. He scanned
the horizon briefly, then looked up and down the ship for his wife. He
spotted her a short ways away apparently helping Captain Ron to hoist a sail.

As he got closer he realized that Captain Ron was standing behind her, his
hands on top of hers, helping her. As the ship rolled, he could see their
bodies briefly press against each other, his loins pushing into Katherine's
ass. As Martin approached, he could see a big smile on Katherine's face. He
also couldn't help but notice the big smile on Captain Ron's face. She waved
to Martin, turned back and said something to Captain Ron, and then released
her hold on the rope to him. She met Martin with a hug and a kiss.

"What a beautiful day", she said, as they sat down on the roof of the galley
by the railing. She looked great as usual in a hot little bikini and they
spent the rest of the day doing restoration work and soaking up the sun. That
night was a repeat of the first for Martin and Katherine. She would never
admit it of course, but in her mind it was Captain Ron she was in bed with.
Her imagination ran wild as Martin humped away and she visualized Captain
Ron's muscular body on top of her as he fucked her, not her husband's.

Captain Ron stayed on deck to steer the ship through the night. He wanted to
make up some time to ensure that they would reach Miami on the required date.
He was looking up at the stars to check his bearings when he heard a sound
coming from the hatchway. He looked over to see Caroline emerge. She was
wearing a tiny little tee shirt that barely covered her sexy buns. She walked
over to him and sat on the benchseat to Captain Ron's left. She looked up and
said, "What a beautiful night. I just couldn't sleep. Is it all right if I
sit up with you for a while?"

"Of course it is honey," he told her. "The long nights out here get me really
horny and a beautiful girl is just what I need."

"Oh Captain Ron ... do you really think that I'm beautiful," she gushed.

"See for yourself," he said as he opened his pants, hauled out his 12-inch
cock and started stroking it. "You get me so hot I have to relieve myself
before I bust."

Caroline gasped. Not that Captain Ron took out his dick and was lewdly
jerking it in front of her. She gasped at the size of his dick. It was
the biggest she had ever seen. And she had seen quite a few of her many
boyfriends' cocks.

As he started to jerk himself, he looked over at his Boss's young daughter.
Up and down his gaze went and each time he kept stopping at her panty covered
crotch. "Honey, I could do this easier if you took those off and helped out a
little," the lecherous sailor said, pointing to her clothes.

"Are you sure this is all right," Caroline said as she slid her tee-shirt
and tight panties off and let herself be position on her knees on the deck
between Captain Ron's widely spread legs. She took his massive dick into her
small hands, wrapped both her hands around his massive cock and pumped it up
and down, as she marveled at it's size. She jerked him hard, pumping up and
down on the huge shaft.

Captain Ron was in heaven. He looked down at this beautiful little girl
jerking his cock, smiling up at him with her big doe like eyes, and he was
the horniest he'd been in a long, long time. As he let her masturbate him,
he started staring hungrily at her young, firm, bouncing breasts. He reached
down and pulled her up to him saying, "Use your tits on me sweetie."

She leaned in and put his cock between her breasts and squeezed them closed
with her hands. Then she started moving her body up and down, stroking his
dick with her tits. "How's that?" she asked.

"That's really good honey," he told her as he watched her hot, velvety
smooth tits, crushed together around his thick dick. What really turned him
on though was the way she was smiling right into his face. She was really
enjoying what she was doing. Then he looked at her smile and her thick pouty
lips. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her down. Caroline
knew what he wanted and she lowered her mouth onto his long thick cock,
taking half on her first try.

Caroline was very proud of her cock sucking ability. One of her girlfriends
had explained it to her and she loved to go down on her many boyfriends. Now,
even though Captain Ron's cock was more than twice the size of any she'd ever
sucked before, she was determined to show him how good she was at it. She
started sucking hard and bobbing her head, while vigorously using her tongue.

He loved it as he watched Caroline lower her head, open her lips around his
erection and take half of it into her throat. Her tongue was swirling around
his cock, whipping back and forth as she sucked up and down. "That's really
good honey," he told her. The squeezing of his cockhead by her tight young
throat was fantastic. But he wanted more.

He reached his hand to Caroline's head, and patted her. She smiled with her
eyes, thinking he was letting her know that she was doing a good job. But
he surprised her by grabbing a handful of her hair and, on her next down
movement pushed his dick deeper into her throat. Her eyes widened a bit, but
he kept his hand locked onto a handful of Caroline's hair, pumping her head,
up and down on his long thick cock. He started pushing her head down much
harder on her down movements, determined to get all of his cock into
Caroline's young throat.

Captain Ron could see a worried look in the teenager's eyes, and it turned
him on even more. He grabbed her hair tighter and on the next down movement,
he slammed her head down and thrust his hips up. Her nose buried into his
curly pubic hair and he knew that his entire cock was now in his Boss's
daughter's mouth and throat.

He knew he wouldn't last long now. He hadn't had a woman in a week or so and
he needed to cum badly. Her throat enveloped his cock and he saw total panic
in Caroline's eyes, and that did it. He started to cum and his first cannon
shot was straight down her throat. The pulse of his cock in the tight
surroundings of Caroline's throat made him continue do shoot down her gullet
again and then he pulled back to allow her to breathe and the last spurts
filled her mouth. She gulped and swallowed every drop, remembering what her
girlfriend had told her. "Good girls always swallow."

Caroline was surprised that his cock stayed rock hard. Her boyfriends always
went limp as soon as they came. Captain Ron grabbed her by the upper arms,
stood her up, and pulled her face to face onto his lap. Her knees bent, and
slid in on each side of his legs. Her teenaged body moved closer to him. Her
young pussy slid closer to his cock. He took hold of that thin, tight waist,
and raised her up.

He fit his huge erection into her juicy slit, and began to lower her. He
continued until the head of his cock was nudged between her tight lips. She
raised slightly, then slid down his enormous pole again and again as she
worked his big cock in. After several bounces she'd taken him in deeply but
hadn't fit it all in yet. She'd never felt such a long, thick cock inside
of her before and something inside of her clicked. His massive cock pushed
her to the limits and she was now ready to get down to some serious fucking
with a real man.

She bounced up and down as his big rod slid in and out of her tautly
stretched little cunt. Caroline whimpered softly as he finally slammed her
down on his dick all the way. "AAAHHHHHHHH! Captain Ron!!!" she moaned. His
cock was six inches deeper than anyone had ever been before. And he was so
much thicker. It stretched her wider than she'd ever felt before.

Caroline was leaning backward, moaning softly. Her heavy breathing causing
her breasts to move up and down rhymically. Captain Ron looked lustfully at
those beautiful teenaged tits rising and falling. He loved tits. He pulled
her to him and buried his head between them. He took her right nipple in his
mouth and started sucking. Then he moved over to her left tit for a similar
feast. As he suckled on her delicious boobs his hands slid from her waist
down to grab her firm young ass cheeks, taking a handful of flesh in each
big hand.

Caroline started moving up and down. Fucking herself on Captain Ron's big
cock. He loved it when she started moving on her own. But then he saw a look
of total passion on her face and that cute little smile. He could tell that
she liked it rough and he started pumping her hard. He was giving her his
full length with every up thrust he gave her as she rode his long thick cock
in a glorious lapdance.

She was riding him now like she had done this her whole life. Her cunt felt
so sweet to him as it gripped his big cock tightly and started to really
adjust to his enormous size. She was moaning real loud as he grabbed her
head by a huge clump of hair, and pulled her mouth to his. He jammed his
tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like it was his cock again. She
was groaning loudly into his mouth when she came.

Caroline went nuts as her young body was overcome with a powerful orgasm.
She was screaming and clawing at Captain Ron like she was insane. As tight
as her pussy was to him before, it clenched onto him even tighter now and
his cock was flooded with the young girl's sweet femine juices. He wrapped
his arms tightly around her so she wouldn't slip off, pressing her breasts
into his chest. He pumped as hard as he could, giving himself and Caroline
as much pleasure as he could.

When her climax was finished, Caroline went limp in his arms. She was barely
conscious. He stood while still holding her up. He lifted her off of his
big dick and put her on knees with her arms and head over the back of the
benchseat. Her sexy little ass there before him to use as he wished.

He knelt behind her, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over the
heavenly globes in front of him, feeling their warmth. Then, with the other
hand, he separated them and placed his cock on the now exposed cum dripping
slit. Captain Ron locked his hands onto Caroline's flaring hips as he
prepared to bury himself again into his Boss's young daughter, but this
time she just gently mewed as he moved up close to her upraised buns.

He fit it in and buried a couple of inches, stretching her wider than she'd
ever been stretched before this glorious night. He toyed with her by holding
his thick cock just inside of her spasming pussy and watching her sweet ass
begin to wiggle and push back for more.

She couldn't help herself from wiggling; wanting more of his oversized
intruder buried deep inside of her. After a few minutes she arched her back
and let out a low moan as he finally rammed his big cock up into her in one
searing stroke, burying his 12 long thick inches to the hilt.

He began pumping vigorously in and out of the young blonde teenager, using
long powerful strokes that left just his big head inside of her, followed by
a forward thrust that buried his big cock to his heavy sperm filled balls.
He was fucking her so deep that his cock was ramming into and through her
cervix on ever stroke.

"This is nice, very nice! You've got a nice tight pussy honey!" Captain Ron
exclaimed as he powered it to her beneath the nighttime stars. Caroline was
in fuck heaven. He had her hips locked in his strong hands and was pounding
his huge monster cock in and out of her like it was totally natural for her
to be fucking her father's hired help. She was amazed at how big it felt
inside her. He was fucking her in virgin territory, much much deeper than
any of her boyfriends could ever hope to reach. She spread her legs wider,
put her head and shoulders down on the deck and let him use her to satisfy
his raging lust.

Captain Ron's normal instinct was to give his conquests the fucking of their
lives. Pounding them into submission with hard thrusts of his mighty cock,
but he reined himself in, knowing Caroline wasn't ready for it in this
position and would be still sore from the first fuck he'd thrown into her.
Her sweet little pussy was the tightest he'd ever fucked and each inch of his
cock felt like it was drilling into new territory.

Still, she was into it and fucking him back. He kept his thrusts slow and
steady. It took her a long time to cum this time. When she did, it was a long
drawn out one. He could feel her shiver beneath him as her orgasm washed
through her. He reached up under Caroline and mauled her jiggling tits as he
fucked her under the stars.

His slow, steady strokes made him last a long time, turning this into the
longest fuck of his life. It lasted well over an hour and Caroline had
several additional orgasms as she worked her glove tight pussy over his
massive cock. He lost control a little as his orgasm approached, grasping
her flaring hips and thrusting his cock into her hard.

With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her on held it buried
to the hilt in her tautly stretched little quim. His muscular body tensed as
his testicles exploded. He pulled her against him as hard as he could as his
tremendous cock emptied inside of her spasming pussy. Her hips bucked against
him as she came longer and more intensely this time. He held his cock buried
in her, plugging her sperm-filled womb until every drop had pumped out of his
big cock.

Caroline moaned softly as he finally pulled out of her with an audible plop
after several minutes of recovery time. They collapsed and Captain Ron rolled
off of her ravaged young body. They laid side by side kissing and fondling
each other for a while. She was still sweating and her cunt was dripping his
freshly deposited cum as he helped her back into her clothes and gave her a
slap on the ass. He told her to go back to her own bed before her parents
woke up and caught them.


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