Captain Ron: The Director's Cut Part 2 (M+/Ff,ncon)
by Wilcox

By mid morning the next day, land came in sight over the western horizon. As
they came closer, they saw that the land was barren and swampy. Captain Ron
surmised that they must have drifted too far south while he was banging
Catherine. He changed his heading due north. Caroline was lying out on the
deck sunning herself in a white bikini. It was not a thong or a string
bikini, but it was still very flimsy and it showed a lot of her hot, firm,
young body.

Kate was looking pretty good too. Her daughter envied her and hoped that her
boobs would develop and get as big as her mother's as she got older. She had
a great tan as well and it complimented her voluptuous body nicely. She wore
a string bikini with a fiery red and yellow swirl design. Her big boobs were
overflowing her bikini top.

Martin seemed to be a bit uptight as they paraded around the deck in their
skimpy bikinis in front of Captain Ron. He would say, as he'd said all during
the trip, "Look at you two running around here nearly naked!"

"Oh Daddy." Caroline purred, "You are so old fashioned, this is mild compared
to what all the other girls are wearing these days. Besides, doesn't Mommy
look beautiful?"

"But you aren't all the other girls," Martin whined. "You are my daughter and
wife for crying out loud and we've got a man with us who's practically a
perfect stranger!"

"Well look at you there." Kate said, "You're making a spectacle of yourself
in those little Speedo's you've got on Martin." He had on a pair of navy blue
Speedos and a tank top. The two women laughed as Martin scoffed and stormed
off below deck to make a sandwich.

Caroline smiled to herself as she thought of her father's comment about
Captain Ron being a perfect stranger. If he'd come up on deck last night he'd
have seen for himself that he was only half-right. Captain Ron was perfect,
but he was no stranger. Not after fucking her brains out all night long under
the stars on the benchseat in the cockpit.

Around noon, Captain Ron noticed a boat to their starboard side. He pointed
it out to the Harvey's and his face showed some concern. It was about 10
miles out and it was drawing closer at a quick pace. It had a powerful motor,
but the boat slowed as it came within three miles out. The boat just paced
them for a while, maintaining its slower pace. Men were watching them with

Initially Captain Ron thought it was a group of horny guys engaging in a
little voyeurism, checking out the hot looking women on his boat. But then
Captain Ron feared that it might be pirates. They were plentiful in these
waters and many a boat and crew was on the ocean floor because of them.

"Kate, why don't you and Caroline go below and put on some clothes," Captain
Ron said to Kate. He wanted them to go below and get out of sight. Kate told
him to relax and said that he was just overreacting. They remained on deck
sunning themselves. Captain Ron and Martin kept a wary eye on the strange
boat in the distance. Captain Ron looked worried. He knew that the sailing
yacht was not as fast as the boat closing in on them.

After pacing them for a half-hour, the boat raced for them at a leading angle
as if it were going to cut them off. "I knew it," Captain Ron said. He got up
and told Martin to take control. "Stall them as long as you can," he said as
he slipped down the hatchway to the galley. He ran to the radio and
desperately put out a distress call. He gave they're position and stated that
they were a family on a private yacht that was being boarded by pirates. He
watched out the porthole as the boat circled them twice and then came up
behind them. It slowed and pulled along side of the Harvey's boat.

"Alto! Stop your boat Senior" A young handsome Latino man in his 30s ordered.
There were six other men on the boat. They were not in uniform, but they
carried machine guns and rifles. They looked ominous and definitely

"What do you want?" Martin asked him.

"Stop your boat now and drop your anchor!" The man shouted impatiently.

"But you see..." Martin was cut off by a deafening burst of machine gun
fire that was directed over the bow. Captain Ron knew that these men meant
business and there was no room negotiation or explanation. He came up and
told the women to get over to Martin. He then brought down the sail and
dropped anchor as the men boarded the boat.

The men corralled all of them on the deck at the stern of the boat. Two men
grabbed Captain Ron and Martin by the arms and flung them around. They
handcuffed their hands behind them, then tied Ben and threw him down onto
the deck beside his father. "Hey! What's all this for?" Martin demanded. But
he was met with a slap to the back of his head and a jab in stomach with the
butt of a rifle. He doubled over and struggled for a breath of air.

"Callate cabron!" The man in his 30's shouted for Martin to shut up. The man
was tall, dark, and lean. He had short black curly hair and wore black pants
and a red silk shirt that was open at the chest. He was adorned with
multiple gold necklaces and rings and looked like a man of wealth and power.
He was definitely the leader of this motley mob of seafaring thugs.

Then two men grabbed Kate and tied her wrists together behind her back.

"Please, you're hurting me." Kate cried, "You're making it too tight."

"Silencio!" Another man shouted. He pushed Kate down onto the cockpit bench
seat. Her big breasts heaved outward as she sat helpless with her arms behind
her and a look of fear grew on her pretty face.

Another two men grabbed Caroline roughly by her upper arms and pulled them
behind her back. They tied her wrists behind her back as they had her mother
and plopped her into the leather cushioned bench seat next to Kate.

Captain Ron looked around at the men and knew the danger. He whispered to
Martin, "I got off a distress call. Just go along with these guys so that
help has time to arrive. They're planning to kill us all, so we have to do
whatever we can to prolong they're stay. Don't question anything they do.
Act like your afraid. Your wife and daughter will have to buy us the time
we need."

Martin stared at him in shock as the implications of what he'd said sank
into his brain. The reality of the situation became crystal clear. They
were all going to die. Unless the men delayed the inevitable for long
enough for help to arrive as they enjoyed the pleasures of ravaging his
wife and daughter.

Most were shabbily dress and dirty. They were very dark and spoke rapidly
underneath black and blue bandanas that covered the lower parts of their
faces. The leader wore no bandana. He made no effort to hide his face. He
didn't seem to care if they recognized him.

"This is your boat," he asked Martin as Captain Ron acted as though he were
in total fear and was instantly dismissed as a frighten crewman. He got a
nod in response and interrogated Martin as two of his goons stood on each
side of him as he was seated on the deck. Two men stood by Kate and Caroline
while the other two searched and ransacked the interior of the boat.

"Where are you hiding the money?" The leader demanded of Martin. His English
was good, but his accent was very thick. Not getting an answer, the leader
whispered something in Spanish to one of his goons. The big goon reached
down and grabbed Martin's testicles and yanked him up off the floor. Martin
hollered and yelped like a wounded puppy.

"Let us try once more," said the leader.

"I don't know what you mean!" Martin said between clenched teeth. The goon
still had a grip on his testicles. He twisted them and Martin yelped some

The leader spat, "You are a liar."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Martin tried to explain, but got
more squeezing and twisting.

"Please don't hurt him!" Caroline screamed at the top of her lungs. Everyone
turned and looked over at her, except for the goon grabbing Martin's balls.
He was grinning at him, enjoying the pain and discomfort he was causing him.

Just then, one of the men came up the hatchway. He was holding a wad of cash.
It was about $5,000. The man handed it to the leader.

"What is this senior?" The leader asked with a sinister undertone.

"That's our vacation money. Take it. Take what you want, just leave us
alone," Martin tried in vain to explain and beg. The leader was not impressed
with his groveling.

"Silencio!" You pathetic little worm. Do you think I am stupid?" he spat out.

"No! No! I don't think that," Martin pleaded. "I tell you this is all a

"I tell you what I am going to do," the leader smiled at him. "I am going to
take your money. I am going to take your valuables. And I am going to take
your fine boat here. But first, I am going to take your women."

"No! Please don't do that," Martin begged.

"Oh, we will punish you. You get to watch your pretty wife and daughter get
raped. You see, we are what you call pirates senior and we thrive on rape
and plunder. There is nothing you can do about it," The leader chuckled in
Daddy's defeated face.

"No!" Martin pled.

"I am tired of hearing your whining. You are like a woman," The leader
teased. He gave the word to his anxious men to allow them free will with
the two Americano women. The men whooped and cheered as they hoisted their
weapons towards the sky.

Two men went to Kate and pulled her down on to the deck in front of her
husband and young son. They cut the rope binding her hands behind her. They
re-tied her hands in front of her body and raised them above her head where
they secured them to the boom. They stripped off her top and watched her big
breasts jiggle as she tried to escape. They pawed her and molested her as
she screamed and squirmed, but no one but her family could hear her cries.
The men rubbed her mound of pussy flesh over her brightly colored bikini

She tried kicking at the men, but they forced her thighs open and pinned her
legs to the deck. One man pulled out a long knife and cut the yellow strings
that held her bikini bottoms together. The other man stripped away her
bottoms from under her and plunged his hand into her exposed vagina. He
vigorously rubbed her labia. He jammed two fingers into her vagina and with
the thumb of the same hand he rubbed her clitoris. The other man concentrated
on her big breasts. He massaged them and batted them around like a pair of
beach balls.

She struggled for about two minutes, then gave up the fight. It was useless
to resist. Captain Ron watched in silence knowing that they would be lucky
to get out of this alive. They're only hope was for the men to take enough
time molesting the women to allow for help to arrive.

The four remaining men got a hold of Caroline. They each grabbed one of her
limbs and laid her down on a canvass tarp that they threw on the upper deck
above the cabins. There was nothing she could do to stop them. She couldn't
make them listen to reason or beg because they didn't speak English and they
could care less even if they did understand her. They were too many. Caroline
had no choice but to surrender, totally.

The men easily stripped her of her skimpy bikini top. Her wrists and arms
hurt as they were caught between her lower back and the tarp. The men began
pawing at her naked body with their dirty probing hands. They rubbed her
breasts, belly, legs, and her precious mound. She squirmed as one man groped
her tender pussy. Another man began flicking his finger at her clit. Caroline
was starting to freak out, but the sensation was strangely affecting her

She soon found herself getting aroused by all these brutes manhandling her
soft supple body. The sun felt warm as it beat down on her nude form. The
man who was finger fucking her dropped his pants and was about to stick his
stiff member into her snatch when suddenly, the leader spoke out.

"Wait, the little one is mine." All the men stopped what they were doing and
backed away from her. The leader dropped his tight black pants and black
bikini briefs. He pulled and tugged on his penis. His cock was uncut and
large. It sprung to life at about 8 inches. She put her head down, shut her
eyes, and braced for penetration. The leader grabbed her lower calf muscles
and lifted her legs up and open.

He pushed his cock into her sweet little gash and rammed it in to the hilt.
Caroline screamed bloody murder as he did this. She felt the fullness of his
cock deep in her pussy. He wasn't anywhere near as big as Captain Ron and
she secretly rejoiced that her midnight encounter with him last night had
prepared her for this vile ravagement. Soon, as she instinctively became wet
and lubricated, the pain gave away to sheer pleasure and delight.

The handsome leader first used deep, slow, hard thrusts. Then he eased up and
used shallow upward strokes. The tip of his uncut member caught the ridges of
Caroline's G-Spot. This drove her wild and he sensed it. She was bucking off
the tarp, her hips meeting his. She arched her back and tensed up just before
she came and let out a huge passionate moan as her climaxed washed over her.
The leader increased his pace and drove it home. He clenched his teeth and
contracted his facial muscles as he came in the young girl's pussy.

The leader pulled out of Caroline and stepped back away from her. She looked
over at her mother and saw that one of the two men with her was mounted on
her in the missionary position. He was fucking her at a fast and furious pace
only a few feet in front of the tied up men. Her father and brother were
watching her wide-eyed as she screamed and begged. Then Caroline made out her
mother's voice and realized that she was not begging him to stop, she was
begging him for MORE!

She couldn't believe her eyes! She then looked over at her father and brother
saw them both bawling like babies. It must have been blow to her father's
manly ego, she thought. Seeing his daughter and wife both raped before his
eyes and being powerless to do anything about it. Then she noticed that
Captain Ron kept glancing over his shoulder at the open sea as the lurid
scene played out before him.

When the leader stepped away, that gave the others the signal to do what they
wanted with Caroline. The man who was originally going to fuck her first took
a position between her legs and stabbed her cum drenched pussy with his meaty
dagger. He was circumcised and very pointed at the tip. He was smaller in
length than the leader, but he was equally as thick. He climbed on top of
Caroline in the missionary position and pressed his body close to hers. He
fucked her hard and fast.

He was an older man, perhaps in his 40s and he was no where as gifted at
fucking as the younger and more virile leader. Caroline looked over at her
mother and saw that the other man was now doing her doggie style. She found
it strangely erotic as she witnessed he mother being done from behind as she
was getting it from the front. The whole scene was very raw and animalistic.
The second man came inside her with little fanfare. Caroline was so wet,
that she barely felt his jizz spurt inside her. He pulled out and made way
for the next man.

The next man was a dark man with short kinky hair. He must have been about
28 to 30 years old. He whipped out a huge black 9-inch cock and plunged it
into her wet pussy. He filled her entire insides. He was quick and came
within a minute. The other men laughed at his short staying ability as he
pulled out and slapped her pussy with his rubbery dick a few times.

Her forth rapist was a younger, skinny man. He looked to be about 20 years
old. He had long black hair and a goatee. He dropped his shorts and pulled
out a long skinny dick. He looked like he had a tubular ruler down there
extending a good 10 inches. Caroline never saw such a thing in her life,
even in dirty magazines. He was a freak!

He lifted her off the tarp, flipped her around and shoved her forward. He
pushed her chest into the mat like tarp and lifted her ass up. He mounted
Caroline from behind and slipped his thin long pole into her. She was so
wet and he was so thin that it slid in easily as far as he could. He began
working his way in and out of her tight thoroughly ravaged vagina. His
pubic bone pounding into her ass, splitting her butt cheeks apart.

She could feel the cum from the other men leaking out of her pussy and
dripping down her sweaty thighs. His big cock impaled her and she was
beginning to feel like a skewered shish kabob. Like the leader, he also
found a sensitive spot inside her and Caroline became extremely aroused.
He was actually accommodating her and responded to her body language and
lustful moans. She was exploding out of her shell of innocence and erupted
into a primal and carnal female animal.

Captain Ron had primed her and she now let out a long high-pitched squeal
as the man made her cum convulsively. She couldn't catch her breath as he
continued to fuck her at an incredible speed. He was young and he had more
endurance than the other three men before him. Caroline rolled her face
and head into the mat as he went on. After 3 more minutes, he shot globs
of thick gooey cum into her pussy.

Caroline tried to regain some composure and catch her breath. She looked over
at her mother, who was now getting fucked by the leader. His cock was buried
deep up her ass and he was grinding her into the deck. She was whimpering,
writhing her buttocks erotically against his crotch. His hands were squeezing
her breasts as he sodomized Kate slowly, deeply and thoroughly right in front
of her husband and son.

He then lifted up, pulling Kate's hips up with him. Caroline watched her
mother rocking to and fro before him like a bitch in deep rut, whimpering
loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame the man's passion. Her body
rocked and jerked under his heavy thrusts, her big breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her tiny anus
up and down the length of his cock.

She looked over at her father, who still had tears in his eyes, but he was
no longer bawling. He was staring intently at his wife getting it up the
ass from the leader of this band of nasty pirates and obviously loving it.

The third younger man pulled out of her then. Caroline felt like she was
about to deflate when he did. Her insides settled back to their original
position. Another pirate moved in for his turn. He left her in the position
that she was in and came up behind her. He was in his late 30s. He was
disheveled, grimy, very heavy set and looked like a bum. He dropped his
baggy pants and whipped out a short fat cock that looked dark and dirty. He
was very hairy, smelly, and disgusting.

Caroline dreaded the thought of his vile cock inside her. He pressed his fat
cock against her ass and before she could protest, he shoved it deep into
her anal cavity. Caroline screamed and trembled with the intense shock to
her body. She'd never considered that she would be taken like this. The whole
thing was strange enough, but this was the most foreign and unconceivable
thing to have ever happened to her.

Caroline never even considered anal sex as an option. She couldn't see the
sexual pleasure or gratification in it as a woman. But how wrong she was to
think that. Once the fat smelly bastard got going, he made her feel things
she'd never felt before. She was getting extremely horny once she calmed
down and allowed her sphincter muscles to relax. The inward motion was
heavenly, but she got apprehensive when he moved outward, as she feared her
bowels would let go. Caroline soon felt tingling and twinges in her pussy as
her ass was being stuffed and pumped. She couldn't believe she was getting
off on this and wondered what Captain Ron's massive horsecock would feel
like up her ass!

Just then the two men who had just finished with Kate came around to the
front of her. One man cut the ropes off her wrists and the other pulled her
head up by the hair. The man who held her by the hair shoved his cock in her
face. He was uncut like the leader and his cock was about 7 inches long. The
other man, who was cut, was about the same length. He stroked his cock while
the other man fucked her mouth.

The man pulled Caroline's face into his pubic region and his hair smelled
musty. His pubic hair felt wet on her nose and she could smell her mother's
odor on him. His cock had certain sweetness to it. Then it sunk in that she
was now tasting her mother's juices on his shaft. He pushed his meat way
down her mouth and throat, making her gag at the suddenness of his deep

Caroline was still getting it up the ass from the dirty fat goon as the man
pulled his penis out of her mouth and the other guy replaced his erect
member with it. He had her mother's taste on his pecker as well. Her mom's
juices and her own saliva oozed out from the corners of her mouth. Caroline
alternated sucking both of their cocks for a few minutes as her ass was
being pounded.

Then they shoved both of their cocks in her mouth at the same time. She was
on all fours with one dick in her ass and two stuffed in her mouth. They
were truly getting off on sticking their dirty cocks in all the openings of
her young violated body. She liked the taste and consistency of the slippery
wet cocks in her mouth. Drool streamed down her chin and throat and she had
the kinky desire to have them both unload on her at the same time.

One shot his wad into her mouth as the other spurted all over Caroline's
face. The guy, who came on her face, took the head of his cock and rubbed
his cum all over her skin. Then he made her taste his cum smeared cock head.
Their cum was so warm and it had a sweet smell and a salty taste that she
loved as she swirled her tongue around to lap up as much as she could.

The man behind her pulled out of her quivering anus and came all over her
ass cheeks. His spunk was ample and steamy as he smeared it all over her
firm little buns with his fat little cock. The two men that just ravaged her
mouth now wanted some of her tight young pussy. They wanted to compare her
with her mother. The four men that had just finished with Caroline, now
switched their desires and attentions to Kate and proceeded to gang bang

The two men fucked Caroline in every position imaginable. They were
definitely the most horny and inventive of the group. She was bent and
twisted into so many directions and shapes that she felt like a wet noodle.
The seed of five men saturated and dripped out of her ravaged pussy making
her thighs very wet and sticky.

Kate got her fill too. Some of the original guys that had Caroline came back
and fucked her some more. The other two each took another crack at Kate. In
all, Caroline was fucked at least 12 times in a four-hour long marathon
session. Kate endured the same punishment and/or pleasure as her teenaged

Captain Ron thought that these guys must have been at sea much too long and
it was just what they needed to get out of this alive. The two women were
utterly exhausted and dehydrated. Their used and abused pussys and assholes
were sore and swollen by the time the men had fully satisfied their lust.


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