"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapters is recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 4 (MF,MMFF,inter,oral)
by Gari2b

Overloaded with work, the first week passed quickly and she doesn't want Rick at all anymore but she still hesitates as much. She misses him so much, they've never been that far away. Since they've been together, Rick has only toured for three or four days and they're on the phone all the time. Her nights are difficult, she sleeps very badly.

In her dreams, she sees her last sex, sometimes her subconscious mind invents even hotter scenes, but they all have one thing in common Lexington Steele participates. She wakes up sweaty, breathless, wet pussy as if she had lived them.

She wants to put all this behind her, not think about it anymore, but without Rick, alone in their bed, it's impossible to fall asleep again.

So, knowing she'll only get Rick's voicemail, she calls just to hear his voice. She spends the rest of the night reliving the latest events over and over again she was a total slut.

Lex Steele shook up her world, her certainties.
He scrambled her brain, she's subjected to this big black cock. The sex with him is amazing, what she didn't expect was to fall in love with him, or rather with his cock.

It would be simpler if Rick were there, the choice would be easier to make give up her current life, her career, her marriage, a future baby, for an unknown future, a big black cock and crazy fucking parties....

To let go of someone who loves her more than anything for someone who sees in her only a female to be fucked...

But she became like a drug addict, if she discussed that with Lannie, she'd have her committed to a madhouse.

In her job, she is frustrated, irritable, she gets carried away easily like this morning when she passed a soap to Esposito for not much.

She's in her office, working on her captain's paperwork, Sherlock Holmes knocks and walks in uninvited.

He locks the door and starts to lower the blinds. Kate, surprised, asks:

"Yes Sherlock? What do you want?"

Undoing the belt of his pants, he turns to her: "You've been hellish these last few days! I know what the problem is, Rick's been gone for a week.... Come here, a quick blow from my big cock... It'll do you good, it'll calm you down..."

Sherlock pulls out his big cock and, while masturbating, walks towards her. Kate explodes with anger.

"Where do you think you're going, Sherlock? You think you're walking into my office and fucking me, with just a snap your fingers, without asking my opinion? Get the fuck out of here!

"Now for you, Mr. Holmes, it will be Captain Beckett!" and she's expelling him from the office.

For the next three days, it is getting worse and worse, and all the inspectors are trying to avoid her. Around eleven o' clock, she gets a phone call from Alex McBride:

"Hello Kate, I was wondering when we could see each other and have a good time together?"

Have a good time? It's true that she always liked his black cock, she would love a good fuck with him and her pussy would be satisified because it hasn't been fucked in ten days.

But she's thinking about Rick's letter, "We'll see about it!" she thinks.

"Alex, I'm swamped but if you want we can still have lunch together!"

"Kate, I don't have much time, you don't want to meet me in the parking lot, you can have a quick fuck in the back of my car!"

Dryly she answers: "So, you just have time to fuck me ? Is my ass all that matters?" and she hangs up on him.

"Rick is right as usual. They only care about me for sex, nothing else..."

* * *

During this time on the west coast, Rick has a series of encounters with his fans but the heart is not there.

The world-famous author, the rock star of the novelists, is depressed.

At each signing session, his groupies give him cell phone numbers, he could put one or two in his bed every night, but he doesn't care, the only thing he wants is his wife.

Every evening, he goes back to his room alone and takes refuge in alcohol without eating, conscientiously, he empties his mini bar to forget and manage to fall asleep.

Paula, his agent, watching him die, thinks that only his wife can put him in this condition. Maybe she could give Kate a call and talk to her about it. But she fears his reaction, he is so not himself, that he could fire her.

In the mists of alcohol, Rick relives, the beginning of their games, one evening in his bar the "Old Haunt" with their friends Javier Esposito and Lannie Parish. They weren't married at the time.

They met to celebrate the end of a difficult investigation.

It was late, the bar was almost deserted, they were the only ones left, the two bartenders and a last customer at the counter.

They played, boys against girls, teased each other, challenged each other, and with alcohol helping them, they got a little naughty until Esposito threw

"Kate, you can't kiss Lannie!"

Rick was jubilant, they were going to win.

The two girls looked at each other with a smile and Kate slowly walked towards her best friend, their mouths joined, their tongues tangled.

At the end of their kiss, they burst out laughing, Kate said,

"We've already slept together, so a kiss..."

Rick is convinced that his girlfriend is making fun of them.

The bar had to close, Rick offered to continue their evening at the loft.

Once they are all in the living room, Rick, always such a bad loser, turns to Esposito

"If you hadn't chosen the challenge, we would have won".

"Oh, yeah, and what would the writer have chosen?" replied Javier.

"Kate and Lannie, you can't kiss your breasts!" says Rick, proud of himself."Quit or double" proposed the girls, the boys, in chorus said "Double! ".

Under their puzzled eyes, Lannie unbuttoned her blouse, Kate put her hands behind her back and unclip the bra, making her friend's big chest appear.

She dives directly on her nipples but not only kisses them, she sucks them and tweezes them to raise them.

The situation is heating up quickly Kate being in dress, Lannie takes it off, leaving it in her underwear, but instead of looking after her breasts, she takes her thong apart and her mouth goes straight down to her best friend's pussy.

She passes her tongue on each side of the thin fleece which surmounts it, then reaches her clitoris.

While sucking on her own, she slips two fingers inside the wet sex

"Oh fuck, Lannie, keep going like that... Yessssss!" Kate's already on the verge of orgasm.

She turns to the nearest boy, Esposito:"Let me suck you while Rick fucks me!"

She lowered her pants and underpants at the same time and then took his cock into her mouth.

Javier is surprised, he turns to Lannie, who nods her head, he doesn't hesitate any more, he advances his tail towards Kate's lips which swallows what she can.

Rick gets undressed quickly, he's already got a hard-on.

It does not waste more time, it positions itself and penetrates her all at once. It remains a few seconds without moving, the time she gets used to it, then starts slowly going back and forth, coming out almost completely before plunging even deeper into her pussy.

Kate was moaning, she felt her orgasm coming.

Rick accelerates the rhythm, his kidney blows made her swallow Javier's sex even more, she releases him and with a trembling voice

"Stronger Rick, louder...!"

Lannie doesn't participate, she prefers to enjoy herself by observing her best friend shared by the two boys.

With one hand she rubs her clitoris, with the other she goes furiously two fingers into her pussy until orgasm.

Watching his girlfriend, sucked by Kate's skillful mouth, Javier can't stand it anymore

"Fuck, I'm coming!" He wants to withdraw but Kate stops him, he comes in her mouth and she swallows the last drop of sperm.

At the contractions of the walls of her pussy, Rick feels that she is about to come, he accelerates again and quickly releases his sperm to the bottom of Kate's sex which explodes with pleasure "Yes, Riiiiiiiick!" He thought that this evening, under the influence of alcohol, would remain unique.

He put fidelity above all else in a relationship.

His first marriage had not survived the infidelity of Meredith his then wife.

In his playboy years, he had many mistresses but he always refused to sleep with a married woman.

Kate was more adventurous, she had, from time to time, some homosexual relations with Lannie or friends in college, but it was especially during her years of service in Vice that she multiplied them, false prostitute or infiltration in sex clubs where sometimes she had to participate in order to keep her cover.

To excite Rick during their sex sessions, she told him about her adventures and knew who he was most excited about.

This is a joint operation with the DEA.

Since the day before, she has been working as a waitress in a striptease club suspected of selling merchandise from a new drug dealer, Vulcan Simmons.

Her outfit is minimal a wide neckline tank top, so cut out that it lets you see her breasts at every move, a denim shorts cut so high that it barely covers her ass and a pair of cowboy boots with heels to raise her buttocks.

A blonde wig and blue contact lenses make it difficult to recognize.

When the bartender arrives, he says "Katie, the boss wants to see you in his office!"

With a grudge, she goes to see him and knocks on the door: "Come in Katie."

"You wanted to see me, boss?"

"Yes, tonight I want you on stage. You're too pretty to be a waitress, it's a waste."

"But boss..."

"It's either that or you walk out that door... you'll be last on the first round of strip!"

She has no choice, she goes to the locker room to change.

In the different outfits, she chooses a white top, a checkered mini skirt that barely hides her ass and finally a set of pink underwear. She keeps her boots on.

All the girls pass, it's her turn.

She comes on stage and dances.

She starts by removing the top, letting her bra appear.

After a few turns of the bar, she moves on, dragging her skirt down.

She continues to use the bar in underwear, then only in thong and finally completely naked.

Inexperienced, she undressed too quickly.

Then she takes erotic poses on stage, rolling on herself, spreading out her legs but hiding her sex from the spectators when she faces them.

But the music always plays, so she takes her hand off and the same poses become pornographic.

She ends up on all fours, her ass turned towards the room, bent at the top, her legs spread apart, her pussy enters' open.

It is about to penetrate with two fingers when the song finally stops.

She was applauded and returned to the locker room. Her dance has warmed her up, she's soaked with excitement.

Barely dressed as a waitress, a bouncer enters: "Katie, the boss wants you at his table!"

Between each strip tease show it's a traditional nightclub, the VIP area is separated from the rest of the tables by the dance floor.

She slips between the dancers and she has a shock, along with her boss is their target, Vulcan Simmons.

"Katie, this is Vulcan, my partner."

The great black man beckons her to come and sit on his lap, she goes around the coffee table and sits on his thigh, facing her boss.

Immediately his hand starts to grope her buttocks, trying to get past the fence of her shorts.

They serve her a vodka, then quickly one second, the alcohol begins to take effect.

"Katie, dance for him!" orders his boss.

Not knowing what to do, she gets up and faces Vulcan.

To the rhythm of the music played in the loudspeakers, she begins to dance languidly. She kneels down on the bench, practically against Vulcan and swings her ass from right to left. Then she passes a knee over his legs, she's all over him.

She keeps moving her hips, Vulcan accompanies her movements, one hand on each side, he makes her rub against his pants, she feels his cock stretched across the fabric, he looks huge.

Suddenly, he drops it, instead, he grabs her tank top, pulls it over her head and makes her breasts appear.

Vulcan starts licking her tits, she turns her head towards her boss

"Continue Katie! The room saw you completely naked earlier! ".

He continues to suck her breasts but he makes her make her move forward and backward on his sex, despite the situation, she feels her pussy starting to get wet.

Then he swivels her again and sits her on his left leg.

With his right hand he undoes his pants and pulls out his already bandaged big black cock.

Her boss sitting in front of them savours: "Suck him off Katie!"

Kate hesitates, it has gone way too far. She wonders what her colleagues are waiting for.

Vulcan grabs her by the shoulders, forces her to kneel, he presents his cock in front of her lips, she has no choice but to execute. It begins with small strokes of tongue, licking its entire length, then opens her mouth, swallows the glans and then gradually engulfs it.

Blowjobs have always excited her, she puts her hand in her shorts, she is soaked, her juice flows literally on her thighs, she really starts to appreciate her slick cunt. After a few minutes, he takes her up. By the way, he slips her shorts and tiny thong. Turned back to him, completely naked, she faces her boss and the dance floor.

Then she realizes that everyone is watching the scene. In the middle of them, her teammate Karpowski, phone at her ear, wave her hand and mime

"Five minutes!"

But Vulcan doesn't give her time, seizing her by the hips, he makes her impale his cock. She is so wet that he penetrates her pussy without any difficulty.

She finds herself sitting on her lap again but with his cock buried deep inside her.

Her boss can't take it anymore, he walks in to get sucked. They don't last long, either. Feeling their sperm spread in her pussy and mouth, getting fucked and sucked in the middle of a nightclub, in front of everyone's eyes, maybe her co-workers, makes her enjoy it intensely.

Suddenly a crash and a shout "NYPD, no one move!"

With her pussy and the mouth full of sperm, she just has time to slip away.

When she arrested Vulcan Simmons ten years later, he would never recognize the blonde waitress he had fucked.

Rick thought he was in the room and watching him.

It was Kate who pushed her husband to continue their meetings with Lannie and Javier by gradually including their loved ones.

He accepted because he had absolute confidence in her.

But it was her phantasm, never his own.

His only phantasm was Kate, alone.

Despite everything, it went very well until Commissioner Frank Reagan came into the picture.

Kate developed feelings for him, not love perhaps, but a very strong attraction.

Their marriage suffered, but they made the situation better and Kate only had sex with him at their parties and always in Rick's presence.

Frank's the one who asked him to throw this fucking bachelor party for the mayor and his friends.

That's where Kate met Lexington Steele.

The same thing that happened with Frank was happening again but even stronger now.

But there's something else, Lex is a predator, Rick can't even imagine what he would do with his wife...

But Rick knows he's losing her.

And he'll never get over it.


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