Catwoman/Smallville: Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Gotham City, USA

Patience Phillips was once an ordinary young woman. She was a tall, slender
young woman with skin the color of caramel. An African american beauty. She
was a meek lady in her mid-twenties. A talented artist whose talent was
simply not put to good use by the company that she worked for. Hedare Beauty.
Now, she was a lot more than that. She couldn't believe how much her life had
changed in the past few months.

Once, she had an ordinary life. She was just an employee. Then, one night
she discovered something at Hedare Labs. The company was planning to
unleash a revolutionary anti-aging product on the market. This product was
addictive as hell and those who stopped taking it became horribly affected.
Patience Phillips was trapped in a cistern and the cistern was flooded with
water by Hedare employees hellbent on destroying her. The water killed
Patience Phillips. She washed up in the Hudson river in New York city. Her
lifeless body was found by a band of cats. These were not ordinary cats but
supernatural creatures. The Mau Cat breed was ancient and a reservoir of
supernatural power. One of these Cats passed its powers onto Patience
Phillips. The powers of one of the most ancient and powerful forces in the
planet went inside the body of a mere human female. Patience Phillips was
brought back to life by the power of the Mau Cat.

This was the single most defining moment in the life of Patience Phillips.
On the one hand, she was this young woman that people pushed around. One of
those shy people who don't speak their minds. Those people you might feel
sorry for because they get picked on. On the other hand, she was inhabited
by an ancient and arcane power. A power that craved freedom and cared not
for any rules or boundaries. The power of the Mau. She discovered her new
abilities. She gained a new level of strength. Her strength was now greater
than that of five men, maybe more. Still, her strength was nothing when
compared to her agility. She was so agile. It was like she was reborn. The
power inside her was changing her body. It tested her muscles, her bones,
her very soul. The Power was inside her at all times but at night it seemed
the strongest. She could do things that she had never thought possible.

She could smell a man's scent across a distance of a mile. She could hear
a heartbeat several blocks away. In her eyes, the most complete and utter
darkness was as clear as daylight. With a simple touch, she could feel
where an object had been, what it's been and seen. All of her senses were
enhanced to superhuman accuracy. She had become more than human. Something
much older and decidedly more powerful. She just didn't know what...

Patience Phillips was led by a Mau cat to the woman who eventually became
her mentor. Ophelia Powers. Ophelia told Patience the story of her kind.
Throughout history, there had been women gifted with extraordinary powers
given to them by a Force more ancient than humanity itself. This Force
resided inside an ancient breed of Cats and gave these animals supernatural
understanding and awareness. The Mau were no more like regular cats than
humans are like monkeys. Similar, yet very different. These extraordinarily
powerful women were called the Cat Women.

Patience Phillips tried to adjust to her new existence. She met a handsome
man named Tom Lone. He was a Gotham city detective. They fell in love. Still,
Patience had a score to settle with the people who killed her. She became the
archenemy of multibillionaire beauty industrialist and cosmetics mogul George
Hedare and his wife Laurel Hedare. These were the two people responsible for
her death. Hedare Labs was cooking up the evil product that was harmful to
people. A product Patience discovered by accident and she paid dearly for
that. With her life. Patience Phillips was a meek girl. She was afraid of the
world. Catwoman feared no one. Using her extraordinary powers, she fought the
wealthy men and women that opposed her. Patience wanted justice, Catwoman
wanted revenge. Both wanted freedom from a world that simply had too many

Catwoman was framed for the murder of George Hedare by his evil bitch of
a wife, the vindictive Laurel. Detective Tom Lone was forced to place the
woman he loved under arrest. Patience wanted to prove her innocence but
her Catwoman persona wanted vengeance. She and Tom Lone stormed Hedare
Headquarters and an all-out battle ensued between them and the henchmen
hired by Laurel Hedare. Catwoman defeated Laurel Hedare and killed her.
Her name was cleared. Detective Tom Lone discovered evidence that Patience
was innocent and that Laurel Hedare masterminded the whole scheme. Patience
Phillips walked away free. Or did she?

Patience Phillips was no more. She had seen too much, done too much to return
to an ordinary existence. She did not want to fit in the world anymore. She
was what she was. Catwoman. A creature of supernatural might residing inside
the body of a woman. She wanted adventure...she craved them...

Catwoman left the bleak city of Gotham and traveled to the city of
Metropolis. There, she began to steal money from the local banks. With her
super powers, she could do whatever she wanted. No one was strong enough to
stop her. Catwoman was a criminal. She liked what she did. She did what she
wanted. She obeyed no one's rules. Not a man's and certainly not a woman's.
Not even the rules of society. She was above and beyond...

She set her sights on one of the most powerful corporations in the world.
LuthorCorp. Catwoman did not plan her heist. She had grown overconfident over
the past year. No man or woman was hard to defeat. No system hard to break
in. No opponent unbeatable. She had the power and those who opposed her did
not. She had the strength and the speed and the uncanny agility and
untractable survivalist skills of a feline. She went into LuthorCorp the way
a cat would...silently and gracefully...she did not even disturb the security
guards and avoided the cameras. She scaled walls like a spider and made her
way into the central executive office of LuthorCorp, where billionaire Lionel
Luthor kept his most treasured possessions. She went inside the Vault.
Inside, she found a single box made of gold. She tinkered with it and found
a single sheet of paper inside. She read it and was awed. Apparently, the
billionaire considered his most prized possession to be some information that
was to be found in the Kawatche caves of Smallville, Kansas. Also important
was someone named Clark Kent...very important.

Catwoman felt disappointed that there was no money to be had. No jewelry. But
her curiosity was piqued. As she leapt from rooftop to rooftop in the city,
an idea formed in her agile mind. She would go to Smallville and steal the
billionaire's most prized possession, whatever it may be...

Smallville, Kansas

Lex Luthor woke up inside his mansion in Smallville. He walked through the
multi million-dollar house. His maid, Rosetta was busy in the kitchen. He
walked by, said good morning and got a smile from her. Rosetta was a matronly
Spanish woman in her late fifties. She had been with the Luthor family for
ages. Lex Luthor went to his living room and opened the tv.

He watched the news. Apparently, there had been a break-in at LuthorCorp
offices in Metropolis. What a surprise. He thought about calling his father
but thought better of it. He went to the kitchen, and sat down.

"Here's a strong healthy breakfast for you." said Rosetta.

"Thank you, ma'am." said Lex with a grin as he sniffed the delicious-looking

He ate and read the newspaper. Once he was done, he went to the bathroom. He
brushed his teeth, showered and shaved. He put on his clothes and grabbed his
cellphone. He had to know what happened at LuthorCorp, dammit...

Lex Luthor was about to dial the number when someone suddenly appeared ten
feet away from him.

"Hi, Lex." said the tall figure.

Lex blinked and looked at a tall, good-looking young man with black hair and
pale blue eyes. The young man wore a blue shirt and black jeans. Clark Kent.
The son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. The handsome farmboy.

"Hi, Clark." Lex said.

They shook hands. Lex could never figure out Clark's habit of just...
appearing. Never mind. Lex had almost forgotten that Clark Kent was picking
him up for a trip to Metropolis. They took Lex's redfire metallic 2004 Toyota
Corolla and left the mansion. They drove through the streets of Smallville
and were soon out of the small town. Clark enjoyed these trips with Lex. The
dude was cool, the car was hot and the sensation of the wind through his hair
was addictive...

Lex Luthor drove on the highway. They had left Smallville just a few minutes
ago. Just a couple of guys driving down the road in a hot car. Lex turned on
the radio and listened to a Luthor Vandross CD. Clark hummed to the beat with
his eyes closed. Neither of them noticed a car speeding toward them...

* * *

Patience Phillips had left Gotham. She had hitched a ride with a burly truck
driver named John. He was a friendly enough guy, full of entertaining stories
that made the ride less dull. Patience Phillips aka Catwoman was determined
to figure out Lionel Luthor's secret and most prized possession. The dude had
to have something important in the caves and she was gonna figure out what it
was. John turned on the radio and they listened to music. Patience's tension
was soothed by the smooth voice of Luthor Vandross and she closed her eyes.
She felt like she could relax. Last night hadn't been an easy night.
Something inside her stirred. The Cat within was in high alert and her eyes
snapped open to see a red sports car speeding toward the truck. John appeared
to be sleeping at the wheel. Patience tapped his shoulder.

"Watch out, man!" she cried.

She almost pushed John out of the car and leapt onto the driver's seat and
held onto the wheel. She swerved the truck to the left but was unable to
prevent a collision with the sports car. She felt something hard strike her,
and screamed.

Inside Lex's car, Clark watched the truck coming at them. Lex screamed. The
moment the vehicles collided, Lex hit the airbag and lost consciousness.
Clark grabbed the slender young man and leapt out of the car, using his super
powers to propel them both out of the way. They landed on the side of the
road. Flames erupted and Clark looked at Lex. The young billionaire was still
sleeping. Clark put him on the ground and went to look out for the passengers
of the truck. He sped toward it. There was a man and a woman inside. Ripping
off the car door, Clark grabbed the large man, who had lost consciousness and
the slender African american woman inside. He took them both to safety.

Patience Phillips felt herself being pulled into very strong arms and taken
out of the truck. She didn't feel anything at all. Closing her eyes, she lost
consciousness. Clark saw that the man was okay and the woman simply not. She
had taken the brunt of the impact and was in danger of death. Clark Kent
dialed 911 and the ambulance came. The ambulance took Lex, along with the two
passengers of the truck. An EMT guy asked Clark to come to the hospital just
to check up but Clark was already gone...


Clark Kent was in the hospital. He sat there in the waiting room. He was not

"It's gonna be alright, Clark." said a female voice.

Clark Kent sat next to his longtime friend Chloe Sullivan. Chloe was a
slender young woman with blonde hair. She was a cute girl. She and Clark had
been friends for years.

"I know, Lex is a fighter." Clark said.

"Hey, people." came a voice.

Both Chloe and Clark looked up to see their friend, Pete Ross. Pete was a
tall young African American male. Their best pal since the halcyon days of

"Hello, Pete." said Chloe.

Pete shook hands with Clark. Clark was sad because his friend Lex was in the
hospital and even though neither Chloe nor Pete particularly liked Lex, they
were there for emotional support out of loyalty to their best friend Clark

They were approached by a doctor. A tall, thin man with a mustache. They went
to Lex Luthor's room. The young man was there, his leg in a cast.

"Hi, Lex." said Clark.

Lex smiled at the young man he had come to love like a brother. "Hey, buddy."
he said.

They shook hands.

"How's your leg?" asked Chloe.

"Looking worse than it is." Lex said. He smiled at Chloe and Chloe smiled
back. Lex looked past Chloe, at the young black man known as Pete Ross.
"Hello there, Pete." he said.

Pete flashed Lex a smile without humor and just stood there. Clark knew Pete
didn't like Lex but the dude was just in a car accident, he could at least
show some concern.

"Look, it was great seeing you but I gotta go." said Pete. He left the room.

"Pete!" said Chloe. She got up and went after him.

This left Clark Kent with Lex Luthor.

"What happened to the bastards that did this?" Lex asked.

"I don't know, but the good thing is you're okay." said Clark.

Lex shook his head and smiled at Clark. There was Clark Kent for you. The kid
was always thinking positive. What a nice guy.


Patience Phillips lay in a hospital bed. She was just lying there. The brunt
of the impact in the car accident should have killed her. It had killed her.
But she was not human. She was a creature of the night and like the night,
she would always be back. The Power of the Mau Cat inside her healed her. It
flooded her system. It reanimate cells. It sent oxygen to the brain. It made
the heart beat. It repaired cuts and bruises, broken bones and fractures. She
was dead one moment and alive the next. The doctors who had pronounced her
dead could not believe their eyes.

"It's a miracle!" they said.

Twenty four hours later, Patience Phillips walked out of the hospital. She
was out to find what she had come looking for in Smallville, Kansas. Luthor's
secret. Whatever it may be. She was released in the late afternoon and the
night was at hand, just the way she liked it. She changed into her costume,
donning the black leather bodysuit and whip that she had used when she first
became Catwoman almost a year ago...

Catwoman made her way to the Kawatche Caves of Smallville. She went inside.
They looked like ordinary caves. There were native american paintings and
writings on the walls. The place was old. Very old. She could smell so many
things. People came there on a regular basis. There was something behind
those walls. Something else....her cat-like senses were sure of it. She
walked to a wall and saw a hole in it. A small octogonal hole. She touched
it and instantly, a beaming light hit her. She heard a booming voice...a
strange energy came out of the wall and struck her. Right in the head...
For the first time in her life, she saw...

These caves were not ordinary caves. The energy that struck her showed her
images. She saw a man. A man who was not a man. Not an ordinary man but a
being from another world. His name was Jor-El and he was a man from the
planet Krypton. Under the Earth's sun, he had god-like super powers. She
saw him come to Earth in his spaceship. More than a thousand years ago...
the Alien came and visited the native american people. He used the Kryptonian
technology to create the caves. He also hid part of that technology inside
the walls. The Alien came to Earth for a specific purpose. He could tell
that his race, as nearly omnipotent as they are were doomed to extinction.
He would sent his son to the planet Earth and allow him to live there... he
was laying the groundwork for the Arrival of His Son Kal-El. Kal-El, the
Last Son of Krypton. No, these caves were much older than a thousand years...

Jor-El was evidently a being of great longevity. The energy showed her images
of Jor-El, the Alien visitor. He looked like a man but he could do things
ordinary humans could not do. He had a strength worthy of a god. He could
fly. Nothing seemed able to hurt him. He had such awesome powers. Jor-El came
to Egypt around 7000 years ago...he began teaching the People of Egypt the
ways of civilization. He taught them a lot of things. Jor-El was the one who
built the Pyramids of Egypt.

He also used the mutagenic effect of Kryptonite on several hundred Egyptian
women. The Kryptonite altered them at a genetic level. It gave them
extraordinary strength, speed and agility. These women were his Soldiers in
the Land of Egypt. They were the original Amazons of myth. The descendants
of these women inherited these powers and Patience was in awe as she
discovered that she might be descended from one of these legendary women
with cat-like powers. She watched Jor-El use the mutagenic Kryptonite on
tens of thousands of cats. The felines inherited inhuman intelligence and
awareness. They would pass it to their descendants and these cats would be
the progenitors of the legendary Mau Cat breed.

She watched Jor-El in places like Africa, Europe and Asia. He used his
technology to biologically alter a few men and women here and there. These
people developed metamorphic powers. Their descendants inherited these
abilities. They became the inexplicable werewolves and vampires of myth.
The Energy stopped blasting Catwoman's head and she fell on the hard floor
of the Cave. She had been hurt by the energy but her supernatural body
healed itself quickly. She was still dizzy from the information she had
just gathered...An Alien known as Jor-El from Krypton coming to Earth and
ending up being the Founder of Civilization as well as the Maker of the
Catwomen of Legend. Wow. So much of human history being the result of one
man, albeit an alien man's actions. She had to find out who the Son of
Jor-El was. He would be able to explain so much more....


Kurt Burthos woke up. He was one bored guy. He decided to call his best
friend Mariah. It was saturday and there was not much to do in Smallville.
Kurt was a tall, thin young Asian man with black hair and green eyes. He
was just a kid, only seventeen years old and a senior at Smallville high
school. He showered and put his clothes on. A black shirt, black jeans and
boots. He drove in his old Mercedes and went to see Mariah.

Mariah Delfino lived in south Smallville. She and Kurt had been best friends
for years. She was one cool chick. He went to pick her up. Mariah lived with
her aunt Celica, a whiny abusive bee-yatch. Mariah had been in the care of
her aunt since she was ten and her parents died. She was a tough girl,
though. She was ready by the time Kurt came around to pick her up.

"Hey, girl. What's up?" Kurt said.

He drove into Mariah's street. There she was, at the corner. A tall, slim
girl with short hair bleached bone-white and clad entirely in black. "What
took you so long?" she asked as she hopped in the passenger seat.

"The Smallville traffic." Kurt joked.

She rolled her eyes and they drove away in time to see aunt Celica coming
out of the house, cursing in machine-gun Spanish. "Hija de puta!"

Mariah laughed and Kurt laughed with her. They went to pick up a couple more
of their friends. Kenneth Faulkner and Lisa Denton. Kenneth Faulkner was a
big and tall black guy and Lisa Denton was a spry blue-eyed blonde girl.
This little group of theirs was as diverse as the came. Kurt was Asian. A
child of interracial adoption. Mariah was Puerto Rican and an illegal
immigrant at that. Kenneth was straight from Africa and had been adopted by
German parents. Lisa Denton was a native of Smallville. As american as they
came. All four of them had something in common. Something other than mere
friendship. They were not exactly ordinary teenagers. They were something
more. Mutants. Somehow, they had been changed from ordinary humanity to
something else. All four of them were playing in their sandbox the day of
the Meteor Shower. The Meteor Rocks showered them. These rocks from space
had mutagenic properties. They changed these four ordinary children into
superhumans. All of them would discover their powers as they grew older.

The first one to manifest any power was Kurt. He discovered his powers by
accident one morning. He was twelve, just walking around his neighborhood.
That's when he was attacked by a feral dog. The animal just came out of
nowhere and attacked him. A pitbull. Kurt was scared. His life was in
danger. That's when energy blasts shot out of his hands and hit the pitbull.
The animal was reduced to ashes in an instant. Kurt had been scared. He told
no one about his newfound power. He thought people would treat him like a
freak if he let them know. So, he kept it to himself.

The next time his abilities manifested themselves was when he was in the
river with his friend Mariah. They were there, bathing. Somehow, Kurt had
forgotten that he could not swim. He went deep into the water and went too
deep. He panicked as he lost his footing and almost drowned. Mariah came
to his rescue. She found it very easy to breathe underwater. Also, she who
had never taken swimming lessons could swim better than an Olympic athlete.
While Kurt was in the water, he fired up his energy blasts but they did him
no good. Mariah rescued him. They saw each other's powers. It drove them to
become closer friends. Mariah had many abilities. She was at ease in the
water and was as good a swimmer as any fish. Also, she could breathe under
water. The presence of water did more than soothe her. It made her stronger.
Whenever she came in contact with the water, she became stronger. It was her
natural element. She became a Swim Team star.

There seemed to be no limits to her strength as long as there was water
around. Once, she got into a car accident and her aunt's car fell under
water. She was strong enough to rip off the car doors and pull her aunt
back to the shore, safe and sound. She had such an amazing power. If she
remained long away from the water, she became like any ordinary human.
The water did things to her. It gave her power. Enough strength to lift
close to two tons without great effort. It also toughened her body. The
water caused her skin to harden. Not even steel could pierce it after she
immersed herself in the water. She had super strength and was to some
extent invulnerable as long as there was water around.

Lisa Denton had been Mariah's friend for a long time. She claimed not to
have any powers but found it very easy to affect anything metallic whenever
she was angry. She discovered she had the power of Magnetism. She could
control anything metallic. Also, she could unleash electrical and magnetic
energy right from her fingertips.

Kenneth Faulkner was the last to manifest any power. He too claimed not to
have any powers but whenever he was angry or outraged, he became something
else. The thing he became looked nothing like him. He was a tall African
American male. The thing had bluish skin, black eyes, sharp claws and fangs.
Kenneth Faulkner's dangerous alter ego was known as the Brute. The Brute was
strong, even stronger than Mariah Delfino when she was in the water. The
Brute was strong enough to lift a truck and toss it around like a kid's toy.
Even though the Brute was not invulnerable, it healed quickly. It was a
creature of fury hellbent on destruction. Kenneth was actually a terminally
nonviolent guy, a gentleman above all. His alter ego seemed to be made of
pure anger.

Today, the four friends were going to hang out in town.

"Why not go see the Kawatche Caves?" asked Kurt.

"Good idea." said Lisa Denton.

"Sure." said Mariah.

As usual, Kenneth said nothing.

They simply drove to the northern part of town, close to the woods where the
Caves are...

In Smallville...

Catwoman changed back into Patience Phillips. She went into the only
decent-looking place in town. The Talon. It seemed like a cool place. She
went in there and was welcomed by a cute, cheerful brunette who introduced
herself as Lana Lang.

"Nice place you have there." said Patience.

"Thanks." said Lana.

She led Patience to the bar where Patience ordered some food. She was still
looking around and talking to Lana when she saw the young brunette's face
brighten. She looked and saw a young man enter the place. He was tall, dark
and handsome. He looked somewhat familiar to Patience's eyes.

"Hi, Clark." said Lana as she went to the young man.

The way those two looked at each other, Patience Phillips could tell they
were in love. She also sensed a lot of unhappiness and denial. Clark looked
at her, and had a puzzled look on his face.

Lana introduced them. "Patience Phillips, this is my friend Clark Kent." she

Patience shook hands with Clark Kent. The very same Clark Kent on the
files of Lionel Luthor. He looked so much like the Alien she saw in her
energy-induced visions at the Kawatche Caves. Could he be the son of
Jor-El? She sniffed the air. His smell was unlike anything she'd smelled
before. Not human. Not even of this Earth. In a word, Alien.

She smiled at Clark and he smiled back. "You the guy from the highway?" she

"Yep." said Clark.

"Looks like I owe you my life." she said. "Allow me to buy you a drink."

Clark hesitated, looked at Lana then back at Patience. "Sure." he said. He
followed her to the counter.


Mariah Delfino, Kenneth Faulner, Kurt Burthos and Lisa Denton walked inside
the Kawatche Caves.

"Check it out, dude." said Kurt.

"Nice." said Lisa.

"What the hell are these paintings?" asked Mariah.

"Native American writing." said Kenneth quietly.

The four teenagers went around exploring the cave. Lisa Denton wandered away
from the small group and touched a special hole in the wall. An octogonal
hole. Almost immediately, the caves were filled with a strange light and a
booming voice. Strands of energy came at her and she screamed as they lifted
her off the ground. She tried using her magnetic powers but it was no use.
Her friends came and tried to rescue her but the energy strands held them as
well. The energy took them inside the walls themselves.

A little while later, they emerged. They had gone inside as human teenagers
with metahuman abilities. They came out of it changed. The Machinery of
Jor-El had changed them. Their powers were enhanced. Kurt usually could
generate blasts of energy. Now, he could transform himself into a being of
pure energy. He had become immensely powerful. Mariah Delfino's aquatic
abilities were also enhanced. She could feel the river of Smallville and
knew she could effortlessly bend water, the most powerful substance in the
universe to her will. With such power she could control anything from an
ocean to a puddle. Lisa Denton discovered that she could fly and also
generate incredible amounts of electrical and magnetic force. Kenneth
Faulkner discovered that he and his alter ego the Brute now were one.
Kenneth did not need to lose his temper to tap into his hidden strength
and resilience. He could summon his super strength at will and revert into
his brutish form without losing his keen intelligence. All four of them
were changed.

The Machinery of Jor-El had also changed their minds. It left them with an
Imperative. They were to bring back to the Kawatche Caves the Son of Jor-El.
The young man who was the Last Son of Krypton. The Alien Consciousness that
resided inside the Caves had big plans for the Son of Jor-El and they were
its henchmen.

"Bring me my Son!" the Voice in the cave said.

"Thy will be done, Master!" the four said in unison.

All of them left the caves at once. With a single thought, Mariah Delfino
used the waters of the distant ocean to stir a mighty storm and used a
combination of tidal waves and super strong winds to carry herself through
the waters. She was like a goddess in the water. Like a titanic beast,
Kenneth Faulkner leapt through the air with sheer strength. Flying like
the purest flame, Kurt soared in the heavens. He was not alone. Lisa Denton
flew by his side, gathering a mighty thunderstorm around herself. They were
to bring the Master his son. By force if necessary. They were allowed to
destroy anything and anyone that stood in their way. They were headed for

To be continued...


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