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Castle/Rizzoli And Isles: Welcome To Boston
by Arc Light

Detective Kate Beckett was angry. She was angry at her ex-boyfriend, but mostly angry at herself for wasting her time so foolishly.

"How stupid could I have been." She muttered to herself as she stepped out of the elevator in the Boston Federal Building. She was so angry that she paid no attention to where she was going and walked right into another woman who had been waiting for the elevator.

"Oh, crap. I'm so sorry." Kate said.

"No problem." The other woman replied. "Worse things happen to me all the time in this town."

Kate smiled at the other woman. Although she had black hair which fell past her shoulders unlike Kate's short brown hair, the woman was much like Kate: Tall, slender, with long legs and small boobs. She was dressed much like Kate as well. Both had on dark slacks with a sweater. Kate's was white, the other woman's was wine colored. Both had on dark dress jackets. Kate also saw another similarity. She had a badge clipped to her belt.

"I'm sorry, Special Agent...?" Kate waited for a name.

"Oh, I'm not a Fed. Detective Jane Rizzoli, Boston PD. Homicide."

"Detective Kate Beckett. NYPD. Also Homicide."

Rizzoli raised an eyebrow. "Homicide? I wasn't aware of any Boston homicides that would attract the attention of both the FBI and the NYPD."

Kate blushed slightly. "That's because there is no case. I came up here to see my asshole ex."

Jane frowned. "Not Will Sorenson?"

Kate blushed more. "Yes. How did you know?"

"He just got here from New York a few months ago and asshole suits him to a tee."

"He had the nerve to tell me that he didn't think that even a long distance relationship would be good for his career. What the hell is that about?"

"The Boston SAIC firmly believes that anyone not in the FBI, or some lesser Federal agency, is useless. Sorenson is just kissing his boss's butt."

Kate nodded. "And now I'm stuck here until tomorrow night. I tried to get an earlier flight just now, but what with the storm that's hit the East Coast, every flight is booked solid. Plus, all the trains and buses."

Jane shook her head. "It sounds like you could use a drink?"

Kate shook her head. "My dad had a problem. I won't drink alone. I'll just go back to my hotel."

Jane smiled and took her elbow. "Boston Homicide isn't going to allow NYPD Homicide to think that Boston is just dreary hotel rooms and asshole exes. Come on. There's a great bar right near here. We should get there before it starts filling up for happy hour."

The bar was small, intimate and dark. And it was starting to get crowded. Jane and Kate found a tiny booth in the back and squeezed into it. The two women ordered drinks and told each other about their lives and careers.

Jane was telling a funny story about chasing a teenaged shoplifter when she was in uniform.

"He had his pants around his thighs, like kids do, and when he jumped over a chain link fence, his pants and his underpants got caught and torn off. He was still running, naked from the waist down. My partner and I were laughing so hard, we almost let him get away. Lucky for us he ran around a corner and right into two more cops."

As she talked, Jane put her hand on Kate's knee. Kate stiffened at once.

Jane pulled her hand away. "Oh, Kate. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that I'm Italian. We talk with our hands and we tend to get a little handsy. I usually try not to get all touchy feely except when I'm with family. I'm so sorry."

"No offense taken, Jane. It's just that as a cop, I'm always on alert. Always ready for something to happen that I have to react to. Please go on with your story."

Jane continued and just after they got their next drink, Kate felt the other woman's hand on her knee again. Kate said nothing even after Jane squeezed her thigh a couple of times.

She doesn't even realize that she's touching me. Kate thought. To show the other woman that she didn't mind, Kate lightly rested her hand on Jane's knee. When Jane squeezed her thigh again, Kate felt a slight warming and a bit of wetness between her thighs. But she said and did nothing.

Jane looked at her watch. "Oh my God! It's almost seven. I haven't eaten since breakfast. Do you want to get dinner?"

Kate smiled and nodded. "All I had for lunch was a dried up sandwich from a machine in the airport coming in. Is there a good place to eat around here?"

"My apartment is just down the street."

"Don't tell me you're a homicide cop and a gourmet chef, too."

Jane laughed. "No, but I can do wonders with a takeout menu and a cell phone."

Both of them were more than a bit tipsy by then, but Kate agreed and in minutes she found herself in Jane's apartment. It was a bit messy, but Kate's was hardly better, so she didn't mind. The two went into the tiny kitchen and Jane pulled out a stack of takeout menus.

"Do you like Chinese?" Jane asked as the two women crowded around the little nook in the kitchen where the menus were placed.

"I love Chinese." Kate replied. She put her hand on Jane's back so she could get closer to the menus. Suddenly, Jane moved to grab another stack of menus and Kate's hand fell to Jane's taut ass. Jane didn't seem to notice, so Kate just rested her hand on her new friend's lovely ass. If I take my hand off now, she'll notice, and she might be offended, but if I just leave it, it'll be okay. Kate thought.

Jane found the menu she was looking for, and the two ordered dinner. It would be just a matter of minutes, Jane said and it was.

"What kind of wine do you want with dinner?" Jane asked.

"Whatever you have is fine."

When dinner was over, the two went to Jane's living room and sat together on a small love seat, still drinking wine. Kate was very conscious of the hot woman's thigh pressing against hers. Then Jane leaned toward Kate and kissed her, just brushing her lips over Kate's. Kate pulled back at once.

"Oh, God, Kate. I'm so sorry. You must think I'm terrible. I should take you back to your hotel at once."

Jane began to stand, but Kate put her hand on her arm.

"No, it's okay. It's not like I've never been with...." Kate stopped, realizing she was confessing to something to her new friend. She took a deep breath and finished. "It's not like I've never been with woman before."

"You, too?" Jane said, smiling ruefully.

Kate nodded. "The first time was in high school. My best friend and I were super curious about sex, but we were terrified that if we let a boy fuck us, we'd get pregnant immediately. We kissed, played with each other's tits and rubbed each other's pussies through our clothes. Then my mom and dad had to take a business trip to Seattle. I invited Maddie over to spend the night.

As Kate told the story, she remembered what had happened that night.

Maddie was sprawled on Kate's bed, totally naked. Her blonde bush contrasted to Kate's dark brunette bush.

"Come on, Becks. Get on the bed with me. It's what we've been waiting for." Maddie shook her boobs, reminding Kate that Maddie's boobs were bigger than her own. Kate did have the advantage of having bigger nipples. Maddie's were tiny pink things, while Kate's stood proud on her chest, sticking out a good half inch.

Kate got on her bed and began making out with her friend. First they kissed, then they cupped each other's tits. Then Maddie slid her long middle finger right into Kate's wet twat. Kate moaned loudly and returned the favor, pushing her finger into her best friend's pussy.

Suddenly Kate felt something warm gushing over her finger and hand.

"Eww. Maddie! How gross. You peed on me."

Maddie just laughed. "No, I didn't, silly. You made me cum. It's called a squirting orgasm. Relax and let me do it to you."

Kate relaxed and let her friend slide two fingers into her cunt. More by accident than good planning, the blonde found her friend's G-spot and clit and began rubbing them.

Kate could feel waves of pleasure radiating from her pussy to seemingly engulf her whole body. She began pushing her tight teenage ass up from the bed to enhance the pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, Maddie. What are you doing to me?"

Maddie didn't answer because she had one of Kate's tits in her mouth and was sucking madly on Kate's long, stiff nipple like it was a tiny cock.

Finally, Kate's orgasm roared in and she came, spurting her first load of girl cum onto Maddie's hand. She collapsed, feeling weak and worn out.

"See?" Maddie said. "Wasn't that great?"

Kate agreed, and the two friends lay together and finger fucked each other to orgasm after orgasm until they were too worn out to go on.

"What happened after that?" Jane asked, curious.

Kate shrugged. "We fooled around after that, but we were never alone enough to get each other off again. After a while, we found guys we liked, had sex and went on with our lives. What about you?"

"I was in college. I had three loser boyfriends in a row. One cheated on me, the other stole from me and the third took pictures of me naked so he could show all of his loser friends to prove we'd had sex."

"Bummer." Kate said, remembering some of her less than perfect boyfriends.

"There was this girl on campus who was rumored to swing both ways. We ran into each other in the library one night and she started flirting with me. I thought, "What the hell. Why not try sex with a woman?"

Jane remembered how Meredith had taken her back to her apartment and got them both naked in record time. Jane was a little shocked that Meredith had shaved her pussy in the shape of a little heart that her red hair and pale skin made look very erotic.

Meredith swung her leg over Jane's face, so that Meredith was facing Jane's hot twat, but instead of sixty nining as Jane had expected, the redhead had begun tweaking Jane's stiff nipples and rubbing her cunt up and down over Jane's pretty face. Jane stuck out her tongue and was soon rewarded with pussy juice leaking from Meredith's hot cunt. Jane discovered she liked eating pussy and stuck her tongue out as far as she could to lap up more of Meredith's sweet liquid. Then she was rewarded with a squirt of cum that filled her mouth. Jane had liked the taste of a man's cum in her mouth and decided this was just as good.

Jane shook her head. "It didn't last. Meredith was just interested in sex. She slept with both other men and women. I wanted more. Um, did you say that was your first time? There were more?"

Kate nodded. He took a long drink of wine, which Jane topped up at once.

"I was known as the hot rookie when I got out of the Academy. Every guy in the precinct thought I was his personal little fucktoy. I had to knee a couple of guys in the balls and my Training Officer had to threaten to put one guy in the hospital, but eventually they stopped."

Kate remembered the nights she had lain in bed, fingering her pussy, wishing that her TO would come and fuck her brains out. But Mike Royce was too professional to do that.

"So, what happened?"

Kate continued. "I came into the exercise room one night after shift. I found another rookie policewoman crying. She had been groped by some asshole detective. I wanted her to report him, but she said it was just her word against that of a decorated veteran cop. I had to agree with her. I didn't want her to be seen crying, so I drove her home. I was just sitting on her couch holding her when all of a sudden we were kissing and pulling our clothes off, and then we were in bed. It lasted about four months and then she resigned. That was it."

"My cop experience was almost opposite. I was the scared rookie being groped by a senior uniform. A female detective caught him and threatened to report him and have him fired. Then she drove me home. By the time she had her hand stroking the inside of my thigh, I figured out she was gay. We were together for a couple of months, but, again, she was just looking for a good time. I wanted more."

Jane put her hand on Kate's. "Look, Kate. I see myself as one hundred percent straight. I want to marry a guy, have kids and all of that. But every once in a while....I just saw you sitting there, looking so damned beautiful and sexy, I just wanted to kiss you."

They looked at each other for several seconds. Afterwards, neither one knew which one had initiated the kiss. But there they were with their tongues in each other's mouths, exploring their tongues, lips and teeth.

Jane pulled the sexy detective to her feet.

Jane put her hands under Kate's sweater, pushing the cups of her bra up so that she could fondle the other woman's tits. Kate reached behind Jane and unsnapped her bra. Then cupped Jane's naked jugs, tweaking the sensitive nipples. Both women's nipples were already stiff with passion.

"Gotta take our tops off." Jane said, huskily, stepping back. She pulled Kate's bra and sweater off and tossed them on the floor. Jane's sweater and bra joined them on the floor.

"What pretty titties." Jane whispered.

"We're pretty much alike. B cup boobs with big nipples." Kate replied.

Jane leaned forwards and took Kate's right nipple in her mouth. She sucked on the already hard nipple, then sucked as much of Kate's boob into her mouth as she could, running her tongue around it and getting a lustful moan from Kate. She then proceeded to do the same to the other tit, while squeezing and pinching the saliva covered tit she had just left.

"My turn now." Kate said, lifting Jane's head up. She leaned over and took the darker haired cop's tits in both hands and pushed them together. It was a stretch, but she managed to get both nipples in her mouth and sucked hungrily on them, like she was being nursed.

Jane lifted Kate's head up and resumed kissing her new, hot friend. She put her hands on Kate's taut butt, squeezed the globes of her ass, and began to push the other woman to her bedroom.

She stopped when the back of Kate's legs hit the bed. Jane undid Kate's belt, then pulled down her zipper and pulled the New Yorker's pants down over her long, trim legs. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off.

"You shave your pussy." Jane said, surprised.

"It's easier that way."

Before the brunette detective could say another word, Jane pushed her onto the bed. Then Jane pushed her own pants and panties down and off.

"You're shaved, too. But you left a landing strip." Kate scooted to the top of the bed, spreading her long legs for Jane, then looking at her new friend with a smile.

Jane got on the bed and moved on top of Kate's body, feeling the lovely detective's breath in her face, their hard nipples moving along their tits and she felt her strip of pubic hair moving over Kate's bare pussy.

She kissed her, happy to hear the long, low erotic moan come from Kate. She ran her tongue around the woman's mouth, then moved her body down Kate's until she got to Kate's tits.

"I really get off on sucking on these." She said, looking up into Kate's smiling face.

"I love to have you suck on them."

Jane moved further down Kate's body. "But there's something else I need to suck." She kissed her way over Kate's flat stomach, running her tongue inside her bellybutton. By the time she put her head between the brunette's widespread legs, Kate's cunt was already leaking pussy juice.

She surprised her new friend by putting her hands behind Kate's knees and lifting her legs up. Then she ran her tongue from Kate's asshole to her clit, then back down, and then up and down several more times. Every time she licked her asshole, Kate moaned.

"What are you doing to me, Jane?"

"You've never had a rim job?"

"Noooo!" Kate moaned.

"Do you like it?"

"Kind of."

Jane decided not to waste any of the cunt honey that was leaking from the woman's over heated snatch. She lowered Kate's legs, formed a seal with her mouth over the hot detective's pussy, and started licking up all of the juice that was starting to pour from Kate's pussy. Jane decided that Kate's pussy was the best she had ever tasted and wanted to suck up every drop of the sexy woman's nectar. She took two fingers and pushed them gently inside the gorgeous woman until she found her G spot. Still running her tongue into Kate's twat, she used the other hand to pinch and knead her clit, which pushed out from above Kate's slit.

Jane could feel her sexual partner's thighs begin to stiffen and Kate began humping her ass up off the bed. She was tweaking her own nipples and moaning loudly.

"Fuck, Jane, you're making me cum already."

Jane opened her mouth as far as she could and pushed her face into her friend's cunt. She was rewarded with gushes of girl cum that filled her mouth up as fast as she could swallow it.

As Kate Beckett collapsed on the bed, almost sobbing with sexual relief, Jane made sure she had licked up every drop of liquid that had shot from the beautiful detective's throbbing cunt.

Jane crawled up her new lover's body until she was on top of Kate. She gently kissed her friend and rubbed her chest against the other's, feeling her hard nipples scrape against Kate's tits.

"Like that?" She teased.

"God. I loved that. Just give me a minute to recover and I'll do you."

"Anytime you're ready, lover." Jane said, rolling off of her onto her back. She spread her own long legs as wide as they would go.

Kate rolled over and kissed Jane softly, tasting her juices on Jane's lips. Then she moved to Jane's chest, where her boobs were rolling on her chest as the hot, dark haired detective writhed with passion. She ran her tongue from one nipple to the other, back and forth, leaving Jane's tits covered in saliva. Then she felt Jane's hands in her short hair, pushing her downward.

"My pussy, Kate. Please do that to my fucking pussy." She moaned.

Kate scooted downwards and looked at her lover's dripping snatch. She thought for a moment about running her tongue over Jane's asshole, but decided to work on her over heated cunt. She ran her tongue up Jane's slit, licking her juices up and finished at her clit, giving it a soft bite, which caused Jane to lift her tight ass off the bed.

Kate took a deep breath, then made a tight seal with her lips over the woman's cunt. Kate almost giggled as the black hair of Jane's landing strip tickled her nose. Then she blew the air in her lungs into Jane's pussy. The inhaled through her nose and blew out into the other woman's now wide-open cunt.

"Oh my GOD, Kate. What are you doing to me."

Kate took her mouth off of her lover's snatch, allowing the air to escape, sounding like a fart.

"No one ever gave you a pussy fart before?" She teased, giggling at her friend.

"No. It feels like I'm being fucked with a big, soft cock. Keep doing it. Fuck, Kate, I'm about to cum."

Kate returned her mouth to between the hot detective's thighs, but pushing her tongue into the warm, wet pussy. She slid one long middle finger into Jane, finding her G spot, and used the other hand to rub and pinch her friend's clit. Jane was pumping her ass up off the bed, squeezing her tits with both hands and moaning obscenities to Kate. "Fuck me, lover. Tongue fuck me as hard as you can. I fucking love what you're doing to my pussy. My cunt is just on fire. Kate! I'm going to cum!"

Kate opened her mouth and was soon rewarded by a generous spurt of girl cum which she swallowed, only to be followed by three more squirts. She swallowed rapidly, and only a little dripped on to Kate's chin, but she swirled the last mouthful around in her mouth, tasting the warm sweetness of her lover's cum. Kate decided that Jane Rizzoli's cunt, pussy juice, and cum was the best she had ever tasted.

She crawled up on top of the now exhausted woman and kissed her softly. Jane smiled up at her and then licked her own cum from Kate's chin.

"What do they teach you in New York, sweetie? I've never cum that quickly, that hard, or that much in my whole life."

"Me either." Kate replied. "You made me cum twice, I think. Once right after the first. And your pussy, your pussy juice, and your cum is the best I've ever tasted. I could lick you for hours."

"Same here. I've never tasted anyone like you before. It was just amazing."

Both women had tasted more pussies than they had admitted to each other, but both were telling the truth. Each thought the other's cunt was the best they'd ever had.

The two women cuddled up and snuggled with each other for many long minutes. Then Kate slid her middle finger into her friend's twat. Jane smiled at her and pushed hers into Kate. In seconds, both women were moaning.

Suddenly, Kate pulled her finger out of Jane and popped it into her mouth, licking the pussy juice from it. Then she slid the finger back into Jane.

Jane pulled her finger from Kate's wet twat and put it in her own mouth. "Um, so good." She said. "I love your taste."

Kate pulled her finger out again, but this time she held her finger to Jane's lips. The beautiful woman smiled and opened her mouth, allowing Kate to push her finger in. Jane eagerly licked her own juices off and remembered to keep her finger in Kate. As soon as she was finished with Kate's finger, she pulled her own finger from Kate's willing snatch and pushed it into Kate's mouth.

The hot twosome continued feeding each other pussy juice when Jane moaned.

"Fuck, Kate. I can't believe it. You're making me cum again."

Kate quickly put her cupped hand under Jane's leaking twat. Three spurts of girl cum pooled in her hand. She lifted her hand and poured her new lover's sweet nectar into her mouth, then greedily licked every drop off of her hand.

As she stuffed her finger back into Jane, she whispered, "Keep finger fucking me, lover, I'm just about to cum."

Jane smiled. "I'll make you cum. I'll get every drop out of your hot cunt."

"Now. Now." The horny NYPD detective cried as she felt her pussy near a climax.

Jane cupped her hand under Kate. Her hand was flooded with Kate's liquid. Jane poured it into her mouth, then allowed Kate to lick her palm of whatever was left.

The next time, Kate pulled her finger from Jane and then pulled Jane's finger from her own cunt. She took both fingers and put them in her mouth, licking the pussy juice from them.

"Hey, no fair. I didn't get any." Jane pouted prettily.

"But next time you get twice as much." Kate said, softly kissing her lover.

True to her word, Kate pulled both of their fingers from their overheated twats, then she slid both fingers into the dark haired lovely's mouth, letting her taste both of their juices.

Then Kate pushed both of their fingers into her own cunt and when they were nice and juicy, she let Jane lick every drop off of both fingers.

"Finger fuck me, Kate. I'm about to cum again. Rub my G spot and clit, lover, I'm almost there."

As the beautiful detective moaned through her orgasm, Kate cupped her hand under her friend's hot cunt. A large squirt of pussy juice shot into her hand. She lifted her hand to Jane's mouth, allowing her new lover to drink her own cum.

"That's the best cum there is, lover. The best."

Jane shook her head. "No, Kate. Yours is the best. I've tasted both and I know."

Jane took her lover's finger and pushed it back in her own twat, followed by her own finger.

"I'm going to make you cum again and let you drink your own wonderful cum. You'll see."

Jane went to work massaging her friend's G spot and clit, rubbing the inside of her cunt as erotically as she could. It didn't take long.

"Fuck. Oh, fuck, honey. I can feel my orgasm coming. Your fingers are so fucking wonderful. I love having you finger fuck me. Harder. Harder, lover."

Jane positioned her cupped hand under Kate's pussy, while continuing to use the sexy brunette's own finger to arouse her. She was rewarded with a splash of girl cum which she held to Kate's ready mouth. She greedily sucked every drop down her throat.

"That was so fucking sexy, Jane, but you're wrong. Your cum is the tastiest I've ever swallowed. I could live on nothing but your cum."

The two horny women continued to finger each other, tasting their own sexy pussy juices and the other woman's, as well as drinking down their own and the other's girl cum.

"Do you want to try something else?" Jane asked the well fucked beauty beside her.

"Anything you want to do with me, lover."

"Anything covers a lot of territory, sweetie. You sure?" Jane teased.

"I said anything, because when you've done it to me, I'll do it to you."

Jane laughed. "What a couple of hot little sluts we are."

"I'm a hot little slut for you, babe, and you're a hot little slut for me." Kate smiled dreamily. "One thing though, there's something about you. I haven't cum this much in a year, but here I am cumming all over you, time after time after time."

"Same here. I can't believe how much cum I've shot into that hot, sucking little mouth of yours in just a few hours."

"As long as you keep cuming, lover, I'll keep my fingers and my tongue in your beautiful cunt. And I'll give you all the girl cum you can suck out of my horny twat. Now, what did you have in mind?"

Jane put a pillow under Kate's head and swung her legs over Kate's chest and knelt.

"Are you going to sit on my face?" The slutty brunette whispered.

"Not at first, lover."

Jane spread her legs so that her knees were as far apart as possible, then she lowered herself over Kate's right tit. She reached down and put both hands around Kate's boob, pulling it upwards.

"That isn't uncomfortable, is it, lover?"

Kate shook her head. "No, but what are you going to do?"

"Something I read about once. A girl to girl titty fuck."

Jane lowered her hot, wet slit onto Kate's stiff nipple and began to rub her snatch back and forth along her new lover's pretty tit.

"Oh, fuck. That is so arousing." Kate cried, trying to help her lover by moving her tit back and forth. Soon, Kate's tit was covered with pussy juice. Kate leaned forward.

"What are you doing, honey?" Jane asked.

"I'm trying to lick your juice off my tit, but my titty is too small."

Jane laughed. "Sweetie, no one could do that."

Kate shook her head. "There was a woman in my Academy class with double D cups. She could get both of her nipples in her mouth. She showed us once."

"I stand corrected. But I think I have something for you now."

Jane pushed herself up and swung her leaking twat over Kate's face and then down onto the horny detective's mouth.

Jane looked down at her, watching Kate's hazel eyes open wide as her mouth was filled with warm cum.

"I love watching your face when I cum in your mouth, Kate. You're beautiful all the time, but right now, you're as beautiful as I've ever seen a woman. Keep licking me, you hot, horny, slutty little bitch. Then when you're done you can do the same to me, because I'm a hot, horny, slutty, little bitch, too. And I'll fill your mouth with all the cum I can, lover."

Finally Kate pulled her head back from Jane's twat.

"Holy fuck! That was great." Kate said, panting as her heart beat fast. "But I have to get on you fast. That was so fucking hot that I'm halfway to cumming already."

The two hot women quickly changed places, then Kate lowered herself onto Jane's chest. Jane grabbed her own boob and pushed it up for Kate. Kate slid her juicing cunt over her lover's right tit.

"Oh, fuck, but this is good. It feels like a little prick inside me."

"I've had a couple of those inside me. But I prefer your lovely titty."

Kate laughed. "You've had some inside you? I've had to work for a few."

Jane laughed in return. "Yeah, who hasn't?"

Kate stared into the dark eyes of the gorgeous cop now writhing with lust under her. "Get ready, babe. I'm about to cum."

Jane stuck her tongue out. "I'm all ready, lover."

The sexy cop moved forward and let her hot box down on her friend's mouth. It took longer for Kate to cum than she had anticipated, but she loved the feeling of the beautiful woman's lips and tongue on and in her seething cunt. She took Jane's long black hair into her hands and rubbed her face into her horny snatch.

"God, but I love this, lover. I could look at your beautiful face and cum in your hot, sexy mouth forever."

Just as she said that, Kate's cunt let go a squirt of girl cum, and then another and another. She could tell that her dark haired lover had kept some cum in her mouth and was swishing it around, glorying in the taste of the wonderful cum that flowed all over her tongue.

At last Jane swallowed the last of Kate's cum and the two women lay next to each other, licking each other's tits clean, next working on their faces to get every last drop of cum, then they French kissed to taste each other's cum.

As Kate lay back, she yawned.

"I'm not boring you am I, darling?" Jane asked with a smile.

"No. But I got up just before four this morning to make sure I got a flight in case the storm caused any cancellations. Then I had to spend half the day chasing around Boston to find asshole Will. Next, I had to wait for almost two hours while he was in a meeting, too busy to see me. Finally, he spent two minutes dumping me again. And then I ran into you, and for some reason, the last few hours have been very hard on my very hot body, mostly my tits, my tongue, my fingers and my pussy."

Jane looked at the alarm clock by her bed. "It's just a few minutes past ten, so you've been awake and on the go for eighteen hours. You should get some sleep, my sexy friend. We can start over early tomorrow. In fact, I had to go halfway through Maine today to interview a witness, so I'm tired too."

Kate kissed her new lover softly. "I wish I could stay awake, but I'm beat, lover."

Jane pushed the bedding down so they could go to bed and turned out the light. Kate snuggled up against her and they kissed goodnight. Jane slid her middle finger into Kate's still wet pussy.

"This'll give you sweet dreams, sweetie."

Kate responded by sliding her own middle finger up Jane's hot cunt.

"Sweet dreams to you, too, lover."

Jane woke up and saw that her alarm clock showed that it was exactly 3AM. Also, that something warm and wet was running up and down her now leaking pussy.

"Kate? What are you doing?"

Kate giggled. "You don't know by now?"

"Very funny, sexy."

"I just woke up with this terrible thirst for your sweet pussy and all that cums with it." Kate said, making a pun.

Jane pushed the bedding off of Kate and onto the floor. "Let me scoot down a bit, honey, so we can sixty nine."

Kate moved out of the way, unhappy at having to take her mouth off of her lover's wet snatch, but happy that she'd soon be squirting her own cum into Jane's hot, wet mouth.

Kate crawled on top of her friend and put her head between her sexy host's wide spread thighs. She began to happily lick up Jane's pussy juice.

Jane centered the leaking cunt above her over her mouth, then grabbed Kate's sexy ass and pulled her slit down onto her and began licking.

My god, thought the hot assed, dark haired cop. I can't believe what we've been doing to each other. I would have thought we'd have drained each other of all the liquids our pussies could put out, but I know my cunt is leaking twice as much as just a few hours ago, and I know that my sexy, pussy loving friend is putting out even more pussy juice than I am.

Just as Jane thought that, she heard her partner's moans, get louder and she felt her muscles tense as well. She knew Kate was about to cum. She dug her fingers into Kate's booty and pushed her face into the twat of the woman writhing above her. She didn't have to wait long before she was rewarded with several squirts of the best cunt honey she'd ever tasted.

In seconds, Jane came as well. She smiled as she heard her lover moan, "I love it when you cum in my mouth, lover. I could tongue fuck your cunt forever." Then Kate's mouth was back at work on Jane's pussy.

It was no longer a surprise to Jane that they both seemed to be getting ready to cum in just a few minutes. Kate's moans grew louder, and Jane could feel a hot, sexy pressure building up deep within her own cunt. She looked up, and without thinking, pushed the first knuckle of her index finger into Kate's lovely ass. Kate stopped licking for just a second, then began again with renewed vigor. And Jane felt Kate's finger slide into her own asshole. She gave her lover a few seconds and then pushed her finger in to the second knuckle. This time Kate didn't even slow down her licking, but pushed her finger into her friend's tight ass. Jane knew that her hot, horny partner as seconds away from cumming again, so she pushed her finger all the way in and wiggled it. Kate came hard, just as she shoved her index finger into Jane's welcoming ass. Jane shot a gush of girl cum into the slutty cop's mouth seconds later.

Kate lifted herself off of Jane's sated body and moved her head next to Jane's. The stunning brunette opened her mouth slightly to show her sweet lover that it was full of cum. Jane grinned and opened her mouth. Hers was full of Kate's cum. The two rearranged themselves so they were side to side and began kissing. They made sure that there were no openings around their mouths, so that no cum would leak out. Their tongues dueled in their mouths and swirled their combined cum in their mouths until they were thoroughly mixed. Then Kate used her fingers to close her lover's mouth, then lifted her face above Jane's. She smiled down and then swallowed her mouthful of cum. Jane smiled up at her and did the same.

"That was just so totally fucking great." The sexy brunette said.

"Fucking amazing." The dark haired beauty agreed. 'But help me pull the bedding back up on the bed." Jane looked around in the barely lit bedroom. "Let me turn on the light."

"Oh, no." Jane said when she saw her new lover. "Kate! We didn't take our makeup off. Now we have eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, cum, saliva and sweat all over our faces."

Kate just giggled.

Jane stood up and held out her hand. "Care to join the Boston PD for a quick shower, Detective?"

"Does it have to be quick?"

The two women stood at the small mirror in the bathroom, cleaning their makeup off. Kate saw that Jane was eyeing her boobs as they shook and bounced while Kate scrubbed her face. She stood back, arched her back, pushing her tits out, then bounced them up and down, followed by swinging them in circles for her lover.

"See anything you like, Jane?"

Jane smiled and grabbed her lover's nipples, tweaking them gently. Then Jane did her own bump and grind, bouncing her jugs all over. Kate leaned in and caught the hot cop's titties and squeezed them.

"I think we should take our shower now." Jane said, kissing her lover softly.

"This is quite a shower." Kate said, really noticing it for the first time. It was a walk-in shower with glass doors, but it took up half the bathroom.

"The super told me that the guy who was here several tenants before me weighed over four hundred pounds. He had the shower enlarged at his own expense. He even had a tile seat put in, so he wouldn't have to stand. It makes the rest of the bathroom really tiny, but it can be a lot of fun for two."'

"We're two." Kate said, taking her lover's hand. "Let's have some fun."

The two women were soon in the shower, rubbing soap all over each other's bodies. Their slippery tits rubbed each other while each woman had a finger in the other's twat, and each was groping the other's hot, curvy ass.

Jane pulled Kate close to her. "Babe, I'd like to do something with you that I think you'll like."

Kate rubbed her hand over Jane's wet pussy mound. She had a pretty good idea of what the dark-haired beauty wanted. "Anything you want, lover. Anything at all."

"You don't know what it is."

Kate shrugged. "It's what you want, so it's what I want."

Jane kissed Kate, long and deep.

"Go to the far side of the shower, facing the wall, and spread your legs for me. Then bend over. You might want to rest your head on the wall, so you can play with those great tits."

"I know exactly what you want to do." Kate smiled. She did as she was asked.

Jane knelt behind her lover, admiring Kate's magnificent ass. She had not only shaved her pussy, but she was apparently hairless from the neck down. She had a washrag, a bottle of body wash, and a soft bristled brush. And she had what she liked to call her "secret weapon". She carefully pulled Kate's ass cheeks apart and began washing her. She put body wash on the washrag and pushed it in Kate's asshole as far as it would go. Finally, she used the brush on Kate. All this time she could hear the gorgeous detective moaning softly and erotically.

Kate hadn't really known what to expect, but what her friend was doing to her was really turning her on, to her surprise. She closed her mouth, but couldn't stop her moaning. Then she felt a familiar tightness and heat in her pussy. Oh, fuck. I'm actually going to cum just from my hot new lover playing with my asshole.

A whine escaped Kate as she felt her first cum run down her smooth, toned thighs.

Behind her, Jane put her things down and used her thumbs to expose Kate's clean asshole. She leaned in, pushed her face into her friend's ass and began licking.

Kate knew that she was about to cum again. She now had her index fingers and thumbs around her stiff nipples, twisting them to give her some relief from the throbbing need in her cunt. A second spurt and then a third shot from her pussy and was washed away by the shower.

Jane decided to go with her secret weapon. She grabbed a plastic bottle of shampoo with a six inch long ribbed neck and a rounded, one inch, ribbed top. She slid it up into Kate's juicing cunt with one swift thrust.

"Jane!" Kate whined. "What the hell is that?"

"My secret weapon, lover. It's a shampoo bottle that women can fuck themselves with. Some suit someplace made a ton of money from that idea. You okay?"

"Fuck, I couldn't be better. Keep fucking my cunt and tongueing my ass. I love it."

Jane smiled to herself and kept at it until she saw that her hot detective lover's legs were beginning to wobble.

"We'd better stop before you fall over, honey." She stood up and wrapped her arms around Kate. "You okay, love?" She asked tenderly.

"I came. I came when you were washing me and when you were giving me the rim job. I came even more when you started fucking me with the bottle."

She hugged Kate. "Your cunt, your ass and your tits were all being taken care of. I just wish I could have found some way to pleasure your mouth."

"I can still pleasure your mouth, lover." Kate said, pointing down to the plastic bottle still lodged in her twat.

Jane dropped to her knees and slowly pulled the bottle out, unleashing a minor flood of pussy juice and cum. She lapped it up eagerly. She slowly stood and held her panting lover up. "Honey, you don't have to do that to me if you don't want to."

Kate kissed her. "After how you made me feel, there's no way I won't do the same to you, lover."

But when Kate found herself kneeling behind Jane, she began to worry. Could she really do this? It still seemed kind of gross. She remembered an old Woody Allen line: "Sex is dirty if you're doing it right."

In spite of the growing knot of worry in her gut, she began cleaning her lover's asshole in preparation to give her the best rim job she could manage. She probably spent too long cleaning Jane, but now she had hooked her thumbs into the gorgeous detective's ass cheeks and was staring the little wrinkled circle that was her target. She leaned forward and licked her lover's asshole. To her surprise, she didn't find the taste gross at all. She rather liked it. The more she licked, the more she liked.

She used her thumbs to open up Jane's tight asshole. She stuck her tongue inside. She could hear her lover's moans and could tell by her movements that Jane was playing with her tits.

Kate pushed her tongue as far in as she could, then remembered the shampoo. She found it on the niche beside her and slid it into Jane's hot twat. Jane moaned loudly.

"Fuck me with that, lover. Push your tongue and the bottle into me."

As Kate pumped the shampoo bottle in and out of Jane's sexy cunt, she had an idea. Instead of an up and down motion, she began twisting the bottle inside Jane.

The dark haired Italian beauty screamed. "What are you doing to me?"

"Look down and see."

"Keep fucking me, like that, lover. In both holes."

Kate did just that, managing to push her tongue a little farther into Jane's tight ass.

Kate lost all track of time in her passionate desire to give her sexy lover the best rim job of her life. It wasn't until Jane slid against the side wall that Kate looked around her. She stood up and held her friend. Jane's eyes were half closed and they looked to be out of focus.

"Are you okay, lover?" Kate asked, now worried.

Jane smiled at her and opened her eyes fully. "Fuck, lover. That was the best fuck ever. You're the best fuck ever. I just lost it there for a second. I'm okay."

Kate sat the sexy woman down on the tile seat at the end of the shower. She dropped kissed all over her face and gently stroked Jane's neck, tits, and stomach before resting her hand on Jane's hairy landing strip.

"Don't you want to do what I did?" Jane said in a whisper.


"My pussy. I ate you. Don't you want to do the same?"

Kate looked down and saw the shampoo bottle was still wedged in Jane's tight twat. As she knelt before her lover, Jane put her legs on Kate's back, opening her thighs to her. Kate slid the bottle out and quickly gulped down the cunt juice and cum that poured out. She kept licking the beautiful cunt until she remembered the time and how totally fucked Jane had looked.

She stood up and took Jane's hand. "Time for bed, lover."

Once snuggled back under the covers, Jane again slid her middle finger into Kate's still leaking twat.

"More sweet dreams, Kate."

Kate slid her finger into Jane. "My reality is better than any dreams."

When Jane woke up, it was after 9:30 and her pussy and her bed were empty. She wondered if her lover had snuck out earlier. Then she heard the rattle of dishes from the kitchen and knew her sexy cop friend was still here.

She got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. She was greeted by the sight of Kate Beckett's magnificent ass. Kate, wearing only an apron, was bent over the kitchen table. Jane walked over and goosed her friend's ass.

Kate jumped. "I was just going to wake you up. I made us breakfast. I made pancakes, eggs, I hope you like them scrambled, bacon and coffee."

"Wonderful, sweetie, but take off that apron. You're way overdressed.

Kate did a little bump and grind striptease, showing one tit and then the other, finally showing both tits and jiggling them. She turned around and wiggled her ass at her now aroused lover, and finally dropped the apron.

When the women had finished breakfast, Jane said, "Come and sit on my lap, honey."

Kate plopped her taut ass onto Jane's lap. Jane reached onto the table and grabbed a squeeze bottle of honey. She squeezed some onto Kate's nipple. Then she reached down and sucked the sweet liquid from her firm tit. She repeated the process on the other pretty titty.

"You do have sweet tits, Kate."

"Okay, but now it's my turn." Kate grabbed the bottle and squirted honey on both of Jane's knockers, licking it away quickly. The two women looked at each other, knowing what was going to happen next.

They pushed the dishes to one end of the table and Kate lay on the table, spreading her long, slender legs. Jane flicked the nub of Kate's clit, then poured honey on it. Another squeeze put a streak of honey down Kate's pussy lips. Jane buried her face in her friend's hot cunt, sucking up two kinds of sweet nectar. Then she pushed her hot lover's legs up. Kate saw what she was doing and pulled her legs up with her hands behind her knees. Jane shot a pool of honey onto Kaye's puckered asshole and ran her tongue over it, sucking up every drop and causing her friend to come. Jane took advantage of that to push her face back into her friend's heated twat.

Then they switched places. This time, Kate fingered her friend's pussy so that she could pour some honey inside her lover's hot pussy. She did the same with Jane's lovely asshole.

When they were done, they went back to the bedroom. Kate sprawled on the bed, but Jane stood there, looking at her sexy cop lover.

"Do you want to do something a little kinky?" She asked.

"Kinkier than tongue fucking each other's assholes?" Kate replied with a smile.

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Jane, lover, you know I'll do absolutely anything with you or for you. Anything."

Jane headed for her bedroom closet and pulled out a cardboard box from way in the back.

"My dyke cop lover gave me this." Jane said.

"What exactly is "this"?

"It's a pair of black leather panties with two rings in front, one inside and one outside. The inside one latches onto an eight inch long dildo. The front ring latches onto a twelve inch dildo."

Kate checked the two dildos out. "They're hot pink?" She giggled.

"I guess she thought they were girly. Anyway, she was kind of a dom and she liked to be rough with me. But I don't like rough. Do you?"

Kate shook her head. "I don't like rough either. I'd never be rough with you." She smiled. "So, you want to really fuck me?"

"I want to fuck as much of this into your gorgeous cunt as you can manage."

"How much have you had?" Kate was curious.

"The whole twelve inches."

"Then that's how much I want in my pussy, lover."

Jane smiled. "You really want me to fuck you with a foot of cock? You want me to fuck you and make you my bitch?"

Kate shook her head, causing her titties to jiggle enticingly. "Yes. That's what I want."

Jane got a mischievous gleam in her eye. "So tell me what you want. What do you want, sexy?"

"I want you to fuck my hot, horny, wet cunt. I want you to fuck your slutty bitch all day. I want you to push that hot pink cock into me all the way. I want you to fuck me and not stop. I want you to fuck me until my girl cum drenches the whole bed. I want you to fuck my needy, dripping twat until that cock comes out of my mouth. I want you to fuck me with all of your strength and...."

By now Jane was laughing. "Okay, okay. I get the picture."

She began to get herself ready. Jane latched the inside dildo to the panties and pulled them up her long, lean legs. She pushed the eight incher into her slick, wet cunt.

"The one inside me isn't as long, but it's wider." Jane moaned as the cock pushed home in her snatch.

She attached the big cock to the panties. There was a click as the device was hooked on. Jane took some lube and spread it over the cock jutting from her panties.

"I'm sure you'll get me hot enough and wet enough." Kate said, already beginning to slide a finger up and down her slick pussy lips.

"Just being careful, lover."

Kate spread her legs as widely as she could manage, and Jane crawled on top of her. But to Kate's surprise, the sexy cop just lay there.

"If you're going to be my sexy bitch, Kate, you'll have to put my cock into your cunt."

She reached under her friend and placed the cockhead at the entrance of her slick slit.

Jane lifted herself a bit off of Kate.

"If you look down, sweetie, you'll see little purple lines on the top of the cock. Those show inches. You have two inches inside of you now. Okay?"

Kate nodded. "Give me more."

Another two inches slid into her.

Kate nodded. "It's okay. It's wider than anything I've had, but I'm okay."

Jane pushed more in. "Six inches now, Kate. How are you?"

"Fine. Give me more."

Jane shook her head. "I'm going to try to lube your pussy a bit."

Jane moved her cock back and forth, moving it by two or three inches each time. As she did so, Kate moaned and squirmed under her.

"Ready for some more?"

Kate nodded.

"Eight inches are in you now, lover. How is it?"

"It's fucking great. This is about as far as I've ever had anything or anyone in me. It still feels great. More"

Two more inches were slowly slid into her hot, pulsing cunt. Kate felt like she was about to cum, locked her legs and arms around Jane and pulled Jane to her, sliding all twelve inches into her full pussy.

"Fuck, Jane. I've never had anything like this. This is the best fuck ever. Thank you, lover. Thank you."

Kate put her arms around Jane's neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss, all the time thrusting her tight, sexy ass up and down on the bed, driving the fake cock in and out. Kate came, long and hard. She had the best orgasm of her life with a woman she hardly knew, fucking her with a fake prick and Kate loved every inch of it.

With Kate still in a state of sexual bliss, Jane began fucking her hot lover in earnest. The big cock went back and forth going from having all twelve inches in Kate's steaming twat, to having perhaps six in it and then back to twelve. Jane slid the cock in and out as Kate begged her to fuck her more.

Jane began to mindlessly fuck her lover, unable to think of anything other than fucking this hot, sexy bitch to cum and cum again. Finally, she noticed that Kate's arms and legs were only loosely around her and that her eyes were a bit unfocused. She remembered what she had been like last night and stopped fucking Kate, leaving all twelve inches of fake cock buried in her welcoming cunt. Kate kept mumbling, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Over and over and over.

Jane remained on top of Kate, letting her recover. After about ten minutes, Kate spoke.

"Jane, that was the best fuck ever. Thank you, lover. Thank you so much."

Jane kissed Kate softly and whispered in her ear.

"I wish I was fucking you with a real cock, so I could feel your tight cunt gripping me, and feel your pussy juice and cum for myself. I'd love to cum inside of you and shoot my cum into your beautiful cunt and your lovely womb."

"You want to knock me up?" Kate giggled.

"Maybe not." Jane admitted.

"Sweetie, about my cum. I think it's all trapped inside me still. Your big pink cock is keeping it there."

Jane reached between them and ran her hand around Kate's pussy and onto the sheets. There was dampness, but nothing like the flood she'd expect from the hot fucking detective.

"Let me look." Jane undid the big cock from her panties without pulling it from Kate's pussy. Jane decided that she did look a bit puffy. "I'm going to put my mouth right by your cunt, lover, and swallow whatever comes out."

Jane put her mouth as close as she could to the still throbbing cunt and quickly pulled the dildo out. Kate's cum came splashing out all over Jane's face. Jane caught as much of it with her mouth as she could, and then licked her lover's hot cunt, thighs and ass, getting all she could. She collapsed back on Kate.

"You have the tastiest cum in the world. I could lick your snatch forever."

"Sorry, but you have the tastiest cum, lover, and I want to fuck you now."

"You up for it? You look fucked out."

"Try me." Kate replied.

Kate grabbed the foot long dildo and licked her own cum from it. Jane pulled the shorter dildo out of her twat and playfully licked it.

"See, Kate, you prefer your cum to mine."

The sexy cop just laughed in reply.

Kate slid the inner dildo into her sopping snatch.

"Fuck! That is really thick. It feels good though." She pulled the panties up and hooked both dildos to the leather.

"Ready, bitch?" She asked as Jane lay back and spread her long legs for her new lover.

Jane nodded vigorously, causing her tits to jiggle nicely.

"Tell me how badly you want it?" Kate said, running her hand over the big dildo.

Jane pulled her pussy lips apart.

"Please fuck me, lover. Please fuck your little bitch until I pass out and then fuck me some more. All I want is for sexy Kate Beckett to fuck my cunt. Bang my twat. Pierce my pussy. Fill my hot fuck hole. Screw my slit. Please, please, please."

Kate knelt on the bed between Jane's widespread legs and slowly laid down. Jane didn't need to be told. She reached down for the dildo and placed it just inside her pussy lips.


Jane nodded. "Fuck me, lover. Just shove that big dick all the way inside me."

Kate didn't want to hurt the gorgeous dark haired cop, so she started pushing into her lover's juicing snatch slowly, looking down and counting the inches as they went in.

"Two inches. Four inches. Six inches. Eight. Ten. Twelve inches. You have a foot of cock in your cunt. You're so wet, I can hear your pussy squishing."

"Then fuck me." Jane cried, pushing her taut ass up off the bed to get Kate to fuck her.

Remembering how fucked up she'd been after Jane had fucked her, Kate slid the big cock into and out of Jane slowly but passionately. She kissed Jane, pushing her tongue as far into her mouth as it would go and explored every inch of it. She alternately squeezed her tits, tweaked her stiff nipples and stroked her lover's fine ass.

Jane felt heat starting in her cunt and spreading to her whole body. Soon she was rocked with wave after wave of orgasms. When Kate finally stopped, Jane was totally limp.

"You okay?"

Jane nodded slowly. "That was the best fuck of my life. If it wasn't for the fact that I know you can do it over and over to me, I'd close up my pussy forever. Nothing could top that."

"I'll be happy to try."

Kate unhitched the big dildo and pulled it out of Jane. She caught a river of cum draining from her lover's sloppy slit. She reattached the dildo, put it back in Jane and the two relaxed.

After a while, Jane spoke. "You know what I want now."

"I guess I do. I want it too."

And so, Kate Beckett found herself face down on the bed with her beautiful ass in the air, ready for her first ever buttfucking.

From behind her, Jane spoke. "Baby, I'm going to use my finger to push some lube up your ass, then I'll use two fingers. Then I'll lube the dildo really good and slide it right up your gorgeous ass. You've done this before, right?"

Kate shook her head. "Never."

Jane was surprised. "What? That perfect ass is cherry. I'll be fucking your ass for the first time?"

Kate nodded.

"I'll be as gentle as I can, sweetie. Any time you want me to stop, or quit all together, just say so. We don't have to put it all the way in, either."

"Have you had it all the way up your ass?"

"Yes. All twelve inches."

"I want it all, too, then. Fuck my cherry ass, Jane. Fuck it."

Before she started lubing Kate's ass, she reached down and kissed Kate's puckered anus. She licked her asshole and promised herself she'd give her friend the best ass fucking she'd ever have.

She scooped up the lube and pushed as much as she could up Kate's tight ass. Then she lubed the dildo, getting as much on it as she could.

Meanwhile, Kate was starting to feel the sexy pressure in her pussy that told her an orgasm was building.

Jane used her thumbs to part Kate's ass cheeks. She gently pushed the dildo an inch into her butt. She slowly pushed inch after inch up the tight ass channel of her lover. She loved to watch the dildo go further and further up her ass. She found that just the sight of Kate's ass taking its first ever fucking was enough to turn her on. Finally, she felt her thighs hit Kate's ass.

"There it is, Kate. You're no longer an anal virgin. You've been butt fucked, lover. Now I'm going to give you an anal orgasm."

Kate reached back to finger herself and play with her clit. She found Jane's hand in the way.

"No way, Kate. You're going to come just from me fucking your ass and topping you."

Kate groaned, but her groans soon turned to sexy moans as she was fucked up the ass by her lover.

Jane cupped her hand under Kate's cunt and was rewarded with her friend cumming on her hand four times. Three times Jane drank down the tasty liquid, but not the fourth. All the while, Kate moaned, whined, whimpered and wailed in between begging Jane, "Keep fucking my ass. Keep fucking my ass." She wiggled her ass frantically to get all the pleasure from being buttfucked that she could.

Finally, Kate collapsed on the bed. Jane gently lay down on top of her.

"I can't believe how good that felt." She said after a few minutes. "And you know what I want to do now?"

"It's your turn to fuck my ass, lover. But first, there's something for you. Remember this day, Kate Beckett. Today, Jane Rizzoli took your anal cherry, fucked your virgin ass and turned you into a little butt slut. And for that you get a reward. You get a drink of the tastiest cum in the world: Yours." Jane held her hand out with the fourth helping of Kate's cum in it. "Drink."

"But your cum is the best in the world." Kate argued.

"Former anal virgins don't get to argue with the woman who first fucked their perfect cherry asses. Drink."

Kate drank.

Jane pulled out of Kate and was soon waving her curvy, tight ass at her friend while Kate lubed her ass and the dildo. As Jane had done, Kate licked Jane's asshole and ran her tongue around it. Then he began sliding her dildo up Jane's ass. She was fascinated and turned on at the sight of inch after inch of pink fake cock going into her friend.

"I always thought anal sex was kind of gross. But after getting a rim job from you in the shower, doing it to you in return, not to mention licking your sweet ass at breakfast, and losing my ass cherry to you, I want you to fuck my ass all the time." Kate giggled. "I wish there could be four of you. I need you for my cunt, my ass, my tits and my mouth."

Jane had had the dildo up her ass a number of times, but her dyke cop lover had been rough on her. She settled in for some slow, sweet, ass fucking, cumming time after time. As before, Jane wasn't allowed to get her hand anywhere near her sweet snatch. Kate caught her girl cum and drank it down, except for the last cum, which she had Jane drink. Jane drank it without complaint, using her tongue to lap her cum off of Kate's palm.

Kate turned Jane over, cleaned the dildo on the bedspread and slid it back in Jane's sopping cunt. The two sexy women dozed and each one rocked her hips back and forth in their half awake state to cum again.

Kate looked at her watch. "Jane, lover. Wake up. I have to get back to my hotel and catch my flight."

Jane groaned. "Do you have to?"

Kate pulled her dildo out of Jane's sloppy cunt then leaned down and ran her lips over her lover's pussy lips.

"Yes, I do. You know I have to go."

The two women quickly dressed.

"My car is parked here. I can drive you to your hotel and to the airport. I know some shortcuts and if we have to, I can use the lights and siren."

"Sounds good."

Once they were in her hotel room, the sexy cop stripped to just her high heels and began taking out clean clothes and putting her other clothes in her suitcase. Kate checked her phone for messages, then checked the airline on her tablet.

"Okay. The plane's on time and everything is fine. We've got lots of time."

Kate went into the bathroom to do her makeup, wiggling her sexy ass as she did so.

Jane suddenly realized why her hot lover was strutting sluttily around in the nude. When Kate came out of the bathroom, Jane was just pulling her panties off.

Kate laughed. "I didn't think you'd ever get the idea."

Jane walked over, picked Kate up and dumped her in the middle of the king-sized bed. Jane placed her drooling cunt over Kate's face and fiercely pushed her own face into the sexy, sloppy pussy beneath her. Kate helped by throwing her legs around Jane's head and holding her against her gushing pussy. Both women stuck a finger in the other's now loosened asshole and both reached for a firm tit to squeeze and a nipple to pinch. Both were desperate to lick out as much of the others precious pussy juice and cum as they could.

After both had cum twice in each other's willing mouths, Kate patted Jane's lovely ass.

"That's enough, lover. Time to go."

Jane sighed, took one long, last lick of the sexy cop's cunt and rolled off of her.

As they dressed again, she noticed Kate didn't have a bra on as she pulled a black sweater over her head.

"You're not wearing a bra?"

"For some reason my tits are sore, like someone had been squeezing, kissing and sucking on them lot. Actually, my cunt and my asshole are sore, too."

"I'm sorry, lover. I didn't mean to..."

Jane's apology was stopped by Kate's mouth kissing her. "Don't apologize. I loved every second of it."

Kate took a business card from her purse. "This is my card. I wrote my home address, cell number and personal e-mail on the back. Please come to New York and see me again."

Jane handed her back her own business card. "I put the same stuff on the back of my card. Although I'd rather see your other business card."

Kate frowned. "Other card?"

Jane blushed slightly. "It's an old slang term for the area between a woman's pussy and her asshole. They say that hookers used to write their price lists there, so if their John was a cop, he couldn't say she'd actually asked for money for sex. And a little rubbing with saliva and the evidence is gone."

Kate smiled. "The next time you see my business card, it's going to say, "This whore is absolutely free to Jane Rizzoli." And if you can't make it to New York, I'll try to get back here."

When they got outside it as nearly dark and the storm had swung back and was dumping sheets of rain on Boston.

Once out in traffic, Kate undid her seatbelt and slid her head onto Jane's lap. She pulled up her sweater, allowing her braless tits to wiggle and jiggle as the car moved. She took Jane's right hand from the steering wheel and put it on one tit.

"They're already sore, so I might as well get some pleasure from them."

Jane stroked and squeezed her lover's bouncing jugs until Kate pushed herself onto Jane's lap, with her head resting on the door's armrest. She undid her pants and pushed them and her panties down to her lower thighs.

"You're going to get us both killed by distracting me while I drive, you crazy slut." Jane quickly stuck her fingers into Kate's warm, wet pussy and dug out all the liquid she could and pushed it into her mouth.

"This crazy slut has faith in the crazy slut driving." Kate moaned, loving how Jane was finger fucking her twat.

When the car stopped, Kate could see that there was very little lighting around them.

"Where are we?"

"The maintenance storage area for the airport. We're behind a giant firetruck that'll he here for another week, and with this rain, no one will be out here to bother us. Don't worry. There's a covered walkway that'll take us to the airport police station. Now, get that perfect ass back in your seat and get naked."

Kate didn't exactly get naked, but she pushed her pants and panties off and pulled her sweater up so she could feel up her tits.

Jane crawled across Kate and got on the floor, pushing the seat back and lowering the seatback. Then she began giving some serious head.

Kate had her feet on the dashboard so she could spread her long legs as far as she could. While still playing with one tit, she wound her fingers into Jane's long, black hair and pulled her face up and down over her hot, needy cunt.

"I'm going to cum for you, lover. All over your beautiful face, into your hot sucking mouth and all the way into your stomach." And that's exactly what she did, again and again.

Jane whined with displeasure when Kate pulled her head away from the cunt she was worshipping with her tongue.

"My turn, babe. It's your turn to get naked and take my place."

The two women crawled over each other and in no time, Kate was licking Kate's delicious snatch and swallowing her pussy juice and cum.

"I love to look at your beautiful face buried in my pussy. And the thought of you with my cum on your face, in your mouth, and down your throat is enough to make me cum again." Which, to Kate's delight, is exactly what she did.

All good things cum to an end and the two began to get dressed. Jane saw Kate take a clean pair of panties from her purse.

"Can I have those as a souvenir?"

Kate handed them over. "If I can have yours."

Jane rubbed Kate's panties against her cheek while Kate inhaled the scent of her lover.

Jane knew one of the officers on duty in the airport station and explained that Kate was a New York cop. The officers hardly looked up from their newspapers.

Jane led Kate down a long, dimly lit, poorly maintained hallway. When they reached a small alcove, Jane pulled her in, kissing her passionately, pushing her hand under her sweater to cup her bare tit and rubbing her pussy mound.

Kate responded in kind, but then broke the kiss.

"We can't fuck here, lover, although I'd love to."

"I know. I just wanted one more time with you. I'll come to New York as soon as I can."

"Or I'll come back to Boston. Don't worry. This wasn't a one night stand for me."

Jane held Kate tightly and whispered in her ear, "I love you, Kate Beckett."

She held her breath in anticipation until Kate licked her ear and whispered back, "I love you, too, Jane Rizzoli."

Kate Beckett walked away, looking back over her shoulder and putting some extra wiggle in her ass as she did. Then she turned a corner and was gone.

Jane drove back to her apartment and began stripping as soon as the door closed behind her. She went to her closet and got out her biggest vibrator. Although she was wet enough to slide it all the way inside her at once, she began by running it over her clit first, then her pussy lips and then slowly pushed it all the way into her soft, wet cunt.

When she came, she pulled the vibrator out and licked it clean, then scooped up every drop from her pussy and licked her fingers clean.

She pushed the vibrator back inside of her and put Kate's panties over her face. She closed her eyes and imagined the beautiful Kate Beckett sprawled naked on her bed. She dreamed of Kate spreading her long legs for her. Then she saw herself kneeling between her thighs, bending down to suck up every drop from Kate's gushing cunt.

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