"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Baranbrat's series "Blue Bloods Meet Castle" made me want to write this story.

Rick and Kate have an open marriage and Kate fucked the black porn star Lexington Steele at a bachelor party.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 1 (MF,MMMF,inter,oral,anal,M-dom,toys)
by Gari2b

Rick Castle and his wife Kate Beckett spend the weekend in their Hampton house. They unwind after a difficult final investigation and enjoy the last days of summer.

Rick is trying to complete a few chapters of his new book and meet the deadlines promised to Gina Cowell, his editor and ex-wife.

Kate is bronzing naked at the edge of the pool lying on a deckchair, her legs spread out, with one hand, she plays with her breasts and with the other, she alternates caresses to her clitoris and two fingers in her pussy.

She remembers the double penetration she had two months earlier on the same chair. It was with two of her pool maintenance boys, two very well mounted black men.

Kate liked it, she loves sex, but she prefers to be only ass fucked especially by her husband. He proceeds slowly, prepares her for a long time, with the concern to avoid any pain. She loves it when he penetrates her from behind, with both hands she can play with her clitoris and pussy, she can control her orgasm. But he also knows when she wants it rough and dirty, Rick knows her by heart, it's really the best shot she has ever had, even though she's had some spectacular sex with her many conquests.

She is amazed at herself, she is more and more attracted by her ass, and she comes more intensely. More and more excited, she looks forward to him, stopping writing, taking care of her. Last night's three rounds were not enough for her, she wants her husband to take her again and again, in all her holes.

Their latest sexual adventures turn her into a nymphomaniac. She has a permanent need for sex, her phantasms go further and further, so much so that she no longer dares to confess them to her husband.

She gets fucked anywhere, with anyone, but it's only with big black dicks.

Suddenly, the front door bell rings. Rick goes to see their visitor while she passes a fine beach dress to hide her nakedness. Rick opens the front door to meet Lexington Steele, the famous black porn star.

They met him a few weeks earlier at Sean Michaels' bachelor party, one of his colleagues.

Rick organized it, here in their villa, at the request of New York Mayor, Carter Poole. Kate wanted to participate, incognito, as a stripper and hostess.

She had been teasing Lex all night, but at the end, he took her wildly.

She had come like crazy.

The actor has a problem and he comes to see if Rick can solve it.

Not seeing her husband coming back, Kate also walks towards the entrance.

Lex is pleasantly surprised to see her, he wonders what she's doing here, in this little outfit that doesn't hide much of her beautiful body. Kate seems relaxed, comfortable, like at home. And Lex suddenly realizes: they're together.

"God, I fucked Rick Castle's wife!" he thought.

Rick brings him in and everyone sits under a huge parasol by the pool, he explains his presence.

"I'm shooting a movie next door to you, Rick.

I have the last scene this afternoon but the actress just called me and told me she's sick. I can't find a replacement in such a short time,

I came to see if you could contact one of your friends from the bachelor party.

I was thinking about you, in particular, Kate, but I didn't know you were together!"

"We are married!" Rick said immediately.

Kate was lost in her thoughts: seeing Lex made her relive her sexual meeting with him again, he had deeply penetrated her, her pussy, her ass and she had enjoyed it so much that since then he had replaced Frank Reagan in her phantasms.

Naked under her tiny dress, she felt her pussy wet and her tits stand up. She hoped that no one would notice her excited state, at least not for the moment.

In the absence of a reaction from Kate, Lex says, "The scene that has yet to be recorded is a white girl with three black guys Rico Strong, Mandingo, and Shane Diesel! I don't participate, I only direct and I have two technicians who help me!"

Kate could see herself very well with those three big black cocks.

Without thinking about it, she gives the answer Lex was waiting for: "I'm interested! I've never made a film before, but I'm willing to try."

Rick finally responds "But Kate, you can't shoot a porn movie! You're famous! You're my wife! You're a captain in the NYPD! Can you imagine the scandal when it comes out?" but what Rick didn't say was mostly because he was jealous.

He had noticed that Kate was becoming more and more attracted to big black cocks. He had seen what she had felt with Lex before, he was afraid of what it would do to her with three black porn stars.

Lex wants her at all costs in his film, he seeks a solution to preserve her identity, he has an idea: "If she wore a mask? No one will recognize her. I modify the scenario a little and it will integrate without any problem with the scene".

"Can't anyone recognize me? Is it safe? If it's okay with you, Rick, I'll do it!!!" Kate gets excited.

Rick doesn't answer, he thinks about Lex's words, "The mask fits in the scene?"

He has already seen the videos that Lex has shot with these actors, they are edited like donkeys but they are also often violent with their female partners, the actresses take expensive, they literally get fucked up.

Fearing the worst, he imagines scenarios, more and more difficult for his wife.

"Rick?? Do you agree???"

He is reluctant but he also knows the tenacity of his wife who seems totally carefree...

"Are you sure, Kate?"

"Yes Rick, I really want to do it!!"

"Well, then, I agree, but on one condition: I attend the shoot!", in order, he thinks, to control the situation.

"No problem Rick, you'll stay with the technicians while we shoot! Everything's settled, I'll be waiting for you around 3:00," Lex gets up to leave.

"I'll take you home!" Kate says, as they're heading for the door.

When they get to the front door, she opens it, but Lex throws at her before he leaves "So Kate, are you excited for this afternoon?"

"Oh yes Lex! Very excited! But I'm disappointed you're not participating!"

"Why Kate?"

"Because I want your big dick, Lex!" She begins to caress him through his shorts.

"Fuck me Lex!" Quickly! Before Rick comes in and catches us!" she throws at him by falling on her knees in front of him.

She undid the cord of his shorts, lowered it and released his big tail "Mmmmmm!" she exclaims by licking a drop of sperm on his glans.

He's already got a hard-on. He's been wanting her since he got here. Her little dress excited him even more than if she was naked.

"Is that who you want, Kate?"

She immediately takes his cock in her mouth. For a few moments, she jerks it off, licks it and swallows it as much as she can.

"Yes, ball me with your fat cock!" She turns back, lifts her dress up, curves up to the max and presses her two hands against the door.

For a few seconds, Lex admires the magnificent ass thus offered, he teases her clitoris with the tip of his tail,

Kate can't take it anymore "Fuck Lex, put it to me!"

He sinks into her pussy "You really want my dick! You're soaked, bitch!"

"Yes, you've been making me wet since you got here! Fuck me, it's so gooood!"

Seizing her by the hips, he begins his round trip.

Kate starts to moan, taken by this big black cock, she feels her orgasm arrive very quickly "Stronger, Lex! Louder!!"

The two gardeners who maintain the villa have seen them.

They stopped working, took out their cocks and, without hiding, jerked off while watching their bosses get fucked.

Lex turns Kate towards him, her back turned to their spectators, he lifts her by the buttocks and places her on the front table.

He spreads out her legs, puts them over his shoulders and plunges his sex back into her pussy.

Kate grumbles when she feels the big tail invading her, filling her up completely "Yes, Lex! Yeah, tear me up! Yeaaaaah!"

Lex signals the gardeners to approach in silence, he makes them stop a few meters away.

If Rick wasn't here, they would have taken advantage to fuck her too but now Lex knows that he hasn't the time, so he drills her harder and harder, penetrates her more and more violently, deeper and deeper.

"Yes like this, Lex! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee!" she enjoys the moment when she feels the sperm gushing into her belly. Lex is signaling to the two employees to leave, he would have made them participate. "It'll be for another time!" he thinks.

Surprised that his wife wanted to escort their visitor, Rick followed them from a distance. He was about to enter the living room when, through the window, he saw them.

Quietly, he walks into the kitchen, sees the whole scene, he hears all the words and the cries of pleasure from his wife.

She is so into action that she didn't even see the two gardeners in the lobby.

"Another two more volunteers...!" he thinks.

Rick slips away at the very last minute, along with his employees.

"Why did you fuck with him behind my back? Why hide?" he wonders.

He was already anxious to see Kate shoot a movie, now he is very worried about the interactions between his wife and the black porn star.

* * *

In the early afternoon, the spouses arrive together at the villa rented for the film and are greeted by Lex.

While Rick moves in alongside the two technicians, Lex takes Kate to a bedroom that serves as a dressing, a fake blonde, fat, fifty-something, a former actress, prepares her. Lex chooses the outfit she's going to wear.

Once made up, Kate takes off the dress and thong, she begins to dress with the clothes on the bed.

For the bottom, she passes a black mini skirt in supple leather stopping at mid-thighs, for the top a bustier, without surprise, no underwear, no shoes.

Kate looks at herself in the mirror: from the front, the cuts let see her breasts, from the back: two straps, one above and one below the buttocks, hold the skirt in place, she has her ass naked and exposed. Finally, a Catwoman mask, accompanied by a dog collar complete her outfit.

Lex ties a leash to the collar.

When they get out of the bedroom, Lex holds her down, puts her on knees and presents an eight-inch dildo at the end of a ponytail.

"Suck it, wet it!" Lex demands and presents it before her lips.

Kate takes it in her mouth and coats it with as much saliva as possible, but he quickly removes it.

"Turn around. Show me your ass and spread it wide!"

Kate does it and, without any preparation, Lex shoots it straight into her asshole. The penetration takes her breath away, but Lex doesn't give her time to recover.

"Stay on your knees!"

He pulls the leash to move her forward and come into the living room crawling on all fours.

"Hey guys! Look at the bitch I'm bringing you!"

Kate passes on all fours in front of a Rick, stunned behind a cameraman filming. He can't believe it, his wife in this outfit, in this position looks like a total slut, he instantly bandages, even if he feels his stomach turn around. He becomes increasingly uncomfortable when he sees the second technician zoom in and get a close-up of his wife's ass with the depressed ponytail swinging at every step.

Lex takes her to the foot of the couch where her three partners are and introduces her to them.

"Guys, this is Nikki! She is masked because she is not an actress, she is here because she loves sex. You need to give her what she came here for, she wants to be fucked in every hole!!!"

Lex turns her around to show the three blacks her ass from where the ponytail hangs.

"Goddamn Lex, your bitch has got a hell of an ass!" enjoys Mandingo.

They take out their huge dicks, the smallest must be ten or eleven inches, and they start masturbating in front of her.

Rick meets Kate's eyes under her mask and sees the lust in them.

She is enjoying being exposed and degraded in this way.

Lex unties the collar leash "Let's go Nikki! Go to suck them off!"

Then Lex turns to the three actors and tells them "And don't forget, she likes to get ass fucked!"

He takes a camera too and starts filming her.

Kate's always on her knees. She gets wet more and more, she feels her juice flowing inside her thighs.

She starts with Mandingo, sitting in the middle, he also has the biggest cock, she puts it in her mouth and taking one in each hand, jerks off the other two.

While masturbating Shane and Rico, she spits Mandingo out to lick him, all his length, swallow his balls, puts a blow of tongue in his asshole and then goes back up, sucks him little by little and finally succeed to take it back, largely, in mouth until in her throat.

Then she goes to Shane's, Mandingo gets up and comes to stand behind her.

He looks at her ass, "Spread your legs, Nikki!! ",

Kate runs, "More than that!!! ".

Kate drops Rico's tail but keeps Shane's tail in her mouth, she grabs her buttocks and spreads them as far as she can, the hair on her ponytail slips into her ass line and her pussy.

Mandingo relieves them, "She is soaked this big slut !!! ".

He removes the ponytail and, before her ass hole closes, he slowly penetrates her ass.

Kate drops the sex in her mouth "Ahhhhhh, yesssss, like thaaaaat!!it's gooood ! I like having a dick in my ass!!!!! ".

She takes Shane back in her mouth and jerks Rico off.

Mandingo no longer holds back, with a single push, he retracts the full length of his twelve inches sex into her buttocks.

Kate lets out a scream suffocated by Shane's cock but after two round trips, screams with pleasure: "Yesssss! Fuck me!!!!! Harder, harder!! Yes!!!! Break my ass!!!!! Mmmmmm!!!"

She's having her first orgasm.

Mandingo does not hold back any more, with a single push, he returns all the length of his sex his entire twelve inches in her asshole. Kate lets out a scream, but it is smothered by Shane's cock but after two round trips, she screams with pleasure.

"Yeeees! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeeees!!" she's never come faster by her ass before.

Rico, whom she had been masturbating, also wants to be sucked; Kate finds herself with Mandingo who continues to plough deeper and deeper in her ass and Shane and Rico's dicks alternately in her mouth.

Watching his wife as a porn actress continues to make him horny but Rick can't stand it anymore, he leaves, leaving her alone with the blacks. He's all worked up, He feared this would happened. She became a whore in heat.

From his car, he calls Paula, his agent, he accepts the tour she was desperate for him to go on. A month on the West Coast to promote his book and meet his fans.

He's gonna be on a plane that night, heading to Los Angeles.

Rick passes by his villa to pick up his belongings and leaves a prominent letter on the kitchen island


I've seen things today I never imagined you would do.

You were so happy to be humiliated, soiled, fucked by all the holes

You loved everything they did to you.

This goes too far, soon you'll just be THE bitch to fuck.

I want to stop this before we get lost on the way.

I'm selfish, I can't share you anymore, I want my wife exclusively for me.

I want a baby with you!

I need you in my life, but if you want to go on like this, it'll be without me.

I felt so bad inside that I decided to leave.

I left on a promotional tour which will last one month, I want a definitive answer with my return.

Your husband who loves you more than anything.

I hope you choose me...



He closes up the house, takes the keys of the Ferrari and starts heading to JFK.


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