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Castle Season 4 Episode 13: An Embarrassment Of Bitches - Kate Goes To The Dogs Part 3 (mF,bmail,bond,toys,drugs,ncon)
by Sith Lord ([email protected])

Kate Beckett thought silently to herself that she was having a hell of a week. Just yesterday she was raped by a dog that she was watching to help with her current case. While she was being dog raped she had the biggest orgasms of her life so far which was really fucking with her head. Then she found out that someone had photos of her rape session with the dog and was going to blackmail her unless she did whatever someone told her to do. Little did she know that her blackmailer was a young teen boy, and now she was blindfolded, and tied spread out naked on her own bed. She had no idea what was going to happen next, but even if she couldn't show it to her captor she was scared of what he might have planned. Especially after he whispered into her ear "I am going to take my time and break you Nikki Heat. Before I am done, you will beg me to stick my cock inside you, and then I will, and you WILL fuck me like the bitch you are." The way that he said it...something about it unnerved her to her core.

Reggie had set down his backpack on her carpeted floor. He had ball gagged her for the time being so that she couldn't make too much noise and alert her neighbors to what he was doing. He had also restrained her so that she couldn't fight him while he broke her and turned her into his personal fuck toy. He really didn't care that she had sex with a dog, If anything it made him more turned on. He started to unpack his backpack of "goodies" that he had brought with him for this occasion. In his backpack he had a 6 inch dildo that had spinning pearls inside of it and a rabbit stimulator for the clit, 2 more egg vibrators, 4 small baggies of powder cocaine, a roll of duct tape, aphrodisiac lube, and a video camera and stand. The vibrators and cocaine came from his "Step-mom". She was never around and would probably never use miss them anyway considering she had a stockpile. He set up the video camera staying as quiet as possible so as to not alarm his new plaything, and set it to record the whole bedroom. He had a plan for Ms. Beckett and he was just getting started. First things first, he needed to warm her up...after he got naked of course. Stripping out of his clothes he stood at 5 feet 2 inches which was significantly shorter that the 5 foot 9 goddess he had strapped to the bed, but he was gifted where it counted with a massive 7.5 inch cock that was almost 5 inches around in girth. His small hands could barely close around it when he masturbated to any image he could find of the Nikki Heat inspiration, Kate Beckett. The sex scenes that the author had put into the books were so hot he always had to jerk off after reading them. And being a 13 year old boy that developed early he was almost always masturbating. He had a nice frame for a boy of his age and still had a little bit of baby fat still left on his 100 pound frame but it just made him look cuter to the opposite sex that liked boys his age. He had the beginnings of his pubic hair coming in which framed his oversized cock and balls very nicely (or so he thought). Looking at the naked form of Det. Beckett on the bed squirming around, trying to find a weakness in his binding of her, he got hard nearly instantly. She was so beautiful. With perky 34B cup breasts that had quarter sized brown aureoles and nipples that stood out like erasers from her breasts. He couldn't help it and leapt onto the bed to suck on them.

Kate was hearing sounds, but couldn't make them out. She kept squirming around trying to find a way to loosen her bindings, but the cuffs were tight and the headboard made of sturdy metal. The bindings on her feet were also tight and also tied to her metal footboard. She was stuck. Her mind was trying to think of some sort of escape plan but she was very aware of her naked body and that her nipples were hardening in the cool air of her apartment. She also was blindfolded and had no idea what was going on around her. Her situation just kept getting worse and worse ever since that damn dog came over! She felt the bed move and a depression in the mattress formed to her right. She jumped as she felt a mouth close around her right breast and a tongue began to tease her nipple.

Reggie felt her startled jump as he started to suck on her breast. He loved breasts. He knew even at 13 that he was a leg and breast kind of male. He could appreciate a good butt, but it wasn't what he was into. He loved boobs, and hers were damned near perfect in his eyes. He flicked his tongue repeatedly over her nipple and gently bit on the nub in his mouth. He was getting really hard and his cock was almost throbbing. He wanted to just put his cock into her pussy right now and pound her all night long, but that would go against his plans. He was going to break her and have her begging for his cock by the end of the night. He regretfully let go of the beautiful breast and started his task of making the lovely Detective Kate Beckett his slave.

Kate was struggling to get the mouth off her breast. She knew it was the boy that was sucking on her breast and in her mind she knew it was incredibly wrong for him to be sucking on her breast like this. She wasn't able to ask him through the ball gag how old he actually was, and at this point she was too afraid to ask. Regardless, he was sucking and nibbling on her nipples almost like he was expecting them to give milk. Despite herself Kate Beckett loved having her nipples played with. It was a major weak point for her that the boy probably didn't know about, but it was making her damp. The dampness in her loins was building as he continued his assault in her breast. Thankfully he stopped. She felt the bed spring back to normal as his body weight left the bed. She had no idea what was in store for her though.

Reggie went back to his bag and took out the baggies of cocaine that he had liberated from his "step-mom". He also had a straw. He held the straw with one finger covering an opening and poured the tiny bag of powder into the straw. From what he had seen in movies and from T.V. he estimated it to be at about two lines worth of coke. He held it carefully in his hand and leapt back onto the bed. His hard cock dangling between his legs as he straddled the stunning detective just above her heaving breasts. He couldn't help himself and took his 7 and a half inch cock and gently slapped her on the cheeks with his member. She turned her face to try to avoid his tool, but with 7.5 inches of hard cock she couldn't get away from its reach. He laughed a little at that, being a teen boy he found it quite funny to watch her try to avoid it. His cock now leaking pre-cum was leaving little trails of wetness on her cheeks. After a few minutes of this he got bored and decided it was time. In one swift motion that caught the detective completely off guard he jammed the straw up her nose and covered her mouth with his hand so she couldn't breathe through the ball gag. The detective was forced to breathe through her nose and took a deep inhale of the powder cocaine. She struggled a bit, but once he was sure she had inhaled it all he took his hand off her mouth and de-mounted the detective and went to his bag to grab a few more things.

Kate had felt the bed move again after a few minutes and then the feeling of the boy mounting her just above her chest. She then felt something smacking her on her cheeks. "It couldn't be...No...No teenage boy was this big!" she thought to herself as the "cock" smacked her again and again on her cheeks. "It just isn't possible. This is a seriously grown-man sized monster dick that is hitting me in my face. It has to just be a dildo or something." she thought. Then she felt the wetness on her cheek and the wet sound of skin slapping skin and she knew that it was the boy's python that was on her cheek. She felt the wetness of what she knew was likely the young boys pre-cum on her cheek and she shuddered at the thought of what he was going to do to her with that massive cock. She wasn't sure though if it was a shudder of distaste or of the lingering feeling in her groin from when he was nibbling on her breast. Then all of a sudden she felt something jam into her nose that felt like a slim straw and the boy's hand cover her mouth so she couldn't breathe from it! She breathed through her nose and felt a powder flow up her nose. She panicked and struggled to get free as more of the powder was forced up her nose. She was no stranger to drugs. One of the little known things about her was a very rebellious phase that she had gone through after her mother died. She had experimented with some drugs and knew the familiar feel of cocaine flowing up her nose. She found out in her youth that she was incredibly sensitive to the white powder and it caused her to become VERY sexually charged. The most that she had ever done was about half a line. That was about all it took for her to want to jump the bones of the nearest male. She never touched the stuff ever again after one party where she was very nearly raped if not for her best friend that saved her from the Frat House. Coincidentally she stopped using all drugs after that (except for alcohol). She felt the powder work its way up her nose, and then relief. Her nose was almost burning. It must have been at least two lines that she did. With her constitution for this drug being very low she was in some very real trouble if this boy actually did try to have sex with her. She might just wind up begging him to fuck her like he wanted. Beckett started to panic a little, which only helped pump the drug through her system faster. The fall of Detective Kate Beckett had started.

Reggie took out the dildo and the aphrodisiac lube he had procured. Now things were going to get interesting. He took out a latex glove and applied the lube to the dildo. According to the person he got the lube from it was VERY strong stuff and as a teen boy he was already sexually charged 99% of the time and didn't need any more help in that area. He took the lubed up dildo and went back to the bed that contained the tied up detective with a strip of duct tape.

Kate felt the bed sag again as the boy climbed back on. Only this time he was positioning in between her legs. Did he actually mean to rape her already? She started to panic and struggle as she felt something wet and slightly cold start to enter her pussy. It felt big and hard. It was penis shaped but it just didn't feel quite right. Her hips jumped in shock when it started to vibrate and turn inside her. It was a dildo, and a BIG dildo at that! It wasn't as large as Royal's dog cock, but it was still stretching her a little. She could feel what felt like beads turning at the same time as the dildo vibrated inside of her. She then felt something surround the area around her clitoris and knew that those were likely some kind of rabbit ears. She had seen these dildos before. The beads were meant to stimulate her G-Spot as the rabbit ears vibrated on her clit. That coupled with the vibrating of the dildo would probably have her cumming in mere minutes after the two lines of cocaine the boy just forced up her nose. "Oh God no!" she thought as she felt something like tape being applied to her privates to keep the dildo in place. He had taken away her plan to force out the dildo to keep herself from having what would probably be a massive orgasm. Now it was stuck inside her and was already starting to make her pussy juices flow as the vibrations took their toll.

Reggie just finished taping the dildo to Kate and turned it to low and thought her actually heard a little moan escape from his captive.

"Well now Nikki are you getting turned on?" he asked the naked beauty. Unable to really reply to him she just shook her head "No" vigorously. "Are you sure? I could have sworn that I heard a little moan escape from you just now. Are you already breaking so easily? Are you ready to beg for my cock inside you yet?"

Again a vigorous head shake of "No".

"OK then." Reggie said as he took out a remote control. "Let the slave training begin!" He exclaimed as he flicked the switch to HIGH"

Kate felt the vibrator inside her kick into high and she let out a muffled cry due to the ball gag in her mouth. She twisted and squirmed in an attempt to get the vibrator out of her pussy, but the tape held it firmly in place. She felt the high speed spinning of the beads stroking against her insides while the rabbit ears applied constant pleasure to her clitoris. Kate knew that she wasn't going to last very long like this. The beads were grinding into her g-spot and she wasn't able to think very clearly because of the drugs. Her pussy felt so damn good and as much as she wanted to deny it an orgasm was building inside her that she couldn't control.

Reggie saw Kate's hips start to make small thrusting motions and knew she was getting close to her orgasm. He flipped the switch in his hands from "High" to "Off".

Kate was unconsciously thrusting her hips forward trying to somehow get the dildo deeper inside her. Then the vibrations and spinning stopped. She caught herself before a moan escaped her lips and brought her hips back down to the bed.

"Wow!" exclaimed Reggie. "That was sexy as hell! The way your hips were moving almost trying to take more of the dildo inside you. Are you getting turned on in front of me Detective Beckett? Are you ready to beg for my cock yet?" He asked the bound and gagged detective. Another vigorous shake of her head no told him he had much more work to do. As she lay there with her perfectly formed breasts heaving up and down with a sheen of moisture starting to develop on her perky breasts he couldn't help himself, he dove onto the bed and started to lick at her skin. He licked all around her chest and then latched himself onto her left breast sucking as if he was a baby and trying to get milk. Which of course wouldn't happen until he made her pregnant with his child. He heard her muffled cry of shock as he sucked and nibbled at her nipple, followed by what he thought was a slight moan. He flicked the switch in his hands to turn the vibrator back on, and this time he really did hear a moan come from behind the ball gag! Slowly but surely Kate Beckett would beg for him to fuck her.

Kate felt the boy jump onto the bed and begin to lick around her breasts. She jumped and let out a startled cry when he latched onto her breast and sucked hard on it. Her nipples were so sensitive from the drugs finally kicking in that she let out a moan but stifled it as soon as she felt it come out. Kate hoped that the boy didn't notice it. She heard a small click and the vibrator inside her soaked pussy came back to life and vibrated fiercely. Kate couldn't help it the drugs were making her pussy so wet and the stimulation on her g-spot and clit were so intense she tried to fight it down, but instead the moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Emboldened Reggie stepped up the speed on the vibrator. He could hear the vibrator and the wetness of her pussy. She started to moan through the ball gag the drugs and the vibrator taking their toll on her as he sucked, licked, and nibbled on her perky brown nipples. Her hips thrust outwards and upwards as she was obviously close to a massive orgasm. Reggie quickly shut off the vibrator. The bound detective kept thrusting her hips up and down but it was no use the orgasm was slowly abating.

Kate could feel the massive orgasm building and wanted the release it would bring her. In her drug fueled mind she needed it badly. She could feel the boy nibble on her nipple and she was so close to the edge. Just a few more seconds and the bliss would wash over her. Then the vibrating stopped and her nipple was no longer being pleasured. She noticed that her hips were still thrusting trying to take more of the dildo into herself but it was no use. The orgasm was creeping back and the feeling was going away, but her need to cum remained. She wanted the release. The drug the boy had given her had taken hold and she felt like she did back in her days of experimentation. She wanted to cum and cum hard. He brain still had some shred of dignity yet and she knew how to get the release she needed, but she couldn't do it. She couldn't beg this young boy to fuck her. To take her and rape her until she got the release she wanted. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt and her pussy was the wettest it had been since Royal made her his bitch the first time. She had to try something to get him to stop before...

Reggie heard her try to talk through the ball gag and he knew she would beg him to stop, which meant she only needed a little bit more to make her give in. He decided that it was time to remove the ball gag. "I can hear you trying to say something. I'll remove the ball gag, but if you make any attempt to scream for help I swear I will press one button on my phone, and you'll be known as the dog fucking cop forever!" Reggie said as he leaned in and removed the ball gag. He left the blind fold on because for now he wanted to.

Kate felt the release of her mouth and sighed a bit as her jaw was able to loosen up. She knew she had one chance. "Please! Stop this!" Kate gasped out in between deep breaths of air. She tried to appeal to some semblance of mercy in this young boy that was ravaging her body. Her heart was threatening to beat out of her chest due to the drugs. Her pussy was drenched with her nectar from the constant edging this boy was doing. Her nipples were aching from the stimulation they were receiving. She wanted him to stop, but she couldn't remember a time when she had wanted to cum so bad. Her body was almost overtaking her reason. If this went on any much longer she would most definitely be begging for cock and probably having one of the largest orgasms in her life.

Reggie was ecstatic. The fact that she was begging him to stop, even while her hips were making small thrusting motions meant that she was almost there. She was almost ready to beg for his dick. He couldn't wait to hear those words!

Kate felt the dildo vibrate back to life and stimulate her pussy again. She guessed she had received her answer. The vibrator was pleasuring nearly every inch of her pussy and her clit was protruding from its hood wanting more and more stimulation. She again felt her orgasm nearing as her hips began making their undulating movements trying to get more of the dildo inside herself. Again the spinning dildo stopped dead inside her before she could reach the edge of her release. This time she didn't realize it until too late but a weak moan escaped her lips.

"Sounds like you are finally getting into this Nikki. Are you ready to beg for my cock yet?" Reggie asked, as her stopped shaking and a small moan escaped her beautiful lips.

"Never!" she said still defiant.

"Fine then this will keep happening until you do!" Reggie shot back.

Kate felt the dildo stir back to life nearing her closer to the edge, but again stopping before she could crest it. This kept up for what felt like at least an hour for her (but was really only about 20 minutes). She could feel her mind caving to her body each time he brought her close then denied her the release she needed. She could hear her moans now as they readily flowed from her as the dildo stroked her pussy walls and mauled her clitoris. She would break soon and the worst part is, that she knew it and still wanted this boy to let her cum, and it had to be by his dick plunging into her pussy then she was almost ready to beg for it.

Reggie knew she was very close. Likely just one or two more edgings and she would beg for it. Her moans were now coming from her luscious lips in steady streams and her hips were desperately trying to make the dildo go deeper, but to no use. He switched it off and just waited for the magical words he wanted to hear.

Kate Beckett felt the orgasm getting nearer and nearer and then once again the dildo switched off and denied her the release she wanted. "Damnit! I need it!" She screamed. Kate Beckett the pride of the NYPD had broken and would be this boy's plaything if it meant getting her release that she so desperately needed.

"Say it louder and beg for my cock!" Reggie whispered back into her ear from the edge of the bed where he was watching.

"Please give me your cock! I need to cum!" She screamed out loud.

Reggie was on top of her in mere seconds. He yanked the duct tape loose from her thighs and heard her yelp as the tape pulled from her legs. He pulled out the dildo from her dripping channel and felt the wetness on the dildo. He wanted to taste her first before he came inside her. He slid back down her body, his skin gliding down her sweat glistening skin. He smelled her musk as he put his lips to her pink pussy lips and slipped his tongue into her. He lapped at her pussy tasting her on his tongue. Her scent and her taste was exquisite. His tongue slipping up along her clit had her grinding her pussy back into his mouth. His mouth and face were wet with her moisture and saliva from his own mouth. He would remember this taste until the day he died. It was the most perfect tasting pussy he would ever eat out.

Kate was expecting him to just plunge his massive cock inside her but instead he moved his body down hers and started eating her out. Much to her dismay he was actually really good at it, and was hitting all the right spots, devouring her pussy like it was his last meal. He was nibbling on her clit and was getting close to making her cum when he stopped and slid back up her body.

Reggie was hard as a steel rod and just wanted to be inside her. He slowly took off her blindfold and watched as she blinked rapidly to re-adjust her eyes to the light. He was looking directly into her eyes as she regained focus and just as she did so and looked him in the eyes he slipped inside her to the hilt of his massive cock. He watched her eyes go wide and her mouth gasp open as she felt his cock enter her. She looked down her body as he began to thrust his cock back and forth inside her. Reggie was thrusting in and out of her at a slow pace. He was still trying to find his rhythm in his first fuck. Kate tried to help him by thrusting her hips forward and back.

Kate was looking down her perky saliva covered breasts and seeing the young boy body thrust his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. The length and the girth of his impressive cock was stunning to her and she tilted her head back exposing her neck to him and arching her back, as he thrust in and out of her like a man possessed. She could feel that he was incredibly big even by adult standards he was well above average, to top it off he wasn't done growing yet and she knew as he got older he would only get bigger. His size wasn't quite as big as Royal the dog, but with her pussy being as tight as it was that didn't matter much. She was trying to keep her voice down but her body couldn't lie. She was drenched at her pussy and her hips were thrusting back at this young boy with the massive cock. When he bent down and licked and kissed her neck she felt the dam burst in her loins and she came all over the cock of the young boy that was raping her pussy. She was broken.

Reggie could feel her pussy tightening and coiling around him like nothing her had ever felt before. The struggle in him to hold back from cumming until she did first took everything he had. Even the inexperience he had was compensated for by the size of his young cock. He could feel himself hitting the back of her pussy as he thrust inside her. He still had about a good inch and a half left outside her pussy. He couldn't wait to make her take it all. Her body was writhing about under him and he noticed her exposed neck and played a hunch he had. He pulled his small frame up her body and bent over and kissed and licked her neck. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and spasm around while flooding his cock and balls with wetness. She was coming on his cock and he knew he had won. He continued thrusting and driving into her pussy felling her pussy clench and unclench around his member. He wanted to get the last of his cock inside her before he came. He felt himself bottom out as his pubic bone met hers finally and he mashed his pelvis against her pussy and, heard a gargled "No! Please don't cum inside me!" come out at a near whisper from the detective's lips, and let himself cum like he never had before. He had had orgasms before but non this massive and draining. By the time he was done his balls actually felt utterly drained.

Kate Beckett could feel her body spasming as she came and a flood of pussy juices coated their joined crotches. He was still pounding in and out of her pussy which kept her orgasm going as she could feel him banging into her clit as he nibbled on her neck. Her pussy and womb was opening up for him ready to receive his sperm, and she could feel the pressure in her pussy as he slipped through the mouth of her cervix and ground deep into her. Kate knew what was coming next and knew she was having unprotected sex with a fertile male (even if he was only 13) and let out a gargled "No! Please don't cum inside me!"". She could feel his cock pulse as load after load of this young boy's cum shot into her fertile womb. The feeling of the hot cum flooding her pussy and womb and the pleasure from her orgasm overwhelmed her senses. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out on the wings of her second massive orgasm.

Reggie could feel the detective go limp after he finished cumming inside her and thought she was just tired until he actually looked at her face and noticed that she was clearly passed out. Even though she was passed out her pussy was still spasming around his cock and trying to get more and more cum inside herself. He could feel his cock being milked by her pussy and it kept him hard inside her pussy trapping the cum inside her womb. He personally didn't care if the detective got pregnant or not, that wasn't his problem. After he pussy stopped spasming his cock slowly shrank inside her and eventually popped out and was followed by a near river of his boy cum. He put his hand under the stream flowing from her pussy of their combined juices and collected it in his hands. He then looked at the unconscious face of Detective Beckett and walked around the bed and poured some into her open mouth. Out of reflex she swallowed and even moaned a bit after. He took the remaining amount which was still massive and poured it out from his hands onto her face and smeared it all over. It covered her lips and face with their combined juices the cum glistening in the light. He then took the camera from the stand that had been recording the whole rape and got some close-ups of her cum covered face and then moved down to get shots of her cum drenched and leaking pussy. Since she was still passed out he took a marker and wrote "Reggie's Cum Slut" on her stomach and drew arrows pointing to her pussy. He laughed at his work and decided that he should probably leave now before she woke up and came down off the drug high. He left her a note and undid the cuffs around her hands before packing up everything and leaving.

Kate woke up roughly a few minutes after Reggie left. Her face felt stiff and her pussy felt raw. She felt around her face and felt the dried cum there and realized that she could move her hands! She was free! She quickly took inventory of her surroundings and noticed the marker note on her stomach branding her a "cum slut" and saw how red her pussy was. She immediately felt sick to her stomach over the acts she had done with such a young boy, but also felt her pussy twinge a little in what she feared was arousal. She saw the note on the table and immediately grabbed it to read it.

"Hello Nikki Heat/Detective Beckett!

I have taken the liberty of recording our last session including your drug use and begging a 13 year old boy to fuck you. I now have you as my cum slut for life. IF you attempt to tell anyone I will release all the footage and pictures I have of you on the internet. I know this time it took some work to get you to want to participate but I expect next time for you to be a more willing participant."

Signed, Master Reggie."

Kate stood in the middle of her apartment naked her face coated in nearly dry cum and pussy juice with cum slowly dripping from her red and raw pussy down her shapely thighs and even though her stomach was turning at the thought of it happening again she felt her pussy start to get wet at the thought of being ravaged again.

*** Meanwhile at the Castle residence ****

Castle had just dropped off Royal the dog at his apartment for the day and had to go to some book signings his agent had scheduled.

"Hey Alexis!" he called out.

"Yeah dad what's up?" she called out from the top of the stairs.

"Can you watch Royal while I go to these book signings? I'm going to be gone for most of the night probably so don't wait up! Thanks!"

He shut the door even before he could hear her response

"Sure dad why not!" she said with an exasperated sigh. "Not like I have a life or anything." she huffed as she stood there at the top of the stairs pouting down at this random dog she was now stuck watching. It was bad enough her dad had come back home and interrupted her masturbating to take the edge off from school, but now she was stuck watching this dog for the night and wouldn't be able to finish.

Royal sniffed and smelled a familiar scent coming from the top of the stairs. It smelled like a bitch in heat and he was ready to breed again as he hadn't been able to for a few days. He sniffed up the stairs starting to track the scent to the young Alexis Castle, who had no idea the night she was about to have...

To Be Continued!


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