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Castle: Season 4 Episode 13: An Embarrassment Of Bitches - Kate Goes To The Dogs (F-zoo,nc-cons)
by Sith Lord ([email protected])

-- Starting this off with the official script to set the scene as I can't really remember the whole episode--

[Castle knocks on the door and Beckett answers. Royal runs into the apartment and Castle enters, chucking in enjoyment.]

"Castle, you were supposed to be here over an hour ago. It's called "shared" custody, not "show up when you want" custody."

"Yeah, I thought I had everything together, but at the last minute, I could not find Mr. Squeaky."

[Castle squeezes the squeaky toy.]

"So, don't worry about feeding him. I had a rib eye I couldn't finish."

"You fed him a steak?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, we worked it off. He played, uh, fetch in the hall, and then we watched some "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Boy, this guy-this guy is a snuggler."

"And I bet you let him sit on your couch, didn't you?"


"No, it's okay. You can be the fun one. I'll just be the bad guy, because there is no way that you are shedding all over my couch."

"Oh, no. He's perfectly happy right there. Oh, and he loves it when you rub him right between the eyes. Just little circles with your thumb, just like this."
[Castle takes Beckett's hand to demonstrate.]

"Not too hard, just..."
[They both react to the touch.]


[Castle lets go.]

"Yeah, there' get it. Yeah. Um, all right. You guys have fun! "

[Castle heads for the door.]

"Don't miss me too much. The dog, not you."

[Castle exits. Beckett walks around the dog and sits on her couch, watching Royal. She puts her feet on the table.]

"Okay, come on. "

[Beckett squeezes Mr. Squeaky.]

"Right here. "

[Royal runs to the couch.]

BECKETT (high-pitched)
"Come on. Right here. Come on."

[Beckett giggles as Royal licks her face.]

"You're so cute."

* * *

Kate Beckett was secretly thrilled to have the dog for her apartment. She never got to have one as a child, and was always a little bit jealous of her friends that had dogs. She preferred short hair dogs though like Boxers, German Shepherds, or even Doberman Pincers. Royal is a high spirited dog though that is very friendly and loving, which Kate was reveling in for the moment. She was however very aware of her slightly disheveled state, especially after Castle's visit. She had been working out earlier and didn't have time to shower before Castle dropped off . She also had to get herself ready for work tomorrow. Thankfully after her previous apartment had been blown up she was able to get a much nicer place with a wonderful walk in shower that was pure heaven. Before doing that she had some dog food that she needed to use since she went out and got some, not knowing Castle would feed the dog a steak before bringing him over.

Kate Beckett opened the 2 cans of dog food she had bought for Royal and put them on the small plate she left for him on the floor. Royal smelled the dog food tentatively and then dove right in.

"Amazing! Still hungry even after a steak huh boy!" Kate said out loud to no one in particular.

"Guess Castle actually gave you quite the workout before bringing you over."

As Kate watched the dog eat for a minute she realized she should get ready to shower and hit the bed. Work came early for NYPD's finest. She went to her room and started to get undressed. Kate Beckett is not your typical police officer. She was a stunning female whose strength is only equaled by her beauty. Her 36-26-36 five foot nine inch 125lb frame is stunning to behold and haunts the dreams of her past lovers. Her 34B breasts, while not super huge, were a perfect fit for her body type and are firm and perky. She has lovely brown nipples that when erect could cut glass and are the perfect size for her breasts, and for her lovers to suck and nibble on, which she loves.

Kate was just finished stripping and was wrapping herself in a towel to head to her shower, when she heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. Immediately she went to check and see what the commotion was about. She found her kitchen in a complete mess. Royal had used his 80lb weight to get into her trashcan and was digging for more food to eat.

"ROYAL! NO!" Kate shouted as she stormed towards the dog. Royal backed off and looked hurt with big puppy dog eyes at this human that was yelling at him.

"Sigh. A single day with Castle and you are already testing my patience like he does. I think you picked up some bad habits Royal". Kate said as she knelt down to start cleaning the mess.

As she did so her towel slipped from her body and fell into the spilled over garbage before she could catch it. "Damn!" Kate thought to herself as she picked up the now garbage covered towel. She didn't have any more clean towels to use and she REALLY needed a shower now that she had just cleaned up all this garbage. Her body started to get goosebumps and her nipples perked up as her working created moisture on her skin that picked up the slightest breeze. She suddenly noticed that she was wandering around her apartment naked.

Kate Beckett was no stranger to being naked in her own apartment, hell she has had sex on nearly every surface of the place with her past lovers. However the fact that the apartment was still relatively new and that the windows were much larger than her last apartment, made her keenly aware of her own nakedness. Which would be easily viewable to any of her neighbors if they were looking into her windows right now. As she realized that she was visible to any one, she felt a dampness growing in between her legs. Now Kate Beckett was no exhibitionist and thought that matters of sex and lust should stay in the bedroom where they belonged, but secretly she always wanted to try something like sex in public. Her job as one of New York's finest police however kept her from trying it out though. Royal of course with his animal sense of smell picked up on her releasing pheromones and was wanting to investigate this new smell. His paws couldn't get decent traction on the floor though and he wound up taking a spill into the garbage that Kate was cleaning up.

"Royal! Dang it! Now I have to clean you too!" Kate exclaimed as the falling dog snapped her out of her wandering sex filled mind. Kate grabbed Royal by the collar and hauled the 80lb Golden Retriever to her bathroom. One of the perks that had drawn her to this particular apartment had been the full size stand up waterfall/multi-jet shower that took up a good chunk of space and could easily hold 3-4 people. Thanks to the insurance payout from her last apartment blowing up, and the incredibly small amount of royalties she was getting from Castle's books, she was able to afford a slightly nicer apartment than most cops. She put him in the bathroom and closed the door so she could finish cleaning up the remaining garbage without having to worry about Royal causing even more damage to her apartment. She finished the garbage cleaning totally naked, which caused her to walk back and forth in front of her large windows a few times. Each time she did it she felt more and more turned on. She was definitely going to have to remember to have a nice sex session in front of these windows with her next sexual partner. Little did she know that that was going to take place tonight.

Kate headed towards the bathroom to get herself cleaned up and also to clean up Royal. She entered the bathroom and found royal more excited than she had seen him yet.

"Jeez! What's gotten into you boy?" she wondered out loud. Not knowing that it was her arousal that was teasing the dogs sensitive sense of smell and making him highly excited.

"Well let's get you cleaned up." Kate said as she started the shower and allowed it to heat up. She searched around but obviously didn't have any pet shampoo. "Well this will be interesting." she thought to herself as she entered into the shower stall with the large golden retriever. "I hope my hair shampoo will work in getting you clean." she said while working up a large amount of her hair shampoo into a lather.

Royal meanwhile was looking for the source of the smell that his male dog nose told him was a bitch in heat.

Kate just thought he was sniffing around at the new smells of the shower and found it amusing, even when he started sniffing her butt like she was another dog. She just laughed and brushed away his head.

Royal had found the source of the intoxicating smell and decided to give it a lick and see what it tasted like.

Kate Beckett felt a long, course, and flat wet tongue slip through her slightly parted legs and lick her from her clit all the way along her pussy, back towards her ass, and her legs nearly gave out from the shock to her system. The sudden unexpected stimulation caused her mind to whirl. Before she could realize what happened Royal licked her a second time. This lick caught her right on her clit hood and the powerful dog tongue curled a little bit to lap at the new taste, which parted her pussy lips and caused the rough tongue to enter her. This lick caused her legs to give out and brought her crashing to the floor of the large shower.

Royal's access to the new smell and delicious nectar now cut off, he proceeded to lick his female in the face.

Kate was in a state of shock. Her mind was doing 360's and was unable to focus on much of anything. She knew she was being licked in the face by Royal, but she was ignoring that for the moment and focusing on the fact that after two licks of her pussy he had brought her to a weak mess on the floor of her shower. A dog had just licked her pussy in a way that none of her former lovers have ever been able to do and even made her legs give out. "What in the hell just happened?" she thought to herself as Royal continued to lick her face. The fall had taken her right into the stream of hot shower water which helped to clear her mind and lift her out of the fog. Her mind cleared, she pushed Royal's licking snout away from her face.

"It was just an accident." She thought as she held the dog back from licking her face. "I just need to get this dog cleaned and get my own shower done." Kate climbed back to her feet and began to wash the dog with the shampoo she had available. It was a nice green apple/citrus blend that she hoped would take care of the wet dog smell she knew would be happening later since she still had no towels. In fact both her and the dog would have to air dry themselves after. While she massaged in the shampoo Royal was still trying to get access back to the sweet juice her pussy was putting out licking all around her legs and inner thighs.

"God damn! This dog is persistent!" She thought as the dog kept stealing licks around her legs. Her body was still putting out sex pheromones and her pussy was wetter than it had been in a while, and all just from two licks of a dog's tongue. Then by chance, or perhaps because she maybe, somewhere in the back of her mind wanted it to happen again the long tongue of the dog snaked out and licked her pussy again. This time the tongue snaked from her ass all the way along her pussy and dragged along her pussy lips. The dog tongue snaked upwards running an extra long time over her clit. Her legs gave out again and she collapsed to the shower floor flat on her back.

"Holy Fuck!" she shouted as she landed. Her head hitting a little harder than it should have on the tile floor. As she lay there temporarily stunned Royal took the opportunity to dig in on her lovely tasting pussy juice. Her long lean legs were spread out allowing much easier access for his tongue. He laid down and went to work at getting all the sweet tasting nectar he could.

Kate Beckett was seeing stars. The dog had gotten an extra long lick on her pussy and she nearly knocked herself out when she hit her head after her legs gave out. As her head cleared she felt more and more pleasure coming from her pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure as she looked down between her spread legs. She saw the dog head with Royal's snout literally mashed up against her mound. His tongue was snaking inside of her!

"Oh, my God I have to stop this!" her head was telling her. She brought herself up to her elbows and was reaching down to move his snout away from her drenched pussy. Then Royal's extra long tongue snaked into her leaking pussy and scrapped against her G-spot. All strength left her arms and she fell onto her back again as the dog kept digging his tongue into her pussy. He repeatedly kept snaking his tongue into her cunt, repeatedly scrapping along her G-spot. Kate Beckett's firm tight ass lifted off the shower floor trying to grind the dog tongue further into her snatch. Each swipe of the dog tongue brought her closer and closer to her release. Her mind was racing as she was brought closer and closer to the edge of the biggest oral orgasm she has ever felt.

"Oh, my God I have to stop this! This is so wrong, and illegal! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Fuck I'm Cumming!" She screamed as her pussy juice flooded the dogs mouth and gave him what he wanted. Her whole body tensed as the dog kept snaking his tongue into her pussy while she came. After a few moments it became too sensitive and she was finally able to push Royal's snout away from her over sensitive pussy and get her legs closed to deny him further access. She sat there underneath the shower spray gathering her strength and her thoughts about what just happened. This dog just gave her one of the biggest orgasms of her life and played her pussy like a damn violin. Something was really special about this dog, she just couldn't place it. Maybe she would find out later on in the investigation. For now though she just had to get out from this shower and away from this dog's ravenous appetite for her pussy. Her legs wouldn't work properly but maybe she could muster up the strength. She pulled herself to her feet and made for the shower door.

Royal saw his new bitch trying to wander away and was having none of it. He jumped up onto her and dragged her back down into a nice breeding position.

"Umph!" Kate was hit from behind by the dog as she attempted to walk to the door. "Damn it, I never should have taken my eyes off of this damn dog." she thought as she fell to her hands and knees. She felt fur on her back as Royal brought his full 80 pounds onto her back and wrapped her up in his paws. "Oh shit!" she quickly realized what Royal had in mind as Royal began to dry hump and try to mate with her. Kate summoned what was left of her strength and rolled Royal off her back and jumped up for the shower door. She opened it and stumbled out into her main hallway and tried to make for the living room and get as far away as she could from the dog, but it was no use.

Royal's red doggie cock was out of his sheath and he was just about to mate with his new bitch when she rolled him off. He hit the floor and saw his bitch trying to get away. Now that he was fully aroused he wasn't interested in playing games and ran out after her, tackling her to the soft floor and wrapping her up in his paws again.

"Umph!" Kate was hit from behind by the dog again and landed on her living room carpet, again on her hands and knees. Wrapped up from behind by the dog she felt something wet and large smack up against her still wet pussy and come to rest almost near her bellybutton. Kate Beckett looked down between her legs and saw the massive length of dog cock resting against her stomach. "Holy Fuck! He has to be at least 9 inches and about a 6 inch girth! I got to get away from this dog before he destroys my pussy!" Kate struggled to get away from under the dog but Royal had a vice-grip on her and wasn't letting go. As Beckett struggled to get away she dragged herself and the dog to the middle of her living room, in full view of the windows. As Kate was doing this Royal was attempting to drive his doggie cock into his bitch. Kate could feel him trying to land home with his massive red tool and wetness spurting onto her back, and along her pussy lips, but she didn't have the strength left to throw him off. Then her eyes went wide and she felt the massive dog cock slide into her wet pussy.

Royal felt his bitch trying to throw him off, but he held on. Continually trying to drive his dick into the wrestling bitch beneath him. His dick was sliding all around spurting pre-cum all over her back and also onto her pussy. Then finally he found home and his dick slid into the hot and tight wetness of his new bitch.

"AAAAAAHHHH! OH MY GOD!" Kate Beckett screamed out as she felt the massive cock spearing into her pussy. It felt like it was ripping her in half. The only thing she could think about was the massive dog cock that was invading her pussy and the fact that a dog was fucking her. She was committing what was probably one of the biggest social taboos, and not to mention highly illegal act of bestiality. Her tight pussy was feeling every subtle vein and throb of the doggie cock that was now moving back and forth in her. After the initial shock had worn off, which probably only took about a minute, Royal started to pick up the pace and truly started to fuck her in earnest. Beckett also noticed another change taking place. Her pussy was becoming accustomed to the size of the cock invading her pussy. Her pussy was accepting more and more of the massive dog cock into her hole. Royal was touching parts of her pussy that no lover had been able to touch. She actually felt the tip of his cock touching the opening to her cervix! Through it all, it started to make her pussy more and more wet as she started to feel actually it felt fantastic. The dog cock was scraping along her pussy walls and was rubbing up against her G-spot non-stop. Royal's doggie balls were slapping against her clitoris. Kate found herself moaning as the raping doggie cock continued to spear in and out of her driving her higher on the way towards a massive orgasm.

Kate had never been this wet before, and the doggy pre-cum that was spurting into her pussy helped lube the way for Royal's massive tool. Kate Beckett, the pride of the NY Police force was getting stuffed full of dog cock in her own living room in front of a massive open window and was slowly becoming addicted to the feeling of being so full.

"HOLY FUCK I'M CUMMING AGAIN! Fuck yes! Pound my pussy!" She screamed as the dog cock repeatedly banged into the entrance to her cervix while the constant stimulation of her G-spot brought her to the edge and then over it. Her body tensed up and she felt a torrent of cum leave her pussy and spray out around the dog cock lodged in her pussy. Kate squirted her juice out onto her carpet as the dog cock continued to pound away. Awash in pleasure Kate's mind was going blank due to the pleasure of her first ever squirting orgasm and the seemingly never-ending pounding of her pussy from Royal. Tired from holding herself and Royal up, her upper body collapsing to the carpet floor and raising her ass up a bit more allowed for more penetration by Royal.

Royal was feeling great as well. His new bitch seemed to be in total compliance now. She even raised up her ass to meet his thrusts. Now was the perfect time to tie with his new bitch and complete the breeding process.

Kate felt the massive red dog cock start to get even bigger around the entrance to her pussy. Her sex, and orgasm fogged brain not realizing what was coming next. Kate the felt a pop and suddenly something very large, almost the size of a softball was lodged in her cunt. Then she felt Royal press deep into her pussy, pushing the tip of his dog cock right up against her cervix as he started to blast her womb with his hot cum. To Kate it felt like he was dumping gallons of cum into her pussy and the strong force of his cum blasting into her coupled with the renewed stimulation she was receiving to her G-spot thanks to his knot pushed her over the edge a second time and she squirted again. As Kate Beckett let loose a final guttural scream she collapsed from the pleasure and passed out.

Royal was satisfied only a little as after 20 minutes he was finally able to drag his now deflating cock from his new bitch. After he cleaned himself he would get her ready for another round. He left Kate ass up and face down on the carpet as he pulled his dick from her pussy a torrent of dog cum flowed from her stretched pussy. He licked her to clean and also to seal his cum inside his new bitch to make sure the breeding took. He really needn't have bothered as her pussy started to regain its tightness after the dog cock was pulled out and it sealed around the still remaining cum left inside her. Of course Kate couldn't get pregnant from the dog sex, but it wouldn't stop Royal from trying a few more times.

Across the way a 13 year-old boy named Reggie was just given the show of his life and thanks to his new ultra high resolution zoom camera phone had some lovely blackmail material to use on the living incarnation Nikki Heat...

To be continued?


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