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Villiage Roadshow Pictures and DC Comics. This story is not-for-profit but I
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Date: 08/14/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, BDSM, male/female sex, female solo sex,
drug use, mind control, female/female sex, interacial sex, graphic violence

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Catwoman (Patience Philips)/Nightwing/Poison Ivy

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Summary: Patience decides to move herself to a new place in Gotham City and
start looking for another Catwoman named Selina Kyle, only to have that
search interupted by both Nightwing and Poison Ivy.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Halle Berry -- who was born
on August 14th, 1966 -- and takes place after the movie.

Dedication: Happy 42nd Birthday to Halle Berry!--ATK 2008

Catwomane: The New Kitty On The Block
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Patience Philips and I was once a shy, timid artist working for a
major cosmetics company whose life had started to undergo a change when I had
spotted a cat outside my apartment window and it had caused me to think that
the poor thing might had been stuck and climb out onto the ledge to rescue
that cat, only to nearly cause me to fall to my untimely death.

But of course, that had not happened to me because of a handsome police
detective whose name happens to be Tom Lone, who had figured that I was
attempting suicide and came to my rescue just in time for me to explain to
him what I was really doing out there and allow the both of us to fall deeply
in love with each other.

As for my job, I had allowed myself to deliver some new design sketches to my
boss named Mister George Hedare, only to have me listen to a plot to sell
defective beauty products to the general public which initially make human
skin look younger and prettier but if that very product is not used over a
long period of time, the skin starts to decay and causes other types of
health problems to occur.

But then, as soon as I had gotten myself spotted at the scene, I had decided
to make an escape by rushing into a set of water conduits, only to have those
very pipes become flodded by my pursuers and cause me to have no choice but
to drown and die due to lack of pure oxygen but that was before I was brought
back to life by the very same cat that I had tried to rescue before.

And after I had allowed myself to finally wake up and let out a sigh of
relief that I was still alive, I had also discovered that I had suddenly been
transformed into the Catwoman, a warrior with the force of a cat who prowls
the night in search of justice and not only has my behavior became cat-like,
I had also gained heightened reflexes, senses and physical power which I was
able to use to help Tom and his fellow police officers reveal that it
actually was George's blonde wife whose name happens to be Laurel Hedare who
had came up with the plot and murdered both her husband and a scientist after
they had tried to stop that plot.

Then, after Tom had told me that I was not going to be convicted for the
murders and there were going to be no further chages against me, I had gone
back to my apartment, placed myself in front of the mirror in the bathroom,
took off my mask and realized that the owner of the cat that I had once tried
to save was telling the truth that there might be others who also have the
power of the Catwoman.

And as soon as I had given the entire idea some thought, I had decided to
start making a new life for myself by moving out of my old place and go look
up a certain feline femme fatale known as Selina Kyle in Gotham City and hope
that I do not accidently bump into the legendary Darknight Detective known as
the Batman.

And then, as soon as I had finally gotten myself settled into my new place
and started looking for work at anyplace within the city that was hiring at
the time including the Wayne Enterprises building, I had gone back to my new
apartment, changed into my Catwoman costume and started patrolling the entire
city in search of Selina and anyone who might be in need of help just before
I had suddenly noticed that a young and handsome male costumed stud has
pearched himself on the roof of a building next to an abandoned warehouse.

And of course, that had caused me to land myself on to that very same roof,
crack my whip and said, "You better have a really good reason for being here
other than you just need a breath of fresh air, Stud!" only to have him turn
his masked eyes toward me and said, "How about this for a good enough reason,
Miss Catwoman-wannabe? I am known as Nightwing and I had came here from the
city of Bludhaven in order to help the Batman slam all of the escaped
prisoners of Arkham Asylum right back into their cells where they belong. As
a matter of fact, I'm on the trail of one of those escapees named Pamela
Lillian Isley, the one extreme lover of all forms of plants who has called
herself Poison Ivy."

"Why do I have a feeling that you had done battle with that plant-bitch
before?", that was the question that I had asked Nightwing before he had
closed his eyes, let out a sigh and answered, "As a matter of fact, I
actually had battled the bitch as Robin and with the Batman. And let me
tell you right now, she really is one very nasty lady."

But just as I was about to ask him about how nasty she actually was, both
Nightwing and I had noticed that someone had opened one of the windows of the
suppossedly abandoned warehouse which had caused the both of us to take a
look at the one window and notice that a beautiful strawberry-blonde female
was taking a deep breath and allowing a pair of large creeping vines wrap
themselves around her like she was their kind and gentle mother.

And as soon as both Nightwing and I had looked at each other, he had taken a
deep breath and said, "That's right. It's no joke. That's Poison Ivy. And to
tell you the truth, since you just happen to be here, I really could use some
help right now. That is if you're willing to take on someone like Poison
Ivy," causing me to crack my whip and say, "Trust me, Nightwing. I truly am
more than willing."

And after we had placed ourselves on the roof of the warehouse, Nightwing
had kicked the rooftop entrance door open and the both of us had charged
ourselves into warehouse and began looking around for that one room where we
had spotted Poison Ivy in, only to have something quickly grab a firm hold of
Nightwing and drag him away from me while my back was turned.

But as soon as I had turned myself around and noticed that my newfound
crime-fighting partnet has suddenly disappeared on me, it had came to me that
Poison Ivy had sent a pair of her large creeping vines to grab Nightwing and
drag him over to her and let me tell you right now that it was a good thing
that I have the heightened senses of a cat for I was able to get the scent of
those very vines and follow that scent right back to its source.

And as soon as I had done exactly that, I had taken a tiny peek into that
room and noticed that Nightwing has been stripped bare-ass naked and bound to
a large base plant of creeping vines and a nude Poison Ivy was sucking on his
stiff cock and pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy,
just in time for that villainous bitch to turn her devilishly gleefull eyes
toward me, let out a sinister smile and say, "Well, hello there! Why are you
only standing there? You're more than welcome to come on in and join us!"

But then, just as I was to tell that fucking whore what she should do with
that invitation of hers, I had suddenly became unaware of another pair of
large creeping vines moving themselves up behind me in order to wrap
themselves around my wrists and ankles and rip and shred all of my clothes
off of me before they had placed me next to Nightwing and noticed that
something has taken the fight right out of him.

"Ah, I see that you had noticed the look of helplessness on his face!And I
bet that you want to know how I was able to do it!Well, my dear!I shall
indeed be so proud to let you in on my little secret!" that was what the
sinister Poison Ivy had said to me before she had picked up a bowl filled
with the strangest looking roots and leaves that I had ever seen in my
entire life, lit it on fire and placed the burning bowl of vegatation right
under my very own nose.

And as soon as I had taken a good enough whiff of the fumes, I had suddenly
felt a strong wave of pure sexuality flowing all over my nude body and I was
unable to put a stop to it which had caused a devilishly gleefull Poison Ivy
to place that bowl on a nearby table, place her hands on my exposed naked
body and said, "You're unable to resist it, are you?That's good!You see, I
had allowed both you and Nightwing to take a small smaple of a little
aphrodisiac that I had just prepared as part of a trap for the Batman! But
since he's not here right now, I guess that I might as well settle with
fucking the living shit out of the both of you!"

And after that plant bitch had started licking all over my nude body -- all
the way down to my hot and steamy cunt and carressing my firm breasts, the
first batch of creeping vines had released Nightwing from his bondage and
allowed him to place his stone hard dick inside Isley's asshole and his hands
on my bare shoulders, causing me to close my eyes and say, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Ivy! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy
dry while he fucks you in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after the second set of creeping vines had finally released me from my
bondage and allowed me to turn myself around, place my hands on Isley's stiff
mounds and start sucking on Nightwing's balls and continue to do that until
he had placed his stiff cock inside her hot, moist snatch and began licking
on my pussy and I had placed my hands on Isley's silky-smooth naked thighs
and began sucking on her tits, causing that devilishly gleefull bitch to
place her hands on my bare back and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH,

And then, after the three of us had started moving ourselves harder and
faster until we had came and collapsed due to exhaustion, that fucking plant
bitch had sat herself up, looked at both me and Nightwing with a devilishly
gleefull smile on her lips and said, "I see that my special aphrodisiac is
ready to be used on the Batman! Oh, please do stick and enjoy the show!"

But as soon as her back was turned and she had started laughing her head off,
I had suddenly began the effects of the aphrodisiac wearing off and I was
able to take control of my own body again and that was good because I was
able to lift myself up to the table, pickup the still-burning bowls and
tossed them directly at the large creeping vine base plants.

And after those plants had began burning and letting out a scream of intense
pain, a curious Poison Ivy had turned herself around and gaze her own eyes
upon her burning plants, causing the look on her face to turn into that of
total shock and having her place her hands on the top of her head and yell at

"IT'S FUNNY THAT YOU SHOULD ASK, BITCH!" that was the answer that I had
given Isley just before I had slammed my leg right into her cunt, punched her
dead in the face six times and kicked her really hard in the stomach, causing
her to drop herself down to the floor and cry out in pain before I had used a
still-working fire estinguisher to put out the fires and helped Nightwing get
himself back up to his feet.

And then, after we had watched -- from a safe enough distance -- Commissioner
James Gordon order the other officers of the Gotham City Police Department to
take Poison Ivy into custody and lock her back up in Arkham Asylum, both
Nightwing and I had gone over to my place where we had shared a nice warm
shower together just in time for me to turn around, look into his eyes and
say, "Look, Nightwing. I really don't know if it's still the aphrodisiac
making me do this or not. But I do believe that now is the perfect time for
us to be honest with each other. I'll get the ball rolling. My name is
Patience Philips and I had came here to start a new life for myself... and
look for another Catwoman named Selina Kyle."

And after I had told him about how I was able to get my powers and asked him
what his actual name was, Nightwing had placed his gentle hand on my cheek,
let out a sigh and answered, "Well, Patty. My codename is Nightwing. But my
real name is Richard John Grayson. My friends call me 'Dick'. And I had
became the Batman's junior partner in crime-fighting after witnessing the
death of my own parents at the hands of a blackmailing mobster which was
exactly the same thing that had created the Batman. As for that job that you
had applied for at the Wayne Enterprises building, I might be able to help
you get that job. That is if you don't mind working for a Mister Lucius Fox."

Then, after both Dick and I had looked and smiled at each other for a minute
or two, we had wrapped our naked arms around ourselves and kissed each other
ever so deep and passionately on the lips while everyone else in Gotham City
had continued performing their normal daily routines... that is until night
falls and Nightwing rejoins the Batman in hunting even more escapees from
Arkham Asylum along with the new kitty on the block.



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