Captain Ron: The Director's Cut Part 3 (M/F,MM/F)
by Wilcox

It was almost sun down when the Coast Guard cutter appeared in the southwest.
The leader barked several orders to his men and they scurried about like
wharf rats as they grabbed what they could and leaped back to they're vessel.
The leader got his boat started and they sped off to the east. Darkness would
aid their escape.

Katherine untied the men's hands and the family all huddled together and held
onto each other, crying like babies as they thanked God that their lives were
spared. Caroline felt comforted and secure as she lay between her mother and
father, her young brother in her arms. They stayed like that until the Coast
Guard cutter pulled up along side.

They were brought to shore in Kingston and interviewed by the authorities.
They were told that they were the victims of Hector Gonzales, a modern day
pirate and drug runner from Colombia. He and his band of seafaring thugs had
been terrorizing the Gulf and Caribbean for several years. He was brutal and
vicious. They were told that they were very lucky to be alive. It was only
Captain Ron's quick thinking and distress call that had saved them. They were
taken to a hospital and checked out. The next morning FBI and DEA agents
interviewed them and they had to give graphic details of their terrifying

They where constantly told how lucky they were to have survived their
encounter. They were the first family that had lived to tell the tale of
running afoul of Hector Gonzales and his band of cutthroats. Martin and
Katherine talked it over and decided that the kids should fly home and
that they, along with Captain Ron, would finish the trek to Miami.

Martin told Captain Ron that he was so terrified at the sight of the pirates
that he couldn't think straight. He was sure his family would all be dead if
it weren't for Captain Ron keeping his head and making the distress call.
Katherine gave him a big hug and told him that she was very grateful and that
they would find a way to repay him. "I'm sure that there's something I can
do to show you my appreciation for saving our lives," she told him.

"I'm sure that you can," he replied as Martin turned to sign some papers and
failed to see Captain Ron's hand, moving down and squeezing the cheeks of his
lovely wife's firm little ass.

They set sail as soon as Katherine returned from delivering the kids to
plane for the trip back home. After a day's sail to get the memory of their
encounter with the pirates behind them Captain Ron found a cove to anchor in
for the night. Katherine prepared a light dinner and during dinner, Captain
Ron told them one tale after another -- from war stories about the fights
he'd been in, to drinking contests and even his sexual conquests as he looked
deeply into Katherine's dreamy eyes.

He could tell a good story and the very grateful Katherine was hanging on his
every word as the horrible experience with the pirates faded from her. She'd
been very troubled that she'd responded the way that she had, especially in
front of her husband and son. She couldn't believe that a latent submissive
side to her nature had emerged and took over her mind and body. That she'd
actually got off on being taken so forcefully be the gang of lusty pirates
and had experienced orgasms more intense than she'd ever felt before in her

Even now she found herself glancing down at Captain Ron's very impressive
bulge as her formerly exclusive pussy became all warm and squishy at the
thought of lying beneath his hot muscular body as he pounded her brains out
with his obviously huge cock.

After dinner they broke out a deck of cards to pass the time beneath a
gorgeous full moon. They also started drinking rather heavily and got pretty
smashed as they tried to forget their lurid adventure with the pirates.

With the drinks and the fact that they'd made it through the outrageous
encounter in one piece, Katherine finally began to relax and enjoy the
evening, and (as usual, after a few drinks) she became quite tipsy.

Around about 10 o'clock, Captain Ron asked Martin and Katherine if they ever
went skinny-dipping. He could tell from the look and smile Katherine and
Martin shared that they had. He grabbed the deck of cards and said, "I
thought so. Well, we're all family here now, right. Let's play a few hands
of `strip blackjack' and then we'll go swimming."

Martin started to decline, when Katherine interrupted him, "What the hell,
Martin, he's right, we are all family now that he's saved our lives. Besides
Captain Ron has already seen me naked, so why not. The kids aren't here,
let's live a little and get back to our vacation."

She was right, of course, and her husband couldn't think of a way to get out
of it. Captain Ron was the dealer and he lost the first hand. He was wearing
only his swimtrunks and he stood up and lowered them off his hips. Along
with all of his other physical attributes, he had the largest, thickest cock
they'd ever seen, hanging semi-rigid between his legs, it was easily twice
the size of Martin's and much bigger than any of the pirates had been. Martin
glanced over at his wife and saw her wide-eyed, giving it a very close
inspection as she unconsciously licked her lips.

Captain Ron started to deal, and Martin asked him what he was betting since
he was already naked. He smiled at Martin and said, "Don't worry about it,

Captain Ron won the next hand and the drunken married couple shed their
shirts. Captain Ron and Martin tied on the next hand, but Katherine went bust
and removed her bikini top. Captain Ron kept his eyes on her big jiggling
boobs as he dealt the next hand. The men tied once more and Katherine lost

"Kate, Kate, Kate. Time to pay the piper, sweetcheeks." Captain Ron grinned
from ear to ear as Katherine stood next to him and slowly removed her bikini
bottom, making a little strip-tease out of it.

Captain Ron's eyes drank in her lucious naked body as she wiggled and jiggled
in time to the rhythmic calypso music coming from the radio, from her big
full perfectly formed tits, down over her tiny waist and flat tummy, her sexy
flaring hips and gorgeous, firm, high riding little buns, her blonde little
muff and long sexy legs.

"You've got a fabulous body, Kate," Captain Ron said reaching out and sliding
his big hands all over her magnificent body as her drunken husband stared at
them as though he were in a trance. "Your incredible tits are magnificent,"
he said as he lifted and fondled her gravity defying breasts. "You give new
meaning to going `bust," he said as he tweaked and rolled her spiky nipples
with his fingers. Captain Ron lifted his eyes from Katherine's full breasts
to stare into her baby blue eyes and smiled wickedly.

Katherine smiled back, totally relaxed with her nudity and his strong hands
caressing her. Her eyes were locked on his long thick horsecock as it
twitched and extended to become a massive erection close to a foot long as
he felt her up.

Martin finally snapped out of his trance and tried to break the mood as he
staggered to his feet, "Well, I guess the game's over. Let's go swimming."

Captain Ron grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him back down into his chair.
"You know, you guys were asking me how you could ever repay me for saving
your family's lives. Well Boss, what say you and me go mano-a-mano for one
hand? Winner take all?"

"What are we betting, Captain Ron?" Martin slurred.

He smiled at the naked Kate and then looked at her husband, "Well, the loser
gets to stay up here for the night."

"And the winner?"

"Don't be dense, Boss," he leered. "The winner gets Kate."

Martin tried to get up, "Don't be ridiculous. This has gone far enough. You
can't intimidate me into a crazy bet like that."

In an instant, Captain Ron grabbed Martin's wrist and clipped his feet out
from under him. Martin fell forward, to the table, hitting it with his chin,
and was held there, in an iron grasp.

Katherine placed her hand on Captain Ron's muscular chest. "Please! Please
don't fight. Don't hurt Martin, Captain Ron."

"I don't want to be ignorant, Boss. Let's ask Kate if she's game." He turned
and looked at her standing there, naked and glowing in the moonlight. Still
holding his employer, he stood and slapped his huge semi-hard dick on the

"What do you say, Kate, Honey? You look like a good sport and you did say you
wanted to repay me. It'll be a good time for you, either way -- I guarantee
it. Your husband and I will play one more hand. If I win, I take you to bed.
What do you say Kate?"

Katherine giggled and hiccuped. She looked at her husband, then at Captain
Ron's huge cock, and back at her husband. She slowly nodded her head, looked
her husband in the eyes and said, "Martin, your daughter and I were raped by
pirates and we'd all be dead if it weren't for him. Is it to much to ask that
I reward him ... if he wins?"

"I'll take that as a yes. Good! I'll deal." Captain Ron dealt Martin two
cards and he went bust on the third. Captain Ron pulled Katherine to him and
nuzzled his face in between her big boobs. He mouthed them and sucked on her
nipples for a little while as he squeezed her firm little buns. Then he stood
and slid his arm around her waist. His big hand moved up her side and cupped
a full thrusting breast, lifting and squeezing it as he pulled her down the
hatchway to the master bedroom.

Over his shoulder, he glanced back at her shaken husband and said, "See you
in the morning, Boss, and don't worry about your sexy little wife here, she's
in good hands. Keep a good watch, and be a good boy while she's thanking me
for saving your lives, okay?"

Martin saw the master cabin lights go on up on the bow. He walked along the
side of the ship to the porthole and looked down into the room. He watched
as they walked into the room. He saw Captain Ron lift his wife Katherine by
her waist and toss her like a little stuffed animal onto her back on the big
bed. He watched Captain Ron spit onto his hand and rubbed his big cock for
lubrication as he leered down at Katherine's lush ripe body.

"Let's just get the first one out of the way, shall we, Kate?" He climbed
onto the bed and took hold of her ankles. Then he lifted Katherine's long
sexy legs, spread them wide open and hooked them up over his massive
shoulders so that her little blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally
exposed and vulnerable before him. He moved forward and placed his huge
dick against her, sliding his gigantic horsecock up and down the full
length of her wet, swollen slit.

God, Martin thought, she looked so good spread out on the bed like that.
Her big full tits were jiggling as she began to roll her flaring hips in a
definite 'come on and fuck me, big boy' motion as he watched her preparing
to fuck their family's savior.

Martin watched Captain Ron fit his wide cockhead into Katherine's glistening
slit and pushed himself inward. Her eyes popped wide open and a soft moan
escaped her lips as she took in half of his big dick. "Oh, Kate! You're so
wet, I could've saved my spit," Captain Ron told her. "You must get off on
all the macho stuff, huh? It sure feels good stretching your tight little
twat. You sure know how to show your gratitude."

Martin watched as Captain Ron leaned forward and lay over his wife Katherine,
pinning her knees back to her shoulders. He watched as his hips slammed down
and he drove his massive cock all the way to the hilt. He then watched in
total shock as her arms went to his neck as Captain Ron fucked her for all
he was worth. "I knew you'd like it rough, Kate honey," Martin heard Captain
Ron telling his wife. "I could see it in your eyes when those pirates were
taking you. You're the type that has all those sweaty construction workers
fantasies. You like the big, strong man taking you, don't you?"

And he was right, much to her husband disbelieve. Martin could clearly see
that Katherine was pumping and rolling her hips hard up into Captain Ron's.
Her breathing was in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all
of her strength.

Martin had seen enough. He walked back to the cockpit and sat there listening
to the sounds of his wife getting fucked by my their savior accompanied by
the gentle slap of the waves against the hull and the rolling motion of the
boat at anchor. Martin couldn't quite decide how he felt about the whole
thing -- angry, jealous, but also very scared.

After a while he could tell by the grunts and moans that Captain Ron was
cumming and Katherine was enjoying her second orgasm. Hoping that it was
over, he stepped back to the porthole.

Below him, Captain Ron rolled off his wife Katherine and grabbed her by the
hair, "Lick me clean, honey. Suck all that slime off my cock." Shocked,
Martin watched his wife position herself over Captain Ron's still-hard cock
and lower her mouth around it, licking and slurping the goo between her

He couldn't believe it, there was his sweet innocent wife, her curly blonde
hair, all hot and sexy looking, framing her beautiful face, as she slid her
wide stretched, full pouty lips, up and down Captain Ron's massive shaft!

For their entire marriage, oral sex after he'd had an orgasm inside her was
out of the question for Kate -- he always got up and washed himself. Now,
Katherine was slurping up Captain Ron's cum like it was too precious to
waste! Captain Ron held Katherine's hair in his hand, pulling her head up
and down on his erection. "Yeah, that's good. Keep that up, just like that,
you hot little slut."

Katherine's head was bobbing as she sucked Captain Ron in and out of her
mouth. She was moaning with pleasure, her ass rotating in the air. Captain
Ron took his other hand and inserted three fingers between her legs and into
her cum filled cunt. His fingers were glistening with lubrication when he
pulled them out and roughly shoved one, and then two, and, finally, the third
finger into Katherine's tiny anus.

"Oh, you're good! Keep that up, now. Oh, yeah. Now, listen, you little slut,
I'm getting ready to cum and I want you to swallow every drop of it. Do you
understand?" he told her.

Without removing his flesh from her sucking mouth, Katherine looked up at
Captain Ron and quickly nodded. Within seconds, Captain Ron began to hump
his hips off the bed, pushing his meat even deeper into Martin's wife's
hungry mouth, burying it all the way down her throat to his short hairs.
He was cumming, again, and Martin could see Katherine's throat working as
she swallowed his cum.

A drop escaped her lips and ran down her chin, dropping from there to her
swaying breast. When Captain Ron was done ejaculating, Katherine knelt,
caught the errant drop on her finger and sucked her finger clean.

Captain Ron gave her bare ass a resounding slap, leaving a red handprint.
"You are a hot piece of ass, Kate, no denying that. But don't be getting too
comfortable, I've only just started." ... And he had. Martin dozedfitfully in
the cockpit. Throughout the night, he was awakened by the sounds of Captain
Ron's and Katherine's uninhibited sex. He may have missed a time or two, but
by his calculations, Captain Ron fucked his wife four times and demanded and
received at least two blowjobs. He was insatiable -- never getting totally
soft, always staying at least semi-rigid. They didn't get much sleep, either.

Finally, at daylight, Martin woke and walked up front to the porthole, only
to hear more moans and groans as he approached. He peeked down into the
master bedroom to see them both on his king-sized bed. Katherine, his
beautiful, innocent wife, the mother of his children, was on all fours in
the middle of their bed with Captain Ron up close behind her.

Her head and shoulders down on the bed and her ass held high with Captain
Ron's hands locked on her flaring hips. She was wiggling and moaning pushing
herself back to him as Captain Ron pounded his massive morning erection in
and out of her tight little asshole!

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Captain Ron
gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he
sodomized Katherine slowly, deeply and thoroughly. Martin could see his big
cock grinding in and out of her wide stretched anus, glistening and gleaming
with their juices.

Katherine moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro before him like a bitch
in deep rut. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts
jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her
anus up and down the length of his cock.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeah c'mon take it take it Kate take it!"
he gasped, his chest heaving.

"Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, baby ... fuck me!
Fuck my ass, stud ... fuck my ass ... give it to me lover ... fuck my ass ...
c'mon, fuck it hard, you big dicked stud! Fuck me!"

Martin watched in shock, then when he realized he couldn't stop Captain Ron
from doing whatever he wanted, He walked back to the stern and went down into
into the galley. He heard the shower go on about a half-hour later.

In a little while, Captain Ron appeared and sat at the table. "Morning, Boss.
You don't look like you slept too well. I slept like a baby, after I fucked
the shit out of your hot assed little wife. Man is she a great fuck, or what.
She really knows how to work that tight little cunt of hers to pop a guy's

"You're a real bastard, Captain Ron," Martin said. "That's my wife you did
that to!"

"I didn't do a single thing to your little lady she didn't want me to do,
Boss. And she seemed to like it, too. She's got a hot and ready little pussy,
and likes to use it. You didn't hear her yelling for help, did you?" he asked

Martin managed a "no" between his clenched teeth.

"No, she didn't," Captain Ron told him. "Look, she just wanted to have a
little excitement to forget the shit that happen with those pirates. Don't
make a big deal out of it, okay? Alright Boss?"

Martin nodded as Katherine walked into the galley, dressed in a tee shirt
and looked at Captain Ron as though they were just meeting, not acknowledging
that he'd been fucking her ass into her husband's bed all night long. She
looked down at the floor and not at Martin.

Captain Ron smiled. "Well, here's the party girl, now. Martin was wondering
if you had a good time, last night. I told him you did. You did, didn't you?"

Katherine nodded.

"Tell him, so he knows you're alright," Captain Ron commanded her. "Tell him
you had a good time, Kate. Tell him what you liked the best."

Katherine looked at her husband, then back to the floor. "I had a good time,
Martin. I enjoyed myself, last night," she said softly.

Captain Ron smiled, "See, Boss, everything's alright. Kate, just so your
husband can see that you WANTED to participate in the fun, last night, what
say you show him how you like to suck my wang?"

"No ... I can't do that," she told him. "Not here, in front of Martin. Not
this morning."

Captain Ron reached up and grabbed Katherine by the hair, pulling her face to
within inches of his. "Listen, you little cunt. You think back to last night
and then tell me you can't. You were the hottest, cock-greediest, little slut
I've fucked in a long time. Don't go playing Miss-Prim-and-Proper with me.
You know you're a dirty, little whore at heart." He grabbed Katherine by the
shoulders and forced her to her knees. "Unzip me. You know what to do."

Martin stood there in shock as he watched his wife take Captain Ron's hard
cock out of his pants and lower her mouth down onto it.

"Boss, in the spirit of goodwill, why don't you lift your little lady's shirt
and do something useful with that limp dick in your pants. Show her there's
no hard feelings for doing such a good job thanking me for saving your lives.
She's such a nasty girl, I know she'll love it. Try her back door, Boss. It
was a real struggle getting' my dick in this morning, but it should be easy
going, now that I stretched out her sweet little asshole."

After having her suck his big dick for several minutes, Captain Ron pulled
his long thick cock out of her mouth, sat down on one of the chairs and
lifted her over his lap so that they were face to face. He placed her juicy
cunt down on the head of his raging hard-on and let gravity force her down
over his huge erection. She rode him to one orgasm after another, there in
the galley as her husband watched.

Finally, Captain Ron stood up, still holding Katherine on his cock, her sexy
buns in his big strong hands. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his
waist as he walked her to a wall. He pumped into Martin's wife, pinned up
against the wall, fucking her loudly squishing pussy until he came. He then
released her and Katherine slid off his pole to the floor.

Captain Ron stepped closer to her and held her chin up in his hand. "You know
what to do, honey."

Katherine knelt before Captain Ron; licking and sucking his cock clean of
all their love juices. When she was finished, she gently replaced his
still-semi-hard cock in his pants and zipped them up.

Captain Ron sat back in his chair, "Ah! You know? A guy could really get used
to this. Now, who's cooking breakfast?"

After breakfast, Captain Ron set sail and acted as if what happened the
previous night and that morning was as normal a thing as could possibly
happen. Katherine managed a, "I'm so sorry, Martin," whenever she got the
chance and Captain Ron spent most of the day sailing the boat and working
his charts. "Well dear," she finally told her disgruntled husband. "He
did save our lives. It's the least I could do to show our appreciation."

Nothing else of consequence happened that day. They found another anchorage,
had a quiet dinner and Martin and Katherine retired for the night in the
master cabin. Martin awoke from a sound sleep with a start. The clock said
it was after 1 am. The bed was empty beside him, and then he heard the heavy
breathing. Katherine was on all fours on the floor beside the bed and Captain
Ron was plowing into her tight asshole, doggie style. Martin rolled over and
tried to go back to sleep.

He woke up again after 2 am, and as he looked to the side, Martin realized
that they were now on the bed, right next to him and that it was the bed
bouncing from their hot and heavy fucking which woke him. Captain Ron was
on his back and Katherine was stifling her cries as she came, riding his
big cock, lifting and dropping her wiggling little ass as she took his long
thick horsecock to the base with each bounce. He was lying back letting her
do all the work as he pinched and pulled the hard spiky nipples on her big,
jiggling boobs. Captain Ron was right -- she was a slut at heart, Martin

* * *

The trip to Miami lasted for well over a week, and it was the same, every
night. Captain Ron came into their bed and fucked Martin's wife, again and
again, until the small hours of the morning. Katherine's mouth, cunt and
asshole were open for business, however and wherever Captain Ron wanted
them. It didn't matter whether Martin was there or not!

There was no denying the fact that Katherine was really getting off "being
taken" by the big dicked sailor. She couldn't seem get enough of it. When
Captain Ron motioned to her or led her into the bedroom, Katherine would
just look at her husband and shrug as she joined him for another sex-fest.
Even as they were sitting in the cockpit, Martin became used to the sight
of his wife down between Captain Ron's legs, sucking his big cock as he
handled the boat, his eyes watching the sails to maintain maximum use of
the wind. Then one day to Martin's unbridled joy, Captain Ron announced
that they would make Miami in two more days.

That night Martin dreamed of Katherine being ravaged by the pirate gang. Of
her taking their cocks in her pussy, up her ass and down her throat. Of her
being sandwiched, one cock fucking her pussy while another sodomized her
tight little asshole. He woke in a heavy sweat to a fiercely bouncing bed
and was greeted by the sight of his wife Katherine lying next to him with
her long sexy legs up over Captain Ron's shoulders. He was pounding her
sweet pussy into submission on Martin's bed right next to him. Martin rolled
to his side and tried to get back to sleep.

When Captain Ron came into the bedroom the last night, Martin went out onto
the deck and watched through the porthole. There wasn't a thing Katherine
wouldn't do to or for Captain Ron. She even cleaned his cock with her mouth
after he came in her ass! The two of them carried on long into the night,
until it was Captain Ron who surrendered, saying he was too tired to go on.
Katherine was asleep with a satisfied smile on her face by the time Martin
got back into bed.

The next morning, they made the harbor where the yacht dealer was waiting to
buy their sailboat. The kids where waiting there for them with Katherine's
mother. "Oh, you poor dear. How are you bearing up after your ordeal
Katherine," her mother asked as she gave her daughter a big hug. Ben jumped
into his father's arms and they all failed to notice the deep kiss that
Caroline gave Captain Ron as he squeezed her firm little ass.

"Oh, I'm OK now mom," Katherine assured her mother. "It's been a long hard
voyage but I handled it pretty well." Katherine's mom didn't see the cringe
that comment brought to her son-in-law's face or the big smile that flashed
across Captain Ron's lips.

As the family members where talking Captain Ron took his leave. "Well, I got
to ship off folks. It's been quite an adventure. Give me a call if you want
to go out again. I'd really love to take you again," he said as he looked
into Katherine and Caroline's eyes. He turned and swung his bag onto his
shoulder and walked down the dock to the resentful stare of Martin Harvey
and to dreamy looks from the Harvey women's misty eyes.

The End


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