Hancock/Catwoman: Be My Bad Boy (MF)
by The Fan

Hancock stood on the rooftop, and glared at the tall, masked and leather-clad African-American woman who stared at him defiantly. At once the world's most infamous superhero knew that he was beholding the legendary Catwoman. He took a step toward her. Instantly Catwoman fell into a crouch, and hissed like the feline that was her namesake. Hancock rolled his eyes, and told her that he came in peace. Catwoman's reply was a curt smile, followed by the words "Go to hell, asshole."

Upon hearing this, Hancock shook his head. Why did everybody and their mama insist on calling him an asshole every time? For weeks now he'd been tracking down the elusive super-powered cat burglar. She'd hit every major jewelry store in the City of New York. Hancock now called New York home. He left Los Angeles four years ago after some events which truly changed his life. He ran into his tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Amazonian former lover, now masquerading as suburban mom Mary Embry, wife of Hancock's benefactor Ray Embry and mother figure to little Aaron Embry. Hancock loved Mary, sure, but she had a life of her own now and he respected that.

Which is why he ended up in New York City of all places, fighting crime in the toughest town in the continent of North America. In his time, Hancock had fought numerous entities. However, Catwoman was the first one who took his breath away. He watched as she easily evaded his attempt to grab her and dived off the top of the ten-story building. Hancock sucked in his teeth, counted to ten, and dived after her. Was this chick suicidal? Figures. He flew fast, and had almost caught up with her when she did something unexpected. She lashed out with a surprisingly long whip, and the whip caught on a nearby fire escape just as she plummeted toward the ground. With amazing agility, the beautiful female thief swung on the whip, somersaulted on the fire escape and landed on her feet...fifty meters below.

In spite of himself, Hancock gasped in surprise. He hadn't known she could do that. Catwoman took off running the moment she touched the ground. Hancock watched her go, still amazed at her acrobatic feats. Wow. He almost regretted having to go after her to bring her in. Almost. He landed swiftly, then took off after her. Even though he had superhuman strength, invulnerability and the power of flight, Hancock couldn't move at better than human speed on the ground. He had to fly to access his supersonic speed. Still, he could run faster than any Olympic athlete, and began gaining on the rapidly fleeing Catwoman. The tall, athletic African-American in the mask and leather outfit turned, saw the superhero chasing her and accelerated. She lashed out with the whip again, and next thing Hancock knew, she leapt onto a wall and crawled to a rooftop with an agility that could rival that of Spider-Man himself. Hancock scratched his head, and smiled. Damn. That girl had style. Not to mention a seriously hot ass.

Catwoman landed on the rooftop, and looked behind her. Relief flooded her adrenaline-fueled body when she realized he wasn't there. Man, tonight just wasn't her night. The Mac Odrum Jewelry store heist was supposed to go off without a hitch. The store was owned by a Canadian firm with holdings throughout the United States, and there latest location was in New York City. Instead of an easy steal, she ran into armed guards, guard dogs...and police officers. All of which were no match for a lethal beauty like her. She knocked out the guards and policemen, and put the dogs to sleep...albeit not permanently. She just threw them a morsel filled with sleeping pills which she always carried along on heists like these. Yeah, this bad girl was definitely not new at the game. The only thing she hadn't counted on was running into Hancock. What the fuck was he doing there?

No time for dwelling on mistakes. Catwoman sprinted across the rooftop. All she needed was a quiet spot in which to change into her normal self, and she'd make a clean getaway. She looked all around her, and kept running since she didn't spot her pursuer. Hovering one hundred feet above her, Hancock shook his head. Got them every time, he told himself. He pursued men and women across the world. They always looked in front of them, behind them and all around them but never above them. Which was funny considering they were being chased by a man who could fly. Hancock dropped out of the sky, landing three feet in front of the fleeing Catwoman. Only her superhuman reflexes stopped her from slamming into Hancock. Catwoman stopped abruptly, and hissed defiantly. Hancock smiled, and told her to come along quietly. Catwoman nodded, and lowered her head in defeat. He was still smiling when she lashed out with a foot and kicked him squarely where no man wants to be kicked. In the nuts.

Now, Hancock has been shot, stabbed and even blasted while he was temporarily mortal due to the proximity of his former lover Mary Embry in Los Angeles. Some escaped convicts nearly did him in. Fortunately, he was able to overcome them. With a little help from his good friend Ray Embry, of course. Hancock is no stranger to physical pain, though he regained his powers after leaving Los Angeles. Invulnerability, supersonic flight and superhuman strength, it all came back. However, as a man, he flinched and grabbed his privates when Catwoman kicked him in his very invulnerable balls because it's a MAN thing to do. Laughing, Catwoman dashed past him. She reached the edge of the rooftop, and dived without hesitation. Finally angry, Hancock dived after her. He caught her just as she was getting ready to use her whip to catch another fire escape, and brought her back to the rooftop. In spite of his invulnerability, he winced as she scratched his face and fiercely struggled against him.

Catwoman struggled against Hancock, but it was like fighting against a steel grip. After her transformation into Catwoman, the young African-American artist known as Patience Phillips gained inhuman powers. Greater than normal strength, amazing agility and reflexes, and a sort of quasi-immortality. However, her powers were nowhere near those of Hancock. And they both knew it. Abruptly, Catwoman stopped struggling. Hancock stared at her, surprised. Catwoman looked into Hancock's eyes. What she saw there amazed her. The bastard was looking at her the way a hungry man looks at fast food. Smiling coyly, she asked him how long it had been since he got some pussy. Hancock gasped, and told her to mind her business. Catwoman laughed, and playfully grabbed his crotch. Hancock flinched, but didn't stop her. Catwoman smiled upon noticing he was hard as hell. When he didn't stop her, she kissed him and fondled his privates. Hancock kissed her passionately, and Catwoman knew she had won the day.

Hancock was a conflicted man. On one hand, he knew he should be resisting what Catwoman was doing to him. He was a superhero. She was a super villain. His job was arresting people like her. And yet....all he felt was desire toward her. He didn't fight when she unzipped his pants, freeing his eleven-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Catwoman gasped when she saw Hancock's dick. He smiled. Grinning, Catwoman kissed him again, and knelt before him. She went straight for his dick, taking him into her mouth. Hancock leaned back against a stone structure on the rooftop, closing his eyes as Catwoman sucked his dick. He looked at the gorgeous, masked African-American woman as she worked her magic on him. Hot damn. She was sucking his cock and balls like her life depended on it. Catwoman looked up at Hancock as she sucked him off. The tall, leather-clad Black male superhero looked good enough to eat. Like an African deity come to life. She sucked his cock and balls with gusto, and smiled inwardly as he moaned under her expert touch.

At that point, Hancock's thoughts were less geared toward protecting and serving, and more towards getting some ass. And Catwoman knew it. She sucked him till he got rock hard, then told him to fuck her pussy. Hancock grabbed her and suddenly took off into the air with her. As Catwoman almost squealed in panic, Hancock whispered into her ears that everything would be alright. They hovered in the air, a thousand feet above New York City. In spite of the danger of the situation, or maybe because of it, Catwoman was really turned on. She begged Hancock to fuck her. Hancock didn't need to be told twice. He propped Catwoman on top of him, and slid his cock into her. Catwoman gasped as Hancock's dick filled her pussy. She wrapped her arms around him and began riding him. He lay effortlessly in the air, as if on a bed. Supporting herself by resting her hands on his shoulders, Catwoman rode Hancock. The Black male superhero put his hands around Catwoman's sexy hips and thrust his cock deep inside the African-American female super villain's warm, tight pussy. Their moans of pleasure filled the air.

Catwoman rode Hancock for all he was worth, and they fucked for what seemed like hours. At some point, as he was about to cum, Hancock actually lost control. The two of them plummeted toward the ground. In spite of the danger, Catwoman didn't scream. She held tightly onto Hancock, waiting for him to regain control. He brought them down in a slowed down, controlled descent onto another rooftop. Once there, they continued their fun and games. Hancock took Catwoman doggy-style, thrusting his dick deep into her while watching her sexy Black booty bounce. Lord, he hadn't fucked a Black woman in ages. Thanks to Mary Embry, he'd only gotten blonde pussy lately. Well, he missed Black pussy and made up for lost time. By the time he and Catwoman stopped fucking, their sweat-soaked bodies spent, dawn had come. Hancock fell asleep with a grin on his face. When he woke up, Catwoman was gone, along with the jewels she stole. However, she did leave him a little souvenir. A pair of pink panties soaked with her girly juices mingled with his masculine spunk. Hancock brought them to his nose and sniffed them. He smiled. Good times.


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