Career Opportunities: Media Zapper Part 5 (MF,mc,drugs)
by Wetsprocket

The Media Zapper's next stop put me in the movie "Career Opportunities." I
arrived a little before the store closed in the movie, so I could make sure
the robbers wouldn't arrive. Then, when the store closed, got rid of the Jim
Dodge character. How I did it is irrelevant. The lone remaining character was
Josie, played by the ever-gorgeous Jennifer Connelly. She had basically run
away from home and had fallen asleep in the store, thus getting locked inside
for the night. I spied on the fine female as she toured through the store.

The air conditioning had transferred to it's evening cycle so the air was
still and not as cool. Jennifer had removed her jacket and wore what we all
remember her wearing from that movie- a white muscle t-shirt and black skin
tight pants. Her breasts stretched her t-shirt out and they looked larger
in person. My hardon ached in my shorts. She was having some fun on roller
skates when I drew my pistol and tagged her with a hypnotic shot. It hit her
in the right cheek of her ass, which stunned her off balance and wrecked her
into display of stuffed animals. I helped Jennifer to her feet and she shook
of the fall.

"Who are you?" She asked, thinking that she'd been alone.

"I'm security on duty and you are...?" I turned the situation around.

"I'm Josie. I got locked in when they closed the store." She continued to
explain her presence. "I've been trying to get out."

"Well, these doors are locked up tight until 6:00AM. So you'll have to stay
until then." I figured I had waited long enough for the drug to get into her
system, so I began. "I need to search you so please remove your clothing."

Without any hesitation and like it was a simple request, she stripped in
front of me. First, she pulled her shirt over her head. I was amazed not to
see a bra as her tits bounced out and free. She had well pronounced nipples
that looked luscious. I watched further as she pulled her pants down, leaving
scantily laced panties in their wake. She pulled those down and off as well.
I admired her naked body as she stood in front of me. Her pubic hair was dark
as the blackest of nights, kept neatly trimmed. I placed my hand there and
checked her clit. I felt the bulge where her clit split her mound with small
flaps. Her eyes closed as I touched her in her private area. She gave a small

"Let's see what we have here." I took a breast in each hand and felt them.
They were taut and full, impressive in size and texture. I gave each a hefty
squeeze, springing her nips to life. I pushed her against a wall and buried
into them, sucking, nibbling and enjoying. I spent several moments feeding
off her tits.

I moved my attention to her pussy. I knelt to face her pubic bush and peered
between her legs. I massaged her clit and closed in, tickling her with my
tongue. I moved a box over to us and she put her foot on it, giving me the
angle to reach her better. I lapped into her crease until it began to open up
and loosen with wetness. I took each lip of her pussy and placed my face
inside them. I lapped into her cunt and nibble her crotch, basically eating
her out. Her nectar was sweet and gave off a good smell. She had an excellent
pussy. When I split her open, she had grabbed the back of my head and was
grinding her hips into me. Once I had reached the tender pinkness of her
inner pussy, her climax soon followed. She bellowed out "yes" and "oh, man",
then she shuddered, cumming with my face still munching her.

With the final shudder from her climax and after I removed my face from her
crotch, she collapsed to the floor. I took off my shorts and had her play the
pipe. Jennifer's mouth was hot and moist. Her lips enclosed the suction
around my shaft. She began to pull the steam from within it as she devoured
it's length. She made smacking sounds as she made it harder and longer,
enticing it with her tongue. She paused and tended to just the head. It was
like a kiss. She neared me to cum and pulled me out. She took my cock between
her tits and tittyfucked me. Her taut breasts enclosed around my rod and
looked at me with a grin. Soon, my jism shot from my cock and splattered into
her face and hair. She maintained her smile throughout as my penis drained
onto her chest. She rubbed the head on each nipple then sucked the remaining
cum from within it.

While I rested up, she went to the ladies room and cleaned up. I watched her
naked body disappear around the clothing racks to the rest room. When she
returned, she wore a tight business suit outfit with a skirt.

"What do you think?" She asked me for approval. I went in front of her.

"I like it." I told her, then I ripped open her suit and stripped her
underneath her skirt. Quickly, I had her split open on a table and slid my
revived hard cock into her vagina. Setting a vigorous pace, I humped her
hard. My pelvis smacked audibly against her thighs and I thrusted deep into
her with my organ. She winced as I busted between her fine legs. I grabbed
her ass for more support to fuck her deeper. She grunted and gasped out load
with every penetration. She came quickly, flexing her hips upwards. I soon
followed, spewing inside her.

We both staggered to some pillows where we collapsed in exhaustion. I zonked
out next to her tits. It was about 3 AM when I awoke to her stroking me hard
again. I watched, enjoying the view of the heavy chested star sucking me
again. She lathered my penis with her saliva until I was once again rock
hard. I watched her spread over me then notice I was awake. The next thing I
saw was her black haired muff split by her pink lipped clit as she moved it
over my face. I lapped her pussy as she rubbed it across my face. It was warm
and juicy already. After teasing me like that, she moved it down over my
pecker and slid on top of it. My pecker entered her vagina. She rode it in
and out of her. I reached and squeezed her expansive tits as she fucked me.
Her hands rubbed mine as they held each breast, caressing and fondling. She
paused let my stiffness sit inside her, snug and deep. She bent forward,
kissed me, and stretched over my face. She balanced her hands behind my head
and she flexed her hips rapidly, covering the length of my cock with quick,
deep strokes. I slurped her breasts and bit the nipples, sucking them hard.
She didn't pause as she continued to jet my cock into her vagina. Soon, she
began to wail out and hasten even more. She came on top of me and after a
slight pause, continued until I came inside her. I felt my warm fluid bubble
inside her belly.

She sat up, my cock still inside her. She had a naughty look on her face. She
tweaked her nipples and bent her neck to taste them, pushing her right breast
up with her hand. She was very horny which I guessed was a side effect of the
drug I gave her. She bent and licked my chest. She sucked my nipples some
then teased me more with her tits. She talked dirty some about how she like
inside her, how good it felt and how she wanted me to cum in her again. All
this soon created another hardon, which grew up inside her. She rode me
again, feeding me her tits. She bounced on it, worrying me about getting
broken. Each deep shot caused her to wince and moan out in ecstasy. She came
twice more before I did, still fucking me.

I noticed the clock on the wall read "5:34" and the store would be open soon.
Jennifer had collapsed again and I carried her to the restroom. I set her on
the counter in the women's room. I snagged a rag from the towel section and I
washed her now drying out cunt. It would be sore as it was red from all the
sex. I kissed it. After cleaning her off, I helped her dress up in a acquired
outfit. When the store opened she was free to go. I helped her sneak out
unseen, then I went my way thanks to the Media Zapper.

to be continued...

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